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Diwali 2023


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The 5 days of Diwali commences on Friday November 10th and provides a good reason to indulge in some Indian cuisine.
The third day of Diwali is known as Dhanteras with the nickname "Festival of Lights” and here in the U.K. coincides with Remembrance  Sunday, 12th November.
My family will be attending the Remembrance Day parade in our town so I will combine both occasions with an Indian themed lunch.

I am currently planning on

Anjum Anand, Black pepper chicken https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2014/sep/27/anjum-anand-last-meal-black-pepper-chicken-recipe

Meera Sodah, pig cheek Vindaloo https://meerasodha.com/recipes/pig-cheek-vindaloo/

Will also knock up Vivek Singhs stir fried greens with garlic and cumin and Dishoom’s steamed basmati rice.

I have a chicken Haleem cooked and in the freezer and a kilo of ox cheeks that may also come into the equation if time allows.

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15 hours ago, Rickbern said:

Can’t decide which of those recipes sounds better, but I’m gonna try one this week. Maybe the vindaloo. Or perhaps the chicken. 

//sigh, maybe I’ll make both. Thanks for the inspiration!

Word of caution on the chicken recipe. Be mindful that the sauce is greatly reduced so season just before serving as, dependant on the stock cube used in the marinade, the level of salt can be quite pronounced in the final dish.

One thing I have learned over years of cooking Indian food, is that the amount of salt called for can be quite high and can adversely affect the taste of the final dish. 

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We had our Diwali meal yesterday as the family descended from the Remembrance Sunday parade. After a selection of shop bought vegetarian starters, baji’s, pakoras and samosas we had Anjum Anands Black Pepper chicken and a dish she calls Edgy Peas which has a good amount of methi in it. Meera Sodah’s Pig Cheek Vindaloo, the Chicken Haleem was a bit of a cheat as the spice mix and the grains come pre packaged, just add meat and presto, a good tasting dish. I cooked up Madhur Jaffrey’s Rogan Josh, substituting ox cheek for the lamb, very rich after a 3 hour simmer and quick reduction. Roasted Aloo Gobi, a recipe from “Masala” by Mallika Basu and Basmati Rice from the Dishoom cookbook.

Some shop bought roti and chapati. No dessert; nobody had any room left. 
A pleasant Sunday afternoon with family. 


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