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  1. McDonald's 2013–

    My husband's trial from the 'holiday menu' in the UK. Beef and Cheese Feast I think it was called. You won't get me trying new things from Maccas, if we go I want something specific, quick, nostalgic and something only they do, the way they do (looking at you big m). We all know what they are and to me it's not the place to branch out! He reports that it was not remarkable! Beef cheese mayo bacon & LTO.
  2. Rendering Duck and Goose Fat

    That sounds promising, do you have any general guidelines? I know it sounds stupid, but I hate to try and "wing it" I don't have the, skill set I guess, yet. Perhaps I do but I'm the kind of person that will read six different recipes before making something I have made 1000 times no mater what - no confidence I guess! I do not belong here! Every online guide I found (Saveur, 'luvaduck' ... etc) was stove top. My kingdom for an Asian grocer! You are completely right of course, and I agree on quality and everything, plus this bird was completely squashed when I defrosted it. Not good. There is an 'Asian Supermarket' in the closest town (about an hour), and it is a treasure trove, it is also the size of my lounge room, covers the basics from Vietnam to Japan, all tinned or frozen but still a gem. I did see some ducks in their freezer and may try when I am over my disappointment!
  3. Rendering Duck and Goose Fat

    ((Quick note I'm sure there is probably already a topic but I'm obviously not punching in the right keywords - could someone do their merge magic for me?)) OK so, we all have them, some alignment of the stars or distractions that prove fatal for our cooking ambitions. I just had one, and I'm still kind of gutted. Anyone else suffered a mishap lately? I bought a duck recently, I don't think they're particularly cheap in my area, a "LuvADuck' brand frozen duck cost $24 Au at my local supermarket. I bought it specifically to try two things, I wanted to try and break down a bird (I have never done it before) and I really really wanted to try rendering my own duck fat (roast potatoes, roast potatoes, roast potatoes). It was going well, I read the post of favourite breaking down methods, watched a heap of videos and gave it a darn good try for my first attempt. So far so good. I then chopped all the skin and fat (there was a lot - a gold mine) into one inch ish pieces, loaded it into my pan, covered with water and let it start to do its thing. I kept checking and checking. it started to do the crackle and spit and it was smelling wonderful. And then life happened, and I was distracted by my little man. Anyway to cut the waffle - when I got back, my golden buttery Duck fat? Well. Well it was not golden. I had burnt the living sh.. out of it. I tried to strain it through the finest thing I had (goodbye stockings) in a attempt to salvage. But it was not to be. And now there is nearly a pint of dark aley looking, burnt tasting bird fat languish in a plastic bottle in the garbage. A fitting portrait of my weekend cooking dreams. The cat loved duck scratchings though - must not have taste receptors for 'acrid'.
  4. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    We had Risotto (?) for Dinner. If I could get a do-over I'd probably rename myself "ITryReallyHardToCookButIhaveNeverEatenTheseThingsBeforeSoIDon'tKnowIfI'mDoingItRight' - Catchy no? My food experience is extremely limited restaurant wise, all I have to go on are my beloved cook books and the Internet. So I don't know if this is Risotto, I don't know if I got the "slow wave" texture the recipe required (I've lived in the UK and Australia and only know 'No Waves' and 'Frick thats a big Wave'). I used Arborio Rice, Homemade chicken stock (thank you freezer clearing post), white wine, enough butter to make James Martin proud and a (un)Healthy amount of Parmesan. Then I put in some peas because it looked like my Nannys rice pudding. I liked it, my carnivores said they did... have a feeling they were looking for the main course though. Edited to add: I don't think It's 'Gooey' enough... I know it's not quite runny enough.. it was gooey to me but, I'm ooze phobic.
  5. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    I made my first 'Family' pie tonight. First large pie I have attempted fully enclosed, usually if I do big I do a 'Pot Pie' style with a floating lid. To be honest, won't bother again, it took ages to cook! I think individual pies have more 'something' factor (not sure wow is what I mean but 'cute' seems wrong too ), they take less time to cook, I can just chuck the whole thing on a plate and they come with out the horrible feeling of hopelessness I have just discovered - there was absolutely no way I was going to manage to serve it in the neat little portions I had envisaged, nope it was going to be a big pile of pie filling with a lid Apart from this one little slice I reserved and (I'm not stubborn, you're stubborn) carefully piled up to look sort of like I had expected
  6. This is by no means a pretty picture but I have been rather successful in my continued freezer thin out. I no longer have bags of 3/4 portion frozen veg, the Broccoli, Brussels, Green Beans and Broad beans all got evicted tonight, the stuffing balls and Yorkies have also come from the freezer, I make and freeze big batches when I am in the mood - to combat those times when I am not but really want a roast. Bacon in the cabbage, also evicted. All in all a pretty successful day - One freezer is completely empty! (Ssssh its the little one). Excuse the dried out pork steak, liberal gravy was added, but I figured that would make an even uglier photo.
  7. Pizza Dough, Pizza Sauce and Bacon have been released from the freezer! Lunch Box additions for the smallest of us. My weapon against the Lunch Box police should they rear their heads is that there are so many vegetables in my thickly layered pizza sauce if the kid knew what he was actually eating I would have ruined pizza forever. Quality Control
  8. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    To the casual observer, it may seem like I tried to make one of those dishes that's really popular on blogs, in restaurants, amongst general people that have taste buds. Disclaimer: I have never had the opportunity to eat unsaid dish, there are certainly no local restaurants, although I have lusted over probably a hundred blog posts and recipes. However, as I have never actually eaten the unsaid dish, tonight we had spicy noodle soup with bits piled up on the top because I forgot to stir.
  9. Lunch! What'd ya have? (2017)

