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  1. well, Method Man said that, but it was on a Biggie Track. Not poking fun...sampling. ←
  2. please don't defile the names of the 2 greatest hip hop artists the world has ever known. i'm begging you. If you want to make a hip hop reference, at least poke fun at an artist who makes puns.
  3. bridgeport IPA. not the best, but a great IPA from one of the better larger breweries here in craftbrew heaven (portland, OR).
  4. Love the Jon Stewart quote in your sig ... the only reason I even have a blog is because my friends all do, and we all read each other's blogs at work and comment. It really is like passing notes in the classroom. ← irony of ironies, i read that quote in a wired.com interview.
  5. I hate mine, actually. it's never updated, profane, poorly written and downright offensive. nontheless, it's in the sig.
  6. deschutes new Inversion IPA while watching my suns, and my frenchman Boris Diaw, pull one off in Dallas. honestly, it's not that great, but the game was
  7. markovitch


    i had a tasty cocktail called a rhubarbarita--standard margarita w/ rhubarb puree. tasty.
  8. molsons. normally I wouldn't mention such drivel in here, but I just lost my job, and the back label on my bottle said 'my schedule just cleared up'
  9. tempura avocado tart mash, mix with capers, chopped black olives, S&P and put it on your bagel. Ideas In Food have some great ideas on their page
  10. Lonnie re: a rice, a soup, a ____ I think his analysis goes further than he thought, one can also argue that there is a null modifier in the cases of serving units: a [bowl of] rice a [cup of] soup a [carboard cylinder of black liquid known as] coffee I think this is the core of the issue--the perceived semantic unit as related to consumption-- if a speaker does not think of rice as coming in a bowl next to their stir fry, they're more likely to use the totally non-specified 'rice' stumptown example: When one makes Stumptown coffee at home, does one say: 1) 'I am making coffee' 2) 'I am making a cup/pot of coffee' or 3) % 'I am making a coffee' (note % denotes akwardness) the third is the most akward for me. when purchasing a fixed beverage from a stumptown locale, one is getting 'a [cup of] coffee.' If one assumes a fair bit of contextualization, interlocutors will assume the unit of measure (cup). I think this is pretty secure contexually--much confusion would result if one were to say: 4) I am going to stumptown for a [pound of] coffee. they'd expect a white paper cup on return, not a bag o' beans. i think i rehashed a bit of the few posts, but oh well.
  11. i think there are two types: exclusionary and inclusionary. I think it's pretty self-explanatory.
  12. my apartment has an awful fridge--whatever the setting, fresh carrots will turn soft in under 24 hours. greens wilt practically instantly, retarding doughs don't do as well as they should. what can I do? I think it's a combination of a bad thermostat and a straight up crappy fridge. replacing it isn't a real option. thoughts anyone?
  13. Portland Oregon (i didn't see a note about OR vs ME)--dungeoness crab cakes. see, we've got great ingredients--mushrooms, salmon etc, but crab cakes are the only really common 'dish' of course, i'm sure this'll be debated. just my .02
  14. 'Hung far low' has been a PDX greasy chinese restuarant since the 1950s
  15. perhaps someone can answer my odd mag strip issue-- I inherited my grandfather's knives when he passed on, including the mag strip they'd been stored on for 60+ years. They are high carbon, ancient Sabatiers. My more, um, modern knives, mainly my Chinese Cleaver and my Furi Santoku, don't stick--is the magnet weak from age? construction? I realize the difference betweeen the old and the new is carbon content,. I'd like to keep the mag strip, but i also want to store all my knives on it! any thoughts?
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