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  1. https://anovaculinary.com/blog/ personally I don't get why I'd want to start washing bags, or how one would effectively do that.
  2. Bangers and mash

    I'm mostly joking about the whole thing anyway... but I grew up in England. People aren't as provincial about food as you're painting them. Not one of my friends wouldn't be familiar with haddie and haggis and cock a leekie soup, and, for that matter, sushi. And we'd have corned beef at the Jewish deli, where it's actually good. <g>
  3. Bangers and mash

    While not strictly Irish it's far more common in Ireland than corned beef. Bangers are are of course ubiquitous, but hardly 'special' for St patrick's.
  4. Bangers and mash

    I'd suggest finnan haddie
  5. Bangers and mash

    Don't beg. It's unseemly. <g>
  6. Bangers and mash

    Yes. Germans are usually the pasty emulsified version of Britons. <g>
  7. Keller also "warns" about longer cooking at sub 140f. And yet 130 for 72 hrs is relatively common.
  8. so it's been a long time since I looked through my copy of Under Pressure, but, for whatever obscure reason, I paged through it tonight, and (forgive me if this has been covered before) but it struck me that EVERY single recipe in that book is cooked to a higher temp than I would do generally. And it had me wondering if those are actually his "real" numbers, or just the ones his legal team felt 'safe' suggesting to the public back then.
  9. Snowed in. I made burgers. LaFrieda brisket blend burgers. 132f for 2 hrs (from frozen) finished with provolone and hatch green chiles.
  10. Bangers and mash

    COLEMAN's!!!!! Never Dijon. Tsk.
  11. Bangers and mash

    I suspect strongly I'm of a similar age, but in any event... it's when stating something on the internets for eyes of all potential ages that I tend to get a bit more specific about such things.
  12. Bangers and mash

    while I would agree in some senses that in the UK a 'banger' is "just sausage"... I feel pretty strongly that if, in a London pub, one ordered bangers and mash and received mash with, say, a black boudin sausage, or a cumin redolent spicy chorizo, or an andouille, or a kaiser wurst... no one would consider that to be "right". a banger is, at least by convention, a certain style of sausage.
  13. Bangers and mash

    Traditionally ONION gravy. And coleman's mustard. Serious eats has had a decent recipe if you search.
  14. It's in one of the hitchhiker'guide to the galaxy books where a group of advertising executives crash lands on a deserted planet, and they are unable to invent the wheel for their new civilization because they can't agree on what colour it should be.
  15. Pretty similar inventory to Tienda (at it seems slightly higher prices)