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    Dinner 2020

    Three minute pizza. Perhaps my finest effort yet. Top and bottom equally well charred and blackened. Unlike as all too often happens the pie did not end up on the oven floor. Buffalo mozzarella, basil from my dining room. Only sad part, I could eat but half of it.
  2. Buy an iSi. Most seriously.
  3. I needed tuna for my dinner. The light in the bedroom isn't great and the first tuna I found was Callipo. Perfectly OK tuna but the cans are impossible to open. I resorted to silicone gloves and pliers, and then digging the tuna bits out with a knife. If I ever buy Callipo again it will be in glass jars. Which are on sale at SupermarketItaly.com at the moment.
  4. It might be a charging cable issue. My Paragon is in use as we speak, pressure cooking Marcella beans for dinner. I can sit here in a comfortable chair forty feet away watching the app in case the pressure cooker blows.
  5. Thank you. I have an old (as in old) Chicago Cutlery paring knife that for decades has been reserved for slashing bread. Though I have been known to use it as a picture prop...
  6. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2020

    I hope we will still occasionally be graced with your dinners if and when the world returns to near normal.
  7. Did you ask Alexa to order more vinegar?
  8. I've just finished reading Nancy Singleton Hachisu's Food Artisans of Japan. This is an odd book for a couple reasons: for one the price keeps going down on amazon. I bought at $8.34. It is now $6.63. It had been $35.00. For another the recipes from chefs and artisans appear uncurated. Thus the four hour turnips cooked sous vide at an unknown temperature. And the rice rinsed three hours under running water. Still, interesting at the asking price. Her book was cheap but the bottle of four year Yamaroku shoyu she convinced me to buy was not.
  9. Link works fine now, thanks. Glad I got my big order in before the famine.
  10. They toast and prehydrate the bran and germ to minimize loss of volume. The discussion is on page 4-135. Note they do not dispute that bran results in a loss of volume. What they question is that the loss of volume is due to bran cutting the gluten network. Understand getting to this information was a major project. Modernist Bread lives under eighteen other heavy books. And then there is the task of finding exactly what you're looking for.
  11. Tried a couple different browsers, can't get the link to work.
  12. Well they at least believe they have debunked the theory. I am not a whole wheat girl, myself.
  13. Recently I purchased a higher capacity scale of the same type I mentioned above. The interface looks identical. I wrote to customer service asking what weights were needed for calibration. The Great Wall rep responded that a 1kg weight was required for calibration. However when I start the calibration procedure the scale asks for a 20kg weight. I don't have a 20kg standard and the company tech support has no clue. The scale still measures nicely to a gram but it's supposed to be good to 0.1 gram. I suppose I could stand on it.
  14. With all respect, didn't @nathanm and Modernist Bread debunk this theory?
  15. Then again there is always blast chilling. Though for fish I've been blast freezing and postponing how to cook and serve till later. With a blast chiller I can reserve my 13 quart Vollrath bowl for laundry. Saves ice cubes for my mai tai too. I still can't get my head around how fish cooked sous vide reheated for service would help either at home or in a restaurant. Chicken or steak is an entirely different story.
  16. My teacher also passed around a bar of uranium to the class. The thermite and uranium. I can't say I remember much else.
  17. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2020

    Last night was a repeat of Vivek Singh's kadhai ka shikar. https://forums.egullet.org/topic/160121-dinner-2020/page/111/?tab=comments#comment-2247719 So successful a few days ago. Once the prep is done the dish comes together quickly. The key phrase here is "once the prep is done." There are eleven sets of ingredients to be added to the stir fry in the proper order. I blew it. I dumped in the strained tomatoes before the ginger, garlic, chillies and before the ground spices. Good, but not as good. Leftovers probably for tonight.
  18. Your teacher didn't do thermite?
  19. JoNorvelleWalker

    Lunch 2020

    And what was it that he asked for?
  20. JoNorvelleWalker

    Dinner 2020

    Soup of the evening, beautiful soup... Old picture, same batch. And now my freezer is a little lighter. Bugialli's minestra di farro.
  21. Maybe it depends on what breads you are starting with. All I bake are French lean breads. CSO toast is quite OK, nothing I would write home about.
  22. That should not be necessary. I'd return the unit and start again. Disclaimer: I am not a microwave owner. Though I am a holder of an FCC amateur and commercial license.
  23. Indeed, I pitched a bag of parmesan rinds last night.
  24. Any word on a better fitting lid for the small attachment?
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