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  1. Brining, then drying, then marinating?

    Hey, if it worked, why question it? Apparently somebody knows more then most of the posters in this thread, including me. I do like the idea of a soy sauce and sugar marinade, but i would consider that a glaze.
  2. Brining, then drying, then marinating?

    why not just combine the brine and marinade and let it soak overnight, then let it dry in the fridge for 12 hours then cook it.
  3. Silky Smooth Chicken Breast

    That sounds like a bunch of malarkey. I bet they brine that chicken in a salt/tenderizer brine overnight before they cook this dish.
  4. Silky Smooth Chicken Breast

    I think people confuse this cornstarch velveting technique as tenderizing, but in reality it just coats the outside if the meat with a soft coating, similar to dusting a pounded out chicken breast with flour for chicken marsala.
  5. Silky Smooth Chicken Breast

    I misread then. It could still apply if they are injecting with such a tenderizing marinade. But i have never had the dish in question so i cannot comment on it.
  6. Silky Smooth Chicken Breast

    They use a tenderizing powder like papain or bromelain or something similar that i am not aware of. Sure velveting will give it a silky texture but its not going to make the inside of the meat very very soft. My guess is there is a technique to using these tenderizing powders, because ive tried using them and they do work, but always left a noticeable taste. I want to point out before someone suggests quickly cooking hot and fast producing very soft meat, sure. But, have you ever had leftovers and reheated them in the microware? I have, ive even nuked them to the moon and back and guess what? Still very very soft meat! Whats up with that?
  7. Sous Vide Steak

    That looks amazing Steve.
  8. Sous Vide Steak

    I agree, I use my vortex chimney starter grill. Who even needs oil? Even a 1/4 inch thick SS plate will do the job with justs a drizzle of veg oil on that sucker if your trying to sear instead of grill. But my post was directed toward low heat browning and speeding it up to keep the internal temp of the meat lower.
  9. Sous Vide Steak

    There is a bbq method that does work that uses baking soda before applying a rub, that is supposed to cause the meat to brown alot faster at low temps that would normally take twice as long to brown. I tried it and i did notice a better browning. I was just wondering if omitting sugar and replacing it with this dextrose mixture would have the same effect. Maybe get rid of the baking soda and just use the dextrose?
  10. Oxtail Tapas Fell Apart

    Bread, then partially freeze, then fry. Problem solved.
  11. Sous Vide Steak

    How well would this ratio work in a Dry Rub? Lets say i was going to substitute a 2:1 salt/sugar rub for this dextrose baking soda mixture. Apparently there is a product available for food service that is designed for adding to dry rubs called Maillose Dry which can be found here: http://www.redarrowusa.com/products/browning/maillose-dry/ Has anyone used this product, or know anything about it?
  12. Oxtail Tapas Fell Apart

    why not just use meat glue like the first reply suggested? I am not familiar with this dish so i don't know what its final texture should be, but what about a thicker breading then just a dusting of flour? More like mozz sticks type breading.
  13. Flavored brines: What's the point?

    I do not find any fresh herbs added to a brine, do anyhing for the inside of any meats. I do however notice a huge flavor increase with soy sauce, worcestershire, and lime. My guess is those flavors are all water soluble.
  14. Dehydrating neck bones

    I took some pics of the bones. In case anyone wants to givbe this a try, it took a good 24 hours at 140F to reach the poke test.
  15. Dehydrating neck bones

    Well, I feel sorry for your friends Pug. I have a rotty, I gave her one of the beef neck bones and she mowed the meat off the bone and pretty much left the bone with no interest. As far as i am concerned its a home run. I will continue to monitor her when i give her these neck bones, but its great to see they didnt go to waste. Just a fyi, she did not get the $hits from this meaty neck bone i cured it cure#1. How ever, she has been getting the $hits with bones bought from the pet store. Just a heads up for other dog owners buying their dogs these over priced, bones that are obviously worse for them then homemade dried bones. They were bought from Petco, incaser anyone is curious.