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  1. Two food-related memoirs (not cookbooks!): Ruth Reichl's "Save Me the Plums: My Gourmet Memoir" Kindle Edition $1.99US (eG-friendly Amazon.com link) Ella Brennan's "Miss Ella of Commander's Palace" Kindle Edition $1.99US (eG-friendly Amazon.com link) I am a US Prime member and the price you see may vary.
  2. Yes, they are quite crumbly. I don't know if you noticed but the usual paper cup that holds the cookies was replaced by a firmer plastic rectangle in the Butter Pecan bag. The top plastic cup did little to prevent the cookies in it from breaking/crumbling, but the cookies in the bottom plastic cup were all intact in the bag I purchased.
  3. I recently made a small purchase on Amazon that must have been from a small business. Amazon sent me an email that because I patronized this small business I received a $10 credit to use on the Prime Day Sale. You had to follow their instructions to get the $10 applied to your account but it was quick and painless. I was likely to purchase something on Prime Day anyway. It makes me wonder how many people got similar credits...
  4. Two found this afternoon, both slightly more expensive... From James Beard Foundation Hall of Fame member Maida Heatter: Maida Heatter's "Chocolate Is Forever: Classic Cakes, Cookies, Pastries, Pies, Puddings, Candies, Confections, and More" Kindle Edition $3.99US (eG-friendly Amazon.com link) Maida Heatter's "Cookies Are Magic: Classic Cookies, Brownies, Bars, and More" Kindle Edition $3.99US (eG-friendly Amazon.com link) Measurements are Imperial. Use the "Look Inside" feature and scroll down to see the first chapter's recipe listing, then scroll
  5. I found them at my local Walmart Neighborhood Grocery Store. They had a lot in stock. They are 30 cents more expensive than their regular cookies (the new Irish Cream Milanos also cost 30 cents more than the regular Milanos). These Butter Pecans are very good. Very crispy and tasting of butter. I'd say it was more of a "pecan sandie" cookie than a Butter Pecan cookie since the Pecan wasn't very noticeable or evident. The pecan chunks aren't very large. I guess Pepperidge Farms had to save money somewhere. One side effect..my fingers smelled of butter afterwards and it was a goo
  6. Just finished a small snack bag of Boulder Canyon Kettle Potato Chips, Malt Vinegar & Sea Salt flavor (click). At first I was disappointed in the vinegar because the chips didn't have that "In-Your-Face" acidic tart tang. But the more I ate them, I was impressed with the Malt Vinegar flavor. It seemed to have more depth to it than just acid in the regular Vinegar and Salt chips. Very nice, crunchy yet with subtle flavor.
  7. Toliver

    Dinner 2021

    Funny you should mention that. I went grocery shopping this weekend and in the same aisle at one end was Asian food products which included bottles of Fry Sauce. Then at the other end of the aisle was condiments and there was Heinz's Mayochup. They all looked identical. I believe you (and Google) hit the proverbial nail on the head.
  8. Toliver

    Dinner 2021

    Yep. In the Fry Sauce, the Thousand Island Dressing has no pickle relish. It's just the tan-colored creamy sauce.
  9. Another Pepin cookbook found this afternoon: Slightly more expensive... "Jacques Pépin Quick & Simple" Kindle Edition $3.99US (eG-friendly Amazon.com link) There's a recipe for "Raspberry Gratin from JACQUES PÉPIN QUICK & SIMPLE" on this cookbook's Amazon info page. Use the "Look Inside" feature and scroll down to see chapter recipe listings and then recipes. From Jocelyn Delk Adams, founder of the blog "Grandbaby Cakes", "Grandbaby Cakes: Modern Recipes, Vintage Charm, Soulful Memories" Kindle Edition $2.99US (eG-friendly Amazon.com link) I am
  10. Apparently the writer doesn't own an OXO Garlic Press. (eG-friendly Amazon.com link) They come with a red-colored cleaner on the handle so the press is very easy to clean. But we're still talking about the article so I guess the article worked as intended.
  11. That would be the Cutco meat knife, at least according to my mom. Notice the curve as it goes up to the tip of the knife. She'd use that knife for cutting up her round steak or whacking a chicken into parts. Here's a photo showing most of what was in her Cutco set: Not shown is the small paring knife that came with the set. The Cutco Chef's knife is almost straight...the middle knife next to the first fork. We'd buy my mom newer, better knives but she said she liked using the Cutco' because the handles felt better in her arthritic hands.
  12. The edges, perhaps. But it should be snuggly safe under the bed of salt.
  13. Well, that is the selfless purpose of parchment; It's meant to be used once and then disposed of. To give its life for your baked potato on a bed of salt is a noble purpose indeed.
  14. My mom had a set of Cutco's with a slotted holder for all of the knives. She nailed the holder to the kitchen wall over the prep area. One of the knives was a Chef's knife. I know because a friend gifted me a cooking school "Knife skills" class and I didn't own a chef's knife at the time. So I borrowed my mom's Cutco Chef's Knife. The same friend gifted me a set of Forschner knives soon after.
  15. Toliver

    Dinner 2021

    With regard to baked potatoes, my mom always rubbed her pierced baking potatoes with Crisco. She said she liked a crisp skin on her baked potato and now, having grown up and moved away, we "kids" do the same to our baking potatoes. I can see how you would think oil would keep the skin soft but it's the high heat on those fat-covered potato skins that makes the crispy skin happen.
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