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  1. Ok maybe it's turned the corner - no hooch is visible right now - in past this time (I feed it just over 12 hours ago) it would have some. I'm going to be very busy this week with T-Day - bread for t-day will all be direct, and then I want to try the bagels for breakfast on Friday - I'll have some family still here. Maybe next week it'll be mature enough to try...
  2. Sorry flour one - it's smell is not as terrible as the first feeding - but that seems to be as expected. I have a thermometer right below where it is, in my office which is one of the warmer places in the house.
  3. I think that's my cell phone camera - it seems darker in person. Does your levain grow up much during the day? Mine is pretty happy to bubble and produce the liquid on top (hooch) but not really go crazy like chris's timelapse. I'm wondering if the fact it's a little under 70F here that's making the difference. Mr Stinky is over a week old now.
  4. How to make a sweet bread even sweeter! Sounds like something my wife would do Those appear more like dinner rolls then buns - or do my eyes deceive me? I plan to try this recipe next month - some friends are coming and have never had 72 hour pulled pork BBQ sandwiches (from MC)
  5. It's NEARLY cool - couldn't resist - I have to be up stupid early for work (like 4am) so it's time! And look - no big tunnel to France. Just a small one - my wife says ATK solves this by doing a braid and cutting it in half. And frosted - My wife didn't want to pipe the frosting on - so it's like a giant cinnamon roll.
  6. Smells good! Now I have to wait - how long Anna?
  7. This - really this - I wanted to find the recipe for English Muffins because I know it's in there - easy to find in Vol 5 but no index in the Kitchen Manual makes me very sad.
  8. I set out the egg and lame sitting out to remind me We even have buttermilk and powdered sugar for the icing.
  9. I managed to roll it out to more then a foot, Forgot to take a picture, but here is what it looks like - covered with ants! (ants on a log anyone?) Now it's all rolled up tight in the pan - currently proofing in the steam oven
  10. As I expected - it's much nicer after 30 min rest. It's a very nice dough - Did you use a rolling pin to get it rolled out as long as you did?
  11. The dough to make 1 500g loaf of cinnamon raisin swirl is now fermenting. The dough seems a tad bit dry - but I'm guessing that's from all the stress it just experienced in the mixer. We're using 100% of the smear and 100% of the raisins for 50% of the dough. Should be enough I found this recipe a few days ago and wanted to make it - we finished up the Country style loaf (which spent 2 days in plastic rap, and actually didn't dry out too much) as French Toast for lunch - worked quite well. Used the ATK recipe for dense European bread french toast.
  12. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    Tonight dinner was fried Zucchini and Red Pepper with a awesome Indian Marsala sauce over basmati rice.
  13. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    It's actually a Napa Valley winery that produces excellent Rieslings. Found it totally by accident on a trip out to Napa a few years ago. I'm in their Residual Sugar wine club, goes nicely all the cab and chard I get from two other wineries. So total accident about the day
  14. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    Sea Scallops with smashed red potatoes and MB's country style bread. Hagafen's Dry White Riesling - 0% RS went along nicely.