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  1. Besides the double fry method. I found deep fry/air fry combo works equally as good, if not better, and results in less oil absorbed. Just my .02
  2. I would never beable to tell. I find yogurt spoiled (sour) when in date. I sub yogurt for sour cream and mayo for every recipe that involves yogurt.
  3. cure the leg for 4 days and smoke it. remove the breast from the breast plate and cure that for 3-4 days as well, then smoke it. Smoked turkey legs are amazing.
  4. Id say you either didn't add enough cure#1, or didn't brine long enough. You really don't even need to use liquid smoke to get that hammy flavor. Enough cure#1 + time should be enough to do it.
  5. I decided to give sodium citrate another try. I made a seafood mac and cheese with 3/4 cup al dente elbow macaroni, 1/4 cup bay scallops, 1/4 cup langustino lobster tails, 1/4 cup super lump crab meat, 120g shredded Gouda, 132g milk, and 5g sodium citrate. Served in a french onion soup crock, topped with some shredded colby jack, cooked in the oven for 30 min until the cheese melts and starts to brown. Sorry no pics. It was my wifes motherdays day dinner and she ate the entire crock before she even thought to take a pic. Anyway, using all gouda and no cheddar seems to cut back on the sour taste completely. Maybe the sweetness in the Milk helped as well. I think i always used water before.
  6. Well, as ive mentioned in my original post was that i was considering using a foodservice cheese sauce as a base, which is basicly the same as processed cheese slices. I just don't know what amounts i should use with other cheses like gouda, gruyere and other melty cheeses. Btw, i prefer boars head yellow american cheese on my burgers too.
  7. To me it always had a tangy aftertaste. Ive tried cutting back on the amounts but then i wouldnt get the right consistency. I am sure there could have been other variables like the first few times i realized i just don't like sharp cheddar (except by itself with a good spicy brown mustard).
  8. Anyone ever try using a food service higher end brand of mild cheddar cheese sauce instead of milk and sodium citrate? I have sodium citrate but for some reason i am just not a fan of it. There are some great mild cheddar cheese sauces out there that are pretty decent like Rico's aged cheddar (not sharp cheddar, and not to be confused with nacho cheese sauce) It does make good mac and chese on its own ( better then that box velveeta shells, yuck) And it stays creamy even when cold. But i am looking to kick it up a notch with maybe some gouda or gruyere, just not sure how to approach a balance. Looking for some advice and a recipe if you have one. I couldn't find one.
  9. FeChef


    Manager note: This post and responses to it have been split from the Horse Meat: Sourcing, Preparing, Eating topic, to keep that discussion focused. Well said. Rabbit has jus been legalized to be sold in my area this year. I picked up a whole Rabbit, and can't wait to make a dish. I wanted to make Rabbit for easter but a a bunch of family members don't like mustard on anything. And apparently mustard based rabbit is a the go to in french cuisine. Back to the drawling board.
  10. If i was brought up in a country where all dogs and cats were wild or ferrel, then maybe. But Knowing how good dogs treat their owners, theres no way i could eat dog in good concious.
  11. Why are people upset that horses are being raised for slaughter? Its no different then bulls. In my opinion, its worse then Horses being raised for racing, and when they cant win races anymore they get "put down" That said, i have never knowingly ate Horse meat, but i wouldnt be opposed to it either.
  12. Yoda, interesting it is very.
  13. Make sure most of the liquid is cooked out of the chili. You don't want to end up with a puddle of soup on the plate. One good thing about frozen chili, is when you defrost it, any exess water usually pools out so its easy to drain without cooking it out. Also, make sure you use hot chili so you dont have to over cook the omlette. You only want enough heat to melt the cheese.
  14. My favorite omlette is a Chili cheese omlette. I basicly make a thin 10" tortilla out of obviously scrambled eggs, add in the Chili , cheese, then roll it up, top with more cheese, cover to let it melt, then top with salsa and sour cream.
  15. Yeah, im on the no browning boat as well. As you mentioned "country" i agree, a hearty "rustic" omlette would need some browning to hold it together. But imo, a "simple" omlette should be light and delicate.
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