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    Dark soya sauce?

    I stopped messing around with dark soy sauces, LKK Oyster sauce blows any dark soy sauce flavor out of the water. Make sure you get the "premium bottle" Any recipe that calls for dark soy sauce, i substitute 1:1 LKK Oyster sauce.
  2. FeChef

    Dark soya sauce?

    I only buy Pearl River Bridge soy sauce. I will be honest, and i can't tell the difference between their light soy sauce and their dark soy sauce in terms of sodium. I think its mainly to add dark color and a "subtle sweetness" Its not noticable like Kecap manis aka ABC sweet soy sauce.
  3. I am with your wife on not considering soup a meal. With the exception of a hearty soup like Ham and string bean, or chicken pot pie which i actually consider them stews.
  4. Tomato is the only type i consider soup for some reason. Everything else is a puree and NOT soup. I expect soup to have ingrecients you can see. I guess i consider tomato a soup because i add grilled cheese pieces to it.
  5. Tell her to try the Walmart GV brand. Its literally the same, but its way cheaper, and they include the bags to "shake".
  6. Im good at missing points, but my point still stands, they do something to the breadcrumbs to make them brown and crisp up better when baked with literally no oil.
  7. Ha, I was wrong, I do have both Walmart brand Shake n bake and Walmart brand Panko. Going to take pics now.
  8. The breadcrumb used in "shake n bake" is not even close to "Panko" If i had a box on hand i would pour them both on a paper plate to prove you wrong.
  9. They use a special breadcrumb that browns and crisps up better then standard breadcrumbs, and most certainly "flour" Store brand is cheaper, and used the same breadcrumb, tastes identical and is a lot cheaper and includes the "shake bag" I can confirm Walmart brand, and a local brand to me called Giant.
  10. As ive mentioned, i go very light on the Lawry's, but I always found "find your own bag and shake n bake" to be a bit bland for my taste. A light sprinkle on both sides of a pork chop really brings it to the next level. You could make your own Lawry's without salt if you think theres enough salt in the original mix. Its basicly sugar, celery seed, onion powder, and garlic powder. Might be some white pepper in their too.
  11. I don't add extra breadcrumbs because it changes the final texture from "baking" but i do pre season my pork chops with Lawry's seasoning salt and let them sweat for 30 min prior to tossing in the bag with the "bake" mix. I go very lightly with Lawry's as its pretty salty, but man does it kick them up a notch.
  12. As for weird cravings its cheap ramen packet with as much spicy chile powders i can tolerate. I usually add a nip of Habanero powder, a 1/2 tsp of Jalapeno powder, and a 1/4 tsp of Cayenne powder. The trifecta usually has me sweating half way through the bowl.
  13. Don't buy shake n bake. The no longer provide the bag to "shake" the chicken or pork chops in. And they upp'ed the price to almost $5 a box. I buy store brand that includes a bag and its like $1.69 a box.
  14. Why would it matter if cook time is not an issue? Not enough water add more, too much, take the lid off and let it evaporate. This seems like pretty trivial $hit.
  15. FeChef


    Ive eaten stink bugs on a dare. They actually taste like cilantro. Those hoppers look way too big though.
  16. Char Siu for tonights dinner.
  17. Reminds me of this Greek Diner had the best Chicken Orzo soup with a hint of lemon.
  18. Just picked up a pork loin a few days ago, trimmed the deckle for Char Siu.
  19. Why exactly do you need to use wrap or paper? Why not just put directly on a flat plate?
  20. I make char Siu out of this cut. Its basicly the deckle on a pork loin just cut off before sliced into chops.
  21. FeChef

    Wasabi crumble?

    Odd? Negative. My breakfast sandwich is sometimes fried chicken breast with bacon and drizzled with maple syrup on a homemade belgium waffle.
  22. FeChef

    Wasabi crumble?

    I usually make my own, but those sound tasty with the garlic.
  23. FeChef

    Wasabi crumble?

    Either way, scratch the breadcrumbs, and try deep fried shallots.
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