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  1. It's been reviewed by the local press in Birmingham and several times on birminghamplus.com where there is also a thread on the forum. Some interesting comments and re-occuring points from people who have dined there. Previously Matthew Gilbert worked at Liaison, a fine dining restaurant in the Hall Green area of Birmingham. He is, I believe, 23 and this is his first Head Chef role.
  2. I found the piece on Rose veal interesting, so much so I'm going to hunt some down next time I am in Waitrose. Makes you stop and think when you realise the veal raised in the UK and sold as Rose veal is actually older by several months than lamb when slaughtered and most would not bat an eye lid at eating lamb. All that and not a veal crate in sight.
  3. Cafe Soya on Upper Dean Street.
  4. Thank you all for your comments, most appreciated. Les Cols has a website and also looks interesting so thanks to Nimzo for the heads up on that. If anyone else has any recommendations in the Girona- Roses area please do post here.
  5. A web search reveals Ferran Adria is a part owner/investor and on other threads here recommendations were posted. Does anyone have a personal experience of dining at Mas Pau they could share as the menu section of the site doesnt appear to be working. I'm spending 16 days based in Empuriabrava from 23 May and Mas Pau is on my potential dining list. http://www.maspau.com/
  6. That would be the Thai Elephant, part of The Globe Hotel. Website here: http://www.theglobehotel.co.uk/restaurant.html
  7. Do you have a link to the review ? ← Here it is Erica: http://www.metro.co.uk/metrolife/article.h...77&in_page_id=9
  8. Findons in Warwick has a very good reputation. Website here: http://www.findons-restaurant.co.uk/ As regards Love's the fine dining restaurant is now open and was reviewed yesterday in the Midland Metro. The style of cooking was compared to The Fat Duck. Banana sorbet with pork crackling anyone?
  9. Agree about Shimla's, never has been and never will be a Balti house. Royal Naweed I always thought was OK but I once had a bad experience there with stringy,overcooked chicken. Its now an Italian restaurant called Ponte Di Legno.
  10. There arent many traditional or 'old school' Balti houses left anymore. My criteria for that description would be unlicensed/byo, glass topped tables and cutlery an option! The seasoned balti eater would use nan or chapati to eat the balti rather than cutlery. Sheereen Kadah is situated at 543 Moseley Road, Balsall Heath, Birmingham and is very much 'old school' . It has a listing at www.birminghamplus.com, an excellent site for Midlands foodies.
  11. We are off to Empuriabrava tomorrow for 16 days and are both looking forward to trying Rafa's. Thanks again to all who have provided information, we can't wait to eat there.
  12. Roly's in Ballsbridge gets my vote, great for lunch but be sure to book. I'd agree the Elephant and Castle is a good place to visit if you have kids in tow, their hot wings are pretty authentic.
  13. Thanks for the help, I am sure we will be able to find it now.
  14. My wife and I are staying in Empuriabrava for 16 days from mid May 2005,its the next coastal town south of Roses. This will be our 3rd trip in May and for the last two years we have been unable to locate Rafa's in Roses. I wonder if anyone could help in providing me with directions or perhaps a url to a streetmap of Roses so we can visit this trip? As I understand it is on Caja St Sebastian but despite driving around several times we have drawn a blank. Thanks in advance.
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