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  1. Playing around last night made a snack Crispy Polenta cake w/ sambal and Shisho
  2. Mumbai --cool/ I bet you would have some killer family/homestyle dishes you cook. cheers PB
  3. Paul Bacino

    Dinner 2019

    Chxn in Arrabiata Sauce w/ tomato/onion/scapes/leek with Garlic scape mash ( my scapes are looking good ) Inspired by Pasquale Sciarappa
  4. @rotuts currently I'm just doing durum wheats, semolina, and 00 flours So I haven't explored into other types yet, but Farro was what came to mind first
  5. Arcobaleno AEX 10 @Okanagancook One awesome machine-- expensive, but very versitile/ thou some times I wish I had gotten the one with the automatic cutter. But for me this is fine
  6. I have that very same grinder. I haven't got into using it yet. Thanks for posting on this maybe it will put a fire in the behind-- My plan : I have a pasta extruder that I plan to use it on. Not much of a baker at least for now Thanks PB
  7. Paul Bacino

    Dinner 2019

    First Hit on Copper River 32$/Pound Polenta with Asparagus lemon sauce Salmon with Blueberry gastric
  8. Paul Bacino

    Lunch 2019

    Made some Corona Bean soup These being so big, I soak over night and PC them for about 30 mins test and re pressure...these went another 10 mins.
  9. Paul Bacino

    Dinner 2019

    @liamsaunt Nice salad and sandwich
  10. Paul Bacino

    Dinner 2019

    Little Foie before dinner --Hudson Valley/ rhubarb/ cherry compote on Brioche
  11. I think Brownes Trading company is a good source-- Recently had the Hackleback ( to salty for me ) the White sturgeon ( my Fav ) and the classic Sturgeon. But I bought those in Cali.
  12. This gets a fair share of my Culinary group support: https://joyce-farms.com/pages/heritage-poultry
  13. Paul Bacino

    Dinner 2019

    Mini Penne w/ Ramp Pesto/ pickled ramp Bulbs and Celery / Crispy Morels
  14. I was kinda thinking wrapped shiso leaf with pickled diacon/ carrot mixture inside.
  15. Two different grips: This grip, for pull back is used for larger ANIMAL Dissection For a smaller dissection.. I use the lower , but may change the hand or finger position, for primal cuts. I have a fair amount of knives, for different applications, this is just one.. Just make sure your knives are sharp, and use what is comfortable to u . Like for chicken breasts
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