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  1. I have been doing some research on chuck rolls and i have noticed there is about 2-3 good cuts off a chuck roll until its gets to tougher muscles. I learned i should avoid what is called the denver muscle, as i have notices this muscle takes longer to break down and is leaner then the chuck eye.
  2. Eye is so lean i use it exclusively for beef jerky. I could see it being tender at very low temps, but for my purposes, i need to have these thin slices in a liquid atleast 150F so eye would be extremely dry, practically choking hazard dry.
  3. Yes boneless short rib slabs would be the best possible option, but not the most affordable. I think last time i priced them they were $6.99/lb for choice. Sure it would be a great test cut, but for my purposes, i need it to be in the $3-$4/lb range. As far as round, i think it would be too lean. Do you have any experience with shoulder clod? I know there is a lot of individual muscles but i wonder if they are a better option then chuck.
  4. What is IM? Tri-tip is not available in my area. We have Costco's, RD's, BJ's, Sams, and a few mom and pops. None of them carry it, and lets just forget about "special order" its already an over priced cut from what ive heard. Other then TT, do you suggest another cut? I was thinking brisket (point only) but then i have to buy a whole packer.
  5. I am not sure about that temp/time. I tried 150F for 16 hours and a lot of the connective tissue was still "chewy" and had too much pull. I am thinking somewhere below 160F for longer then 24 hours, or 160F for less then 24 hours. I guess i am the only person that ever wanted a slightly still sliceable texture.
  6. Sorry, i should have noted i am looking for a more of a med/med well.
  7. How do i explain this... I want to slice it thin against the grain (about 1/8) i want it to have a slight pull, but give way. I want most of the connective tissue to break down. What i don't want is for it to fall apart easy. Confirmed unwanted time/temp is 24 hours @ 160F. Still very moist but falls apart very easily. Also note, this will be chilled before put on the meat slicer too be sliced. Is there a better cut of beef suited for this?
  8. Maybe the new guy working at purdue working on the chicken tenderloin line thought thats how you make chicken tenders.
  9. FeChef

    PA Dutch Turkey BBQ

    And how are you "smoking" this dark meat? I will assume you are cutting the entire bird up and smoking just like you would chicken quarters. I wont be smoking, but i am thinking of roasting spatchcook, but with the breast meat removed leaving the rib cage still connected with just the breast meat and breast skin removed to cook with another method to be determined.
  10. FeChef

    PA Dutch Turkey BBQ

    You need to research PA turkey BBQ. Look up Wawa Turkey gobbler. Its huge in PA, but its nothing like the real deal. Besides, this is going to be a Catering event. I can't have pulled and sliced turkey in the same Chafer. Actually, you opened my eyes. I might just do a half pan of shredded dark meat, and a half pan of thin sliced sous vide turkey breast. Each will be in a dripping gravy.
  11. FeChef

    PA Dutch Turkey BBQ

    I considered that as well. But i couldn't find a recipe for a time/temp that can be easily be pulled.
  12. FeChef

    PA Dutch Turkey BBQ

    Around these parts, Turkey BBQ is not smoked, and does not contain bbq sauce. Its only fall apart tender, juicy turkey in its own drippings and natural juices. That said, I have had great, and terrible turkey bbq. Mainly the bad all comes down to the breast meat. I make pretty good turkey bbq with leftover turkey, but i only use leftover dark meat. My dilemma is i need to cater for 50 people and using only dark meat is not cost effective. I need to come up with a plan to roast the turkey enough to have drippings, but not over cook the breast. I considered slow roasting the entire 22lb turkey till it can be pulled, but even at a low temp like 250F, i fear the breast will be dry. I considered spatchcook, but while it might shorten the cook time, i think the breast will still end up dry. I am considering seperating the breast and pressure cooking it by itself and only roast the dark meat low and slow in the oven. I am just not sure on the times/temps for both just the dark meat in the oven, and the breast in the pressure cooker. Any suggestions would be great.
  13. I wouldn't use a hammer on beef. I use a meat cuber. Mine is just a hand held roller with a bunch of blades that cut 1/4 inch stitch like slices into the meat without cutting completely through. It makes the best chopped beef sandwiches.
  14. FeChef

    "Old/Soup Chicken" from H Mart

    Never seen this ever. I i go to every grocery store in my area on a weekly basis for at least 2 decades. That said, if i seen a package of chicken labeled "old chicken" my initial reaction would have been "eww" followed by "lol" and i can assure you i would never forget that.
  15. I wasn't speaking to people.OP mentioned something along the lines of not wanting grilled flavor which i took as deep roasted.