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  1. Yeah they were limiting only one w/$25 purchase. I only ended buying two points this year for $1.88/lb because of it. Don't get me wrong, I can make outstanding Pastrami but its not something im willing to pay $$$ for. Pastrami on Rye is definitely in my top 5 sandwiches but it's #5, not #1.
  2. FeChef

    Quarantine Comfort Food

    Any food that you make with alcohol. Preferrably foods that don't require cooking above 170F.
  3. Cash, Rules, Everything, Around, Me C.R.E.A.M. Get the money Dollar, dollar bill y'all
  4. Thats just as bad as the NYC pizza myth. I can cornfirm, there was no difference between PA, NJ, or NYC "tap water" (and yes actually took home water from those states to make my Pizza dough) i mean , why not, its free, when you order a slice.
  5. I use a french press when i want a strong cup/s of coffee. What i like about it, is you can use a light roast, and make it super strong to the point that it takes on a very tangy flavor provided you add just enough sweet to bring the tangy taste out. Imo, its the best cup of coffee you can have, providing you like the taste a real cup of coffee. Most people like that DD garbage (aka hint of coffee with their sugar and cream)
  6. It was delicious indeed. Believe it or not but pork shoulder is very juicy and melt in your mouth tender at 150F for 16 hours. Its still easily sliceable. Any longer or any lower in temp it will go from perfect to too chewy, or fall apart. 130F might be good for pork tenderloin or lean pork loin.
  7. It was me! Ironic, everyone is talking about saftey using meat glue, and i was the one advocating using higher temps for saftey reasons with deboned and decontructed pork. You preferred 130F 😨
  8. I bet a lot of people thought cooking meat in a bag at low temps below what the USDA says is safe was gross too.
  9. Glad you like. If you find the smoke flavor a bit too subtle, add another tsp of liquid smoke, it wont hurt. When i made it, i thought it could use a bit more, but it was still great and gave it that smoked ham flavor. Another suggestion is don't truss them together until they are done brining, it should speed up and intensify the flavor. I used meat glue in my experiment so i trussed them using saran wrap before brining as it would have affected the bond if i brined before using the meat glue.
  10. My weber Genesis gold has no vents, only the hole in the bottom for the drip tray. Again, i said "lack of" maybe i should have been more specific and said lack of adjustable vents.
  11. How partially deep fry, inject egg whites, then inject egg yokes, then sous vide, then do a second deep fry to crisp up the outer brioche shell.
  12. Had me at deep fried brioche, Lost me at caviar. Don't get me wrong, I like fish roe, especially on sushi, but the thought of it inside a warm deep fried brioche ball, triggers my gag reflex.
  13. I would think common sense you would not just dump charcoal into a gas grill. LOL Obviously use a charcoal basket, and only add pre lit red hot coals for that quick extra boost in heat. Besides, if the coals weren't already red hot and prelit, they would go out due to a gas grills lack of vents.
  14. @ElsieD Ok, So, If you are brining 1lb of chicken, and using 500g of water, you will need 2.38g of Cure#1 , or just round that off to 1/2 tsp of cure#1. But now, you need to add 20g of salt, or if you want to really break it down (nice way of saying @n@l) subract 2.38g of salt from 20g. Hope this helps, I dont usually stress my brain this much, and its hurting over this, so a thanks would be nice.
  15. I just trussed two large boneless skinless breats with the thick ends opposit to make a round cylinder shape, brine in 500g of water, 20g of morton tender quick and 1 tsp of liquid smoke for 48 hours. Sous vide at 140F for 3-4 hours.
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