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Dinner 2023


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Happy New Year everyone!


Seems to be the year of the lobster tail for a lot of us :) .  We splurged and bought 4 tails.  I decided to make two last night and save the others for Valentine's Day.  Thanks so much to @Kim Shookfor making the best way to cook lobster tails topic and thanks to everyone who responded.  I ended up doing them the way @KennethTrecommended because I made shrimp for shrimp cocktail and thought the shrimp water would be perfect to use on the tails.  I added salt and some lemon.  Put a skewer through the tails to keep them straight.  Brought the shrimp water to a simmer, put the tails in, covered and removed from heat for 15 minutes.  PERFECT.  It's been a long time since I've had lobster tail....this might have been the best I ever had.


Along with the tails I reheated the prime rib leftover from Christmas dinner in the SV bath at 127F for a couple of hours.  Also made my first ever béarnaise sauce.  Phew.  It tasted good....it might have been a bit too thick...  Also did asparagus and @Mmmpompsroasted potatoes.








My mom and stepdad sent some Italian cookies to go with the cioppino we had on Christmas Eve but we were too full so I saved them for last night.








I also made kind of a fun dessert.  Berries in champagne jelly:




You mix plain gelatin, sugar and water together over medium heat until dissolved.  Remove from heat and add some sparkling grape juice and champagne.  Let set up over night and then layer with berries.  Tastes so fun and festive.  




See you over on the 2024 dinner thread :) 

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Deviled Eggs (mayonnaise, mustard, cider vinegar, Worcestershire sauce) with Bacon



Quiche Lorraine (onion, bacon, thyme, eggs, half-and-half) with a Wilted Spinach Salad with goat cheese, strawberries, hazelnuts and an olive oil and grapefruit vinaigrette

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Quick Chicken Vindaloo with raita and (store bought) lime pickle.   I made the Vindaloo paste separately the day before.  


Heated it with a rotis chicken and roasted potatoes.  


It was as good as what I've slaved over for hours in the past.  







vindaloo ckn.jpg

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We were flying on NYE so our last meal of 2023 was a regrettable airline tray about 30,000 feet above the Sahara, and our first few meals of 2024 were all airline/airport food. All sad but for one good pretzel in Frankfurt. 

Finally got to Arizona and had a decent bowl of Pho to close out the longest New Year’s Day in a while. I think we spent 33 or 34 hours technically in Jan 1. 

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"The roar of the greasepaint, the smell of the crowd."

"What's hunger got to do with anything?" - My Father

My first Novella: The Curse of Forgetting

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1 hour ago, Senior Sea Kayaker said:


Nice to learn something new. I had never heard of wipers and had to look it up. Sounds like it's a fun fish to hook.



They fight like crazy so yeah they are fun!

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I realized am a bit behind in posting meals. This one is from December 30 -  someone was in the mood for scallops and I found super fresh specimens at Catalina Offshore, my local seafood shop. I prepared them scampi-style and they tasted amazing, very sweet. 

Scampi-style scallops



December 29, I was in the mood for a cheese soufflé and made this one from Jacques Pepin using Swiss gruyere. The recipe is "easy" and doesn't require to separate eggs. It was delicious (especially the crusty bits on the sides and bottom), but quite rich!. I ate it with a green salad (plenty of vinegar) on the side. 

Easy cheese soufflé (Jacques Pepin's maman)


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