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    Steamed burger

    I guess if you put enough cheese and condiments on it, it might compete with a plain grilled hamburger. That said, i think the carmelized onions are the star of that steam show.
  2. FeChef

    Sweet green beans

    I think his mom made them that way. Its probably a pennsylvania dutch thing.
  3. FeChef

    Dinner 2023

    Future pyromaniac in the making.........
  4. FeChef

    Dinner 2023

    What is that bottom yellow layer? (egg?) and whats the layer above the yellow layer? It looks like bacon. Only asking because you said its (vegetarian)
  5. FeChef

    Sweet green beans

    I never heard of adding sugar to green beans. I thought it was weird my step father cooked his green beans in milk and butter.
  6. FeChef

    Dinner 2023

    What kind of clams are those? When we go chinese buffet, they always have them in some brown sauce with black beans, sauteed diced onions and green/red peppers.
  7. The condiment that used to be called French Mustard.
  8. Now i just need to figure out the batter technique to achieve squiggley crevasses.
  9. Forget ChatGPT, I just realized i can achieve close doing a google search for batter fried chicken. Never crossed my mind to use "batter" in the search engine. When i think of batter, i think of a thick smooth bread like coating.
  10. Ask it how to get squiggley crevasses in fried chicken. I been searching google for years trying to figure it out. Picture for reference:
  11. FeChef

    Dinner 2023

    Ahh, damnit! I didnt catch the "leftover" part. I just assumed everyone post their own cooks in the dinner thread. I guess i will never figure this out.
  12. FeChef

    Dinner 2023

    How did you achieve that texture? Its amazing, and i have tried soo many methods with no luck.
  13. FeChef

    Costco Meats

    Costco in my area has a terrible selection of meats. I almost joined, but im glad i told the wife im going to check out the meat department first. And yes, it was when they just opened up the store in my area, but i checked them out a year later and nothing changed.
  14. I love a good med rare steak, but i can't do pork med rare. 140F is the lowest i will go, and its still pink at that temp.
  15. Asiago and olive oil Focaccia 473F 20% steam for 20 min each. I pulled them at around 18 min. I used Joshua Weismann's dough recipe with instant dry yeast no sour dough starter. Makes two 10 inch rounds.
  16. I Have very late eating habits, so sometimes i have to order food before i actually want to eat due to them closing early, or in this case shutting their pressure fryers off at 6pm. That said, Now, yes i could hit up a KFC at 8pm and pay $30 for an 8pc, but i prefer to hit up my local grocery store and pay $8 for an 8pc. So i wanted to test the APO, and to my delight, non sous vide, no steam, 140F for 3 hours and i just tested a breast that was probed at 135F IT was still delicious and juicy. Slightly almost Original recipe texture, but so worth the savings.
  17. Leftover egg whites? I never heard of such a thing.
  18. I had issues holding a prime rib roast following the 101 recipe on anova's site. Seems 132F in sous vide mode with 30% steam is more toward 136F. I was on pins and needles the entire 3 hour hold time i accounted for till guests arrived. Had to keep reducing oven temp to 127F till the roast fell back down to 132F, but then it would start clibing down lower so i had to settle at around oven temp of 130F to keep the roast below 134F. It was fustrating, and im not sure how good this oven works for temp crucial holding. Luckily all the guest preferred medium rare more on the medium side.
  19. The only bright side i see is, im more inclined to hit up a TSC and buy chicks, and raise my own hen's that lay eggs.
  20. eggs in my area are over $5 a dozen, and thats just your standard run of the mill large eggs. I imagine cage free is a few dollars more. There so pricey the stores are cutting the cartons in 1/2 and selling 6 eggs for like $2.75 One grocery store literally has a ad in there weekly flyer for 12 large eggs for $1.99 with 100 points. ( it takes $100usd to equal 100 points.
  21. Never had pork heart. I love pickled chicken hearts, and braised chicken hearts and giblets in gravy.
  22. I love me some cheeks. Pork cheeks are not common in my area of the US, but Beef cheeks are. Which make the most delicious taco's. Cured pork Jowls are available but honestly, i prefer cured pork belly.AKA bacon.
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