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  1. This looks crazy good! Can you please furnish us with cooking deets please mm?
  2. Lamb dumplings! Spiced with cumin and sichuan pepper, boiled, dressed with the usual.
  3. Lamb is quite popular in my Hakka Cantonese family. Braised lamb brisket with shiitake and beancurd sheets is a favourite. For new year, seeing that it's the year of the sheep, I'll be making lamb dumplings!
  4. Happy Chinese new year everybody! Here are some Chinese dinners from my past week: Lor Bak Goh whilst taking a break from making Sheng Jian Bao: Mapo tofu Beef dandan mian from scratch:
  5. Carrot flowers everytime I stir fry them
  6. Had a friend around today and as we're not going to have the opportunity to cook anything for Chinese New Year I thought I'd cook a chinese meal for us all. Chicken rice again, golden sand lobster with crispy thai basil, steamed black bean razor clams with lobster roe, fish fragrant aubergines and broccoli with chinese bacon.
  7. We cook this dish so rarely nowadays in my family, takes so many processes. That combination of soft pork and taro is so good isn't it. What's the flavouring like in your region? I see chilli flakes in there, we would never add chilli to ours. Also do you think the supermarket offerings go through all the cooking processes? Looks drier than we would have it too.
  8. It's a classic Hakka dish "Woo Tau Kau Yuk" or taro with pork. Basically the pork belly is poached then fried then steamed to ensure perfect soft mouthfeel. The taro is also fried first before steaming with the pork. The flavouring is predominately red-fermented beancurd and Chinese miso (and other secret ingredients). It's a true soul food dish.
  9. For those that know real Hakka food 芋頭扣肉. Ultimate comfort dish of pork belly and taro. My family's recipe. Refined a little by me. Go on take a bite!
  10. "Use soy instead of fish sauce if you want to change it to vegetarian". The two things are not and will never be interchangeable.
  11. Got my hands on some truly remarkable beef this week. Galician txuleta, retired diary cows around 12 years old. I last had this at Asador Etxebarri and to do the memory of that meal justice I cooked this over hardwood embers. Turned out wonderfully, served with romesco sauce and a tortilla de patatas. Another great ingredient, live langoustines. First time I've seen them in my town so you know I had to buy them! Salt and pepper langoustine, my luxury chicken rice and tong ho choi. A lovely anniversary meal.
  12. Some fishy comfort dishes this week, first up a small rice bowl of shime saba and avocado, a little garnish of fiddlehead and cuke. It's hard for me to think of anything I like more than vinegared mackerel and soy, maximum umami. A back to basics meal of steamed sea bream and stir-fried spinach. The bream cooked perfectly, the bone had 一點紅 as we say, a touch of red.
  13. Yes, the top one I have to admit is a Korean store bought fiddlehead banchan (gosari namul i think). The middle one is duck scratchings and the bottom is homemade kimchi.
  14. Oh the link is broken in my last post, here's that duck noodle dish again. I had it the day after too and amped up the broth by adding some chilli bean paste to it. It was an improvement!
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