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  1. Must be creamy Jif, welch grape jelly, and super fresh soft white sandwich bread. Just like when i have been eating it for the past 40 years. Get out of here with that fancy "preserves" and fancy breads ya snobs.
  2. Sushi Mistake - Near Tasteless

    I wonder what every ones take on what is considered "safe" sushi salmon. Even the Asian market i buy all my ingredients from doesn't carry Salmon. Only Tuna, and i am not a fan of Tuna for sushi. The only other option is Wegmans. The have a sushi bar and i was told i would have to buy the entire Frozen fillet which cost $30/lb
  3. Did I ruin this pork?

    Some of the best pork roasts ive done were gradually brought up to 180F, so tender it barely slices without falling apart. But if its brought up to temp too fast it will go from tough to crumbled dried out no matter how long you cook. I start off at 300F till it reaches 130F, then i crank the oven down down to 200F for one hour so it has time to rest in the 130-140F range (this is where fat/tissue starts to break down) Then crank it back up to 300F till it reaches 180F. (about 6-8 hours) I baste in the pan dripping juices every hour.
  4. Sushi Mistake - Near Tasteless

    Can't say ive tried it when making sashimi, but maybe brine your salmon in salt/ice water (1/4 cup kosher salt, 1 Quart ice water) an hour before slicing. I do this when making sous vide salmon and it always comes out perfect. Try on a small portion first and rince and pat dry before slicing.
  5. Hamburger Buns

    I bet it taste great but i would have issue with the bun getting grease on my hands while holding it. I have no issue with the inside of the bun being greasy from the butter toasting. Ironically for the same reason i eat grilled cheese sandwiches with a fork and knife and usually dip the cut pieces in tomato soup. (its actually the only way i will eat grilled cheese is w/tomato soup.
  6. Hamburger Buns

    In the video it looks like its some sort of heated roller with butter on it that he brushes the melted butter on the bottom of the buns, but then it goes into some really fast searing roller that probably has butter residue on the rollers that makes the top of the bun shiny and i am sure adds flavor.
  7. Meatloaf sandwiches

    I prefer my meatloaf sandwiches cold and plain white bread with just ketchup. This is a very important step: You can make the sandwich as stacked as you want but its very important to slice the meatloaf thin and squirt a few drops of ketchup inbetween layers, and not directly on the bread unless you enjoy eating pink dough meatloaf sandwiches.
  8. Yeah i suppose you can do that if you have par boiled potatoes on hand. I usually don't plan soups ahead of time. Almost always a day to day thing. Ironically, why do frozen french fries turn out so good.
  9. Don't freeze any soups with potato. I learned the hard way.
  10. I would definitely eat them noodles in some lo mein.
  11. Rice in a slow cooker?

    if using 1:1 and still too much liquid, is usually bad rice with too much moisture to absorb anymore liquids. Ive run into this with cheap supermarket rice of all types. I only buy rice from asian markets nowadays.
  12. Rice in a slow cooker?

    I prefer 1:1 ratio in the pressure cooker set for 3 minute with a 10 minute natural pressure release. Or if i want sticky rice, i prefer using my bamboo rice steamer. Which requires atleast 8 hour or overnight soak in room temp water then steamed.
  13. Using koji to "age" steaks

    Maybe its just me but i leave that dry aged outer layer on. It makes for great charring flavor.
  14. The Soup Topic (2013–)

    Its addicting. I personally can't just eat one bowl. I go for seconds and thirds. A few tips for making really good ham and string bean soup. #1 do not use canned string beans use fresh or even frozen string/green beans works great. #2 Do not over cook the ham. When making the stock use the ham bone and all the fat trimmings. I like to basicly clean and cube the ham and use the bone and all the fat trimmings to make the stock/broth then at the last 20 minutes add the cubed ham and simmer for the remaining time. #3 Cube and boil the potatoes for 10-15 min and set aside and add along with the cubed ham at the last 20 min. ( i hate over cooked potatoes in soup.) Also, Ham base is a great way to boost flavor and salt. If you decide to use ham base (i recommend) do not add salt if a recipe calls for it. Kinda obvious but mentioning it anyway.
  15. Bisquik mixed with half water, half vodka. bottom shelf of course.