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  1. pastameshugana

    Dinner 2021

    That is a fantastically good looking egg. The rest of the meal looks great as well.
  2. pastameshugana

    Dinner 2020

    Ridiculously good looking meal.
  3. pastameshugana

    Lunch 2020

    What kind of a monster buys NYC pizza, then only shows a picture of the box, without a picture of the pie?
  4. pastameshugana

    Dinner 2020

    That looks wonderful. What kind of apple do you recommend with gruyere?
  5. pastameshugana

    Dinner 2020

    I didn’t get pics of the food, but son #2’s girlfriend told us she wanted to cook for us a couple of days ago. She and he went shopping and made us a wonderful meal of beef enchiladas (with green Chile of course). Looks like another wedding is in our near future!
  6. Reminds me of the movie "Elf" when he runs in screaming "You did it! You made the world's best cup of coffee!"
  7. pastameshugana

    Dinner 2020

    Tonight Mrs M made her ‘famous in our house at least’ Korean beef. Our second daughter, 10 years old, announced she wanted to make dessert, and decided that cream puffs was the recipe. Not that she’s ever made them before. They turned out remarkably good, filled with Nutella because we didn’t have any cream: And of course she left evidence behind:
  8. pastameshugana

    Dinner 2020

    This sounds like so many conversations with my youngest. As the youngest of 5 he 'always' knows something about every conversation and feels the need to add his input.
  9. I think it would be interesting to compile a separate thread collecting what the word 'barbecue' means regionally. For me, growing up in northern Arizona, barbecue was: The device used for grilling outdoors, the action or grilling, the event you attended at a friends house where you at (usually badly) grilled meats, and a 'style' of cooking that somewhat loosely approximated what others might also call barbecue.
  10. This might be (quoting my favorite comedian) 'The Epitome of Hyperbole'.
  11. It's strange. I married a California girl, and for the life of me can't work out the In-N-Out (INO) fanaticism. I get that it's fast, cheap and easy. I get that it is definitely NOT bad (in the way that many fast food burgers definitely ARE bad). It's a nice comfort item that is predictable and reliable. But...it's not amazing. Not the best burger - by a long shot - I've ever had. Or even had this week. Oh well, it's like a California cult or something.
  12. I made the mistake of mentioning this thread just now, and my wife said she wants one. We just got the countertops done and are waiting for the backsplash tile. I’m really not thrilled about another project. eGullet can be dangerous. And expensive.
  13. pastameshugana

    Dinner 2020

    Patti this looks stunning. Gorgonzola mashed potatoes is now on my to do list for Thanksgiving.
  14. Wow - ok I am certainly failing in my googling. I need to try again. I was seeing in the 4 to 5,000 range. I’m sure the kids will be relieved!
  15. Somewhere my Italian grandmother is rolling over in her grave. 😆
  16. What - you think I live in Yorktown Heights?! Or Princeton?! Seriously. Yikes. I've never considered them, but of course you see them on 'all the cool cooking shows' so I just went and looked at prices. I'd have to sell a kid. Or a kidney. Or both.
  17. pastameshugana

    Pasta shapes

    That's makes at least two of us. I don't know if I can state that they are 'good' but Kraft M&C and cheap Ramen packets are something I occasionally crave. They kept me alive through my bachelor and early marriage years, and we make sure to keep them in stock (Ramen more so than Kraft, but still).
  18. The 'finger licking braised pork' looks more like chocolate cake to me...
  19. I must confess, when I saw the thread title I was secretly hoping nobody had replied so I could be first with "The sea". Oh well. Ba-dum-tish.
  20. pastameshugana

    Dinner 2020

    Yesterday Mr's M requested bread, and not being very busy at the moment I was happy to oblige - cracked out a couple of basic baguettes: With which she made what appeared to be a delicious alfredo which was humorously (in light of a recent pasta shapes thread) paired with farfalle. We had a spirited family discussion on the merits of the shape, and consensus is about 50/50. They turned one of my loaves into garlic bread: And yesterday a gift arrived that my wife ordered some time last week:
  21. pastameshugana

    Dinner 2020

    How have I lived this long and never heard of gingersnap gravy? Have I been under a rock? That sounds amazing! Can you share your recipe or link to it if it's elsewhere? Thanks!
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