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  1. Host's note: By popular demand, and in light of the ephemeral nature and prevalence of e-book (mostly Kindle) deals, this topic has been split from the Current sales, deals, and bargains (Part 2) topic. All deals that are not electronic-format books should go there, not here. I am surprised at how quickly the cheap prices/deals on Kindle cookbooks come and go. That being said...I am a US Prime member so the price you see may vary. M. F. K. Fisher's "Consider the Oyster" Kindle Edition $2.51US Chef Yoshio Saito "Okonomiyaki: Japanese Comfort Food" Kindle Edition $3.99US Top Chef's Padma Lakshmi's "Love, Loss, and What We Ate: A Memoir" Kindle Edition $1.99US
  2. One stumbled upon this afternoon: Alice Waters' "My Pantry: Homemade Ingredients That Make Simple Meals Your Own" Kindle Edition $2.99US I am a US Prime member and the price you see may vary.
  3. Toliver

    Food recalls

    "Here’s the recall list for over 130,000 pounds of Cargill ground beef potentially tainted with E. coli" See the article for specific products subject to recalls.
  4. This came from my morning Bookbub email: "Chinese Street Food: Small Bites, Classic Recipes, and Harrowing Tales Across the Middle Kingdom" Kindle Edition $1.99US I found it interesting that the recipe index was in Chinese as well as English. Use the "Look Inside" feature to see the recipes. I am a US prime member and the price you see may vary. edited to add that on the Kindle Deals page there's a section that states "Up to 80% off 100+ top cookbooks" which explains why their cookbooks-on-sale pages jumped up to 10 (there's 9 today) up from 1 page earlier this month.
  5. One of the reviews for "Cooking at Home with Bridget and Julia" states "Nice book but no new recipes. All of these are in The America's Test Kitchen Cookbook." I'm glad I didn't spring for it.
  6. Toliver

