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  1. Pretty much this. I have a Range oven with an air fryer mode and convection and there is very little difference between both modes.
  2. What flavor is the Jelly? If i wanted to make a sauce out of lets say cherry Jam, i would use frozen cherries to make a thin juice and add that to the jam. But i guess at that point, why not just make a sauce out the the frozen cherries, lol. btw, cherry goes great with Lamb.
  3. I read an article/recipe where someone said in order to get a really tart pickle you need to ferment. Suggesting that vinegar will not give you the same tartness. I don't know if thats true, but ive tried soo many pickle recipes and can not get the same tartness like Heinz or McDonalds pickles. Its either too salty, or too sour.
  4. Finally found a Dill pickle chip that taste just like Heinz. What surprised me was in the Grocery stores page for the produce was a description mentioning Vlasic. Now ive tried Vlasic and there oval chips do not taste, nor look anything like these. Store brand is Weis. They are a PA grocery chain, which made me assume the company that made them was Heinz, but like i said, their product description seems to suggest its Vlasic.
  5. FeChef

    Thanksgiving prep

    So Canadians celebrate "Thanksgiving"? But not on the same day as Americans?
  6. Well, that sucks. lol Do people even eat Salt Water croc? I would assume people eat them where they are found.
  7. Imagine taking the quickest food to fry, and wasting time cooking it in an air fryer when it takes less then 2 minutes in a frying pan.
  8. But don't ignore my inquiry about Salt water Crocs. Have you never tasted them? Thats what i really want to know about.
  9. Holy crap. The restaurant store wants $60 for a #5 bag of Heinz pickles. https://www.therestaurantstore.com/items/594391
  10. Im not sure what you mean, but if it helps, I found Giant store brand taste the closest. But it still has that "KOSHER" taste even though they claim "Dill"
  11. Wow, were did i loose you, at Mt Olive and Vlasic?
  12. Does it matter? I never had croc, but i bet they taste pretty close to Alligator. I probably couldn't tell the difference in a blind taste test. Now, You are talking about "fresh water crocs" I would love to try salt water crocs.
  13. Ive made alligator nuggets from chunks of tail meat, taste like chicken, but as another has said, its more like frog legs which also taste like chicken. Either way, it was nice to try, but chicken is much cheaper in the US.
  14. Ive tried a bunch of local store brands including Weis, Giant, everyday essientials ( redners brand) and more national brands like Mt Olive, and Vlasic. Im fine with thin crinkle, or thin sliced. I do not want thick crinkle, or those Oval shaped monstrousity's. When i take a bite of a hambuger or cheesesteak, i expect the pickle to be bite size.
  15. Well, i noticed a few months ago my local grocery stopped carrying Heinz hamburger dill chips. Turns out they were discontinued. I have not been able to find a pickle even remotely close to the taste. If you never had them, and need a comparison, McDonalds pickles are pretty close. I would rather not have to ferment my own if anyone knows a brand very close, but im not against it if there is no other option.
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