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  1. It was just a torture test of the situation, but yes if you cook for my inlaws it is absolutely needed. My wife is one of 11. When we all get together it means you are cooking for 40. It makes a HUGE difference. And to be fair, the Blue star with a thick bimetal copper pan preheated to ripping hot gets overwhelmed at anything over 1.5lbs. The induction could handle 2.5lbs. 2.5 is about what I'd make for 6-8 people. Already means multiple burners. So yes, it is super helpful. As an aside, you could extrapolate your argument for why do you need a bluestar when an 8k btu GE does the job as well. Personally I will take the better tool everytime and if it is something I use everyday I am willing to invest in that tool.
  2. If you don't of course you could cook it and then bag it and keep it warm in water you keep at 120 or so....if it finishes early that is.
  3. Test driving a wolf induction and couldn't believe how much faster it was than my blue start. Using the same pan I could nearly put 50% more ground beef in it without getting water in the bottom of it. Was shockingly effective. Enough so that I ordered one and am selling my Blue Star. I've had the BS since 2007 and it has treated me REALLY well, but I am excited to move into my new kitchen here soon with the Wolf. It's going on this wall. Hoping they start sheetrock on Monday!
  4. Deephaven

    Dinner 2024

    Panang curry (forgot to buy veg...) and water spinach (thanks Kenneth)
  5. Breaking isn't the problem with glass. Preheating is. They are a pain to use compared to plastic. Takes lots of extra hot water to get them to temperature so they don't make your coffee worse. If it is too slow and the rest is right grind coarser. You want the timing to be consistent.
  6. Yep, if it states the date that means you are getting fresh beans. I use mine from 3 days after roast until about 2 weeks. Then they are shot. Freezing them can double that or more, but it suffers from a slightly different degradation. You lose mouthfeel before flavor. Seal them tight and freeze. It's better than on your counter. Obviously vacuum packing them and getting as much air out is ideal.
  7. Two weeks ago they were $1.99ea here, $.59 right now.
  8. Depends a bit on how you turn them into coffee. Espresso is much more particular and even a month frozen I can see the degradation in the cup. That being said, if there isn't a roasting date I'd bet they are already that old when you get them so ymmv.
  9. Not sure if the Gagg is 10 settings or half settings or what. It was like $8k and the Wolf was $3300 so it wasn't in the running for me. It has singular coils and isn't the "freedom" setup of the Thermador with a ton of coils. It does have some "long throw" tech to supposedly heat up a wok further from the burner than most. Either way, just wasn't worth the extra dough for a knob for me. I wish others had the same knob setups....in particular the Bosch/Thermador since they are built usually in the same plant as the Gagg stuff. To pay for the hob it is something like that. If you add HVAC to cool the space it is much faster. I switched for mess and heat. Also figured it was coming at some point and my bimetal pans are still worth a ton now, but once it comes they won't be....unless they commercialize short wavelength induction for copper, but at that point I could just buy again.
  10. The gaggenau has knobs. I really wish the rest did as well. Gagg did it right as well as you can mount them anywhere so you can put them in the blank panel right underneath your range so that cleaning around them isn't a problem. Viking also has/had a knob'd range, but they took up real estate on the cook top which is wrong. I just made/am making the switch from a Blue Star to a Wolf induction. Wolf had a larger induction coil than the others which made the tests I did on it much more even than my portable IC.
  11. Deephaven

    Dinner 2024

    Awesome, thank you. Would have been where I looked first but that makes me feel even better! That guy is absurd in what he can pull off. ...and now for less well executed. Moo shu & yu choy
  12. Deephaven

    Dinner 2024

    Never had it...and an hour ago almost bought some, but wasn't sure how best to cook it so I didn't. Any preparation hints?
  13. Comparing bimetal cool down on gas with falk cool down on induction I found the falk to respond faster. I was shocked but pleasantly surprised as getting rid of the Blue Star wasn't easy.
  14. Adding an anti-static plasma generator (false name, ion generator really) to your grinder is a better idea than spritzing IMO.
  15. Yep, that is all that it does. Of course, if you have a grinder with a lot of static retention it may improve the flavor of the first shot of the day if you have a .5 gram of coffee from yesterday stuck in it, but that is not a function of the water but of having the wrong tool for the job.
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