    Oreo Cookies

    "New birthday cake-flavored Oreos celebrate Mickey Mouse's 90th birthday!" The release date for these limited edition Oreos will be September 24th. As they say, "while supplies last".
  7. Here's a link: https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=lp_11552285011_nr_n_6?fst=as%3Aoff&rh=n%3A11552285011%2Cn%3A156154011&bbn=11552285011&ie=UTF8&qid=1537376518&rnid=11552285011 Go to Amazon and select their Kindle Bookstore (Departments>Books & Audible>Kindle books) Once you go to the Kindle Books page, click on "Kindle Book Deals" located in center of the the space just under the black section at the top of the web page. Once you're taken to the Kindle Deals Page, on the left hand side you will see a list of topics/categories. Click on Cookbooks, Food & Wine and those deals having to do with that topic will be presented to you. edited to add, today the Kindle Deals "Cookbooks, Food & Wine" listing shows 10 pages of results, where it was previously 9 pages. So someone is adding deals! edited to correct spelking and also to add, it looks like they added a bunch of American Test Kitchen cookbooks. Some are actual cookbooks (like their slow cooker cookbook) and others are "light" books, meaning they've culled recipes from their other past cookbooks and made a "new" cookbook. These books are easy to recognize by the lower number of recipes included in those cookbooks. Also, some of the regular ATK cookbooks are not bargained priced. For example they will be priced $3.99US instead of $2.99US or lower.
  8. This screams "holidays" to me (that's a good thing). It looks like snow crystals on blue. I imagine red would be lovely, too. Great work!
  9. So the Kindle Deals for cookbooks went from one page to nine pages all of a sudden. The listings may be worth looking through as I didn't post everything that may be of interest (some listings were slightly higher than bargain-priced, too). You may have to break open your piggy banks. Look...it's Vivian and Dorie! These first two are not bargain sale-priced but they're comparatively low next to their normal prices: Vivian Howard's "Deep Run Roots: Stories and Recipes from My Corner of the South" Kindle Edition $4.99US "Christopher Kimball's Milk Street: The New Home Cooking" Kindle Edition $4.99US Dorie Greenspan's "Around My French Table: More than 300 Recipes from My Home to Yours" Kindle Edition $2.99US "At Home with Magnolia: Classic American Recipes from the Founder of Magnolia Bakery" Kindle Edition $2.99US Chef Edward Lee's "Smoke and Pickles: Recipes and Stories from a New Southern Kitchen" Kindle Edition $2.99US "Maangchi's Real Korean Cooking: Authentic Dishes for the Home Cook" Kindle Edition $2.99US Linda Ziedrich's "The Joy of Pickling, 3rd Edition" Kindle Edition $2.99US "The Hemingway Cookbook" Kindle Edition $1.99US Chefs Andy Husbands and Chris Hart's "Pitmaster" Kindle Edition $2.99US "Patisserie: A Step-by-step Guide to Baking French Pastries at Home" Kindle Edition $1.99US "The Enchilada Queen Cookbook: Enchiladas, Fajitas, Tamales, and More Classic Recipes from Texas-Mexico Border Kitchens" Kindle Edition $2.99US "Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbook (An Authorized Instant Pot Cookbook)" Kindle Edition $1.99US "Make It Fast, Cook It Slow: The Big Book of Everyday Slow Cooking" Kindle Edition $2.99US "Southern Casseroles: Comforting Pot-Lucky Dishes" Kindle Edition $2.67US "Being Dead Is No Excuse: The Official Southern Ladies Guide to Hosting the Perfect Funeral" Kindle Edition $2.99US Humorous essays and recipes. I am a US Prime member and the price you see may vary. edited for clarification
  10. Nigella Lawson used to sell a set of measuring cups where the fill line indicating the measurement was painted on the inside below the lip of the cup. Such a disconnect between the use of the cup and the design of the cup. It's nice to see the Pioneer Woman carrying on this absurd tradition.
  11. Some new bargains found today: Chef Louis Lambert's "Big Ranch, Big City Cookbook: Recipes from Lambert's Texas Kitchens" Kindle Edition $1.99US "The Arrows Cookbook: Cooking and Gardening from Maine's Most Beautiful Farmhouse Restaurant" Kindle Edition $.99US Part-gardening how-to, and cookbook with recipes for your garden's harvest. The recipe index is set up by season. IACP Finalist & James Beard Award nominee Andrea Nguyen's "Into the Vietnamese Kitchen: Treasured Foodways, Modern Flavors" Kindle Edition $2.99US "The Dumpling Sisters Cookbook: Over 100 Favourite Recipes From A Chinese Family Kitchen" Kindle Edition $.99US I am a US Prime member and the price you see may vary.
  12. Host's note: this topic grew too large for our servers to handle efficiently, so it has been split into more manageable segments. The previous segment is here. Today I was surfing on eGullet and snacking on Keebler Town House Focaccia Tuscan Cheese crackers (leftover from a Super Bowl party). They're a thick cracker and have a nice subtle flavor. The bad thing is that they made me wish I had some cheese or dip to go with them. DOH! [/Homer Simpson]
  13. Toliver


    After several mentions of Aldi in the Trader Joe's Products discussion, I thought I would start it separate discussion for the chain store. Coincidentally, I read an online article this morning about Aldi coming to America and targeting Walmart: "The German chain that's beating Wal-Mart at its own game" We don't have them in my area, yet. What are the store's strengths? And what are their weaknesses?
  14. Toliver

    Costco v. Amazon

    When I was growing up we had Price Clubs, founded by Sol Price (who started the famous southern California grocery store chain called Fed Mart). Then Costco bought Price Club and it was Costco-Price Club for a while before dropping the "Price" from the name. So my family has been long time Costco shoppers. I wonder if my mom's love of their sauerkraut hot dogs from their food court is the real reason we kept renewing our membership. I was drawn to Amazon as an alternative to iTunes. Then found their book section and I've never left. The one thing we've learned about Costco is if you see it and think you want it, buy it because you won't see it again.
  15. Three bargain-priced cookbooks and one a scosh higher: "The Beekman 1802 Heirloom Dessert Cookbook: 100 Delicious Heritage Recipes from the Farm and Garden" Kindle Edition $2.99US This may have been posted before: "Easy Soups from Scratch with Quick Breads to Match: 70 Recipes to Pair and Share" Kindle Edition $2.99US "The Apple Cookbook, 3rd Edition: 125 Freshly Picked Recipes" Kindle Edition $2.51US And one slightly higher priced: "Claridge's: The Cookbook" Kindle Edition $3.99US I am a US Prime member and the price you see may vary.
  16. Lifesaver's Orange Mints (click) You can almost taste the pith in these. The flavor is dead on and doesn't taste artificial even though they're completely artificially flavored. Lifesavers calls them "mints" but there is no mint flavor in them that I can discern which is fine with me.
  17. Toliver

