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  1. Oh smoked shrimp! How I adore smoked shrimp, so I went to the east cost where the best shrimp is had and ordered a smoked shrimp sandwich in café by the docks, well guess if I was surprised , it was shrimps in mayo flavoured with liquid smoke and they where badly shelled. *sigh* Sitting a the dock watching boats come in with basket of fresh smoked shrimps wasnt fun. Or the time in the Netherlands, we went to a restaurant, which we had been before, just 1 year earlier and ordered their wonderful entrecôte with green pepper sauce, well we didnt get the right meat, the sauce was edible but not like it used too and the veggies was badly over cooked, we wanted to leave when we realised that the owners sat outside smoking pot with a biker gang and every time we tried to stand up they acted threateningly to us. So we ate up and then where allowed to get out of there. We talked to some friends and found out the former owner's daughter had taken over and her "friends" made sure guests stayed. Yeah, time to avoid that place.
  2. Any fast food chain is a disappointment, Kentucky fried Chicken and Subway in London was horrid. But otherwise it is Mac&Cheese, it looks like it at least would be edible but it is not, American BBQ sauce, ugh yes I get brands as Stubbs, Jacks and few others here that are made in America for the American market and I cant eat it, the sweetness is sickening and dont get me started on any meat with maple syrup, it just way too sweet and weird. Yeah I dont like overly sweet stuff and not with meat. The lingon jam I eat is sweet and sour and that I can handle with food. Oh and Haggis, haggis just taste like pölsa which I do like but it isnt magical and mythical as haggis is made up to be.
  3. Trust me, the Swedish hotdogs, there is one type , goes better with ketchup then mustard and to be honest the best spice for that sausage is starvation. I cant swallow it. But we have grillkorv and if you get a bad one they are like hot dogs but a good one can be really yummy.
  4. A good hot dog for me has cucumber relish, ketchup, mustard, fried bacon and onion crushed, that is too me a good hot dog, but I dont eat hot dogs that often because my tummy disagree with them, I rather have bratwurst, ratwurst or any other for of sausage.
  5. We had curry from last night, in home made naan wraps with lettuce and candy tomatoes ( got to love the seller, they sell small multi coloured tomatoes as candy and the kids love it).
  6. Condensed milk may be a good Idea, I see what I can find. Dulce de leche cost 47 Sek for a tiny jar but pre cooked condensed milk caramel cost 25 for a much larger jar Flavourings and extracts are not common here, that could otherwise solve the problem. I was thinking adding strawberry purée and make chocolate strawberry frosting but the cake have to be white since I am making a Captain America cake. My friend can eat eggs in theory but then his meds wont work and we rather have him egg free and alive.
  7. radtek: well we are a family of 3 that goes through roughly 14 kilos of meat per month , that dinner and lunches but it was such a great deal on the chicken ( one of the better brands) , I got 7 kilos of inner fillets for the normal price of 3 kilos and since there is a party next weekend , I thought, chicken sound great and in my budget. 12 kilo of flour, well that is all I need for cakes ( making 3 ) and all the bread and pizza this month. Oh we have nothing gowning yet in this area more then in green houses, been a lousy May.
  8. I prefer that one too BUT my husband and the boyfriend prefers Old fashion English butter cream and since it is their cakes , then I have to make it the way they like it and also we have one person in the gang who cant have eggs, so one cake is egg free fully.
  9. I am making white chocolate butter cream and dark chocolate butter cream. I found one that looked promising but it way too sweet for me, even though the recipe is low sugared compared to most I can find on-line. I like the fluffiness and spread-ability of this butter cream. I just want a bit more chocolaty flavour and less in your face sweetness. This is the recipe. 300 gram of unsalted butter / sweet butter 540 gram of powder sugar/ icing sugar 180 gram of melted chocolate. Do any one have any idea what I can do?
  10. My 3 year old daughter will have ketchup on sometimes of sausages, HP sauce on others, Lingon jam on some and mustard goes on two types of sausages. For a hot dog, depending on brand I want both mustard and ketchup, but it has to be the right mustard to match the ketchup. Delikatessgrabbarnas or Gammelman are two mustards that doesnt go with Ketchup but slotts mild yellow do., How ever here ketchups is the most common thing on hot dog. As a kid I preferred mustard over ketchup. Did you know that Kellogs had to lower its sugar content to even be allowed in on the Swedish market back in the day? Also purple skittles in Europe is not grape it is black currant. Just some thing we are used to then grapes.
  11. How adorable!!!! I like it. Why not make a cake ball death star or a ball cake death star. Ann Reardon at how to cook that has a Starwars cake, maybe loo at that for inspiration !
  12. CatPoet

    Appetizer shells

    gsvelle it is not the same batter, but similar. I see what I can dig up. I found this_ http://www.amazon.com/Nordic-Ware-Swedish-Rosettes-Timbales/dp/B00004RFPJ Not the tiny cup I am used to buy maybe? And this one does have the tiny cup http://www.ebay.com/itm/Nordic-Ware-Double-Rosette-No-Timbale-Iron-9-Molds-/271882736443
  13. Or vegetarians who happily eat cheese, because meat is murder well cheese kills bull calves, ram lamb, billy goats because in countries where the meat isnt popular, they have no use and some are slaughter the day after birth. Any way I am very used to friends weird eating habits, due to autisms, allergies, religions and medications but it does annoys me when neither of this is present and people say I dont peas, I never have, I dont like them. Well how do you know you dont like something you never eaten? Oh by the way, gobi pakora doesn't contain cauliflower in this home and Indian food does not contain ginger, or that is at least what one person think and we all have agreed not to tell otherwise our dinners would be very restrictive.
  14. I know people with allergies but that is for another thread then here. Super taster and super smeller have more problems with food then bog standard people but there is also people who are the opposite of a super taster/smeller and for them a banana taste cardboard an tomato only sour. Then there people with autism that have texture problems and there fore refuse to eat wet, crunch or soft foods. When it comes to canned food, I use canned corn and canned tomatoes, why, simple because I live in an apartment and my gowning season short and I rather have taste corn then fresh corn from Spain or China when there is none here. Trust me out of season veggies are not that yummy.
  15. Yes! My foster brother refused to eat potatoes in any shape or form, he will now eat roasted potatoes because he lost a bet and had to taste them. He will not eat boiled potatoes, potato mash or French fries or anything with potatoes.
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