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  1. I would have drove to lowes or home depot and bought a new AC. I am assuming OP is talking about a big central air AC Unit, otherwise, who get window AC's repaired? Its cheaper to just go out and buy a new one. Sorry no food advice, i just couldn't get past the AC issue.
  2. FeChef

    Saving cooking mistakes

    you could crumble the meatballs and mix 1:1 meat/rice and maked stuffed peppers. If the sauce is too salty, you could dilute with 1:1 salty sauce and no salt tomato sauce.
  3. FeChef

    long dry aged ribeyes are tough?

    Dry aging you are basicly removing moisture out of the muscle. I would think the longer you dry age, the more "beef jerky" the meat will be.
  4. FeChef

    Slow-roast short ribs?

    If you can't use a smoker , your best option is to soak the short ribs in 3 parts water / 1 part wrights liquid smoke ( i like the apple wood version) for 2-4 hours. Then add whatever rub you like and roast in the oven @ 250F till probe tender which could be a good 6-9 hours depending on how big your short ribs are.
  5. Thats pretty good considering most snobs will pay $4/lb for flavored chicken. I mean how much could a little bit of salt and water cost? They must be using Evian.
  6. FeChef

    Lunch! What'd ya have? (2018)

    Maybe you missed the ? But now you sound self conscious about your plating. Don't take things to serious. I use paper plates all the time, but most members won't like to admit, but this site is all about looks first. Rightfully so, we eat with our eyes first. P.S , food taste better when your not fiddling around trying to make it pretty on a plate getting cold.
  7. FeChef

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Sounds like a place they would have to pay me to attend.
  8. FeChef

    Lunch! What'd ya have? (2018)

    Wood eat if it was on a better plate, i'll pass.
  9. TS, so concerned about wasting charcoal. Chimney starter uses about 1lb charcoal. KBB on sale cost about $10 for 2x 18lb bags. You get that chimney starter roaring hot and toss your stir fry in for a minute or two and your done. Want to throw some cold pre cooked rice, with some peas/carrots, and a egg, with some left over chicken, pork, or shrimp? No problem. All with 1lb of KBB.
  10. Maybe the size of the wok makes a difference as well. Mine is not as large as some that ive seen in chinese takeouts.
  11. I put it right on the rim. Its almost like it was designed for it. Its actually dangerously hot. lol
  12. Its funny you mention Dextrose. I use 50/50 dextrose to any dry rub i add to ribs,butts or briskets.
  13. Im not sure if you are doubting this method, or if you are being serious? If your doubting, i will get my Chimney starter roaring hot and put my black steel Wok on it and use my IR meter to guage the temp. I will tell you right off the bat, its going to read off the charts hot.
  14. Buy yourself a Weber chimney starter. Fill it just above the top vent holes. Buy those weber wax fire starters and light one underneath and wait 15 minutes. You can put your Wok right onto that Chimney starter and trust me, it will be plenty of heat to stir fry. And best part, a 18lb bag would last a long time using this method.
  15. How much could possibly be in a pork jowl though? I can understand wanting to avoid "sugar" completely. I guess the Corn syrup comment took this into a different direction. I try not to look at the type of sugar, rather the amount of sugar per serving.