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  1. No. I do not get notified. Amazon is one of the web sites that I try to peruse daily (and briefly...that site is full of rabbit holes!). When I go to the Kindle section of the Amazon web site, there are some different categories of cookbooks (International, Cookies, Pies, etc) shown to me. I sort of zip through them to see if there is anything new. The Amazon Daily Kindle Book Deals are not for people looking for cookbooks. If you click on the "Kindle Daily Deals" section of the Amazon web site, cookbooks do not show up. They have a lot of other categories (Romance, bestsellers, etc) but no cookbooks. I am hopeful this will be rectified some day ("...He said to the Amazon employees reading this forum" ). Then when I do have the time, I will go through the Amazon Kindle Cookbook section with their thousands of cookbooks and just start looking through them, page after page (after putting my viewing settings in the search bar at the top of the screen. For example "- Paleo -Diet -Vegan -Gluten" to screen out the cookbooks I have no interest in). I burn out easily doing the long page perusals but sometimes, I find gems which I post here on eGullet. edited to add another not-quite-in-the-bargain-price-territory cookbook: "Wolfgang Puck Makes It Easy" Kindle Edition $4.99US
  2. A mixed bag (note I am a US Prime Member so the price you see might vary): "Bobby Flay's Burgers, Fries, and Shakes" Kindle edition $1.99US "The Gramercy Tavern Cookbook" Kindle Edition $2.99US "Rose's All-Original All-American Pie Recipes" Kindle Edition $2.99 (Rose Levy Beranbaum) edited to add: Not quite in the "bargain" territory yet, but I thought I would post it anyway: "Sara Moulton's Everyday Family Dinners" Kindle Edition $4.99US
  3. It's a very limited edition sort of thing: "Pickle Fans Are Flipping Out Over The Chickle" They don't say if the pickle is scooped out in the middle before stuffing it with the chicken. If they don't, then I'd imagine the filling squishing out with every bite. I enjoy dill pickles and I enjoy chicken but I never thought about using the pickle as the "bun" for a chicken sandwich. Intriguing, to say the least.
  4. During college, I worked part-time at a movie theater. We served hot nacho cheese over tortilla chips in addition to the usual popcorn, candy, etc. When we "made" the cheese sauce for the nachos, the cheese sauce was from a (large) can. But we also added a little bit of the pickling juice from the mega-bottle of jalapeños we had to help flavor the cheese sauce. The sliced pickled jalapeños were offered to people who ordered the nachos. So it's possible any contamination may have come from a source other than the cheese sauce itself.
  5. Psst...I posted this on the previous page. As a couple of you have mentioned, I've also had some issues with third party sellers on Amazon. Amazon had better get a handle on their third party sellers quickly or their reputation will be heading downhill fast.
  6. Burger King

    How funny...what they're calling an "Extra Long Cheeseburger" has been served up at every mom & pop place around here for decades. Only it's called a "French Burger" here because it's served on a French bread roll. Basically, it's a double cheeseburger where the patties are side by side instead of stacked.
  7. Something new at Trader Joe's: "Trader Joe's has a new cauliflower pizza crust and we're obsessed" Has anyone seen it in their nearby TJ's?
  8. Burger King

    I believe it may have been eG co-founder Fat Guy who suggested ordering "off the broiler" when placing your order at BK. This means you're requesting that the burger patty will be freshly broiled for your sandwich, which gets around the "patties lingering in a drawer in the kitchen" issue. BK recently overhauled it's breaded chicken sandwich and the reviews I've seen have been good. But now with this BOGO scam, I am wary of giving them any of my money in the overall scheme of things.
  9. Burger King

    Oooo...BK may be in trouble. They have been accused of scamming customers who use BOGO (Buy One, Get One free) coupons. "Buyer Beware: This Burger King BOGO Coupon Is Too Good to Be True" The fact that this seems to be a multi-state (company-wide?) scam doesn't bode well for BK. They won't be able to blame a franchise owner for the alleged price gouging. If true, shame on you, BK.
  10. Food Waste @ Home

    Yes, this. My mom took Chinese Food cooking lessons in the 70's and was told by the instructor that leftover rice is best used for fried rice. After that, whenever she made rice for dinner, she doubled the recipe so she would have leftovers for fried rice (or rice pudding!). Plus, you could dice up whatever else you had lingering in the refrigerator and toss that into the rice. Since I prepare meals for one (myself), I have gotten out of the habit of buying salad fixings since I usually don't eat them up before they wilt//go bad. It made more economical sense for me to buy a prepared salad from the store/fast food restaurant and there would be no waste on my end.
  11. Chick-Fil-A 2011

    "Chick-fil-A is launching a sandwich that's like nothing on the menu" It will be a seasonal thing like McD's McRib sandwich. And at the very end of the article is a mention of a new beverage they will be adding: watermelon mint lemonade.
  12. Perhaps Amazon is reading this board...another couple of finds (fair warning...I am a US Prime Member so the price I quote is the price I see...YMMV): "Bobby Flay's Barbecue Addiction" $1.99US Kindle "Big Bob Gibson's BBQ Book: Recipes and Secrets from a Legendary Barbecue Joint" $1.99US Kindle
  13. The article: "Taco stand: Cohns' latest is 100% for charity" I like most of their restaurants. Some are quite upscale, some not so much. And I was a huge fan of their Dakota's restaurant (now closed) in the Gaslamp District of downtown San Diego. I am hoping this new venue is successful. It's certainly is in a prime location (though parking is an issue in that area). Here's another article discussing the new venue and its then, for-profit next-door-neighbor (not mentioned in the first article...which may have been dropped by the Cohns since the article was first published): "Cohn Restaurant Group To Install BO-Beau Incarnation & Upscale Taco Shop In Hillcrest"
  14. Chef's shortcuts

    A previous similar eG discussion, not about chef trucs, but chef-like eG'er trucs, started by Anna N: "The Quintessential eG Kitchen Tips/Trucs" edited because I misspelled Anna N's user name. DOH!
  15. The article: "Sullied seasoning: Sea salts come with a dash of microplastics" The article also mentions sea creatures taking in the micro-particles and then humans consuming those sea creatures. They say this poses no health risk since the level of contamination is so low, but still, the thought of consuming plastic with my sea salt sort of skeeves me out.