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  1. First of all, what original temp, and how long the first time? Depending on thickness , for example, a 1-1/2 inch thick steak pre cooked from frozen, is 30 minutes to reheat.
  2. Chili

    looks like a good recipe for tortilla bean soup.
  3. Not Another Way To Roast Chicken!

    electric charcoal starter?
  4. I'll make it simple, dont go by weight, go by thickness. 1 hour per inch. Done
  5. Johnsonville Sausages

    Speaking of good mustard. I like a creamy horseradish brown mustard. I make my own with equal parts mayo, creamy inglehoffer horseradish, sour cream, and guldens spicy brown mustard. (adjust to taste) It makes a great spread for Pastrami on Rye, and other Deli sandwiches.
  6. Homemade Broth/Stock lasts how long?

    I save chinese takeout soup containers and freeze my homemade stock in them. They never get freezer burnt. As a matter of fact, i have pork stock thats over 2 years old that doesnt have a bit of frost in it. Maybe a few ice crystals but there crystal clear.
  7. Johnsonville Sausages

    update: Seems Johnsonville is still selling the Irish o'Garlic at my local Redner's Markets. They didn't look to great though. They were still in date but looked a bit gray so i will check back in a week and see if they get a new batch, or ask if they have any frozen in the back.
  8. Johnsonville Sausages

    Its only a Wee Bit o' Garlic!
  9. Johnsonville Sausages

    Johnsonville only brings that Irish O'Garlic out around St Patrick's day. I may stock up and freeze a bunch of packs next year. Its really good, regardless if garlic isn't really a common used irish ingredient. Its a different flavor profile then the usual country or italian sausage flavors. It pairs really well with onions, peppers.
  10. Johnsonville Sausages

    Johnsonville is just another big name mass produced sausage company. They are one of the better quality big name brands but nothing to rave about, or pay $$$ for. One Product i will say is very good is their Irish O' garlic sausage. I made pepper and onion sausage sandwiches with these and they were the best sausage sandwiches ive ever tasted. Bursting with flavor.
  11. Peanut Butter and Jelly - The Sandwich

    I wouldn't expect anything less judging by your posts. Personally , fresh soft same day dollar white bread does the trick. In fact, Any other bread artisan, or homemade is too hard for my tastes.
  12. Beef for stir fry

    Good question. Let me know when someone actually tells you. Because "velveting" and all the other tenderizing methods ive found online don't come close to what the chinese restaurants are doing. Sure papain or w/e tenderizers out there work if you use enough of it, but at that point it ruins the taste and texture of the meat.
  13. Beef for stir fry

    I have come to the conclusion the cut is less important then what it used to tenderize it. And i don't want to hear bs about using a very hot wok and cooking briefly because i have nuked to hell leftover beef stir fry and that beef was still more tender then any thin sliced beef i have made stir fry out of.
  14. Favorite Pressure Cooker Uses/Recipes

    Short ribs, hands down.
  15. Peanut Butter and Jelly - The Sandwich

    Must be creamy Jif, welch grape jelly, and super fresh soft white sandwich bread. Just like when i have been eating it for the past 40 years. Get out of here with that fancy "preserves" and fancy breads ya snobs.