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  1. FeChef

    Lentil soup?

    I really liked this Lentil and mushroom soup. Its vegan, which i am NOT. And that says a LOT. https://www.gimmesomeoven.com/french-lentil-and-mushroom-soup/
  2. Well, i find that rediculous since their video recipe for rissoto uses the Joule. It just so happened i recieved the Joule a day or two before V-day and my wife wanted rack of lamb and mushroom Risotto. Very disappointing to find out the dish you wanted to make the first time using the Joule, cost an additional $$$ to read. That said, i am happy i returned Joule and got another Anova with WiFi. Not that i really need WiFi with SV though, lol.
  3. FeChef

    Sous vide risotto

    BTW, i just want to point out, i went by volume, not weight. I used a solid volume cup for the rice, and a liquid cup for the liquid. I may revisit this and use weight by grams, but i just want to point out chefsteps used both weight and volume in their recipe/video.
  4. FeChef

    Sous vide risotto

    I did the 25 minutes @ 194F then i put it into a 132F bath for probably 30 minutes, Then into the Wok i sauteed the mushrooms and shallots in ( i luckily had them reserved) until the liquid was evaporated. (about 10 minutes). Again, i would not recomend this chefsteps recipe, and i will stick to tradtional, and at least try the instant pot recipe. I might bump this thread when i do. I just don't want people to see my results and assume chefsteps had anything to do with the final results because their results were laughable.
  5. FeChef

    Sous vide risotto

    I eventually nailed it as you can see, but don't expect great results following the chefsteps recipe to the "T"
  6. FeChef

    Sous vide risotto

    It was rice specificly for risotto.
  7. FeChef

    Sous vide risotto

    Luckily i think i can salvage the risotto. I was also doing rack of lamb so i had another sous vide going at 132F so i put the bag in there and it looks like its absorbing the remaining liquid without too much damage to the texture of the rice. For future cooks, i'll stick to traditional, or maybe try my instant pot.
  8. FeChef

    Sous vide risotto

    Another Update: I tried again with a vacuum bag. used 1 cup rice and 2 1/2 cups liquid (chefsteps called for 3 cups liquid per cup of rice) There is still an inch of liquid above the rice after 25 minutes at 194F.
  9. FeChef

    Sous vide risotto

    Update: Don't listen to chefsteps on using ziplock brand freezer bags at temps 194F. After 25 minutes im wondering why there is still a good inch of liquid above the rice. I give it another 10 minutes and take it out just to realize theres a pin hole. I then try to salvage it and the bag breaks before i can even get it to a bowl. USE VACUUM BAGS!
  10. Staff note: This topic was split from When did ChefSteps start charging for recipes?, to keep both discussions focused. That said, does anyone know what sous vide risotto method works best? Some say 194F for 25 min, some say 185F for 45 min. Each seem to have different rice to liquid ratios as well.
  11. I think its rediculous to expect people to pay an additional fee to use the recipes on the required app. I can't support a company like that. Already printed out my return label for amazon. Got to love free returns via local affilliate stores.
  12. I just bought a joule and installed the app. I was planning on making risotto with it for Valentines day. I found the recipe, but when i went to view the full recipe it wants me to pay for some membership! No thanks, this thing is getting returned and im buying another Anova. I have the old bluetooth version which still works, but is making rattling sounds. Chefsteps was great 5 years ago, but they lost my respect.
  13. I still have a vacuum sealed frozen rabbit in the freezer from last easter that i never made due to covid. I wonder if a partially thawed and light flour dusting, then flash deep fried, and braised in a white wine and cream sauce approach would keep it tender and moist? I used this approach with frog legs many years ago and it was fantastic.
  14. FeChef

    Lunch 2021

    My favorite is lebanon bologna and potato chip sandwich with guldens spicy brown mustard and white american cheese on good ol white bread.
  15. I would use aluminum foil, and shape it like a oyster shell. Probably fold it a few times to get 2 or 3 layers. Heat will transfer very quickly so you wont "over cook" the oysters. Thats probably the closest you will get to grilled oysters without using an actual shell.
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