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  1. DanM

    Pizza Tour of Italy

    Oh yes. It is a favorite around here. There is a wealth of information in the book that will be useful. Sadly, the binding is starting to fail on my copy. This will be fun. We were at the Divonne les Baines market this past sunday and had a picnic lunch which inlcuded a tasting of fresh that morning, one day old, one week old, and one month old goat cheese. The girls had a blast with it. Thanks for the warning. Sometimes the places that make you offer a prayer to the dysentery gods are the best places to eat. It is just a game of Russian roulette.
  2. DanM

    Pizza Tour of Italy

    Now that we are living in Geneva, Switzerland, Northern Italy is at our doorstep. Turin and Milan are a half days travel by train. I am starting to put together some ideas for a week to 10 day trip though Italy. We have 6 and 8 year old girls, so I think a little light hearted fun should be part of the plan. When I'm not immersing ourselves in the local culture, I think I will be introducing the children to local styles of pizza (although, pizza is culture!!). I will make those ungrateful twits my lovely children sit there and explain to me how this pizza is different than the last. If you were to plan a pizza tour of Italy where we would explore the local style, what cities would you visit and what style to they serve there? Thanks! Dan
  3. I am a big fan of books that have variations, substitutions, and vegetarian options. I also appreciate weight based measurements over subjective measurements. One onion.... how big? A racket ball or softball size??
  4. DanM

    "Modernist Pizza"

    I can see this as a good addition to the series. Modernist Cuisine and Modernist Bread were epic tomes on their subject. I can see smaller, single subject books added to the series. Bonus points if they cover matzoh pizza.
  5. DanM

    Smoked Beef

    It was not edible raw... too tough and the fat layer was unpleasant. I was planning on braising a turkey roll for dinner in a stew of random veg, canned tomatoes, wine, and herbs. I pulled out a little into a small pan and braised this chunk of cow... It was perfect if not just a little over done after an hour.
  6. DanM

    Smoked Beef

    Here is a picture of the piece I bought. The package simply says Boeuf fumé from Buchinger.
  7. No idea, but it seems ribbed for the cooks pleasure.
  8. DanM

    Smoked Beef

    One of the surprises from our move to Switzerland is the availability of kosher charcuterie. Sausages of all types, confit, mousse, rietttes, etc... One of the recent finds is this block of smoked beef. It has a nice fat layer in the middle. Any thoughts on how to use it? Should I slice it thin and then fry? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  9. Hi. i was considering a Bosch Mum for a stand mixer for our new Swiss home, but decided on the old standby Kitchen Aid instead. The Bosch provides some food processing functions, but does not chop up veg very easily. That said, I need a stand alone food Processor. I am considering this one from Siemens, but I'm open to suggestions. Any thoughts out there? http://www.siemens-home.bsh-group.com/ch/fr/liste-des-produits/preparation-des-aliments/robots-menagers/MK860FQ1?breadcrumb=kitchenmachines
  10. DanM

    Your spice cabinet

    I carved a shelf out of my kitchen's bookcase for spices. The jars are stacked 5 deep in loose alphabetical order with the most commonly used spice in each row placed up front. The spices come from The Spice House. However, I will need a new source now that I live in Switzerland.
  11. DanM

    Gesiers D'oie Confits

    I was planning on buying jar of duck confit at the market, but I had a dimwitted moment and grabbed the confit goose gizzards instead. What should I do with them? Suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks! Dan
  12. DanM


    I am looking for a recommendation for a quality brand of flour for bread, pastries, and general cooking/baking. I just moved to Geneva from the US, so I am not familiar with the local brands. I will be shopping in Annemasse France 80% of the time, if that helps. Thanks!
  13. Does anyone know this brand? It is part of a serving set my parents picked up in Tokyo a few years ago. We are doing an inventory of items in the house, so specific information is appreciated. Thanks!
  14. Yup! Those are falafel scoops. You hold down the trigger, load it up with a spoon, invert it over the fryer and let go of the trigger.... Easy peasy. I use the large one for sandwiches and small one for snack size bites for the kids to take to school. The wood board is actually an eggplant knife given to me by my aunt. It is utterly useless at cutting eggplants or anything for that matter. I just keep it around to confuse people.
  15. I'm prepping for dinner tomorrow night. Here are some gadgets that might be used. Any guesses??