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  1. I would definitely eat them noodles in some lo mein.
  2. Rice in a slow cooker?

    if using 1:1 and still too much liquid, is usually bad rice with too much moisture to absorb anymore liquids. Ive run into this with cheap supermarket rice of all types. I only buy rice from asian markets nowadays.
  3. Rice in a slow cooker?

    I prefer 1:1 ratio in the pressure cooker set for 3 minute with a 10 minute natural pressure release. Or if i want sticky rice, i prefer using my bamboo rice steamer. Which requires atleast 8 hour or overnight soak in room temp water then steamed.
  4. Using koji to "age" steaks

    Maybe its just me but i leave that dry aged outer layer on. It makes for great charring flavor.
  5. The Soup Topic (2013–)

    Its addicting. I personally can't just eat one bowl. I go for seconds and thirds. A few tips for making really good ham and string bean soup. #1 do not use canned string beans use fresh or even frozen string/green beans works great. #2 Do not over cook the ham. When making the stock use the ham bone and all the fat trimmings. I like to basicly clean and cube the ham and use the bone and all the fat trimmings to make the stock/broth then at the last 20 minutes add the cubed ham and simmer for the remaining time. #3 Cube and boil the potatoes for 10-15 min and set aside and add along with the cubed ham at the last 20 min. ( i hate over cooked potatoes in soup.) Also, Ham base is a great way to boost flavor and salt. If you decide to use ham base (i recommend) do not add salt if a recipe calls for it. Kinda obvious but mentioning it anyway.
  6. Bisquik mixed with half water, half vodka. bottom shelf of course.
  7. The Soup Topic (2013–)

    PA dutch Ham and String bean w/potato soup. I can literally eat 2-3 bowls at a shot.
  8. Hash Brown

    If you want to use a deep fryer, you can shape your hash browns and flash freeze, then dip in beer batter or you can use egg and breadcrumbs, then deep fry. I have done this many times. I like to mix in fresh diced jalapeno's in with the grated boiled potato and make what i just call popper sticks. So good.
  9. Sometimes, its even better then when it was fresh. btw, my microwave is 1100w 30ish is about when the cheese is just about to roll off the sides. Its all about timing.
  10. In my house leftover sausage gets sliced thin and goes on frozen pizza's. Or a sausage parm sandwich if we have steak rolls on hand.
  11. I microwave for 30ish seconds to melt the cheese, then into the cast iron pan on the induction stove top to crisp up the bottom crust in less then 5 minutes flat. Best method ive ever tried and its quick.
  12. How to Cook a Steak - Not.

    I would like to know where the fries and tomato on the front of the package went?
  13. Chicken Stock

    I use your basic 3, onions,carrots,celery. But here are a few tips/tricks ive learned over the years. #1 If you like hot wings and make them often like i do, save the wing tips and freeze them to add for chicken stock. Its one of the best sources for gelatin and for me its free. #2 When you buy a head of celery seperate the stalks and cut the top section off (the section with the leaves) save the leafy section and freeze to use in making stock. Keep the stalks in a tall container filled with ice water, it keeps in the fridge for weeks and stays crisp, maybe even more crisp then when it was bought.
  14. I will admit, i am a steak snob when it comes to done-ness. Med-rare or nothing. But i feel i am a hypocrite. I do enjoy(crave) from time to time a charred cardboard sirloin drenched in A1 steak sauce. But the main star in this dish is the A1, the cardboard sirloin is just the vessel. Juices in the steak prevent the A1 from soaking in, so carboard is a must. But lets be clear, carboard, not plastic.
  15. Or buy one steak. Set one grill burner to high and the other low. Grill the steak whole for 7 minutes per side and one half will be well done and the other med rare. Make sure to grill with lid open.