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  1. Fwiw I’m not suggesting it’s a scientific ‘proof’ that something ‘tastes better’ those guys are entitled to their taste. But they often compare one item to another with multiple variable differences. I’m just saying their ‘testing’ is pretty loose. I don’t feel that way about chef steps or food lab.
  2. I do almost exactly this. But I tend to use the rice setting.
  3. pretty sure that other reputable sources have weighed in that cooking SV from frozen is just as good (whether that's Food Lab or Chefsteps or individual chefs) and it's what I've found. those 'SV Everything' guys say a lot of things that many others disagree with.
  4. For example: if you dropped the frozen steak into the bath 30 mins or so before the thawed one (because you shouldn’t be counting THAWING time as cooking time, just like you’re not for the refrigerator thawed sample) and then took them both out an hour or two later, I don’t believe the difference would be much if anything.
  5. Too much other testing (usually more carefully and scientifically done) contradicts them for me to take any advice from them. He leaves in way too many variables and inconsistencies in his “tests” to make any conclusions meaningful. but they are entertaining as as far as it goes.
  6. When one roasts garlic for caramelisation it’s usually up near 400 degrees. Otoh you no doubt sauté and simmer garlic in a pan at probably 200-250 don’t you? I doubt very much you’d find 250 degree instant pot garlic to be “sweetened”.
  7. I was HOPING for a winning homemade pierogi recipe!
  8. 110 degrees is unusually low, but that certainly looks beautiful inside.
  9. Ingredients via Internet

  10. Even without a lid or other means of minimizing evaporation, with typical SV temps I've only noticed about an inch water level drop over 24 hrs ... so if the container is filled to the maximum fill line on the circulator, it's not going to be anywhere near stalling out after 24 hrs. I'll use a smaller volume cambro for smaller items, but still fill to the max line
  11. I haven't ever thought much about it, but I ALWAYS fill to just below the max line every time I use my circulators. this allows for evaporation AND helps ensure the bags stay submerged completely
  12. I generally use the smoking gun, for similar reasons.
  13. mt feeling is the moisture in the bag damps down the smokiness. I smoke after