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  1. These are some recent dishes. Pork and a sweet chilli potato bake with veges. Apparently the potato bake was great, I struggle to marry those flavours in my head. And roast lamb and sweet potato chips (sweet pototo chips are his favourite thing). I toetally only got back on to share these for one reason 😂🤦‍♀️. Maybe he's on to me.... trying to get me out of my depressive slump 😂. 🦶
  2. CantCookStillTry

    Dinner 2021

    When the comfort food you crave is 10,250 miles away with your sick mum and Australia has rock hard borders 😂😓. Sausage Mum Muffins for dinner, sorry @rotuts... I was going for authentic so the cheese is unmelted 😋. ( Also obv australia has sausage mcmuffins but they are beef not pork and really peppery and I don't like them).
  3. CantCookStillTry

    Dinner 2021

    Simple meal for a simple (souled) Boy. Who knew single serve mashed potato would be so tricky! It was very nearly butter with a potato swirl.
  4. CantCookStillTry

    Dinner 2021

    The boys had a Turkey Bolognese type thing tonight. Mr 8 followed with an apple, a mandarin, an easter egg and 2 slices of Cheese on Toast 🤦‍♀️.
  5. I will also add I do pick and choose what to share, because I truly believe its not the chefs fault at all. So I share the better or funnier meals 😂. I also have sent him now with emergency food, I pack Ramen suprises from the Asian Grocery (stock up when in town), tinned soup as you have now seen and jerky. Any other suggestions? When he is on site and is back at camp he has no access to anything to heat food ... unless I invest in a mini microwave 🤔. Also. I don't wanna provide food 😂 Breakfast, lunch and dinner is part of the salary and he dosen't eat breakfast. We're throwing away money here 😂. Some nights when he grabs a sandwich, or jelly and cereal because you can't mess that up. He is not starving, he is not being mistreated. The chefs are trying their best. Thats why I think it must be a "In your head thing" at least 50% of the time - some times it is just shocking lol.
  6. See this is exactly it and why I slowed down. No the food is not bad, it's not great but I can't SEE any reason why they are all so dissapointed - of course I don't eat it. My husband is literally the unfussiest bloke in the world. He once ate a "Borscht" I tried to make for a solid week (I pureed pickled beets and chicken stock from a cube - thats it 🤢 I assumed it was so gross because I was preggers 😂). Thats why I think it must be a psychological thing? Something about eating alone - thats another thing, I think the food would taste better if they ate socially - or at least wouldn't make the miserable. Interstingly though the camps google reviews - yup thats a thing - all comment on the food being below par for a camp. And yes - oil rig workers eat like kings and queens - check out jaime oliver the rig chef of insta if you get the chance. He's currently out of action but ... just wow. Sorry for ramble
  7. Without getting too personal, a reason I'm slowing down is my hub is really disengaged from the food. He really dosen't look forward to it or enjoy it, and he says the feeling is wide spread. Surely that's something that has to be looked at for like.. mental health or something? They are already doing thankless jobs in the middle of nowhere, away from their familys and busting their butts. One of his latest dinners (I thought this looked good for camp food) - and he was entirely indifferent and over it and I am not playing poor him - so many would be so LUCKY to have this meal - I know it's a first world problem, I'm just inexpertly dabbling in the psychology of food and mental health. Breaded meat (he didn't/ couldn't tell me what it was), gravy and frozen veg.
  8. My dude is struggling. I'm posting less because it's not fair on the cooks. But he has resorted to the emergency supplies I have packed him. Cold, from the can. I am going to buy him a tupperware bowl, but with no microwave is there a point lol.
  9. Really Anemic Calamari for Fishy Friday
  10. I am really messing up this edit. Yes its just a dry old patty. Aussie budget bacon comes with the eye of the back and the streaky of the belly still attached. So it's really long. Yes the white sauce is normal, usually either with peppercorn or wholegrain mustard. I don't eat it myself. This one looks lumpy to me... possibly packet mix?
  11. Corned Beef, White Sauce, Mash, Veges & Technically Not Toes
  12. I had to look twice after I asked what it was to work this out. "Beef burger, bacon, onion, wedges, carrot, zucchini and squash" With a rating of "Dins was Good" and the only complaint "Zuchinni was mush". 🙂
  13. I live in the middle of nowhere, German sausages are one of my favourite things, if I go somewhere and I find one, Imma get one. Dawn, Dusk or Midnight 😂. If I eat all of it is neither here nor there. I just happened to find this one at 8am. No I could not eat one everyday for breakfast. But sausage and bread is not an unusual breakfast in rural Australia, you've already been up and doing things for 4 hours previously 🤷‍♀️.
  14. Art. I found another German Sausage cart at the Eumundi Markets (actually there were 2 😲). Bratwurst, Onion, refrained from the Sauerkraut for authenticity. Only complaint was the non crustiness of the roll. Husband had Momos but he ate them too quick.
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