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  1. Anova bluetooth version

    I write either the start time or the 'done' time on a piece of tape and stick it on the cambro
  2. Cuisinart Recall

    mine came today... "only" 6 months later. it hadn't occurred to me to keep the old blade (even though it exhibits no visible 'issues') as I have no reason to think the new one won't be just as reliable.
  3. I'm just back from 3 weeks on tour in Australia and New Zealand Sydney - this is the 6th time (i think) I've been to Cafe Sydney and it's still one of my favorite places anywhere. Great food, beautiful view, nice atmosphere, good service. a great place. Melbourne - Rockpool continues to be a strong entry here, especially their selection of steaks from wagyu through to 60 month grass fed... but crudos and other starters were also strong, including a stellar lobster omelet! Perth - Shorehouse restaurant (in Swanbourne) was excellent. on the water staring out at sunset over the Indian Ocean helps!, but also some really good food in a relaxed open air atmosphere. the bad news was that Rockpool Perth was poor in every way. Uncaring service, spotty cooking, wrong orders, a complete miss; and nothing at all what I would have expected based on my many previous visits to Rockpools in Melbourne and Sydney. Auckland - we had a nice dinner at Harbourside Ocean Bar Grill. nice spot overlooking the harbour, seafood centric menu. The local crayfish (a clawless lobster basically, it was more than a pound and a half, not the tiny Louisiana crawfish, if that's what you're picturing) was the standout winner.
  4. Anova bluetooth version

    i prefer the original, but the differences are small and I never use the bluetooth function
  5. Yes it's promised to be in his forthcoming Low temp cooking book. Meanwhile, what about shabu or hot pot style? that is quick cooked but tends to come out grey.
  6. Sous Vide Garlic

    not in a short cooking time, no. but then I'm more typically doing a chicken or duck breast for an hour or two... no longer.
  7. A single wifi network and single phone controls multiple Philips Hue light bulbs (individually different if desired) so the principle should be the same. But... even in a classroom, I still say the advantage of the Anova over the Joule is you don't HAVE TO control it wirelessly. People do classes just fine with Polyscience circulators as well. Just set the temp on the device.
  8. https://anovaculinary.com/blog/ personally I don't get why I'd want to start washing bags, or how one would effectively do that.
  9. Bangers and mash

    I'm mostly joking about the whole thing anyway... but I grew up in England. People aren't as provincial about food as you're painting them. Not one of my friends wouldn't be familiar with haddie and haggis and cock a leekie soup, and, for that matter, sushi. And we'd have corned beef at the Jewish deli, where it's actually good. <g>
  10. Bangers and mash

    While not strictly Irish it's far more common in Ireland than corned beef. Bangers are are of course ubiquitous, but hardly 'special' for St patrick's.
  11. Bangers and mash

    I'd suggest finnan haddie
  12. Bangers and mash

    Don't beg. It's unseemly. <g>
  13. Bangers and mash

    Yes. Germans are usually the pasty emulsified version of Britons. <g>
  14. Keller also "warns" about longer cooking at sub 140f. And yet 130 for 72 hrs is relatively common.
  15. so it's been a long time since I looked through my copy of Under Pressure, but, for whatever obscure reason, I paged through it tonight, and (forgive me if this has been covered before) but it struck me that EVERY single recipe in that book is cooked to a higher temp than I would do generally. And it had me wondering if those are actually his "real" numbers, or just the ones his legal team felt 'safe' suggesting to the public back then.