    Jamon Serrano Tortilla with Potato and very non traditional cheeses thrown in... aka, fridge cleaning. This was also portioned out into 8, I'm not that much of a glutton... on a week day.
  10. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    Dinner last night was interesting in circumstance if not in product. We had a storm come through, they called it a 'SuperCell' but we were lucky enough to just suffer power loss and a few tree's down. I'd had a pork shoulder in the slow cooker, luckily the power failed just about the time I was due home, and thus the pork was done. I pulled it outside so I could see, up until the point I ran out of fatty bits for the dogs and the barn cat, guilt then drove me inside. Where I was very lucky not to skin myself considering my history making coleslaw in full light But you gotta have slaw with pork right! Managed dinner in the end, totally romantic . I'm sad because I had enough pork for 4 more meals (which was the plan) however the lack of power meant it all went to the mine to feed 'the boys' in the morning because I couldn't store it properly.
  11. Road food

    My one, my only.... You have no idea how sad I am I didn't like it! Mr.CCST did remind me, while laughing because he was right, that I don't like broth, soups without enough bits to make them stew, smoothies and generally liquid or 'runny' food. But I was so sure Eggs Benedict was going to cure me
  12. Breakfast! 2017 (Part 2)

    My very first, and probably last, try of Eggs Benedict. No offence at all meant to the chef, I just don't think Poached Eggs are my thing. Bacon and English muffins however...
  13. Road food

    Took the family on a whistle stop Road Trip to the Coast for a little bit of R&R and, as it turned out some delicious food. I'll start, as one usually does, with breakfast, nothing fancy, nothing that deserves posting but hey, I'm still getting my family used to my need to photograph everything before they try it . Bacon Egg Wrap with BBQ Sauce Sausage Roll for me - It was very good because of its simplicity (I like to think myself a meat in pastry connoisseur) the ones from our local bakery are trying to be fancy, laced with vegetables and chia seeds - it's a sausage roll, I know it's not healthy, I don't want it to be! The next discovery was from a little hut next to the bay called "The Snack Shack" we had been told to check it out by the owners of the home we rented. It doesn't look like much but it delivered. The Menu. It pretty much covers everything, seafood through to Service station fare (I'm looking at you chicko roll). I love that there are two options for the seafood basket, fresh or frozen - I do wonder how many/if any people order the frozen. Fish Counter - sorry its not clearer, I was trying to be subtle. And then dinner. Calamari and Prawns for Mr. and Whiting for me. My Whiting came with a lot of salad... A lot. Our final discovery was for breakfast by the bay in a different Cafe. It was OK, the main things that weren't great had nothing to do with the establishment and just the environment - like flies, so, many flies. Although 35 minute wait for coffee was a little stressful first thing in the morning. My husband chose the 'Happy Mans Breakfast' I guess he was happy about it? Small man had a babycino to accompany his sausage and bacon because sometimes frippery is fine and cute. View from the cafe to the road the food was consumed beside to make sure it fits the topic And finally to finish my post. My Breakfast. Eggs Benedict. I have been saying I'm going to have eggs benny for years and years and always get something else, usually blaming spinach being present or salmon, todays menu had options so it was eggs benny time. Confession - I have probably only been wanting to try Eggs Benedict because it was the food de jour for a while, the internet was filled with pictures of oozy poached eggs, still is. Thing is - I don't like egg yolk and I have never had a poached egg. I'm a boil til dead, fry til bounce kind of girl. But some how, I was sure, eggs Benedict was going to cure me of all this, I was to be converted and be able to take photos of the oozy eggy money shot!!! I was not.
  14. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    That is true! Have I made a faux pas? Apologies if I have! Still learning what boards are appropriate.
  15. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    I wanted to share tonights well balanced meal. We have fats, protein, carbs, veges (there's some corn in one of the dips... I think) and of course fruit, (so the grapes are liquid, still counts.) If there are formatting issues forgive me, I'll fix when I'm not on my phone French Brie, Danish Salami, South Aus Cream Cheese and Gouda, British Cheddar, Jamon Serrano. And bits.