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  1. Excellent posting and reporting! Thank you for taking the time to post pictures. Adding the cocktails (like Kerry Beal and Anna N always post on their trip-blogs) rounds out the report. I am hungry from looking at all of the delicious food and I am looking forward to reading more about your trip!
  2. Madelines

    It's funny you should mention madeleines... I was thinking about savory madeleines and just stumbled across an old eGullet discussion about garlic mashed potato madeleines. Here is the discussion (click here) with eGullet member maggiethecat's recipe in the first post. If you scroll down the page, another eGullet member, Marlene, posted pictures of her attempt at making them. They look like they'd be tasty. Not quite the recipe for the dessert forum, but intriguing nonetheless.
  3. Ikea's kitchen goods

    Sorry to revive an old thread, but IKEA seems to have a problem with their stainless steel bowls: "IKEA is investigating a claim that its stainless steel mixing bowls can light food on fire" There's a short video in the article showing paper being lit on fire inside the bowl. Hey, IKEA, it's called a "parabolic reflector". Just redesign the bowl with a matte finish inside the bowl and you should be good. Or if anyone wants to make some home-made solar reflectors, start in the kitchen goods department at IKEA.
  4. Two cookbooks by Steven Raichlen: "The Barbecue! Bible 10th Anniversary Edition" Kindle Edition $1.99US "Man Made Meals: The Essential Cookbook for Guys" Kindle Edition $1.99US Usual Disclaimer: I am a US Prime member...the price you see in your browser may be different. edited to add: I don't think I posted this book apologies if I have: "Martha Stewart's Cookies: The Very Best Treats to Bake and to Share" Kindle Edition $2.99US
  5. Dinner 2017 (Part 5)

    @Norm Matthews Your bacon weaving is totally awesome. Such bacon-inspiration!
  6. Jack in the Box

    I can't find it on their corporate web site, but my area Jack in the Box restaurants are promoting a new "Cheddar Jack" burger. It has the usual lettuce and tomato fixin's on it but also comes with a couple thick slices of cheddar cheese. One slice of cheddar cheese on the bottom bun, topped by the burger OR chicken patty (you have a choice) and then another slice of cheddar cheese on top of the burger. When you get the burger, I don't know if they use a salamander-type machine to melt the cheddar, but it looks quite melted when you get the sandwich. If you like real cheddar cheese on your burgers and not that fake "melty" cheese they use on everything these days, this burger is a winner. It's very cheese-y and I mean that in a good way. It also comes on a not-your-ordinary bun. Anyone else try it?
  7. Subway 2011–

    I've been going to a local Subway off and on for a while. I usually stop in on Fridays to get the Sub of the Day, which is Tuna on Fridays. When they make the sandwich, they use a disher to put the proper portions on the bread, then use a small spatula-ish knife to spread the tuna on the bread before adding anything else to the sandwich. For quite some time at this location, their disher has been broken. I asked the worker if management/the owner knew about the broken disher and they said "yes". The spring for the thumb button on the disher is shot and they have to manually move the button with their other hand in order for the disher to eject the scoop contents onto the bread. This past Friday, they had a new employee working the counter. When I ordered the Tuna sandwich, she bypassed the broken disher completely and used the spatula-ish knife to dip into the tuna and plop it on to the sandwich bread. She ended up putting enough Tuna on the bread for two sandwiches. It shocked the heck out of me. On the one hand, I'm thinking "Yeah me!" for getting a huge tuna-filled sandwich but I also thought if the owner wondered why their profits were down, all they had to do was look at this employee making this tuna sandwich. The finished sandwich was so big I could only eat half of the sandwich and saved the rest for the next day's lunch. A word to franchise owners: Fixing broken utensils/machinery sooner rather than later will save you money in the long run.
  8. Amazon buys Whole Foods

    I am interested in this union to see how Amazon's "cheaper than anyone else" creed will impact the high prices at Whole Foods. Also, Amazon has tried, unsuccessfully, for years to get into the grocery/grocery delivery market and by having a Whole Foods be a delivery hub in various neighborhoods is quite brilliant. edited for clarity
  9. Tabasco Sauce Alternatives

    That's a good recommendation. I have enjoyed that sauce, as well, in the past.
  10. Food recalls

    Trader Joe's has issued a multi-state recall on their "Grainless Granola" (click for more info). I posted this in the Trader Joe's discussion, as well.
  11. Trader Joe's has issued a multi-state recall on their "Grainless Granola" (click for more info). I will double post this in the "Food Recalls" discussion, as well.
  12. Dinner 2017 (Part 5)

    Thanks Shelby (and Elaina)!
  13. Tabasco Sauce Alternatives

    There's also Frank's Hot Sauce. If you want something with more of a south-of-the-border taste, try Tapatío. It seems to be on a lot of grocery store shelves around here so it might be easy to locate. I keep a small-ish bottle of it in a drawer in my office at work for my lunches.
  14. Cooking Bacon in Sesame Oil.......

    I agree. It's more of a finishing oil than a cooking oil. I can't even imagine what bacon and sesame oil would taste like. Anyone want to make a BLT (or BLAT) and experiment for the team?
  15. Dinner 2017 (Part 5)

    Can someone provide a link to the original post/recipe for the sauce? Thanks in advance...