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Breakfast 2023


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23 hours ago, blue_dolphin said:

I'll consider this creative advice and see what I can do though it sounds like a potential choking hazard!


In which case, it truly might be someone's last eggnog!

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After the Christmas food marathon there are plenty of leftovers, and I like to turn them into something nice …


This morning: Trinxat. Finely chopped cabbage, chopped potatoes and crumbled blood sausage, lightly bound with potato starch and fried up in bacon fat and served with a fired egg on top …








And for the next days … all the meat turned into Canelons. Life is good !



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On 12/27/2023 at 2:13 PM, blue_dolphin said:

The eggnog is not blue.  Apparently I need better lighting in there by the fireplace.  


Since I was sipping the nog slowly, I placed 2 ice cubes into the glass to keep it cool and you can see one bobbing on top.  



I'll consider this creative advice and see what I can do though it sounds like a potential choking hazard!





If, god forbid, that happens, your obit will practically write itself.

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As long as I was baking yesterday, and had the oven going, I wanted to try something different (for me) and new.




Tried making granola for the first time.  A mashup of Eleven Madison Park's and Marion Cunningham's (eG-friendly Amazon.com link) granola recipes.  Actually not bad.


Rolled oats, raw pepitas, raw almonds, butter, grapeseed oil, B grade maple syrup, brown sugar, salt, dried cranberries, dried sour cherries, and raisins.



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4 minutes ago, lindag said:

Can you tell us  more about how he made them?

Linda, Matt is a vegetarian.  He cooks a lot of beans and usually in the Breville Pressure Cooker.  Because he intended

to season them later, they were cooked just in water with some salt.  


He then seasoned them with garlic, rosemary and parmesan cheese.

If I had cooked them, they would have been done in chicken broth.


He cooks a lot of pinto and black beans, and they are cooked in the PC too with either water or vegetable broth along with cumin,

garlic, and salt.  And then depending on what he is going to use them for or with they will have additional seasoning. 

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Just want to say, I’m going to miss Breakfast 2023! I’m not a breakfast eater, but this thread in particular has been a winner. 


And I think @blue_dolphin wins an award for exemplary breakfasts all year long!


Looking forward to everyone’s breakfasts in the new thread!

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