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  1. BKEats


    soft shell crab season just hit.. we just got in a shipment from North Carolina.. As the weather gets better it will travel up the coast.. they are expensive right now but, really tasty.. couldnt wait to put this back on the menu.. It has a disc of pancetta, crab,lettuce, mayo, sriracha, avocado, arugula.
  2. BKEats


    Here is our Breakfast sandwich: We call it the Mek Muffin: Eggs mixed with chives and marscapone, cooked in a mold in the oven. Brioche, egg loaf with cheddar, double smoked pork belly, avocado, arugula, sriracha.
  3. my critical analysis of a place starts with the actual menu itself. Most restaurants have these generic formulated menus comprised of frozen and canned, ready to serve Food Service items from Sysco or US Foods. I am a competent cook and don't need to eat from someone else's freezer and drink their alcohol at a 500 times cost. For instance, Indian Restaurants. It's a sorry state of affairs concerning the quality of Indian Restaurants. I can name 80 percent of most menus before even reading the menu. So, if a restaurant has the same generic butter and tomato sauce bullshit menu, I won't even try it. I too can buy a jar of sauce at the store. And I know my chicken won't have been from some house of horrors. If if a pizza place sells Gyros, I won't eat there. If a Mexican place has pastor on the menu and I don't see a wheel. If a Mexican place has canned beans on display or if it's the same generic menu that every other shitty Mexican place has, I'm not eating there. If a Thai place has the same generic menu, Pad Thai and a couple of curries and one or two papaya salads, I am not eating there. If a place has crab Rangoon on the menu, I'm not eating there. If an Italian Restaurant Claims to be Piedmontese or some other regional style cooking and they are serving a bunch of generic non region specific crap, I'm not eating there. I live in Brooklyn and every "American" restaurant here has brussel sprouts, kale and burrata on the menu. If there are too many of these generic buzz words and catchy dishes, I'm not going to eat there or I am because I'm meeting friends but, am not surprised when it sucks. I dont eat Chinese American Food. I tend to stick to regional Chinese places. I am pretty good at determining whether the food will be good by the menu as well. i don't think I have ever been surprised in the positive way. I have often times been disappointed by a menu that reads well but, not the other way around. Oh, wait, If a bar has potato skins, I'm most likely going to order them. Didn't answer the question I guess.
  4. Looking for a line cook in Brooklyn. Part or full time. Needs experience.
  5. BKEats


    Hope to see any New Yorker egulleters. In terms of finding duck, I went to Great New York Noodle town for a few ducks in order to try the dish we had in mind. The dish is amazing I just need to discuss price and delivery now.
  6. You know I got excited someone would have some helpful info. I was just looking for a supplier of already cooked Chinese Roast Ducks
  7. Been trying for some time to find the main place that supplies Chinatown with Peking Ducks. I found a sausage guy, a bacon and preserved duck guy but, not a Peking duck guy.I'm sure there is some place that goes around delivering the iconic ducks that hang in the windows of Chinatown. Does anyone know where they all Come from?
  8. BKEats


    Shaya it was such a pleasure to finally meet you after all of these years. It's like meeting a long last friend. Thank you so much for coming to see us,. It was so special!
  9. BKEats


    We just received a wonderful honor from Pete Wells of the NY TImes top ten ten restaurant dishes of 2015 http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2015/12/14/dining/best-dishes-in-nyc.html
  10. BKEats

    Dinner 2015 (Part 6)

    We had a leftover turkey in the shop that I had brined after Thanksgiving.. I deboned it and saved the bones for stock.. With the breasts, I tied and sliced for my lunches, for the tenderloins, I grilled and gave my baby.. For the legs and thighs, I deboned and stuffed and tied one with oyster stuffing and the other with broccoli rabe and mozzarella, something I have readily on hand @ my shop.. Not the prettiest but, dinner was on the table.. This is the dark meat tied with broccoli rabe and cheese.. Pan sauce, roasted squash w/ maple glaze and a bagged salad that has been in my fridge at home for god knows how long.. I made this platter and we all ate it in front of the television in the den upstairs.. Nice little picnic.
  11. his is my favorite dim sum place.. While not as sexy or fancy, this is the best of the best.. I love this place Fuchun: Tools of the trade: I seriously can't get over these tofu noodles.. i keep saying it and I am sorry.. They are just so good.. And this is the place that makes them the absolute best.. It's a soup with chicken and crab.. There is shrimp, there are flecks of crab roe.. It's rich and clean and just beautiful... They are served steaming hot and there is often no heat in the place.. So, you are sitting there in your jacket, it is still pretty damn cold and you are eating this beautiful warming dish... This may be one of the dishes I order on my last meals. This was a starchy threaded soup with something salty in it.. i thought it was bits of fish.. But, i didn't ask,, it was very nice The best bao zi I have ever had.. The consistency of the bao is light at airy.. The filling is perfect.. Soup dumpling: You can see the little crab roe sticking out: And why not a little pork and crab lion head:
  12. A simple lunch in Yangzhou: Crispy fried yam with sweet sauce: The yam is fried so perfectly.. A crunchy shell and creamy middle.. So good: Celery and pork: Shredded tofu in chicken broth with mushrooms and some processed ham i never eat: Lion head meatball: Beef and yucca.. moderately spicy.. the beef i would say is the tail They usually order me my very own half of fish head because they know me like that: And because they didn't "over order" we had room for some noodles: a traditional way to end a meal. well, that or rice depending on where you live I use this as an opportunity to pour the sauce from the fish head over the noodles.. Boom:
  13. Thanks all.. So, this was a really wonderful seafood restaurant with a bootleg Pirates of the Caribbean Theme.. It's truly funny as I ask my host if they get the reference, they had no idea.. But, this is a new restaurant since my last visit and it is wildly popular.. Rightfully so as the food was delicious.. The standard tank room on the first floor: We started with cold sea cucumber: Seeing more and more salad on menus.. They all have this sesame dressing.. I love pig ears so much.. I need to start making them at Mekelburg's as they are the best beer snack I can think of.. It's delicious, they are exceptionally delicious: Chinese stuffed pizza?: Snails: This is interesting as when I normally get snails in China they are served with this wicked hot mustard that just rips your nose to shreds.. But, here, they suggested i mixed Black Vinegar with a tube of wasabi..A lot more pleasant experience Spicy Crab: Damn Fried shrimp" Fantastic One of the better Mantis Shrimp I have had.. i have been turned off by them in the past as it's a lot of work with sometimes, limited results.. These guys were juicy and plump and seasoned very well.. not overcooked. : Octopus was good but, couldn't stand up to the other dishes.. it was stir fried with garlic They served those garlic scallops with the glass noodles: Beautiful flounder: Funny sign by the sink: "qulity guaranteed" Seen the table and the damage done:
  14. BKEats

    Dinner 2015 (Part 6)

    Simple dinner last night, shopping in the fridge... Garlic oil and then crushed a few tomatoes in my hand into the pan, then a little cream and cheese before tossing in spaghetti Spaghetti was cooked perfectly, simple and delicious.. Dinner in 15 minutes. then in the process of making stock from 15 pounds of beef stock: It's been cooking since 9 o clock last night, will take it off when I get home from work.
  15. BKEats

    Chiang Mai

    I'm sure you are right. I have never taken the time to distinguish. If it looks like this and tastes like shrimp, I call it shrimp
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