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  1. Fair Fare

    The real trick to eating at the Fair and not worrying about calories is to go with a small group of friends. When it's time to eat, everyone goes off and gets their favorite food and all meet back at one location to share their bounty. For example, one vendor at the San Diego County Fair had a Double Patty Hamburger with pastrami, cheese and bacon. It sounds like a heart attack on a bun. But when you're with a group of people, by the time you cut it all up into bite size pieces, you only get a small portion which is enough to taste and enjoy but without giving you a guilt complex of eating the entire thing yourself. There's a local diner that has a yearly booth at the Fair serving falafel burgers. which are very good. They also sell a skewer of delicious garlic-battered artichoke hearts. I can't imagine eating all of that myself but when we share it, it turns out to be just enough to satisfy my cravings..
  2. Taco Bell 2014 -

    "Taco Bell's Kit Kat Chocoladilla Is Coming to America" They don't have the "Chocodilla" in my local Taco Bells. Has anyone tried one?
  3. Worst Halloween candy

    A rare Halloween treat would be when someone would pass out bubble gum. My brothers and I always preferred the Bazooka brand 364 days of the year, but at Halloween we'd get some pieces of Double Bubble gum and be in 7th heaven. The flavor of it tasted a lot like the gum you'd get in a package of baseball cards (but not as stiff!).
  4. Just saw this: Eric Ripert's "Le Bernardin Cookbook: Four-Star Simplicity" Kindle Edition $1.99US Note that one of the reviews said the book is fish/seafood-centric. I am a US Prime member and the price you see may vary.
  5. Worst Halloween candy

    My brother would take his daughter (my niece) trick or treating and then would hide her candy when they got home. She grew up thinking the best part of the day was the experience going from door to door saying "Trick or Treat!" and showing off her costume, not realizing that it was the candy that really was the prize for the night. Surprisingly, she's not a candy-eater to this day.
  6. Worst Halloween candy

    I agree with the assessment of those horrid Circus Peanuts as the worst Halloween candy. It was always such a bummer to get those in my candy bag. I did receive popcorn balls once in a while when I was a kid. I liked them but they weren't really candy. But when the evil idiots started altering homemade sweets, any homemade item at Halloween was frowned upon. As an adult, I would enjoy nothing more than receiving a popcorn ball...a salty-sweet treat that preceded Kettle Corn by decades.
  7. So far today: Mark Bittman's "Kitchen Matrix: More Than 700 Simple Recipes and Techniques to Mix and Match for Endless Possibilities" Kindle Edition $2.99US Samantha Seneviratne's "The New Sugar & Spice: A Recipe for Bolder Baking" Kindle Edition $1.99US I am a US Prime member and the price you see may vary. edited to add another: Check the index for the list of recipes... Alice Waters' "My Pantry: Homemade Ingredients That Make Simple Meals Your Own" Kindle Edition $4.99US
  8. It's a relatively cheap way to add protein. My mom has always added it to her potato salad and then she'd lay slices of the boiled egg on top because it looks "purty" (don't forget to sprinkle paprika over all of it, too).
  9. Arby's - The Topic

    In the old days at Arby's, they used to sell potato cakes/triangles for their breakfast. They totally rocked. Alas, they stopped selling them. These days the Arby's around here don't even do breakfast. Coincidentally(?), you can't even find potato triangles in the freezer section of your grocery stores, either. Those Ore-Ida bastards are to blame! I will stop by Arby's once in a blue moon when I get a hankering for their Jamocha Shakes.
  10. From my morning BookBub email: (Note: some of these books were on sale before and are on sale again) James Beard's "Theory and Practice of Good Cooking" Kindle Edition $1.99US Paul Hollywood's "Pies and Puds" Kindle Edition $3.82US Paul Hollywood's "How to Bake" Kindle Edition $3.82US "Great British Bake Off - Perfect Cakes & Bakes To Make At Home" Kindle Edition $2.39US I am a US Prime member and the price you see may vary.
  11. Two to add: Madhur Jaffrey's "World Vegetarian: More Than 650 Meatless Recipes from Around the World" Kindle Edition $2.99US This author has/had a Food TV show: Amy Thielen's "The New Midwestern Table: 200 Heartland Recipes" Kindle Edition $1.99US edited to add the usual disclaimer that I am a US Prime member and the price you see may vary.
  12. Isn't that interesting? I get the higher price now, too. When it had the cheaper price, it said it was a savings of 61%...quite a difference than what it is now. If you scroll far down the page, there's a comparison chart between this pan and other similar pans and under "Material Type" for this pan it states "steel", which is obviously incorrect since up higher on the page in the immediate item description it's called "Hard-anodized aluminum construction". Only the handles are made of steel. An Amazon error, obviously. edited to add it was an Amazon Daily Deal. I guess there are time limits to their deals.
  13. My apologies. I didn't realize it made a difference in "regular" items. I know it makes a difference with Kindle cookbooks. My standard caveat: Yes, I am a US Prime member and the price you see may vary.
  14. Unless it's a trick of the lighting, it looks like they need someone to teach them how to properly hard boil an egg.
  15. Calphalon on Amazon: "Calphalon 1932442 Classic Nonstick All Purpose Pan with Cover, 12-Inch, Grey" $27.50US See the Q & A down by the reviews...oddly, they say the pan can't be used on induction stoves even though it's supposed to be a steel pan. It's large and deep and non-stick.