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  1. When one roasts garlic for caramelisation it’s usually up near 400 degrees. Otoh you no doubt sauté and simmer garlic in a pan at probably 200-250 don’t you? I doubt very much you’d find 250 degree instant pot garlic to be “sweetened”.
  2. I was HOPING for a winning homemade pierogi recipe!
  3. WD-50 book

    mine arrived today. I'm pretty excited.
  4. 110 degrees is unusually low, but that certainly looks beautiful inside.
  5. Ingredients via Internet

  6. Even without a lid or other means of minimizing evaporation, with typical SV temps I've only noticed about an inch water level drop over 24 hrs ... so if the container is filled to the maximum fill line on the circulator, it's not going to be anywhere near stalling out after 24 hrs. I'll use a smaller volume cambro for smaller items, but still fill to the max line
  7. I haven't ever thought much about it, but I ALWAYS fill to just below the max line every time I use my circulators. this allows for evaporation AND helps ensure the bags stay submerged completely
  8. I generally use the smoking gun, for similar reasons.
  9. mt feeling is the moisture in the bag damps down the smokiness. I smoke after
  10. really? cioppino?? calamari fra diavolo? seafood arrabbiata ? Halibut Livornese? Bouillabaisse? Basque stew? you're missing out
  11. better than a clammy milkshake
  12. Good clam chowder= Manhattan. Clams need cream the way tuna needs mozzarella. I.E. not at all.
  13. Come in, your 15 minutes are up
  14. is there an IEC standard for "underpants"? all pants are "underpants". the OVERpants are trousers
  15. it's a standard IEC power cord
  16. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Shrimp etoufée
  17. It's a great tool for making cat food... otherwise, I'd rather my seafood not be steam cremated
  18. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Fluke scallop and branzino ceviche, Mexican style, on a tostada.
  19. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    you’re a brave person. I know now it’s not the hippest choice, but I’m a horseradish or cocktail sauce person. NOT a fan of mignonette
  20. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    @Shelby nice! do you shuck your own oysters? It's the one and only thing I ask my fishmonger to do for me; I'm hopeless at it. and my profession kind of demands that I keep my fingers...
  21. Moderately interestingly, I saw a video online with what looks to be nearly identically "Bittman's" shrimp recipe... and the guy in the video used frozen, cleaned shrimp. Which makes much more sense (if that entire nonsensical recipe idea can be categorized so)... the frozen shrimp give off all that water that's missing, and, starting from being that cold, don't overcook. still the result was a wet mess... nothing at all like the garlic butter sauce I would call a "Scampi" style shrimp. and overall, the method calls for doing 5-10 minutes of cooking on sauté mode, and then the '1 minute'' under pressure; which seems ridiculous to me anyway, because after all that sautéeing, I could just add fresh shrimp to the pan and have them done in a minute or two at most on the heat anyway. there isn't anything being gained by doing it under pressure.
  22. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Cheese enchiladas. Guajillo Sauce. Roasted red pepper sauce. Guacamole