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  1. With my brother, his dislike of coconut was textural. He said, that to him, eating shredded coconut was like chewing on toe nails.
  2. Some bargains from this morning's perusing... This has been floating around the bargain ecookbooks section but never at a low enough price to get posted. Now it qualifies: "Myron Mixon's BBQ Rules: The Old-School Guide to Smoking Meat" Kindle Edition $2.99US Ray "Dr. BBQ" Lampe's "Flavorize: Great Marinades, Injections, Brines, Rubs, and Glazes" Kindle Edition $2.99US I think this may have been posted in the past, but it's on sale again. Tony Gemignani's "The Pizza Bible: The World's Favorite Pizza Styles, from Neapolitan, Deep-Dish, Wood-Fired, Sicilian, Calzones and Focaccia to New York, New Haven, Detroit, and more" Kindle Edition $1.99US On the book's Amazon info page, there are two links to download two of the recipes from the book. And this is not a cookbook but is a first-hand experience tale, mixed with history of the craft of sushi: Trevor Corson's "The Story of Sushi: An Unlikely Saga of Raw Fish and Rice" Kindle Edition $1.99US I am a US Prime member and the price you see may vary.
  3. Toliver

    Food recalls

    Not that I'm angling to become the Food Recall King, but here's another (small) one in the news: "FDA: Illnesses linked to Del Monte vegetable trays" The article lists Del Monte's phone number regarding the recall, as well as their email address for the recall.
  4. Toliver

    Food recalls

    This recall is all over the news this morning: "Kellogg's Recalls Honey Smacks Cereal After Outbreak" I remember them way back when they were originally called Sugar Smacks. You know, back when dinosaurs roamed the planet and sugar wasn't evil.
  5. Toliver

    Amazon Prime Day - your loot ?

    You are sort of correct with this. Last year, Prime Day started late on a Monday (I think I even came back to this board at that time to report that some items were already being reduced in price on the Monday eve). It ran all day Tuesday and ended some time on Wednesday. I think it's likely they might do the same this year as opposed to an entire week.
  6. Toliver

    How green is your kitchen?

    The garbage company that serves my apartment complex dropped off a large blue Recycling dumpster right next to the regular trash dumpster. However, they didn't provide any of the apartment dwellers with a recycling trashcan for inside the apartments. So if the residents want to use the recycling dumpster, they have to come up with their own recycling bag/bin/system. I thought this was odd. In this city, it wasn't until a very short time ago that if you owned a home and you wanted a recycling bin (the kind you wheel out to the curb in front of your house on trash day), you had to pay an extra monthly fee for the blue recycling bin. So let me get this straight dear city-leaders: You want the residents to recycle, but you will also charge them more if they do. How about charging residents extra if they don't want to recycle and let those who do want to recycle have free recycling bins?
  7. Toliver

    Sonic Drive-In

    And in the "food court" area where they have outdoor tables, there should be a single menu board with the same red button @Shelby mentioned for walk-up orders.
  8. Both of these have been rumbling around the bargain-basement for awhile. Use the "Look Inside" feature with each book to see its respective recipe index. Former publisher and editor of Fine Cooking magazine, Martha Holmberg's "Crepes: 50 Savory and Sweet Recipes" Kindle Edition $2.99US Diane Phillips' "The Everyday Rice Cooker: Soups, Sides, Grains, Mains, and More" Kindle Edition $2.99US I am a US Prime member and the price you see may vary.
  9. Toliver

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    It was 105°F here yesterday, so no cooking dinner for me. I ordered out some fish and chips from a local bowling alley's coffee shop (they're known for their fish and chips). It also came with some nice cole slaw, a dinner roll (a sort of potato roll) and the tartar sauce was pickle-less but still quite tasty. I am sorry I have no pictures. I also didn't have any malt vinegar for the fish which dampened my enjoyment of eating this meal I didn't cook.
  10. Toliver

    Amazon Prime Day - your loot ?

    Amazon Prime Day is supposed to celebrate the founding of the company by offering lots of deals for Prime members. I believe that there may be some deals for non-Prime shoppers, too. The first Prime Day offerings were pretty much ridiculed by shoppers because they were so bad. So ensuing Prime Days offered better products and better deals. Rumor has it that this year the newest version of the Instant Pot will be one of the Prime Day deals.
  11. Toliver

    Amazon Prime Day - your loot ?

    The 2018 Amazon Prime Day is coming soon (Amazon doesn't announce the day until the last minute). Some pundits have weighed in and think this year's Prime Day will be Tuesday, July 10th. Get ready...
  12. Let the buyer beware. America's Test Kitchen has quite a few "bargain-basement-priced" Kindle books but they're not "full-fledged" cookbooks but are "lite" cookbooks in that they have only 20 to 33 recipes in them. Tricky bastards. I pored over this book's info page and couldn't locate where they mention how many recipes are in it. Which is why I stated "Let the buyer beware": America's Test Kitchen's "The Best Mexican Recipes: Kitchen-Tested Recipes Put the Real Flavors of Mexico Within Reach" Kindle Edition $2.99US I am a US Prime member and the price you see may vary.
  13. Toliver

    Food recalls

    Two new recalls from this morning's news: "More than 228,000 pounds of Spam recalled" The product codes of the recalled Spam are listed in the article. "Tyson recalls frozen chicken tenders due to risk of plastic contamination"
  14. This morning I am snacking on pretzel rods with added Honey Mustard (I keep the plastic bottle in a bag in my desk drawer).