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  1. it would be odd if once they were not clueless
  2. weedy

    Dinner 2019

    Sous Vide Berkshire pork chops with achiote glaze. Pear salsa. Rancho Gordo black beans and wild rice.
  3. Agreed. also, there is a push in some circles to 'rename' Sous Vide as 'low temperature cooking'. Which I think might be over simplistic (which by the way isn't a synonym for "simple", and it drives me up a tree how often I hear it used that way, but...) but at least makes the point that SV cooking is most useful for its ability to maintain accurate, controlled low temperatures over time. But the time you're cooking at !80F or so, you might as well be braising in an oven or on the stove top.
  4. I’m assuming that one day America’s Test Kitchen will get something right ... but I’m still waiting.
  5. weedy

    Dinner 2019

    Muttar Paneer
  6. If the bag doesn't sink naturally I use small stainless steel clips to the top of the rack to hold the bags in place like these: ANDRIMAX Chip Bag Clips, 8PCS Premium Stainless Steel Chip Clips with 3 Inch Wide, All-Purpose Heavy-Duty Seal Grip Clips
  7. weedy

    Dinner 2019

    Sous Vide D’Artagnan Milanese Berkshire pork chops (139 for 2.5 hrs. Torched) roasted tomatillo salsa guacamole mezcal margarita with chipotle salt/sugar rim. green bean salad
  8. 139 for 2.5 hrs (from frozen) torch finish. The rest in Dinner thread
  9. Doing some nice Berkshire pork chops on the bone from D’Artagnan. Made a roasted tomatillo salsa, guacamole, and a green bean salad to go with.
  10. weedy

    Dinner 2019

    Shrimp Udon
  11. haven't. I know, I should, I shall.
  12. weedy

    Dinner 2019

    Valentine’s Day Sous Vide Wagyu strip steak and butter poached lobster tail. Saffron beurre blanc on the lobster. Potatoes dauphinois. Caesar salad. Champagne.
  13. tonight I put sliced potatoes in the pot with a cup of stock and did them on high pressure for just 2 minutes. then a quick release. there was still a little water left in the bottom, which i expected, and the potatoes were almost cooked through, which i both expected and was aiming for, as I was going to finish them in a gratin in the oven, but what I was NOT expecting, or happy to see, was that some potatoes were stuck to the bottom and clearly slightly burned on (even brown a bit, despite being in liquid)... there is definitely something up with my inner pot sticking consistently now.
  14. hmm, that's a thought thanks