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    Dinner 2020

    Philips grilled ribs and asparagus. Sauce Momofuku. Amazon "Subscribe and Save" delivery of kewpie mayonnaise arrived today.
  2. Why would one put a wine glass in the dishwasher?
  3. Thanks, @Anna N and @keychris. Both videos were helpful. My dough was goopier than what was shown in the videos which made the process more difficult. Another problem I had is the dough spread more than I was expecting during baking. The second batch I baked was better because I cut thinner slices from the roll and spaced the cookies further apart. Storing the rolls of dough in drinking glasses to preserve their shape was an interesting idea but I don't believe I have any glasses shaped like that.
  4. I can't get the link to work. Is there another source for pictures of the technique?
  5. Tonight's bouillabaisse included More Than Gourmet seafood stock... Quite excellent.
  6. Bouillabaisse. https://forums.egullet.org/topic/160121-dinner-2020/?do=findComment&comment=2235684
  7. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2020

    Bouillabaisse inspired by Jose Andres, inspired by Eric Ripert. Which Eat Your Books could not find because Ripert unhelpfully denominates his dish "fish soup". I eschewed Ripert's star anise and Andres' Pernod and instead finished my soup with generous fennel pollen. Not an inexpensive repast. For six servings Ripert calls for nine pounds of red snapper at $27 per pound. I skimped on the red snapper, but splurged on the inordinate amount of Spanish coupe saffron specified. One of the finest soups I have eaten. Served with tonight's baguette.
  8. So far, in my hands, the CrushGrind gives a generous but not terribly even grind. If one turns the adjustment knob too far, the mechanism falls out. Not a deal breaker, just a learning experience. I'm used to the Nissen with the patented autogrind.
  9. Tired. Will cut into it shortly.
  10. If the chocolate was just tempered shouldn't it be in form V?
  11. I have one also. I find it hard to get the grated ginger out.
  12. As mentioned upthread I use a Nissen 0660. I can't believe in all these years no one else has shown any love for Nissen with its bottom loading mechanism. As I recall I got mine from the university store when I started grad school. I've used it essentially every day since then with no complaints. Probably worth far more to an antique pepper mill collector than what I paid for it. However this afternoon I received a CrushGrind Stockholm that I wanted for grinding red peppercorns. Slight complication -- the CrushGrind came prefilled with black peppercorns so I guess I'll try using those up first. My Nissen was made in Denmark. The CrushGrind is designed in Denmark and made in China. Has anyone else tried a CrushGrind?
  13. Last night I tried the More Than Gourmet mushroom and chicken stocks for making sauce allemande: https://forums.egullet.org/topic/160121-dinner-2020/?do=findComment&comment=2235559 The result was far too strong, but that was my stupidity. The More Than Gourmet products are concentrated. (And the packaging is hazardous.)
  14. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2020

    There is no cooking task I detest more than breaking down a chicken. Especially tonight as I desperately tried to channel my inner Child. I now understand the true purpose of a toque: to keep chicken out of the chef's hair. Dinner had an apple theme. Poulet Vallee D' Auge. Autumn in Jersey as an aperitif. It may not exactly be autumn but this is [New] Jersey. Boneless (see above) chicken breast with Calvados laced sauce allemande. For the sauce allemande I used More Than Gourmet mushroom and chicken essences. I may have overdone it. Those essences are concentrated. Worse, I cut my thumb ripping open the cardboard box. How can you break down a chicken without injury (not counting chicken in your hair) and then bloody yourself on cardboard? ON CARDBOARD. I ask you. Beverage was to have been sparkling cider. I COULDN'T GET THE CORK OUT. In addition to the sauce allemande, sauce cranberry was served. Because I am a red blooded American and I can.
  15. It may not have butter but at least it has a crack.
  16. There was a local bean to bar place that sold gritty chocolate. Good flavor though. Sadly they were not in business very long.
  17. Not sure this helps, I've a box of spinach in the freezer. Where it's lived happily for most of this century. I could send it to you.
  18. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2020

    Beans and ribs were what I planned last night! Around midnight reality caught up with me and dinner was bread and cheese. Good bread though. And Methode Rotuts. The ribs are precooked sous vide but even with my new pressure cooker beans are not instant.
  19. I'm having milk and Ankarsrum oatmeal cookies at the moment...almost the same thing.
  20. My tax refund came and I ordered two more Williams Sonoma branded Scanpan non-stick pans similar to the ones I linked above. Perhaps not the smartest thing for someone who may soon lose her job. But I've been cooking more and more with induction on the Paragon(s); and my Cuisinart pans from the 1980's -- at least nine Cuisinart pans that I can count -- are not compatible with induction* and the flimsy Cuisinart spot welds fall off. I should add that the Cuisinart pans are not non-stick. As a plus I really like the Williams Sonoma handle design, which is consistent across multiple lines of Williams Sonoma branded cookware. One of my favorite pans is a Williams Sonoma stainless steel stir fry pan with the same handle. And most Williams Sonoma branded pans are cheap by almost any standard. The made in Thailand stir fry pan I love was about $30. *my Falk pans are not compatible with induction either, but the rivets do not fall out.
  21. Today I read in the NY Times that steel cut oats are more healthful than rolled oats because rolled oats are precooked. Who knew? I was planning to flock some oats for oatmeal but I found* an old, half full box of Quaker rolled oats and used the Quaker oats instead. They tasted rancid. True, they were probably well past their best by date. Then I baked some oatmeal cookies, but not with the Quaker oats. *not really "found", I knew where it was all along. That doesn't always help.
  22. Indeed. I had to pull out my copy of The Good Cook Beverages to look. Not that I need more glassware but how many ounces do they hold?
  23. Vollrath won't warrant my stainless steel mixing bowls.
  24. Sadly at the moment I am not in Amsterdam but in sympathy with your plight... Pomme frites a la Kenji. Salad and sauce Momofuku not shown.
  25. Lying in bed about dawn, covers over my head trying to get back to sleep with a truck outside my window with the engine running...I realized I could simply weigh the bag of oats. Yes, I added all the oats I had intended. There must be some other explanation. I shall never again expect success from a recipe I've tried to convert from dry volume to weight.
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