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    Dinner 2019

    Bouillabaisse, wine, good bread, broccolini and radicchio. When that was gone...
  2. Who needs vegetables when one has a spoon?
  3. Tonight's baguette crumb was tighter than I would have liked yet more creamy yellow -- but neither gummy nor cottony. Very good flavor. Perfect for my work sandwich later on this morning. Nonetheless so far the best loves I've made recently were the boules whose dough I've vacuum sealed and frozen. I do not understand this. I'm sure Zorro would.
  4. All is not bread and roses... My first loaves mixed in the Ankarsrum. Oops. For the same weight of dough the loaves were significantly larger. The boule baked itself into the roof of the CSO and was difficult to extract.
  5. Our library used to have an annual gingerbread house competition but last year there were no submissions. We required the gingerbread house pertain to literature. There were three categories: children, children helped by adults, and adults. Some chose Harry Potter. My all time favorite was a five year old's submission in the children category: Emily Dickinson's Because I could not stop for Death... We paused before a House that seemed A Swelling of the Ground – The Roof was scarcely visible – The Cornice – in the Ground
  6. My younger son got degrees in computer science and ceramics engineering. He is a Wall Street banker who sometimes reads eGullet.
  7. Sadly I don't have an attic. The dough hook will probably end up somewhere in the living room. The living room is the overflow pantry storage from the bedroom.
  8. Thanks, @curls, the videos were very helpful. Particularly the one from Bread Beckers. I had to laugh when a demonstrator in another video was using the Ankarsrum flocker to make steel cut oats! Whether true or not, something interesting in another Ankarsrum video I found: the presenter alleged attachments for KitchenAid, Ankarsrum, and Bosch were interchangeable. He was demonstrating the Ankarsrum grain mill. Of the Ankarsrum attachments, I'd be most interested in the nut grater and the flocker. But they certainly don't come cheap.
  9. I was almost surprised to find Kraft Green Goddess on amazon. But it looks different and I'm not at all sure it is the same product I remember from the 1970's. Apparently Kraft Green Goddess has no anchovies. Oh, well, there's always Momofuku.
  10. According to The Economist ancient Greeks recorded sheep eating seaweed.
  11. I like green goddess, Joy of Cooking recipe -- even Kraft. I used to say green goddess was my favorite dressing. But now when I lie in bed at night what my thoughts turn to is that bowl of Momofuku in the refrigerator. Let me put it a different way: a bottle of Kraft green goddess will delight me, whereas before Momofuku no ranch dressing really would.
  12. Nothing ground breaking, but last night I made bouillabaisse in a Le Creuset. I'm sure the stovetop would have sufficed, however I chose to use the Paragon. No mat, no probe. Simple, dumb induction heating surface. Even so the Paragon made my little 24 cm Le Creuset seem responsive.
  13. Last night I made bouillabaisse and ran out of reasonably sized bowls. (One is in the refrigerator with ranch dressing.) I wish Vollrath made a 1 quart size.
  14. I thought the bouillabaisse was quite good. Not difficult to make. I'd been wanting to make bouillabaisse for some while but none of the recipes I'd looked at seemed quite right; either for the ingredients or for the amount of work. Even without the fish I think I'd like the recipe.
  15. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2019

    Bouillabaisse. https://forums.egullet.org/topic/144598-the-soup-topic-2013–/?do=findComment&comment=2223601
  16. Fennel bouillabaisse inspired by Jose Andres' Vegetables Unleased (p86). For once the stars aligned with the dregs of my refrigerator.* I say "inspired by" because Andres' recipe is vegetarian and I had a fish. Peel the potatoes and tomatoes? Phooey. And I used fish broth in place of water. And while we're at it, who keeps Pernod on hand for cooking? Really? I threw in a few star anise and danced around the bowl with the green fairy. *and that leek amazon sent me by mistake.
  17. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2019

    @Kim Shook why is your croissant sticking its tongue out at me?
  18. Ankarsrum, the Swedish mixer of many names: Electrolux Assistent, DLX, Verona, Magic Mill... I understand a few eGullet folks have these, or have had. Mine came this afternoon. From what I've read, mixing procedure with the Ankarsrum is different from mixing with planetary stand mixers. At the moment I need advice specifically with whether I should use the dough hook (with or without the scraper arm) or the roller attachment for my bread. The Ankarsrum manual says to use the dough hook for dough with between 1 and 1.5 liters of liquid ingredients. OK. My usual dough recipe uses 410 g of water. Rose Levy Beranbaum in The Bread Bible says to use the dough hook when mixing less than 4 pounds of dough. Which if my math is correct is about 750 g of water (math is not my thing). Beranbaum adds "For larger amounts, use the roller and scraper." Yet most bread recipes in the Ankarsrum recipe booklet that call for the dough hook use about a liter of liquid. The recipes that call for the roller use less liquid, 400-600 ml. Beranbaum is usually right but I'm wondering if she's wrong? Thoughts or suggestions? P.S. Sparkling Gold was not my first color choice. Sparkling Gold was perhaps not my thirteenth color choice. But Sparkling Gold was 10 percent off. Besides, the gold color matches the gold lettering on the bowl and dials. Now I feel better.
  19. @PositiveMD think steam. (You might want to hang on and wait for the anova steam oven, if they ever bring it to market.)
  20. I, too, am not thrilled with buttermilk. Though whole milk buttermilk is somewhat more palatable for me. You could try substituting whole milk yogurt for the buttermilk. But my advice is to get some whole milk buttermilk and try it. What do you have to lose besides $18 worth of ramps?
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