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Your spice cabinet


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The little cases do have see-through tops. I bought some little white sticky labels to identify what's inside, but I like still being able to see the contents. I keep them in the sleek stainless steel case so light isn't a problem: watchmaker cases. I opted for item g, set of fifteen. I bought three of them and plan to use one filled with spices and herbs as a gift.

I still have a bunch of regular sized spice jars on a couple of racks on the back of the pantry door, but the overall effect is of appearing to be more organized. Now if I could figure out to do with all the condiment bottles.............

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My spice cabinet:







I made the image files larger than usual, so it might help to click.  But if for some reason you can't see everything, neither can I.


Oh, and by the way, if you are wondering why the rosemary jar is empty, Shoprite was out.  (Not that there isn't a rosemary bush in the next room.)


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Shelf by shelf - top.  The plastic tub has various dried chiles and chile powders.  The large black pouch on the far right is gochugaru.  And yes, that's a 1 pound bag of coriander seeds in the back so I can make lots of Dave Arnold's coriander syrup.



Middle.  In the right rear, there's similar plastic tub with whole spices 





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Since we don't bake a lot our baking spices and extracts are relegated to a couple of tubs in the pantry cabinet.



This is the larger shelf of spices.



This is the smaller shelf of spices.



When my DD and SIL were living with us their spices (lots of peppery stuff we wouldn't use) went on the smaller shelf and ours went on the larger shelf and a convenient foot-long stretch of counter space. Looking at these pictures made me realize that I need to re-organize these 2 shelves.


Discovering my (relatively) local Penzey's has been a revelation in what spices can be.  I never realized just how much potency spices on the supermarket shelf have already lost by the time they get purchased. Also, with all of the promotions that Penzey's runs I have been able to pick up spices for my DD's new kitchen at little or no cost to me.

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I can't show you my spice cabinet


because , well   ...........


but Id like to add something Ive learned in the last year or so


Im fortunate to have a chamber vacuum sealer.


Oil Pump.


I get Bell's seasoning 2 weeks before Thanksgiving as the price drops dramatically


and its fresh.


but its ground  etc etc


so I put the ground spice in trimmed vacuum bags and seal


I keep them in the freezer and open them when I need them


and as the bags a longer on purpose


I re- seek that same bag


the stuff when I use it is as fresh as it was when I first bought it.


now when I get my Penzies spices , the ones I know Im going to use as my main herbs and spices


I by larger bags , as it ends up cheaper in the long run


and vacuum seal them in the same way.


one can take a large vacuum bag and make several long ones for this


the length allows no - fuss re-sealing


if you have a vacuum bag or chamber vacuum bag system


please consider this


as its well worth it id you have the vacuum systems already for SV

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I carved a shelf out of my kitchen's bookcase for spices. The jars are stacked 5 deep in loose alphabetical order with the most commonly used spice in each row placed up front. The spices come from The Spice House. However, I will need a new source now that I live in Switzerland.


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My spice cabinet before the holiday baking. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 11.05.36 PM copy.jpg

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This weekend The Spice House is having a 10% off promotion.  Unfortunately not only was the the spice cabinet (shown above) overflowing, the bedroom and living room spice storage locations were getting crowded.


What to do?  I went through my cabinet and found 24 empty or near-empty or ought-to-be-empty bags and jars.  Plus a container of arborio rice -- not sure how that happened.  What's more I found duplicates and triplicates.  This fall I ran out of Aleppo pepper, and ordered a jar from Penzeys.  Tonight in the back of the cabinet I found a much larger jar of Aleppo pepper from The Spice House.  I moved the empty bottles to the living room and relocated the living room spice collection to the kitchen.


I felt virtuous.  Of course in the meantime I spent ninety some dollars at The Spice House.  And there's still the matter of the bedroom.


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Cooking is cool.  And kitchen gear is even cooler.  -- Chad Ward


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