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  1. I dont have much experience with ground meats, but when i do beef stir frys i thinly slice the beef and marinate in a mixture of water, soy sauce and baking soda for 24 hours. It only takes less then a minute deep fried in a hot wok, and it gets extremely browned. I use about 3/4 tsp baking soda to about a cup of water/soy sauce mixture.
  2. FeChef

    Pork Butt vs.Shoulder

    Im assuming you are referring to what we in the US call the picnic shoulder. It might not be as fatty as the "butt" ( shoulder blade ) but its still has a bit too much fat inbetween the muscle groups. I am not sure what you call the Fresh Ham down under, but thats probavly my best bet.
  3. FeChef

    Pork Butt vs.Shoulder

    Yeah i suspected Fresh Ham was going to be the best choice for my purposes. Ive avoided it due to the higher cost and size. But i think i need to just bite the bullet and pick one up at RD. Seems they are out of stock on the boneless, so bone in will have to do. Its probably cheaper to go bone in anyway, im just afraid im going to "butcher" it.
  4. FeChef

    Pork Butt vs.Shoulder

    Anyone know whats a good cut with some marbling but not too much fat running through it. Something similar to a beef chuck roast. Pork loin and tenderloin are out for this purpose. They are too lean. Pork butt i found to be way too fatty with very small muscle groups inbetween the large sections of fat.
  5. Its crazy, You would think your local garbage man would take it as recycling since it could be sold as bio fuel. They probably do if your stupid enough to pay them to take it.
  6. empty 2 liter soda bottles are cheaper. If your frugal enough, you can pass it off as cola.
  7. So to update my test on RH, the RH in my kitchen was 35%. I set the APO to oven mode with 40% steam. I gave it about 30 minutes and checked the hygrometer and its staying pretty steady at 80% RH. This is with nothing in the oven but the hygrometer. Im sure once i add meats to ferment, the RH is going to be much higher. Im not even sure if i will need to add steam.
  8. Has anyone used their APO to ferment cured meats? Im 100% sure it would work great, im just not sure on the settings to achieve lets say, 85F and 85% RH. I can't seem to find info on RH with the APO, but my common sense tells me 85% on the steam function would be 85% RH, but where im not sure is what mode would work better for this is SV mode or oven mode? Anyone know what settings are better to achieve 85F and 85% RH? For example, proof mode for proofing dough for bread making used oven mode with 10-100% on the steam function. I ordered a hygrometer to do some testing. It can handle 158F but im not sure its waterproof, so i will be starting at 10% steam to see what that means in RH, and go from there.
  9. I can't help but ask, what are the advantages of using this aluminum waffle mold? I think i have a well seasoned cast iron waffle mold just like this for camping. I have yet to use it, lol.
  10. They were on sale for $1:69/lb where the Pink Lady was $1.99/lb and Honey Crisp was $2.49/lb. Those WildTwist were not worth the $1.69/lb worst apples ive had in a while.
  11. They were so firm they bruised my gums trying to bite into them. It could be early season, but i have not had that issue with Pink Lady, or Honey Crisp during the same season. I am not sure how you can explain that.
  12. FeChef


    If you can find it, Oakridge Carne Crosta. Last time i checked it was $100/lb on ebay. I still have a stock pile i vacuum packed and froze when it was $30/lb. That said, Plowboys Bovine Bold would be my second choice.
  13. Ive had them, they were too firm and lacked the tartness of pink lady and honey crisp.
  14. I buy it. My favorite was Tropical Pepper Company Mango coconut pepper sauce, but i have not been able to find since covid, but my local Weis grocery sells a very similar ( bit spicier ) brand called Jamaican choice mango coconut sauce.
  15. Breaded shrimp ( popcorn ) lettuce,tomato,cheese, garlic aoli, and habanero mango dipping sauce is my favorite filling.
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