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Dinner 2023


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30 minutes ago, blue_dolphin said:

I picked up this week's fish share this afternoon - live Hope Ranch mussels.  I've got a couple of other recipes lined up but started with a basic pasta for tonight.


The mussels were sweet, tender and delicious - not an eraser in the bunch! 

These are the peeps who grow the mussels:


Those are possibly the nicest looking mussels I have ever seen! Lucky you!


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Have lots of chicken legs to use up\: Spicy Honey Glazed Chicken. Love the pop of the whole grain Dijon mustard!


A 5-P meal: Panko-coated Blackened Pan-fried Pickerel, perogies, and peas! All perfect 😉



Dessert was a Kefir Frozen Blueberry smoothie!


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On 9/27/2023 at 10:19 PM, heidih said:

You did not cook this or?

And @Smithy

Yes, indeed, I did cook these meals. I mean that I enjoy the more involved processes I usually employ, involving knifework, grinding, sauteeing, spicing, the application of heat, time, love and technique to provide a meal not just for myself but for the family.

These salads I have been eating have been tasty, but rather straight forward in their preparation. Nice to eat, but not particularly rewarding to make.

It's quite possible I'm just grumpily searching for a reason to give up on this low-carb diet.

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Dinner in Decatur with all ingredients from (and a shoutout to) the amazing DeKalb Farmer's Market. This may have been a farmers' market once upon a time, but now it is a giant international grocery. It is unlike any other "super" market. For certain products they contract with only one supplier. For instance just about all pasta products are Delverde,. dozens and dozens of shapes and sizes. There was only one brand of milk, something organic, that is is phenomenally good, and I don't say that about milk very often. The variety of vegetables is remarkable. Four different sizes of collards alone. There was Culantro and Cubanelle peppers, along with just about any other fresh pepper you could name. There was a bin of fresh green peanuts in the shell: it's the season for boiled peanuts! A fabulous fish market. Lots of smoked turkey products that they make in house. Berkshire pork. Tropical fruits you never heard of. A zillion things for making Indian dishes, including curry leaves and kaffir lime leaves. And on and on, with a few very strange omissions.


My daughter says they don't carry any kind of tortillas, which is pretty weird, considering. Of course she shops in similar fashion as her father: fast and furious. and like him, if she doesn't see it right away she assumes they don't carry it. At least she has an excuse, like a full time job and toddler twins. Me, I'm dawdling and gawking. The most diverse bunch of shoppers you could imagine. Some jaw dropping turbans and other headgear and  swooping African print dresses and saris.  


So, dinner was put together from our market trip. Cooking for four plus is not something I'm used to on a daily basis, but my husband and I  managed pretty well. Mac n Cheese with Delverde small penne. You can't go wrong there with toddlers. Long cooked green beans cooked with heirloom tomatoes, fresh beans and house cut hickory smoked bacon. Thanks to the twins, lots of leftovers there! Rotisserie chicken, one of the best ones I've ever had: spicy hot rubbed, plump. At first we couldn't find the rotisserie chicken, partly because it was such a large space  unto itself, and for some  mysterious reason, roped off with traffic cones and yellow tape like a crime scene.

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41 minutes ago, Tropicalsenior said:

I think we need another emoji. Kind of like Green With Envy.

I'm green with envy. I forgot to mention this market is exactly three minutes by car from my daughter's house. There are two downsides to cooking for her family. One, their kitchen has a lousy old range, and is missing a lot of what I consider necessary pots, pans, measuring cups and mixing bowls; there's no toaster and a very old toaster oven that defies human intervention. The second, and more delicate issue, is my son-in-law's chiild-like eating habits. There are a ton of things he won't eat, other things he will only eat if prepared on way and a meatless meal is, to his mind, worthless.  So, a challenge. And I'm not the most placid or patient person. My husband's family are mostly vegetarians, and I'm very used that. At home my husband and I typically eat meatless meals at least half the time. I can't get my head around someone who is unwilling to eat a veg meal once in a blue moon. 

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@Katie Meadow – I’ve always been a beach vacationer, too.  I grew up spending weekends and vacations at the Eastern Shore of VA and MD.  The first time I ever went to the mountains was on our honeymoon.  We loved it, but somehow it didn’t “stick” and we’ve never been back.  Your visit sounds wonderful and I think I’d like to try it again.  You’re right about the Scottish presence.  The Appalachians are loaded with folks descended from Scottish and Irish immigrants. 


@Norm Matthews – hope you’re feeling better! 


@MaryIsobel – your potatoes looked MUCH better than the picture on their website.  I thought theirs looked so dry.  I would definitely love yours (without the fungus, of course😉).    


