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    Dinner 2021

    My child has returned! He was fed emphatically on the drive home to quiet his chatter so I am to believe. I fed him chicken nuggets when he asked because I have to reinstate myself as best parent ever. He is refusing bed because he is a "Bacon Zombie" but I am not an enabler. Here is the tiniest air frier bacon sandwich ever (bread plate).
  2. I have to ask.. what did you Do/Drop? Assuming oil but wanting to rule out a rogue sausage / pancake attack. 😁. Swift healing. I don't think I'm allowed to wear shoes in the house. Breaks some kind of code.
  3. I'm sad to say the food has not been getting great reviews 😥. Last night for dinner we had a Pork Vindaloo - it was apparently the best yet and actually had spice to it. The potato was a bit crunchy - and not in the good way. Lunch was a coleslaw. A bland vegge quiche. And for Smoko/Breakfast a beef and hot mustard sandwich (Sambo 😂). Tomorrow is the last day of his swing and I may then revisit some of you on the cooking forum!
  4. Sorry for the silence. There was a rebellion in the camp I had to calm 😂. Photos are resuming. Todays lunch. A repeat of the lamb and sweet potato casserole. And a pasta salad with olives and parmesan that ended in the bin. As for portion sizes. You can take as much or as little as you wish. There are desserts available and theres nothing to stop you having for example: curry, veg, chips, salad and a piece of fish - apart from your own sense of moderation I guess. And yes! Pumpkin. The Aussies love pumpkin. When I came here I knew
  5. Night four and grub for day 5. For tea we have a Lamb & Sweet Potato Casserole. I think with cauli, carrot and another thumb roll. Other options were pasta, fish and chips or a lentil curry. He believes that if you can be bothered to wait, you can also ask for a steak to be cooked. The quick serve options are from a Bain Marie you point at. For lunch I convinced him to grab something out of the breakfast section. There is cereal, wraps and fruit available too and they do 'hot food' but alas, dear reader, I am going to need a strong draw card to g
  6. Sorry. A parmy here is Parmigiana - the breaded meat topped with sauce and cheese. Not served with pasta though.
  7. I spent a good five minutes trying to work out why his vege curry had a bit of luncheon meat on it. Its a badly lit, not very photogenic bread roll.
  8. Oh and to clarify I'm not being a terrible mother by not cooking, husbands first shift has coincided with my kids annual week at Nannas pub (Middle of Nowhere, towns only service is the pub, population 77 - maybe i'll get him to take me blog photos when he is old enough for a phone!).
  9. Look mining has come on quite a lot in modern times - the hours are long and the work is hard, but honestly, it's where many rural Aussie boys aim to be. A mine mechanic for example will earn double what a mechanic in a rural workshop would. You trade a poor home life for well, money I guess. His hut is his room, its a semi permanant, prefab, removable thing with a single bed, table, a tv a shower and toilet and a fridge. To be honest its a lot better than I thought. The rest of my husbands crew are amazed its his first "camp" despite being a veteran in his field - he has always p
  10. The food hasn't really impressed him yet but its early days. The styrofoam is again a result of early days - he's been taking his evening meal back to his hut - hasn't taken to eating in the common area yet. Unfortunately I dont think all those plastics would be being reused. But I hope at least recycled. The noodle salad didnt get a good review but the fruit was good 🙂. I will ask for some mine pictures if they are allowed.
  11. Yikes. I don't know where to start. But all will be revealed 😁. The mine in question is a Coal mine, which he has just gone back to after working Gold - hence the pick axe joke... I also tease him about plungers, TNT and coyotes/road runners but he assures me its much more modern 😁. I will get to see him every couple of weeks. I will try and make him investigate breakfast for our enjoyment but as they leave camp at 0430 don't hold your breath! Yes the veges were good. Thats why he chose that option. The meatloaf sadly couldn't be saved despite being drowned in gravy. Th
  12. Dinner Day 2 and lunch for day 3. "Vindaloo" Lunch. Noodle Salad. Coleslawish. Fruit. Beef? I will get him to work on his photos. Baby steps. He dosen't understand my obsession 😂.
  13. Day one. Dinner One. Lunch for Day 2. Meat Loaf and Veges. The best looking out of lasagne, stew and curry options. Lunch is prepacked salad and chicken and fruit.
  14. Mining. It's controversial. Food and eating is not. My husband has recently taken a position that means he spends half the year in and being fed by, a Mine Camp. As I won't be cooking much as I'm home alone, and as this place is my main source of social interaction, I have decided to force the man to take me pictures of his meals 😂. Enjoy... or not... (they are so far iffy). And contribute if you would like... I'm lonely 😂.
  15. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. There is chunky steak under there. I'm sorry.
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