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  1. One day when I'm working, I should count how many of these chickens walk out. They can only stay on the warming table for a certain period of time, after which they take them into the deli and harvest the breast meat for things like salads, chicken Alfredo, etc. And then package 8 leg thigh quarters into foil trays which they sell for $4.99 (price at my Costco, I font know if the price is the same at the other U.S. Costco's). I've demo'd their chicken salad several times, and the consistence is different with harvested rotisserie breast meat than it is with the other pre cooked breast meat they use.
  2. Yes, the cabin is still part of our lives, and although we won't be up again until next spring, I will start reporting again. Of note this past season, was a fairly comfortable swim on October 2, if you can believe it! You'll also see a report from me next year from Madagascar! I am able to take summers off from my newish job.
  3. Nancy, I had no idea you were on-the-roading life! This is our dream, and when Heidi finally gets into a groul home, it might happen. We've always said that if the cabin disappears from our life, it would be an RV or travel trailer. Do you do any portion of the year in Duluth? Make it to the Twin Cities at all? Color me jealous.
  4. Thanks everyone, for the notes. I've just reserved this book at my library and will also look for it at Costco. I'm curious if I'll enjoy it as much as I've loved my Maida Heatter cookie books. I've loved everything that's come out of her books, and she is a recipe writer extraordinaire.
  5. Costco is also utterly fabulous about returns, even opened containers of food. Their Kirkland Signature brand items are guaranteed 100%. And, if you stop at the Costco at US highway 10 and Main Street in Coon Rapids, MN on a Monday, Tuesday or Thursday, you might get a sample from me.
  6. I'm looking for a new knife; sort of all purpose in the 6" blade length range, prefer a narrower, thinner blade. I'm a home cook, and have a mish mash of knives -- Wustof, a Shun, some e really old Chicago Cutlery paring knives (wedding present in 1980 old), a Marttiini filet knife (that I adore) and a an scythe shaped knife that a neighbor gave me (he worked at a slaughterhouse). I haven't set a price limit, but given the kid in college, I'm thinking I'm hard pressed to go much over $150, but I don't need to spend that much. I take good care of my stuff and I'll have it forever, otherwise I'd just pick up a two pack of the cheapos at Costco.
  7. Time for a bump up on this topic. I just made baked beans for a BBQ tomorrow, using this method, adding everything I usually add to my baked beans, to the pot before putting in the oven. So easy, so quick. No excuse not to make baked beans. And, last summer, when it was super hot, and I was in charge of baked beans, I did them in the crock pot. It took longer, because I didn't bother to bring stuff to a boil on the stovetop, but that, too, worked well.
  8. I finally found a timer that fit my bill -- it's an Acurite -- from Walmart. The big thing I was looking for, as I noted up-topic, was one that started to count down when it went off so if I missed the buzz, I'd know by how much I missed the mark. Magnet on the back. Nice, big easy to read numbers. It's small, so doesn't have the number buttons (so you have to keep your finger on minute or second to advance the time), but it does the count-down trick. Best of all -- $2.99 and it takes standard batteries.
  9. We retrofitted our under-counter cabinets and pantry (former very deep broom closet) with pull-out drawers. We built the drawers ourself. With the pull-out glider thingies, there are not only different lengths, but different "grades" -- we got the heaviest duty ones we could find so weight isn't a problem. All in all, building the drawers was simple. Installing them was simple. It took the longest to apply finish to the drawers.
  10. snowangel


    There's a whole topic right here about freezing meatballs!
  11. I'd second what Chris said about the MN state fair. Deep fried hot dish on a stick? Got it. The fried candy bars, pop tarts, etc. are an old story at the Great Minnesota Get-together, as is the chocolate dipped bacon. Want deep fried bacon? Head to MN. My big tip for the MN fair is to go on the first day. Rides are half price, the bathrooms are clean and the grease is fresh.
  12. This paste sounds absolutely spectacular. I've put the cookbook on hold at the library, and when I return from our cabin next Tuesday, it will be waiting for me. Which brings me to a question: does Mexican food use cilantro roots? I use them all of the time for Thai food.
  13. I forgot about kitchen shears. Mine have the uncanny ability to develop legs and walk to my kids' bedrooms. I favor those made by Chicago Cutlery, and I can almost always get them at the outlet mall -- 2 for $9.99.
  14. Outlets. Seriously. I only have two duplexes in my kitchen. Maybe one of these days all of the pesting I've done will pay off and DH will at least make them 4-plexes. We have far more juice to the kitchen than I could possibly use, and I refuse to go the strip route because I have so little counter space.
  15. A little hard plastic gizmo that was one of those things in the bucket at the cash register. It's about 2x2", and one corner is curved, the other square. Use it as a tiny bench scraper, or a thingee it get dried on crud out of bowls, etc. A plastic ruler we got free at the fair from a 4-H booth. Screwdriver. Mine has a screw top with different bits.
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