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Chamber Vacuum Sealers, 2014–


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I purchased a JVR Vac100 prior to Christmas to replace a Vacmaster VP-112 that I had for about ten years.  I had very good service out of the VP-112 until the last two years when I ordered some replacement parts on two separate occasions that were somewhat incompatible.  It really pissed me off to spend $200 on mismatched replacement parts from Ary when I could have applied the money to a new unit.


I decided to scrap the VP-112 and replace it with an oil sealed rotary unit with a similar form factor.  My criteria were rotary pump, fit on a countertop with overhead cabinets,  seal bar length to accommodate two 6” x 12” pouches, good interior volume and knowledgeable sales/support.  My maximum out of pocket budget was $1,000.  


First off I discovered my spec’s aren’t what the market is geared toward.  There are a lot of units with small chambers, weak pumps and glossy, super amped up promotions (Anova in particular).  There are also a bunch of very competent VP-215 & clones with 10-inch seal bars but very few (or none) that had a 12.5” inch seal bar and were countertop friendly.   Lack of after sales support seemed to be a common theme across a lot of brands requiring the unit to be returned instead of a small part being replaced.


I had never heard of JVR until   @liliumdavidii posted a link  to the unit on November 8 on this thread.  I followed the link to the website and  was impressed by the Vac100 specs but also that it was being marketed by a company that had been in business for 40 years selling and  servicing commercial packing equipment.   At the end of 2021 the units were just being rolled out and reviews were pretty hard to find.   I called JVR and spoke with Andrew regarding the technical specs. I believe Andrew is the son of the founders of JVR and is responsible for developing the JVR Vac product line.  He was quite knowledgeable and addressed all my concerns.   They also have all the spare parts in stock and displayed on the web page plus a full line of accessories including retort canning supplies.    I know other companies say there units can seal retort pouches but I think only JVR sells a heavier seal bar tape and heat wire that is up to the task.   Here's link to JVR with specs and video's https://jvrinc.com/shop-all-products/vacseries/jvr-vac100/vac100-chamber-vacuum-sealer


The unit was delivered by UPS a week or two before Christmas.  Upon delivery I noticed that the overpack was banged up and had probably been dropped pretty hard on the freight dock.  Dam there goes my Xmas package! After unpacking I discovered that the unit had some cosmetic damage but was functional.  I contacted Andrew and he said they would ship out a replacement ASAP and to use the unit in the interim.   The replacement unit was delivered within 10 days with double overpack and a RA for UPS pick-up.  

At work!



Very handy bag clips!




Usable chamber depth.  The bag under the clips is 12" x 12".  I've used as large as 12" x 14" for roast.




Right out of the box the unit has been a work horse.  Fast, quiet and easy to maintain.  I was pleasantly surprised that the brushed stainless steel is non-magnetic alloy and of heavier gauge than I expected.  The curved glass top is really attractive and makes it easy to monitor the transition to the  “boiling” point of different foods.  I’m also getting consistent seals at lower vacuums which was always a problem with the VP-112. 




 They ship the pump dry so the first task is to fill the pump.  The task is made quite easy since the equipment bay is accessed by removing three screws across the rear of the unit and pivoting the hinged chamber up.  The unit is going to be easy to service as the equipment layout is very neat, modularized and easy to access.   They have provided a knockout plug in the base of the unit so oil changes will be no muss no fuss.  



The Vac100 shipped with a very nice canister set, wine bottle seal, bag assortment, spare seal wire, refill of oil, heat strip and operation manual.  They also included a quart oil with the second unit.




I'm a happy camper six months in with hundreds of bags sealed.

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