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  1. That's the thing. I suspect, or hope?, I may get some use out of it as a pressure cooker and a rice cooker. But I am not a 'one pot meal' kind of cook at all.
  2. I bought an Instant Pot. Now I just need to figure out why.
  3. Seafood stock help

    Yes. Exactly. I also don't see the advantage to pressure cooking over just boiling for a half hour ish.
  4. Seafood stock help

    Also FWIW, cleaning shrimp is dead easy and not messy.
  5. Seafood stock help

    I'm not buying any fish (and ESPECIALLY shellfish) from questionable waters. If I can't afford good fish, then I won't buy fish.
  6. Seafood stock help

    Okay then just skip it and use salted water. Or season it with your fave Cajun spice. Etouffee doesn't require stock.
  7. Seafood stock help

    If you can't get stock just use salted water. Etoufee has plenty of other flavour going on (or should, anyway). But, if your store is shelling and cleaning th shrimp for you, what not ask for the shells (and heads if they have them) in a bag from them?
  8. good suggestions! (except for Blue Apron )
  9. Food recalls

    okay, I found this: https://www.fda.gov/food/recallsoutbreaksemergencies/outbreaks/ucm561199.htm#Recalled seems like it's primarily CA focused, and about frozen "cubes" or "steaks"... products that some restaurants might indeed use, and might cook to 'rare', but not likely to be found in sashimi another reason I buy fish from my well KNOWN TO ME fish markets, only. never from supermarkets or 'bulk' stores.
  10. Food recalls

    what states WERE affected?
  11. Sushi Mistake - Near Tasteless

    To ME, anyway, the pleasure in great sushi* and sashimi is in great fish... not in any trick that might make lesser fish 'work' the fish I buy from my Japanese market is great right as is... with nothing at all done to it or put on it. That is, to me, where it needs to always start. If yours is bland, you need to find better fish. And it's likely to cost you. *i only eat out for sashimi and sushi at the super high end restaurants (the Morimoto and Nobu and Masa types of the world) in the US. I am spoiled by eating in Japan too many times. The average local place in North America is just too much as you describe your own effort: bland and boring. I'd rather buy great fish and cut it myself.
  12. Dinner 2017 (Part 5)

    I did a very trad 'steakhouse' lobster dinner 2.5 lb. broiled lobsters (par boil 4 mins, split, clean the cavity, stuff, then at service time under the broiler for 10 mins) stuffed with a mix I made of bread crumbs diced cuttlefish and sea urchin, in a lot of melted butter. Creamed spinach. Corn (which, in a divergence from aforementioned steakhouse tradition) I made Mexican street corn style - roasted to almost a char then brushed with mayonaise and dusted with chile pequin and queso fresco trad martinis - about 3 gin to 1 part vermouth.
  13. two unusual things I bought on the internets recently: Takii Umami Powder https://lindera-farms.myshopify.com/collections/all
  14. google is not a medical search. google can turn up plenty of "pro" anecdotal evidence and unsubstantiated opinion as well there is some argument about the value of supplementation (although the AREDS recommendation for anyone with macular deregulation, or the precursor to that, is pretty firm in its recommendations), but much less 'controversy' about the value of antioxidants from FOOD.
  15. and the AREDS study? i only posted one. that doesn't imply there aren;t others.