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    Dinner 2023

    Looks amazing. Ive never used green peppercorns. Are they softer then black peppercorns? Milder in pungentcy?
  2. I thought it wasn't right. But my original measurments were right then? I will have to dilute even further then because it was still mush even at 0.1% This was injected every 1/2 inch in a checkerboard pattern, then vacuum tumbled for 30 minutes @ 29 Hg. I will say, such high vacuum might also contribute to over tenderizing. I will try just injecting and do an equalibrium brine next time, but i will still reduce the concentration by 1/2 my original concentration. What would 1g Bromelain in 2000g water be? 0.05% ?
  3. I bought pure Bromelain awhile back and wanted to try using it as an injection for tough meat tenderization. I found an article that tested concentration levels of 0.10 , 0.25 , 0.50 , and 1.0%. In the study even as low as 0.10% reduced the hardness by more then half. So i went with what i "thought" was 0.10%. Needless to say, i must have calculated wrong lol. I was always under the impression that a brine solution of 50g salt and 1000 ml was 5%. So i thought mixing 1000 ml with 1g would equal 0.10%. But having tried this i ended up with mush. So i went online and decided to use a weight/volume percent calculator and its telling me in order to achieve 0.10% i need to mix 0.1g ( not sure if my scale can even measure that low ) with 10,000 ml. This can't be right?
  4. So you don't like peppers because they give you gas? Thats pretty shallow, who cares if you rip a few after. I guess you don't like garlic either? Or bad breath doesn't concern you?
  5. If you don't like Stuffed peppers, i won't even talk to you.
  6. 1 Cup of water with steaming rack inside.
  7. I use my instant pot to par cook chicken wings before i drop them in the deep fryer or air fryer. 10 min high pressure 10 min natural release.
  8. FeChef

    Dinner 2023

    Whats wrong with drunk drunk. I always post drunk drunk. I wouldn't have it any other way.
  9. FeChef

    Dinner 2023

    That battered fish looks good. Your making me crave Long John Silvers, lol. Im gonna cry, theres no more LJS's in my area anymore.
  10. FeChef

    Dinner 2023

    If you take that image and invert it, you can see slimer from ghostbusters in the image.
  11. FeChef

    Beef "roll ups"

    Try crab meat and boursin cheese. With a marsala wine sauce/glaze.
  12. FeChef

    Tournedos de boeuf

    One is a force of nature, the other comes from a cow.
  13. FeChef

    The Toast Topic

    I like slightly burnt toast. I like to let this slightly burnt toast cool before i spread cold butter on it. The taste of this cold buttered slightly burnt toast is in a realm of its on. Try it sometime and post your opinion.
  14. FeChef

    Dinner 2023

    I have to try this Ramen. Havent seen it at my local Asian Market.
  15. FeChef

    Dinner 2023

    Care to share the recipe? Ever since McCormick discontinued their Bag N Season country chicken, Ive yet to find a compariable gravy made from braising chicken.
  16. Long lower temps only work on less fatty cuts. Muscle will turn to mush long before fat fully renders on a fatty cut like brisket with long time/low temp. Thats why its recommended to bring brisket to 185F to fully render and carmelize the fat till it turns yellow.
  17. Bring flat to 190F. Then wrap and hold in 150F warmer for 15-18 hours. And probably the biggest secret that nobody talks about is using at least a Prime grade brisket. Brisket is not really cheap in my area but samsclub sells both choice and Prime and Prime is only 40 cents more per pound. Its a no brainer.
  18. If you want the most amazing Brisket, smoke to 190F IT then wrap in BP with some butter and beef tallow, then foil, and place in a SV cooler just above the water line and set it to 150F for 15-18 hours. Best brisket you will ever have. This guy knows whats up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RlnrqM7Kis
  19. FeChef

    high temp cheese?

    Your best bet is a local butcher that makes their own sausage.
  20. I prefer sweet potato starch ( Thick ).
  21. No comparison yet but @250F for 7 hours w/steam and spritzed with a dextrose simple syrup mixed with braggs 50/50 then holding chamber for 15 hours at 150F 100% humidity wrapped in BP.
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