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  1. CantCookStillTry

    Pot Noodles/Cup Noodles/ Instant Ramen

    Almost every time I visit an Asian supermarket I grab a pack of mystery Noods (No English on packets) for my husband to sample. Today I chose these based on the weight of the packet. Google at home has taught me it is instant Jajangmyeon, Korean Black Bean Noodles. Not anywhere near the spice he likes but its just a fun game we play!
  2. CantCookStillTry

    2018 Holiday Cooking and Baking

    My first Rocky Road. Seems to be a Christmas 'thing' in these parts.
  3. CantCookStillTry

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    "Ugly Beef" Stiry Fry. Whenever I take on a primal cut, I always keep the ugly trimmings in the freezy for this 10 minute sodium bomb of quick comfort. Oyster Sauce, Hot Chili, Soy sauce, onion, ginger and garlic.
  4. CantCookStillTry

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    "CaseABeers" tonight. Chicken, corn, beans, jaleps, cheese, salsa etc. Yes I am cleaning the fridge.
  5. CantCookStillTry

    Canned corned beef

    Grew up with canned corned beef in sammiches, and its slightly better presented sliced version from British supermarket delis. I was very much of the opinion the Australians did not know "Corned Beef" when I was first served it over here (they make it like the American version). But a lot of research later I appreciate and like both, I will eat the former (British) when I am in the UK, no longer from the cans but the pre-sliced deli versions, and I eat it cold, unadorned straight from the packet - whilst my beloved goes green at the gills. Can't say I fancy it deep fried, and I like it sliced very thin, but there is nothing like it, and it will always have a place in my tummy! Food preference is shaped in childhood I believe, and I was half raised by my grandparents who were both evacuated in WWII and later went on to fight. I imagine at times, a tin of meat product was close to heaven if not just A Ok.
  6. CantCookStillTry

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Australian Delicacy 'Curried Snags'. Yeah. I'm with you guys. Wtf. But it is comfort food for my husband and he has passed the liking of meat tubes in cat vomit to my son so when I am asked, I make. I have to use a recipe base because the first time I prepared what I thought curried sausage should be - it was so far from the food of his childhood the disappointment was palpable. This is my sons plate. Stand by for the awe inspiring photo of my actual dinner. It'll be 10pm toast.
  7. CantCookStillTry

    Cheese I can’t do without

    I took a picture of these Cheeses because they were visually stunning. Personally I don't like flavoured hard/semi Cheese, but love flavoured Cream Cheeses. Are there any hard ones I should be brave and try?
  8. CantCookStillTry

    Cheese I can’t do without

    Stars of my Weekend. At the front we have Snowdonia Black Bomber. A proper punch you in the tongue sharp Cheddar that I cannot live without. 9 O'clock is Fromage d'Affinois sort of a quick Brie, only about 30 days old, super soft and one of my favs - husband hates it. 12 o'clock is an American (by way of the Netherlands) Midnight Moon goats cheese, its tied as my fav semi hard goats at the moment. 5 past 12 sees an Australian King Island double Brie.. a bit of a 'Meh'. Jambon Serrano for me, biscuits and hurt your eyes spicy sausage for the husband. Unpictured, grapes, lots and lots of liquid grapes. ( I'm a cheese lover not a connoisseur - so forgive my rubbish descriptions)
  9. CantCookStillTry

    Cheese I can’t do without

    I agree fully on all aspects of taste being subjective. Whether it is the winning scone at a country fete, the award winning pie at the bakery, the worlds best ham - whatever. It is never going to please everyone, and as @Anna N mentioned no two things are truly identical in taste, my example of the Cornish Kern is just that, spoiled perhaps by environmental factors - or just not for me. What makes me laugh is I didn't KNOW it was supposed to be the 'Worlds Best Cheese' it was picked because it was from Cornwall and usually, I'm a fan of Cornish Cheese! I found that article when I googled how you were supposed to eat Cornish Kern because it sure as heck wasn't a nibbling cheese! 🤣
  10. CantCookStillTry

    Cheese I can’t do without

    Cornish Kern. Worlds Best Cheese 2017 I can live without it. To be fair to the cheese, I believe although I got it cut from a wheel at a well respected fromagerie - I think it was stale. Which is very sad at $120 a kg.
  11. CantCookStillTry

    Breakfast! 2018

    I should have got scrambled.
  12. CantCookStillTry

    Cheese I can’t do without

    Today was heavenly. Stinkier than I imagine heaven to be but still.
  13. CantCookStillTry

    Cheese I can’t do without

    Give me all the cheeses. I really miss the availability of good European cheeses and proper British cheese, particularily a super sharp crumbly cheddar - the kind that makes your mouth produce double the amount of drool as soon as it hits your tongue. I can't stand the generic cheese sold in Aus as 'Tasty' cheese. It's a misnomer. Hauling it back. Before I fall into a cheese hole. Mozzerella and Sharp Cheddar if I had to forsake all others.
  14. CantCookStillTry

    Lunch! What'd ya have? (2018)

    For Lunch I had unremarkable Barramundi. The Tartare sauce was remarkable, in that it tasted literally of nothing. Even a fished out directly bitten caper - nothing. Bizzare. My husband had - a mistake 😂.
  15. CantCookStillTry

    Breakfast! 2018

    Breakfast Via Tibet Germany And China We are Sharers. And Market goers.