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    Dinner 2023

    Care to share the recipe? Ever since McCormick discontinued their Bag N Season country chicken, Ive yet to find a compariable gravy made from braising chicken.
  2. Long lower temps only work on less fatty cuts. Muscle will turn to mush long before fat fully renders on a fatty cut like brisket with long time/low temp. Thats why its recommended to bring brisket to 185F to fully render and carmelize the fat till it turns yellow.
  3. Bring flat to 190F. Then wrap and hold in 150F warmer for 15-18 hours. And probably the biggest secret that nobody talks about is using at least a Prime grade brisket. Brisket is not really cheap in my area but samsclub sells both choice and Prime and Prime is only 40 cents more per pound. Its a no brainer.
  4. If you want the most amazing Brisket, smoke to 190F IT then wrap in BP with some butter and beef tallow, then foil, and place in a SV cooler just above the water line and set it to 150F for 15-18 hours. Best brisket you will ever have. This guy knows whats up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RlnrqM7Kis
  5. FeChef

    high temp cheese?

    Your best bet is a local butcher that makes their own sausage.
  6. I prefer sweet potato starch ( Thick ).
  7. No comparison yet but @250F for 7 hours w/steam and spritzed with a dextrose simple syrup mixed with braggs 50/50 then holding chamber for 15 hours at 150F 100% humidity wrapped in BP.
  8. Chicago beef is good, its one of my favorite sandwiches i make. I don't do the crockpot shredded beef method though. I roast to medium and chill and slice paper thin on my Hobart slicer. I make a celery Gardienera like Al's Beef.
  9. You must be referring to italian beef recipes. I personally don't like pepperoncini that has been overly cooked to death in a crockpot. I would leave the pepperoncini's out until the beef is done, then add them. You can still pour the juice in before cooking which will give you the flavor during cooking.
  10. I just recently noticed this brand was missing from every grocery store and asian market in my area. Didn't know this was going on for a year now.
  11. I had breakfast for dinner last night, so i guess around 10 hours.
  12. I add pepperoncini brine to my chili. Not sure olive brine would pair well with chili though.
  13. Depends. Is it a pureed pastachio soup with the shells added back in to suck the pureed pistachios out? If im being honest, i think i would! Would you pay for a bowl of clam chowder with the clam shells added back into the soup so you can use them as a spoon to slurp the clam chowder?
  14. No sorry, that was in response to your reverse sear steak method.
  15. I see we disagree on this as well. I prefer to high heat sear first to get some good char, then tent in foil and cook low and slow till IT reaches target temp (for me thats 133F ) The benefit to this is the juices in the foil make a really savory au jus.
  16. To be fair, When i eat pistachio's i like to open the shells in my mouth and suck out the salt and pistachio skin.
  17. I was planning to do this with a expensive piece of meat. I would have to find a cheaper meat to do a comparison test. I figured someone would have known if Bragg's speeds up browning since its a amino acid.
  18. Sorry if i am not understanding your answer. I don't see how a fine mist ( spritz ) of sugar and amino acids which will quickly evaporate shortly after it hits the meats surface with temps of 250F+ is going to prevent browning.
  19. No. What i asked in the OP was never answered.
  20. I don't feel like getting into an arguement with you about how more efficient wet heat is vs dry heat.
  21. This is not true. Steam actually darkens bark faster. For example, Katz Deli finishes their Pastrami in a steam bath. Look how dark the bark is on their pastrami.
  22. It's ok. I guess if you removed the caramel coloring, the remaining ingredients could speed up the maliard reaction just with whatever sugars are in their alone. So technically they are not flat out lieing, just fibbing a bit, and leaving out they are basicly adding brown food coloring via caramel coloring. btw, I love KB, i use it a lot to darken soups , sauces, and gravies. Just seems unethical to cheat meat.
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