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  1. Thanksgiving Side Dishes

    I'm having an Apple Cranberry Walnut Salad as an appetizer. I'm trying to find some balance to a traditionally heavy meal. https://www.lecremedelacrumb.com/apple-cranberry-walnut-salad/
  2. I just can't cook __________!

    Roll Cakes. Roll cakes are my nemesis. They always crack.
  3. Thanksgiving Side Dishes

    Are you going to tell us how to cook a turkey or where we can find a non-garbage turkey? I'm in the camp that turkey is only for sandwiches and its sole purpose is to be a delivery system for mayo. But I definitely fit btbyrd's 3 and 4. I've only bought the frozen butterball variety and I've only cooked it in an oven (one year it was deep-fried, but it still wasn't that good). It tastes like gamey chicken to me, and I don't understand why people go through so much work every year to eat it. I'd love to learn the secret, please!
  4. I just found this thread. Thank you! I'll try to contribute when I have the time. I have some doozies.
  5. Recipes that Rock: 2017

    I been thinking about what to contribute for this thread and unfortunately I've only got one. I've been cooking a lot of new recipes but they seem to be remakes of old classics and none have blown my socks off. I made Diana Henry's Lamb with Dates, Feta and Sumac for Easter and it was fabulous. https://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1018316-lamb-chops-with-dates-feta-sumac-and-tahini The sweet dates meld so well with the gamey lamb and the bitter herbs. This is probably my favorite recipe this year.
  6. I just quit my internship. Not really a horror story, more a "wtf?" story. Some background info about me: I used to manage a pizza store years ago and just recently got a job at a bakery after being out of the business for years. I've been kicking ass at the bakery and feeling confidant, so I decided to get a second job and this guy was advertising for a cook. This guy makes pizzas during the day and runs a "fine-dining" restaurant at night. I straight up told him that I didn't want the pizza job and he should've mentioned that in the ad that's what the cook would be doing, but he told me he was going to teach me "fine-dining" food. LOL. I don't know why I'm so gullible, I've been in the business before. Anyways, I show up early the next day and he tells me to come in two hours later. So I do, then he has me clean the place and make pizzas!! I asked him about dinner service, and he says, "not yet, one thing at a time." So, he hired another cook along with me, he gets into it with the other cook and he quits! On the first day! So, I'm feeling bad for the owner, so I come in the next day, but I'm formulating in my head how to ask this guy for money because there's no way I'm going to make pizzas for free. And the stipulation would be I get to help out at dinner service (which is the real reason I'm there, I don't need the money). I do pizzas for two more days, then on the Friday, he hires another cook! This guy comes from nowhere, I think his last job was at Pizza Hut, and he tells me that he's going to be making the pizzas! I thought, "great, I didn't want to make pizzas anyways, but what about dinner service? There's no way he's going to let this noob do dinner service, right?" Well, I must remind the reader we are in the Twilight Zone, logic and reason have no place here. He asks the guy to stay for dinner service (on his first day) and tells me to go home. On a Friday night! After doing a week of menial work! So fuck that, I told him I'm no longer interested in the job and if I could get paid for the last week of work. He told me that I messed up his pizzas, that's why they weren't selling (lol, not because they're shitty pizzas) and he cost me over $500 in damages, so he's not paying me. There's no way to prove this, but this is complete bullshit. I know how to make a damn pizza, it's not hard, and I used to sling pizzas up the wazoo years ago. And this is not "fine-dining" pizza, the quality is a step above Pizza Pizza. Anyways, I didn't pursue it, last thing I need is a crazy Italian guy in my life, so I'm just going to chalk it up as a "good" story.
  7. I agree, Pepin is much more user-friendly and I just love it. I love him. He makes it seem so simple. I do read LaRousse every now and then as a reference. It's a great book. I'd never part with it.
  8. I agree about Bittman, I feel he's the modern-day Joy of Cooking.
  9. Food Lab, Good Eats Season 1 and 2 (no snickering!), Mastering the Art of French Cooking 1 and 2, Hazen's Essential Italian Cooking, and if you want to impress your friends (but rarely use) Larousse's Gastronomique (makes for a great doorstop). If you want to get serious, Modernist Cuisine. If you want easy-to-make dinner that are foolproof, anything by Ina Garten. If you are into baking, any and all books by Rose Beranbaum. I also love Peter Reinhart's books for bread making. Another great reference that sticks to basics is American Test Kitchen and Cook's Country.
  10. Cooking with Deep Run Roots by Vivian Howard

    Thank you blue dolphin. I've really been enjoying these posts!
  11. I just noticed this thread. Everything looks great. One question: are her waffles crispy? I've been on a hunt to make the perfect waffles, but I need one that will stand up to ice cream and topping and not get mushy. So far, most of the recipes I've tried taste great, but come out soft.
  12. eG Cook-Off 75: Meatballs

    That sounds awesome! I've got to try it.
  13. I'm following it. I enjoy it, I admit I enjoy the controversy it creates more than actually gleaning information from it. I, too, thought Deep Run Roots got an unfair rap, but I didn't say anything because I think DH's Simple is my favorite cookbook of 2016 and I was ecstatic she won.
  14. Recipe "Disaster!"

    Dear gawd, the woman was bat-shit crazy.
  15. I just counted up from last week, ten out of fourteen meals were homecooked. Damn. I'm a bad-ass home cook! I'm being generous, of course. What was homecooked to me might be slop to another (Costco Chili Cheese Hot dogs, anyone?), but to my credit, I never buy frozen pizza (I always make my own), sandwich bread, nor have I bought a frozen lasagna (there's always a homemade one in the freezer). Here's my menu from the last week. I've been keeping track for #Cook90 challenge (which I have failed miserably)! The bold were dinners we really enjoyed. 15 - D - homemade stromboli, pork loin, mash potatoes 16 - B - Flour banana bread, L - homemade pizza with Caesar salad, leftover stromboli and chicken 17 - D - Eggplant curry with steak, L - chili cheese hot dogs 18 - L - french toast banana bread, D - spaghetti 19 - L - canned chicken soup, feta dip, D - In and Out 20 - Br - Bacon omelet, banana bread, D - nothing, forgot to eat 21 - grilled zucchini,squash and rice, white sausage, Fukumimi Ramen Restaurant