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  1. Would love to see you! I'm scheduled to work on the 29th but I could probably get off. Or the first should be OK. Bring some bags. My email tells me the beans have been delivered. I'm afraid to open the door.
  2. While I was still allowed to have plants on my balcony I grew little alpine strawberries. Here the wild strawberries are Indian strawberries. Not Native American strawberries but escaped ornamental strawberries from India. Very pretty plants and fruit. One guidebook said not poisonous but you'd die of disappointment if you ate one.
  3. Tempted. Very sorry I didn't click when it was $99. Somehow I had believed anova.
  4. Amazon currently lists the CSO as unavailable.
  5. https://www.clickandgrow.com/products/grow-wild-strawberry-indoors
  6. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2020

    I'm trying hard to get my head around "blended BBQ sauce & mustard".
  7. Indeed, I have a Cuisinart pan that tips from the handle weight on any surface, even with stuff in it. Why would they do this? Has anyone tried the Falk induction copper pans on the Breville or on any other induction cooking surface?
  8. My Drunk Kitchen is a good read. Most upbeat thing I've read since The Well of Loneliness.
  9. I searched but I could not find a thread for flockers/flakers/krinklers. Perhaps one should be started? How about flocklng/flaking/krinkling other grains besides oats? In looking around the web, oat groats are expensive. My local Shoprite carries Bob's Red Mill products but I could not find their oat groats on the shelf. Bob's online store has oat groats at a reasonable price but there is a $59 minimum for free shipping. Life is never easy.
  10. Don't worry. I doubt the oven will be for sale before then. And I grant you anova has the vapor part down pat.
  11. Thanks! I have a copy of The Slanted Door. This looked so good I almost went with the hard copy in addition to the Kindle. I may yet.
  12. A thingy for making rolled oats, etc.
  13. CSO is currently $409.15 on amazon.
  14. Tonight I returned to Hannah Hart's My Drunk Kitchen. So much joy to relate with. Under 25 and over 25. I have not been 25 since, oh, McGovern was president. "Let's face it: adulthood means that sometimes you're broke. Sometimes we're all broke. (Like financially speaking. Not like talking about years of personal baggage. Though that's there too. obviously. I mean, I get drunk by myself in a kitchen, for goodness' sake. That can't be healthy! Though true fact: my therapist says that doing YouTube was the best thing I've ever done for myself...so that's a nice thought.)"
  15. Back on track. Tonight I used the Ankarsrum dough hook.
  16. Haha. Price of the Ankarsrum flocker dropped again by a few cents. But now amazon has none to sell. "In stock 1/31/2020." Still a good deal if you are looking for a flocker.
  17. Anyone here have a flocker, Ankarsrum or other make?
  18. Tonight, for the first time, I used the dough hook. I was skeptical but the dough hook gave better results in less time than the roller. I suspect the dough hook would work even better if I were making a larger batch of bread. Cleanup was easier too. One problem with the roller is getting the flour incorporated. The dough hook had no such issues. In other Ankarsrum news, price of the flocker dropped $70 from amazon. One is on its way.
  19. JoNorvelleWalker

    Lunch 2020

    Once I was dining at a local Mexican restaurant with my family. The establishment had a counter and four or five small tables. The owner, from Oaxaca, was standing behind the counter cutting a pepper. I asked him what it was. He said it was a pepper for his dinner, and would I like to try a piece? Of course. He went around to all the patrons, saying "She ate it, she ate it."
  20. The video worked OK for me (thanks, @adey73).
  21. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2020

    From The Romagnolis' Table (p40): pasta al pomodoro e basilico.* Merely butter, tomatoes, parmesan, and basil. Basil from my dining room, parmesan older than my granddaughter. Gratuitous meatballs, sorry. Glass of WhistlePig as a digestive. Single barrel, barrel strength. This is not a work night. *"...and rather special and more delicate with homemade fettuccine."
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