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  1. Shipping box weight is 20lbs, though it's very well packed so I'd put it around 15lbs give or take a few. It's dense but seems about the same as our food processor or stand mixer.
  2. This is Cherry syrup, it fizzes too much when coke is added to it so I want to remove as much of the solids as I can. I had a ~750 ml so I divided it into two batches, max volume for the Spinzall is 486ml. After adding Pectinex Ultra SP-L & Kieselsol, waiting 15 mins, adding Chitosan, waiting 15 mins to add more Kieselsol and then waiting 30 mins, the break is clear - the left batch was spun first - the right batch continued to separate. Here the spinzall is active, spinning at 4100 rpm then 3600 rpm. I'm using batch mode for the first time - the spout on the right is for continuous mode. Here is the solid's left behind. Look how much clearer the syrup is now. (I'll try to get an before and after later since I have more syrup) Here is the remaining solids - it tastes like cherry candy.
  3. Yes, the materials are top notch and it's heavy and even has suction cups on the bottom which I wish they'd put on food processors.
  4. It's here! Might not get to spin anything till this weekend
  5. I got my MP order today - so I have the starter kit. The spinzall arrived at FedEx location nearby so I'll have it tomorrow! Doubt I'll get to spin anything before this weekend
  6. Favorite Thermometers....

    We use our thermapen a lot - we also have an infrared thermometer that I use very often. Thanks to this thread I just ordered a DOT with the brackets for stovetop and oven use and the submersible one for sous vide.
  7. Got my tracking number just now - label has been created - looks like I'll have it next week! Order my Spinzall pre-treatment starter kit from MP yesterday... we'll see if it can arrive in time. I have a bunch of cherry syrup from our cherry tree waiting to be spun!
  8. I have bought 2 kitchen knives in Japan and flewn home with them in my checked luggage - I declared them but since my total was under the limit both times I've payed no duty on either. I also have ordered quite a few things from Japan - one time I had to pay an admin charge for customs - basically if you get unlucky and they inspect your container you get charged - this was via FedEx. I'm told the odds are much lower other methods of shipping
  9. We got a shipping update today It included this: Do you have any friends or family members who missed out on the Spinzall pre-order? We have a few units left in our pre-order batch. Email service@modernistpantry.com and put "Spinzall Purchase" in the subject before August 7th, claim your Spinzall, and receive your unit as part of the pre-order first batch, directly from China. Modernist Pantry will also be creating a product page on their site. If they don’t buy now, they will have to wait till October to get one. Here's the details on the status: Good news! – We plan on shipping your Spinzall between August 15th and 24th. In order to get your Spinzall to you as soon as possible, we are shipping direct from China. This means that Modernist Pantry won’t have direct control of the shipping, but we at Booker and Dax will make sure that any shipping problems are solved quickly and to your satisfaction. We need you to verify your shipping address very soon (see below). Current Status: Dave just got back from China where he approved all the parts for the Spinzall –The so called “Golden Samples.” The testing lab has given us the Preliminary OK, and all of our materials have passed their tests for FDA compliance. The Pilot Production run is finished! This means the manufacturer has verified that their assembly line can make the Spinzall to our quality specifications. The First Production Run is scheduled to be finished by August 10. Although this is a bit later than we had hoped we will save a lot of time by shipping direct. We have started working with someone in Hong Kong and China named Chris who is our eyes and ears in the factory and will be bird dogging everything that happens between now and when you get your Spinzall. Modernist Pantry will have starter kits of enzymes and wine fining agents available by the time you receive your Spinzall. We are still trying to find the best deal on transformers for our international customers. It's almost here!!!
  10. Latest update - this will be in the hands of folks who ordered it in August or September. I'll report back results, but we have a few things in mind already
  11. Google lead me here: https://blog4foodies.com/2013/01/29/centrifuge-in-the-kitchen-a-buying-guide/ and here: https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/a-new-spin-on-cooking/ Once more people have this I'm sure we'll see more innovation too.
  12. I'm looking forward to spinning cheery puree, we have cherries (from our tree) but they foam up like CRAZY when I add them to coke. I wasn't confident this was going to be funded, so I'm pretty glad they are still making it.
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxngD1Tbk78 This is the video that came out with the update, I backed this super early on and I'm glad they managed to negotiate so these will still get made. I'm guessing the goal will drop to the amount pledged later today.
  14. This is pretty darn cool - my wife said no to any centrifuge as they were too big. Since this is small she said ok and I am number 148 or so.