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  1. Agave syrup would make the doorknob sticky.
  2. For anyone needing yeast -- I see modernistpantry.com has yeast in stock.
  3. As may be seen my recipes are not that much different from the vanilla ice cream recipe of David Lebovitz. However in my opinion Lebovitz uses an inordinate amount of sugar. Your mileage may vary. To my taste sucrose much over 10% is unpleasant. I also like a bit more cream, myself; though I can live with his cream/milk ratio.
  4. What simple method did you have in mind?
  5. If it's not one thing it's another. Since at -30C the ice cream was too hard, I put the temperature up to -18C. At -18C the ice cream was too soft and the lovely texture suffered. The alcohol was still perceptible. Clearly I should forgo alcohol* and adjust hardness by other means, such as choice of sugars. Still, all in all not bad. *in ice cream.
  6. If I spend enough time trying to photograph my dinner it gets cold.
  7. Spice Trekkers are having free shipping for a $45 order that expires today. After about an hour I had $90 in my cart. Even though a good deal I decided I should save up for toilet paper.
  8. What might explain it: the enameled iron pieces are from China. The others are from the USA. Anyhow my on sale Le Creuset arrived this evening.
  9. Odd. The enameled pots should be expensive and the carbon steel cheap. (Relatively speaking.)
  10. I had to go to the pharmacy this evening. It seemed a waste to walk past Shoprite without going in. The paper goods isle was empty. The whole isle. Not even a sign to announce that there was nothing. Eggs were rationed to two dozen. I found a carton on sale. I was hoping for a leek but that was not to be. There was a nice potato, however. And I got eight limes. That was it.
  11. I used the OXO for the first time tonight. I tried to open a can of tomatoes and nothing perceptible happened. I down loaded and reread the manual, and repeated exactly the same thing. The can opened perfectly.
  12. Another batch: Heavy Cream 600g Whole Milk 150g Sucrose 80g Egg Yolks 4 Polysorbate 80 0.055g salt pinch ethanol 10 ml vanilla extract 10 ml almond extract 5 ml (just because) Mix cooked about 90 minutes by Ruben's method. Final mix weight 724g. (Alcohol and extracts added right before churning.) If my calculations are correct 10 ml of ethanol has the same freezing point suppression as 58g sucrose. The mix was a little slow to churn. Typically I pull my ice cream after no more than 15 minutes in the ICE-100. This batch required 22 minutes. Probably because of the ethanol. Not that I have anything against ethanol. It took 45 minutes for the batch to harden from -12C to -30C. Even with the ethanol, at -30C the ice cream was still rather hard. It took a couple minutes out of the freezer to be scoopable. But possibly my best batch ever. Perfect texture. Neither over sweet nor cloying. Something I could enjoy all night. If there was one fault, the alcohol was perceptible.
  13. You're not getting a stimulus check?? Mine came this morning. A chamber vacuum sealer is a wondrous thing. Perhaps not up there with a rotor-stator homogenizer, a blast freezer, or an Anova Precision Oven, but still.
  14. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2020

    Pizza Margherita. Not sure how I managed to make a round pizza. No leftovers. O my.
  15. You still have to find it! The recipe is not in the index.
  16. Still on sale for $2.99 in the US!
  17. I sometimes worry about counterfeits and used goods sold as new.
  18. Probably not. Though I would note Le Creuset on amazon is typically from third party sellers.
  19. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2020

    Momofuku calls for the ramps to be picked. Pickling recipe is in Momofuku (the cookbook). Amazon has kewpie in stock.
  20. @liuzhou you can't source scallions like those shown at the beginning? Or were not those scallions?
  21. Pour tequila in a glass with lime and ice. Drink (one could only wish). Carefully wipe doorknob with reserved vermouth.
  22. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2020

    Lime delivery?
  23. Were there any doubt, I noticed when one inspects the bottom of the can it says to "open other end".
  24. Possibly, but the theory does not explain why only cans with one end molded have the labels upside down. Though come to think of it, traditional cans can be opened either end.
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