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  1. DanM

    Beef Cheek Mole?

    As much as I would love to make mole from scratch, Mexican ingredients in Switzerland are hard to find. Fresh ingredients are even rarer. This is a concentrate. The ted's instructions call for 500g of crushed tomatoes and 750ml broth per jar, which is 500g. The black calls for 100ml per 100g of mole.
  2. DanM

    Beef Cheek Mole?

    My wife picked up these two jars of Mole, the red and the black (queue up Blue Oyster Cult). I also have some beef checks in the freezer. Should I try to cook the cheeks in the mole? Which one? And what should I put in the dutch oven with it? Thanks for the advice.
  3. Thanks for the advice everyone. I'll have to give it a good look again before buying.
  4. Good afternoon I am considering Charcuterie or Salumi by Mark Rhulman. Before I make the purchase, I am wondering if either of these books are useful for someone who keeps kosher and therefore does not eat pork. Beef, poultry, and lamb are all possible and easily available. Thanks!
  5. DanM

    What are these leaves?

    I think I'll fire up the barbeque and grill them with some chicken. Thanks!
  6. DanM

    What are these leaves?

    Thanks! Now to find a good use for them...
  7. I picked up a bag full of these greens this morning at the market. The sign said chicory, which would make it a variety I've never seen before. Does anyone know what it is? Any classic preparations? Thanks!
  8. I need help. My wife fell in love with a Yemenite meat soup while in Jerusalem last week. It was pretty spectacular. All I can say about the soup is that it had a brownish red broth with a thick and heavy body, heavily spiced, and with large chunks of meat. There were no veg or other ingredients besides the meat in the broth. Any idea what type of soup this is? Thanks!
  9. I have beef ribs cooking away in 62° water for another 24 hoursish... What else can I cook at the same temp to make a nice side? Thank you!
  10. There are a hundreds comments across dozens of threads about cooking beef short ribs by sous vide. I hope the admins dont mind me starting a thread dedicated to this topic to help consolidate some of the knowledge out there. I just picked up a ChefStep Joule this past week and want to break it in cooking some short ribs that are in the freezer. The times and temperatures I have seen vary wildly. What is the consensus here? Are their any good recipes I should check out? Right now my plan is to follow the information on Modernist cuisine's website and cook the ribs for 72
  11. At least I think it is a tuber... I bought this lot at the market for 1€.... I have no idea what they are! They are about 3-4" long. The vendor says they are sunchokes, but they look like no variety I have seen. Any thoughts or suggestions on how to prepare them?
  12. DanM

    Veal shoulder roll

    The store did not have another shoulder roast, but they did have a breast of about the same size. I'll have to see if I can find that Julia Child recipe. Thanks!
  13. I have a veal shoulder roll to cook on Sunday. I'm not a big fan of red meat, but we have company, so I need to make a bigger feast than necessary.... Anyhow. How to cook this cut? I was thinking about pot roasting it in a dutch oven with mushrooms, potatoes, carrots and onions. Brown the meat, deglaze with white wine, as the veg, meat, broth, and a bouquet garnis. Set it in oven 150c ish for 3 hours? I might unroll the cut and add some persillade and reroll. Any thoughts? Also, is 1kg enough for 4 adults and 4 kids? I am also serving roast chicken as a main (for the k
  14. Here is what I have so far. A pairing knife and a tomato knife Veg peeler Victorinox cheese knife Polaine bread and tartine knife (optional, but fun to have around) Can/bottle opener Mini cutting board (fits perfectly in my cooler for picnics) Pizza cost Not shown, the wooden spoon and slotted spoon that my 2 year old declared were hers. I am considering an oven mitt. I've been in a few places where I had to find a dry bath towel to take food out of the oven. I also need a solution for small amounts of spices. Salt
  15. DanM

    Meat Grinder

    I am bumping this thread. I am looking at buying a meat grinder and would like to hear the advice of others. There are two options, a Kitchenaid attachment or a stand alone electric. The all metal attachment costs about 90 Swiss Francs. An electric from bosch or Moullinex will run about 140chf. Any advantages or disadvantages between the two? Thanks! Dan
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