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  1. Bland sauce

    I have had this problem when i was learning to make sauces. It took a long time wondering why my sauces were so bland. I learned from trial and error that #1 I was not reducing enough, and #2 the sauce was no thick enough to coat the meat. Sorry i dont have any pictures, but a simple google search will tell and show you a good reduction sauce should (thin) coat a vertical spoon and not fall off.
  2. Bland sauce

    Your sauce is too thin. Reduce and thicken.
  3. Try the double fry method i suggested. I use it for wings. I deep fry my wings for a total of 13 min but i fry for 7 minutes, then flash freeze then later in the day, or even weeks, i remove from freezer and deep fry for another 6 or 7 minutes. Still golden brown and crispy even drenched in buffalo sauce. I forgot to mention,and i am not sure how much this affects texture, but i use potato flour. Not starch. I also do not use any liquids. I use a salt rub to draw out moisture and suck in the salt. This makes the exterior wet and sticky to adhere the potato flour. I do not season the potato flour since the wings are already seasoned. This could be why i have such good crispy results.
  4. Yeah but at that rate, you might as well just use pork shoulder, unless your using beef fat instead of pork fat. I know at least when i get a lot of deer meat i trim all the fat and discard and replace with beef fat. And i know a few family members that use a higher ground beef fat ratio and just add mixed ground lean pork loin for making meatloaf.
  5. Not a fan of pork loin. Dries out too quick. Like Paul mentioned, I would use a meat tenderizer and pound them into cutlets and bread and deep fry for a few min for schnitzel. Top with some gravy, with a side of garlic mash and buttered corn.
  6. Too-thin porkchops

    I would pound them flat and wrap them in sliced pears, and apples and braise them in a white wine sauce.
  7. St.Patrick and his Corned Beef

    I think i will try 1 hour soak in cold water before bagging in the SV. I bought two of this brand and plan to slice one for reubens and the other PC to chop and shred into hulushki. You think 24h at 143F was good for thin slicing? I think a few years ago i did some testing and for some reason 16h at 145F was the magic number. I need to start writing this stuff down.
  8. St.Patrick and his Corned Beef

    rotuts, what was your soak time to desalt this brand of CB?
  9. Too-thin porkchops

    shake n bake
  10. Rub on sous vide?

    I prefer pomegranate.
  11. Rub on sous vide?

    In your case something old to learn.
  12. Rub on sous vide?

    Is it electric or a stove top PC? I swear by my Instant pot IP-DUO60 so much that i bought a extra that i haven't even opened the box because i got it on sale for $60 prime shipped from amazon. You just can't beat a stainless steel pot.
  13. Rub on sous vide?

    Do you have a Pressure cooker? 72 hours is just ridiculous for short ribs. I have tried sous vide short ribs at various temps and times and in my honest opinion, you just can't beat 90 minute PC short ribs. One of my favorite recipes is the Coca cola short rib recipe here. https://www.chowhound.com/recipes/pressure-cooker-cola-braised-beef-short-ribs-30305 If you don't like spicy don't add the cayenne pepper. And if you have an electric PC like the instant pot, set it to manual 90 minutes. Trust me, the 30 minutes suggested in the recipe is not enough time to break down short ribs to fall apart succulent sticky in your teeth feel.
  14. if item takes 12 min, fry for 6, let rest, fry for another 6. Or fry items let them all rest and fry for 2 min. double fry method also makes items crispier then usual.
  15. Pork Wings? - sous vide

    I would go 145F for 24 hours next time. 135-138F is too low and especially for only 12 hours. I would treat that chunk of pork like a pork butt (shoulder)