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  1. weedy

    Sous Vide Turkey

    I want to end up with all the bits browned (and then I’m going to sauce it) and served together. So i am not looking to smoke the legs or separate the skin etc.
  2. weedy

    Making Your Own Condiments

    Homemade mustards and mayos and hot sauces can be opportunities to make something just the way you like it, and to make useful variations for different uses and dishes. OTOH, homemade ketchup is just a demonstration of how you can never make anything as good as Heinz. 😎
  3. weedy


    have an immersion circulator?
  4. weedy

    Sous Vide Turkey

    Maybe. I’m not so sure for turkey. Especially if they are very long cook times. I suspect 150 will work for both, if it is in long enough
  5. weedy

    Sous Vide Turkey

    So I’ve done turkey breast SV before but that was served with a molé and I wasn’t fussed with the skin. This time im planning on doing the whole bird (in pieces) but i’d like to try to crisp the skin at the finish. Recommendations seem to be way all over the shop as to times and temps. I’ve seen everything from a few hours at 135 to 24 hrs at 150. One recipe i saw suggested doing the legs at 2 degrees higher than the breasts which seems totally wanky to me. My plan is to do the legs for longer than the breasts, and probably to remove the breasts from the bone before bagging (although I’m not committed to that yet). But I’m currently thinking to do all the pieces (for different times) at 150F and then bung it under the broiler, with a little bitter and spice rub, to try to crisp and brown the skin Anyone have thoughts experiences warnings exhortations threats etc.? Should I worry about the broiler overcooking it and thereby undoing my good SV work? should I therefore perhaps drop the Sv cooking temp ? i suspect a torch would just burn off the skin. how long would you do? i was thinking 24 hr legs and 3-4 hour breasts but I wonder if it’s overkill. Thanks for any advice
  6. the king of all crostini has to be Michael White's sea urchin with lardo melted over it.
  7. so that guy in the video says "it's some good ass carbonara" I was under the impression that Carbonara was made with Guanciale, which is pork cheek... is this some variant made with ass? or was he self describing?
  8. weedy

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Ahi poké stack. Very trendy.
  9. Officious? so the sign was “meddlesome”
  10. Like the Samsung that has little faux flame lights on the side of the pot edges to show you how high you’ve set the ‘flame’?
  11. You can definitely cremate things. If anythting I need to err in the lower side than I ‘expect’ unless I’m going for maximum wallop (such as boiling water) Mine has 20 steps plus a Max turbo boost for a total of 21. Thats REALLY more fine control than a gas flame in any PRACTICAL sense, even if that flame is technically infinitely variable. And, the same pot set a 4.5 is going to behave the same way EVERY time. That’s not really true with gas either.
  12. Getting an induction range. And using it. It has all the variability with better control.
  13. weedy

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Japan has ruined American Japanese food for me. Especially sashimi and sushi. Except for the guys out on an adventurous limb, doing their own ‘take’ on Japanese (eg Matsuhisa or Morimoto), it’s too disappointing.
  14. weedy

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Sous Vide tacos de Lengua.