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  1. @Okanagancook it takes practice. I remember my first pies were just atrocious (and I even posted them online! I was so proud of them) but then I worked in a bakery for a year and I got really good working with dough and now I can make pies in my sleep. Quickness and a good sense of touch-feel are key, imo. I think lard leaf makes a superior crust. Keep going! You'll get there.
  2. What a depressing thread, what a way to start my Saturday morning.
  3. @chromedome good advice. Thanks. A few few things I’ve learned: 1. I’m solely using my Nikon D60, a DSLR, for taking photos. I love my iPhone, but if I’m to get serious, I have to use my DSLR for every shoot. Many more options and the photos are much better. 2. I got a tripod. Why did I wait so long? Again, this goes hand-in-hand with using the manual functions on the DSLR. And I can change settings on the same shot and see the differences and how I like some settings better for certain shots. And the overhead shots have improved 100%. 3. Styling mat
  4. This is an amazing thread, I read it months ago and I didn’t understand what half the comments were saying. I went back today and reread it and the comments are gold. Real knowledgeable people here. Using the polarizing sunglasses is epic, thank you @dcarch
  5. One of my goals is to process raw files in Lightroom.
  6. I feel like I’m the only one posting? Does anyone care? Or should this thread just die? (Edit: I wrote this a few secs before @paulraphael replied. It’s a sign. Awesome, let’s keep it going!) Ive gotten serious about food photography the last few weeks and even though I’m a itty bitty baby in an ocean of knowledge, I’ve made huge gains just by changing some things. If anyone wants to join me, please post along. Today, I present the blueberry friand. Discuss.
  7. @Raamo It's getting there! They look like little caterpillars.
  8. It was fine. There's no hard and fast rule that I can't use Crema de Mezcal, which was what the store carried. It's still a Mezcal. But since you're being nit-picky, the Death & Co book calls for Del Maguey San Luis Del Rio, which is what 90% of what Crema is made of.
  9. @cdh This is the mezcal I bought a few months ago I thought it was excellent. I used it to make Death & Co's famous Oaxaca Old-Fashioned. https://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1012967-oaxaca-old-fashioned (I hope it isn't behind a pay wall, if it is, I'll find another link)
  10. Smokeydoke

    Dinner 2018

    Thanks @Raamo. Your cheese tray pic looks gorgeous. And I didn't know the Béarnaise was siphoned, now it makes sense. At first, I was like this
  11. Smokeydoke

    Dinner 2018

    @Raamo Interesting. I put Béarnaise sauce on cheap sirloin and I liked it, but even then, it was a bit much. Actually, I posted it to eGullet a few years back. I'll try to find it later (I'm at work). I used much less Béarnaise than you did. And I agree, American Wagyu isn't cheap! I've only had it at restaurants.
  12. Smokeydoke

    Dinner 2018

    @Raamo I'm just curious, it says Minnesota on your profile but do you originally come from another country? In all seriousness, I've never seen anyone eat a Wagyu steak like that. And Wagyu is hella expensive, so I know you're not trolling.
  13. @cdh I bought a bottle of mezcal earlier this year, I forgot the brand (I'm at work) and I enjoyed it, much more than tequila or scotch, which I do not have an appreciation for. But I do like bourbon. A lot.
  14. Smokeydoke

    Dinner 2018

    @kayb that sounds really good. I learn something new every day.
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