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  1. Well, here is my opinion. When i eat a BLT, i expect it to have Bacon, Lettuce,Tomato, and mayo on the side. T expect a Club to be exactly like a BLT, but with a third slice of toast in the middle and Turkey added. And to be honest, if i swapped the Turkey for Roast beef, or ham, or any other meat, I would still consider that a club. But if i had to add cheese, it would be provolone, not american, and especially not Land o lakes, that stuff is nasty. I only buy Boar's Head american.
  2. I don't get the point of Sous vide vegetables. Easier, and faster to just steam them. I suggest steaming to Al Dente, then add to the chicken and set the sous vide to 150F. The vegatables are not going to turn to mush in the 2 hours or less it takes to sous vide chicken. Just my 0.2 cents
  3. FeChef

    Par cooked rice?

    When i make Hibatchi rice, I use my rice cooker white rice setting and set a timer for 25 minutes. Its just enough time to soak up the water (following the water line) then i quickly chill the pot in a ice water bath till the rice is completely cool. It produces a perfect "al dente" texture. Some people suggest refridgerating overnight but useing the ice bath method its ready as soon as the rice is chilled. It only takes about a minute to fry on a hot griddle and the texture is perfect for fried rice. You could probably get the same results with a steamer for a few minutes.
  4. My go to for salmon is always a quick sear in butter, then sous vide @ 147F for 45 min with some butter and dill in the bag, then topped with hollandaise. I never heard of a collar, but i imagine you could prepare them simlair to what i mentioned.
  5. Well, there is already enough heat on both packets, chili oil is not needed. I think a simple veg oil would work, i just was wondering if anyone has any knowledge of the difference between the powder versions, and the liquid syrup versions. FYI, there is clearly no sugar in these syrup type packets, lol.
  6. I have recently been buying these SamYang Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen. They are delishous but crazy Hot. It comes with these really thick ramen noodles, a black sesame and seaweed flake packet, and a liquid death syrup packet, lol. I really like the directions, you basicly boil the thick noodles till al dente and drain all water, then add the liquid death syrup and mix, then top with the black seasame and seaweed flakes. Its really good. But i really love the flavor of yakisoba spicy chicken ramen. The only problem is the noodles are thin and the packets are powder and not a syrup. I was wondering if anyone knows how to basicly make it a syrup like the SamYang? I thought of oil, but was wondering if anyone had any other suggestions. Sometimes they are less then 75 cents at walmart, if its the only way to get the flavor i would buy them just for the flavor packets and add them to a thick ramen noodle.
  7. I am just tossing a frozen CB Point i bought last year @ .99/lb into the IP with a small head of cabbage, some celery, quartered russet potato's, some baby carrots, and a cup of water and calling it dinner.
  8. Building a commercial kitchen separate from the rest of the house. I am hoping this won't require a separate gas meter/lines.
  9. We have not installed any commercial equipment yet. Figured its best to get the "go ahead" before investing in renovation/equipment. And yes the house is setup for gas. There is a huge public parking lot behind the house, and we live right aside a gas station which also has a parking lot (but no parking only signs) which will probably change when we are open for business.
  10. We live on a main street, lots of traffic. Bus stop and right next to a gas station. Our home (we own) is zoned both commercial and residential. The town is actually activly trying to bring more businesses. We are just wanting to cross our T's and dot our I's before we go to the township for approval. (we dont want to look like idiots) My wife has 16 years of bakery experience. She was at one point a Bakery mananger for a retail chain grocery. But we are newbie's when it comes to running our own bakery. Any advice on steps to take before going to the township would be greatly helpful.
  11. FeChef

    Canned corned beef

    I would imagine whatever product of "canned corned beef" you had in 2003 , its not the same now in 2018. I wouldn't eat in 2003, and its safe to say, i wouldn't eat that in 2018.
  12. Best way to cook a Turkey Breast. I cooked an entire 8lb breast in a Turkey fryer. Took 60 minutes, and it was amazing.
  13. FeChef

    Sous Vide Turkey

    You should follow the Deep fried turkey thread. Way better results. Flavor is amazing.
  14. I suppose that could work. I would like to keep the slices sandwich size though. I am not sure what i would gain by cutting it in half. I think i would just be left with a 4x4 instead of a 4x6 or w/e the actual dimension is with the butchers twine removed. Yes my math is flawed, but its in the freezer so i cant get actual dimensions right now, just guessing.
  15. Yes its for a gravy/sauce. Very thin slices on a commercial slicer. I prefer to keep it in one piece because there is always almost a inch at the end where the slicer can't get which i have to do by hand.
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