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  1. How odd we all have different experiences. My anova is perfection in and of itself. You probably didn't buy the orange one.
  2. Pretend I wrote a thousand words.
  3. You're welcome. I took another for the team... This was 10 minutes (OK, actually 11 minutes) Super Steam at 400F then switched to 450F Convection Bake. The crust looks a little heavy. Perhaps too much of a good thing. Though oven spring was fine. I don't plan to cut into this loaf for a day or two but if I can I'll report back with results.
  4. As I recall when the Edmund Fitzgerald went down one of the first responders was a German U-boat captain.
  5. @Smithy do you have a bedroom? Don't insult your chicken in the oven. @weinoo's high temperature chicken thighs are great, but better in my humble opinion are the thighs steam baked 300F for 60 minutes, per the CSO instruction manual. The skin is not quite as shatteringly perfect as at 450F, but O the flesh! Peas? Defrosted frozen petit peas in a colander, 7 minutes on 210F steam. You'll cook peas no other way.
  6. Indeed, that is the one. Sad he or she has not been around. I'd say the book is well worth the $3.99 asking price. Other volumes are $4.99.
  7. Make one get up off her chair, you will? OK, 13.5 g Tang. Beranbaum stresses Tang is not optional because of the bright orange flavor. You might try substituting orange essential oil.
  8. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2019

    "REAL" could pertain to the trademark: http://realseal.com/real-vs-imitation @Margaret Pilgrim does the REAL seal appear anywhere on the packaging? From reading labels I've noticed Horizon goes in for additives.
  9. I went with Jude's Ice Cream, thanks. I bought Mastery of Sauces the other day when I saw it on sale. Haven't started to read it yet.
  10. Once upon a time I bought a jar of Tang for a Rose Levy Beranbaum recipe. The cake was great but after about twenty years the jar of Tang was not. I threw it out.
  11. I recently tried an envy apple and I was not impressed. Perfectly OK mind you, but nothing to write home about. My apple discovery this year was Lady Alice, but they are not in season. Which reminds me dinner tonight is an apple, though it is so old I'm not sure what variety it used to be.
  12. Sciatic nerve, may not be Kosher.
  13. Chapman’s ice cream? Can't wait to hear about the naan!
  14. Sous vide or Instant Pot?
  15. The amazon customer service is remarkably good, and remember rotuts gets a dividend.
  16. BaconPigs, HamPigs, and LongPigs.
  17. Parsley was the other son...this one is an even more picky eater.
  18. Not my favorite cut but I'd be inclined to roast it in the CSO. Or maybe on the rotisserie.
  19. My Cuisinart still has a place on the counter but I'm not sure how much longer I can justify it. The last time I used the Cuisinart I wish I hadn't. I don't have an attic.
  20. Back in the 1980's, before Lyme disease was popular, my sons and I went raspberry picking at a local farm. The quantity was overwhelming. My teeth have never been amenable to raspberry seeds, and having the technology, I pureed and strained the raspberries, and relegated them to the refrigerator. Unbeknownst to me my younger son had the idea to spin the puree in the Simac -- our resident ice cream maker at the time. As far as I know, no added sugar. I have not had better sorbet.
  21. @Kim Shook I'm not a mandolin person and I have all my toes. But I do own a Cuisipro box grater with a fixed blade that I find works well for cucumber. Possibly not as thin as you might like. Then again I have several slicing blades for my Cuisinart, starting I believe as small as 1 mm. But as I get older using the Cuisinart for slicing scares me more and more. And invariably the Cuisinart slices are uneven. I'm still searching for a method of slicing Spanish chorizo that does not involve the emergency room.
  22. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2019

    I have yet to figure out how to get my tortillas crisp.
  23. My mileage may vary. I have plenty of documents on CD-ROM that have turned to dust, and magnetic tape backups as well. (Floppies though are pretty reliable as long as you have a working supply of drives, controllers, and software.) Dead tree books are good but not perfect. The oldest in my collection, circa 1723, is brown and crumbling but still mostly readable. Many books published in my lifetime are not in great shape either. I admit I have reservations about Alexa but for me security trumped privacy. If I fall at home Alexa can get help. Perhaps I should say when I fall, as it is not an infrequent occurrence. And Alexa will read me a cookbook as I bleed to death. If you are concerned with privacy don't go near the library. Books are paired to an account. Our library uses Bluetooth to track patrons same as retail stores use Bluetooth to track customers. And community libraries don't retain old books. Older titles are weeded out constantly. Edit: and then there is always Microfiche... https://obsoletemedia.org/microfiche/
  24. The option is turned off by default but Safari also has a Send to Kindle feature. Somewhere I read that Alexa would do it if you asked her nicely. I have not been able to find the article again. And I'm not sure I fully trust her.
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