    Food recalls

    "Sausage recall includes Bob Evans, Giant Eagle brands" The article posts the specific products being recalled. There's a link at the end of the article to take you to the USDA Recall page for this recall.
  18. Not cookbooks, but food-related: Two-time James Beard Award nominee Jeff Benjamin's "Front of the House" Kindle Edition $2.99US There is an excerpt from this book on this book's Amazon page to give you the "flavor" of the book. This was published a year and a half ago, It's sale-priced today: Michael Ruhlman's "Grocery: The Buying and Selling of Food in America" Kindle Edition $2.99US I am a US Prime member and the price you see may vary.
  19. Two today...one slightly above bargain-price: "Little Book of Jewish Appetizers" Kindle Edition $1.99US Use the "Look Inside" feature to see the list of recipes. "Chriskitch: Big Flavours from a Small Kitchen" Kindle Edition $3.99US I am a US Prime member and the price you see may vary.
  20. Toliver

    Arby's - The Topic

    I was floored to see that Arby's was offering, for a limited time only, a Smokehouse Pork Belly Sandwich (click). In a fast food restaurant? Has anyone tried it? Their Smokehouse Brisket sandwich looks good, as well. This is ain't my Dad's Arby's! Someone at Arby's is certainly changing things up.
  21. Toliver

    Arby's - The Topic

    Well, I answered my own question. I went to a local Arby's with a co-worker and we agreed to order the two new sandwiches and switch half of each sandwich with each other. That way we'd get to try both in one sitting. The short rib sandwich (a special offer...not a regular item on their menu) was quite tender but it was served on what they called "Texas Toast" which was completely lacking in any sort of buttery or garlic goodness. WTF? So it was just this thick dry bread which wasn't very appetizing at all. The crispy onions were good, the BBQ sauce was good but overall it was just "meh". It has been touted to have been smoked for 6 hours but there was no nice smokey flavor. The other sandwich we tried was the Smokehouse Brisket. According to Arby's the brisket has been cooked in a smoker for 13 hours. But you could have fooled us. There was absolutely no smoke flavor in the sandwich. I mean you should at least be able to smell the smokiness of smoked meat, right? Another "meh" sandwich. The two things I learned from my visit? 1) They still have potato wedges! I thought the triangular shaped potato patties were history but they had them. They sell them as a two-patty, three-patty, or 4-patty combo. 2) Never order a large Jamocha Shake unless you have 4 other people to help you drink it. It was mammoth and could compete with 7-Eleven's Big Gulps.
  22. Toliver

    Food recalls

    "Salmonella Leads to Egg Recall in Three States"
  23. Is this the ice cream cookbook you were looking for? It's still bargain-priced. It's puzzling to me that it's not the same price for you. "Ample Hills Creamery: Secrets and Stories from Brooklyn's Favorite Ice Cream Shop" Kindle Edition $2.99US Use the "Look Inside" feature to see the list of recipes. Other sale-priced cookbooks: "Mustards Grill Napa Valley Cookbook" Kindle Edition $1.99US "The Moosewood Cookbook: 40th Anniversary Edition" Kindle Edition $2.99US "From a Polish Country House Kitchen: 90 Recipes for the Ultimate Comfort Food" Kindle Edition $2.99US "B. Smith Cooks Southern-Style" Kindle Edition $.99US Two that are slightly above the level of the usual sale-priced cookbooks but may be of interest to some: (the cookbook below has been on-sale before but it was short-lived) "Fress: Bold, Fresh Flavours from a Jewish Kitchen" Kindle Edition $3.99US "The Ginger & White Cookbook" Kindle Edition $3.99US I am a US Prime member and the price you see may vary. edited to claify
  24. The good news is it's available for the Kindle (click here), but the bad news is it isn't sale-priced.
  25. I think that was a storyline on an episode of "Friends". Flaky Phoebe was the one who made the cookie's from her aunt's recipe and she "Frenchi-fied" the name of the cookie...something like "Twole Haus", or something like that. Monica (the chef) was furious when she found out it was the Toll House recipe. Perhaps the show's writers had heard the same story...