I’m not cooking a whole lot lately.  I’m having some issues with day long queasiness and a lingering bad taste in my mouth.  Consequently, I’m not terribly interested in eating and when I do, it tends to taste funny.  Aggravating.  But I am doing a little to try to keep Jessica and Mr. Kim from rioting.  A few meals:




Frozen – from Costco.  Copycat Bang-Bang shrimp and stir fried snow peas and bean sprouts:


The shrimp were frozen tempura shrimp also from Costco that I sauced with sweet chili sauce and Kewpie mayo.  They were really large and tasted very good.  Also, probably the last of the good corn this year:



Another quick meal was a pizza from Food Lion.  We have noticed a lot of grocery stores are stocking these now – basically Take & Bake and usually from the deli.  We’ve tried a couple of them, but this was our first one from Food Lion.  It was fine – better than frozen, but not as “good” as the Big Three (Dominos, Papa Johns, and Pizza Hut) and nowhere near as good as some independent places.  But, still, not bad – and I didn’t have to wrestle with pizza dough:


It came with pepperoni, and I added sliced onions.  The photo is deceptive – it looks like a fairly thick crust, but it was actually as thin as a cracker.  Served with some crusty bread that I had leftover and some tarted up Rao’s sauce:



And a green salad with salami, provolone and kalamatas:



One night was breakfast for dinner, by request of Mr. Kim – sausage gravy and biscuits with scrambled eggs and hash brown patties.  Mr. Kim’s plate:



I like my eggs tucked up under my gravy:



Also sliced bananas with honey, yogurt, and a little granola:


This is one of my favorite treats and one I don’t indulge in very often due to bananas and yogurt being loaded with potassium.  It was fantastic!


Dianne’s Garlic Shrimp with baked potatoes, salad and bread:








Rice or noodles probably made more sense, but we were all craving baked potatoes! 


One night I put together some bits and pieces and came up with this:


Mrs. Fearnow’s Brunswick stew (a local brand) and baked ham and Swiss sliders.


Mr. Kim’s BBQ, fries & tots, “Italian” green beans, slaw, and some pickly stuff:



Another breakfast for dinner - Country ham and egg biscuits and oranges:


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For a bit of variety, I cooked some duck, sausage, pork, bacon and beans in a little white wine, low and slow in the oven.


None of that crust-breaking and so on. It was nice, and the family liked it. Nice break from salad for me!

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I got a little dumpling maker:

(eG-friendly Amazon.com link)


Four of the last five nights have been dumplings for dinner.  My coworkers fear for my health and safety sanity.  Tonight I did not feel up to making dumplings, so dinner is cheese and crackers.  Plus an organic Pink Lady apple.



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17 hours ago, Katie Meadow said:

The second, and more delicate issue, is my son-in-law's chiild-like eating habits. There are a ton of things he won't eat, other things he will only eat if prepared on way and a meatless meal is, to his mind, worthless.  So, a challenge. And I'm not the most placid or patient person. My husband's family are mostly vegetarians, and I'm very used that. At home my husband and I typically eat meatless meals at least half the time. I can't get my head around someone who is unwilling to eat a veg meal once in a blue moon. 

That's more or less my son-in-law as well, who is a fussy eater in the second-grader mold. Essentially his preferred diet consists of things that can be unwrapped and microwaved, which is a constant issue for my daughter given that they live on a fixed income and her medical issues already strain their grocery budget. I struggle ongoingly with the desire to growl at him to grow [multiple expletives] up, but in fairness he's on the autism spectrum so it's only partially under his control.


For context he used to indignantly reject any hints in that direction (his brother is more severely affected, so that was his benchmark) until he realized it gave him license to be a complete jerk. Then he embraced it. 

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Six for dinner yesterday evening including my visiting brother and SIL. 

Shrimp sauteed with chard, garlic....

Mushroom and pepper pilaf.

Steamed green and yellow bush beans.

Spinach, tomato and orange salad.

Blueberry cheesecake.

My SIL is celiac so some adjustments had to be made.

The big laugh of the evening was when my BIL commented that I hadn't photographed the meal 😶


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Dinner last night was a casual affair since my daughter and SIL went out to celebrate their fifth anniversary at a tapas bar in Atlanta. So my husband and I had a quiet dinner after the girls were in bed: Gaelic Ale on home tap (so fun!), warm boiled peanuts we made from our  Dekalb market splurge and Ronni Lundy's fried apples made using a selection of the current crop of mostly local apples. The selection of apples in the south at this time of year is astounding. Some leftover rotisserie chicken and leftover mac n cheese. The boiled peanuts were a huge hit with the twin who likes savory and salty snacks. The other one has a major sweet tooth. She would crash anybody's birthday party for a piece of cake. We call her Miss Congeniality because she will go up to any group of random people and insinuate herself.

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My s-i-l has an amazing green thumb in growing Moo Gwa - Chinese Hairy Squash. She is able to keep them all year wrapped in newspapers and stored in her cool wine room!
Yesterday, she delivered a bowl of her amazing Moo Gwa Dong Goo tang: year-old melon,  re-hydrated dragon eyes, Shitaki mushrooms, and dried scallops, ham, chicken breast, ginger, and fresh Gogi berries. It was amazing!




I picked up a package of 4 pork tenderloins on sale. Marinated one for 30 minutes with coffee / cumin/ chili pepper/ garlic, paprika/ brown sugar rub, and set it under the broiler for 20 minutes. Eaten with blanched green beans tossed into the pan after I took off the pork. Baked sweet potatoes worked well with the rub. The meal was under $10.00 for the two of us.

On the side: Mango - Chili dip in a cute little sauce container - a gift from a pal who understood my love for tiny containers!

5-Nut Moon cake and Jasmine tea to finish - Mid Autumn Harvest Moon dessert!






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