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  1. I tend to keep a blank Notepad open (.txt file extension) and copy and paste from the online recipe into the Notepad file. If the online recipe has some sort of text formatting, I will choose to "print" the recipe which usually opens a print window of the recipe without any text formatting and will copy and paste from that and then just close it out and not bother printing it. Then just save the Notepad file to your computer.
  2. My CamelCamelCamel app says this is a great price for Amazon. It's the lowest than it has been for awhile, but at times it even dropped to under $10 US for a bit. Considering the highest price on Amazon was the mid-$20's, this price is comparatively good.
  3. Today's find: Winner of the James Beard Foundation Award for Best Single Subject Cookbook Winner of the IACP Award for Best Single Subject Cookbook and Best General Cookbook Molly Stevens' "All About Roasting: A New Approach to a Classic Art" Kindle Edition $2.99US (eG-friendly Amazon.com link) I am a US Prime member and the price you see may vary. ALSO NOTE...The "Milk Street" questionable cookbook I previously posted is no longer at that page that my link had for it. Guess Amazon heard from the real "Milk Street" and pulled the cookbook.
  4. That was the cookbook I was working on posting and discovered when I tested the links in my post that the price had gone up while I was preparing the post. DOH!
  5. Ironically, it was a similar book to today's listing that suddenly went up in price when I was attempting to post it the other day. I don't expect this reduced price to last very long. Not sure if that's a good thing or not... "1,000 Spanish Recipes (1,000 Recipes Book 22)" Kindle Edition $1.99US (eG-friendly Amazon.com link) Use the "Look Inside" feature and scroll down past the menus to "The Recipes" to see the list of recipes. Scroll further down to see recipes. I am a US Prime member and the price you see may vary.
  6. "Weis Markets Issues Recall for Possible Foreign Matter Contamination in Weis Ice Cream Products"
  7. Toliver

    Easter Candy

    I'd forgotten that Cadbury made the much larger foil-wrapped Chocolate Eggs with Creme and now with Caramel, as well. I agree...a very sweet treat. That's also why I think I prefer the Mini Eggs because it's a lot less sugar in a bite.
  8. Now I am a little "gun shy" to post after the "Milk Street" debacle. I originally found two sale-priced cookbooks this afternoon but in the time it took to create this post and then check to see if the links were correct, the price went up. So only one title this afternoon... And an odd title it is...advertising its author and their previous cookbooks in its title...really? "Simply: Easy everyday dishes: The 5th book from the bestselling author of Persiana, Sirocco, Feasts and Bazaar" Kindle Edition $0.99US (eG-friendly Amazon.com link) Middle Eastern recip
  9. A little redundant info... "How Spam Became an Essential Part of Hawaiian Cuisine" In the interview with Philadelphia restaurateur Kiki Aranita, click on the linked words "Spam Musubi birthday cake" to see the cake (8th paragraph). My sister-in-law is Filipino and enjoys Spam Musubi...always orders it at the Hawaiian restaurants in San Diego.
  10. Toliver

    Easter Candy

    Reviving this ancient discussion: "Cadbury Mini Egg Chocolate Bars Are The Newest Treat For Spring But You Might Have To Order Them Online To Try Them" I was a little concerned about this new chocolate bar. After all, what helps to make the Cadbury Easter Mini Eggs so good is the crunch you get from the candy shell. But they seem to have included "shards" of the mini egg candy shells inside the chocolate bar so you still get some sort of crunch. Sadly, this new bar is currently only available across the pond. There's a link in the article to a listing of the bar o
  11. I just received an email from a Milk Street Editorial Director thanking me for "alerting them about this odd book." It will be interesting to see how long before that cookbook gets removed now that Milk Street is aware of it.
  12. Or do an Alton Brown trick and make all of the sugar brown sugar. Makes for a softer cookie.
  13. Toliver

    Krispy Kreme

    "Krispy Kreme debuts 'Dessert Mini' doughnut collection with flavors inspired by non-doughnut desserts" The bolding in the quote is from me to highlight the 4 new flavors. If anyone takes one (or 4) for the team, please report back.
  14. I heard back from the Amazon Copyright Department. They basically sent me a laundry list of information that I had to send them before they would look into the issue. So I decided to work the other end, so to speak. I contacted Milk Street via their web site and almost immediately got an email back from them stating, "Thanks for the tip/information. We will look into this further." The ball seems to be in Milk Street's court now. If I hear anything back, I will post it.
  15. I also thought this was interesting. Really? Why "German"?
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