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  1. I would use aluminum foil, and shape it like a oyster shell. Probably fold it a few times to get 2 or 3 layers. Heat will transfer very quickly so you wont "over cook" the oysters. Thats probably the closest you will get to grilled oysters without using an actual shell.
  2. Sorry. Shallow frying or deep frying is the only way i know of. Ive tried Air Frying but it over cooks the pork.
  3. FeChef

    Latkes - the Topic!

    You guys crack me up. Its rare i see non serious posts on this forum, i love it.
  4. FeChef

    Latkes - the Topic!

    No Its not Jewish. Its a Polish/Czech/Dutch variation. The ratio is more of a 2:1 shredded/grated potato to a high butter content mash potato. You almost need no frying fat. Like i said, the mash is the binder for the potato. The main ingredients are the potato, the onion, milk, butter, and herbs and seasonings to your region.
  5. FeChef

    Latkes - the Topic!

    Only cry babies use goggles.
  6. FeChef

    Latkes - the Topic!

    I don't use egg, flour, or any of those nasty binders. My 90 yr old polish grandmother taught me to use shredded/grated potato, and as a binder.........mashed potatoes. You're welcome. Are you making pancakes, or potato cakes? There should be nothing but potato, onion milk, butter, and herbs and seasonings.
  7. Lots of leftover Bone in Ham. Its PA Dutch Ham and String bean soup time!
  8. My most unusual toppings i did that was fantastic was thinly sliced corned beef, sourkruat, baby swiss, and a drizzle of thosand island after baking.
  9. seems a bit exessive. I just either buy sushi grade fish, or freeze it for 2 weeks in vaccum bags. Till you consider the cost of liquid nitrogen, if you can even get it, its probably cheaper to just buy sushi grade fish.
  10. FeChef

    Dinner 2020

    Now thats a perfect slice of ribeye. Cool looking green garnish. I usually just use a sprig of parsely.
  11. FeChef

    Dinner 2020

    I feel bad for your rabbit.
  12. Yeah, theres really no way to do that with a roll without turning the meat into crunch bacon, in this case crunchy pork since its not cured. What i would suggest is cutting portion size squares sous vide as usual, let rest on paper towels to bring down temp and dry out and deep fry in a shallow pan to crisp the skin, render the fat, but not cook the meat. Then maybe sandwich some of those herbs and seasoning between two squares.
  13. Imagine taking that pork loin to a local salon for a brazilian.
  14. This way of cooking pork belly is an aquired taste. You really have to love gelatinous fat. My wife is one of those people, I am not.
  15. My OCD would have me either #1 Sit there hours with an xacto knife and tweezers getting all those hairs/roots out, or #2 Remove the skin entirely, or #3 just ask for a refund.
  16. I was joking. At first glance, i was thinking to myself, this can't be edible.
  17. what is this, a pond in a bowl?
  18. I picked up a Smithfield Spiral Ham,It was $.99/lb. I am gooing with the usual thanksgiving fixins.
  19. FeChef

    Cheap turkey to smoke

    They are usually injected with sodium phosphate which helps retain moisture. Its low on the salt flavor scale. I would suggest injecting with flavoring like garlic butter and use a simple dry rub before smoking.
  20. Exactly. Sometimes these Gastronomy Chefs take things too far, and lose sight of what made things great in the first place.
  21. Why even bother putting the skin back on. I have made cracklins many times, and i can say without a doubt, no way are you getting that cracklin back on evenly. They curl up pretty fast. And if it hasn't curled up, then it aint cracklin yet. Your better off leaving it intact and shallow pan frying in a inch of oil and turning ever few minutes.(if you dont have a large deep fryer.)
  22. Reason being is im using medium coarse and large coarse grind mixture, and i want the large coarse to have a pulled beef/pulled pork texture.
  23. Has anyone ever tried to sous vide sausage in natural casings? I want to try an experiment and sous vide a pork/beef mixture in natural hog casing for 24 hours at 145F. But i am concerned what will happen to the natural casing after cooking that long at that temp.
  24. I personally would Sous vide, then use my butterball electric turkey deep fryer XL to crisp up the skin. But if you dont have, and you dont want to burn or over cook the pork, I have had really good results with a heat gun. Might be time consuming, but it wont burn the skin like a torch would.
  25. FeChef


    Thats a pretty cool technique all though i would probably be afraid of burning my fingers.
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