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  1. It has started. First of the season. Perfectly ripe just unsuitable colours. Imperial Mandarins the first of the years citrus, skins very soft and kid friendly. We live in a citrus, strawberry, salad & sugar region - my customers often give me piles of stuff from the "waste" off their farms. I usually hand out to the Country Womens Association because it's too much. He also gave me an abnormal one for fun. Big Boy. Won't be tasting.
  2. CantCookStillTry

    Dinner 2021

    Quick Monday Night roast for small man, because I'm a glutton for punishment and felt he needed a proper meal, despite knowing he will be disapointed and would prefer ramen 🤦‍♀️😁.
  3. I personally think the Schnitzels look deep fried? I don't know if thats normal or not? I have always done in a pan. I can understand why would be preferable for large scale cooking.
  4. I could send him with proper cutlery and plates but then he'd have to wash it etc etc. He is making his own choices here. He did cave and take my emergency box of noods and hot sauce. Tonight was really good. They changed the gravy brand they use and sodium levels have reached eadible. He says tonights (scrolls up to check kims post) Schnitzel - pork and the potato were really good. The squash, courgette and bok choy ranged from mush to raw. You win some you loose some.
  5. Tonight he had Fajita mix with pumpkin, broc, a potato, sour cream, guac and a wrap. I'm not sure if the wrap will cope with the liquid but 🤞. Gosh I bet he misses plates.. I would!
  6. Here's a few from the last couple of stints. I kinda stopped because I felt bad posting meals that weren't great when I am sure the people making them are trying the best they can with what they have. Snitzel and chips. Firm fan favourite. Eaten in bed by the looks. Probably had a liquid starter. Yes I know it's spelt wrong. Curry and rice and veg. Guess who's back, back again, toes are back, tell a friend. 😂. Beef ribs with a rating of "really good" which suprised me as Beef ribs are one of his most favourite things.
  7. If I stumble across a German Sausage Vendor, I'm having a German Sausage. Even if I've already technically had breakfast and it's 8am. Call me Samwise. Bratwurst, Sauerkraut, Mustard & Onion.
  8. Thanks so much for asking. We were lucky / unlucky with that event. We barely got a drop of water where we are in comparison. Enough to fill a tank but not enough to run off and everyones dams are still empty. I think I prefer that to stock and property loss however - our dome has provided a blessing along with the curse.
  9. This one was too good not to share. Unfortunately my husband had just had a similar looking experience with his week old niece 😂. I mainly popped in to say QLD has banned all single use plastics and polystyrene from September... will be interesting to see how the mine adapts.
  10. I've been converted. My parents kindly ship me Marmite. But I'm a Vegemite convert. Love that kick in the tongue/teeth/throat 😂.
  11. Lunch was confirmed as Tuna Cakes with no oatmeal. Someone may have mentioned toes and now someone else with size 14 feet has paranoia 😂🤷‍♀️. Meatloaf, mash, veg & pasta. I'm thinking they must not peel the potatoes for that colour what do you think? Biccies (atleast we have some moisture for tomorrow). Don't mind the dirty nails...they are washed but it's coal and bomb. Stained forever. BLT - average size this time. Fried rice - 2 days in a row must be yummy. He thinks beef schnitzel/snitz
  12. It was Quiche. Bbq sauce. Filled. Quiche. 🤢. Tonights tea tastes better than it looks. Nasi Goreng with Wedges and Veges. Lunch includes Nanas Dry biscuits Fried rice Salami and cheese toastie And what he thinks are fish cakes This weeks theme appears to be the Sahara - dry. He's threatening to just get cereal 😂.
  13. CantCookStillTry

    Dinner 2021

    Kidlet gets veges, iddy biddy lamb chops (i cut bone out, he cuts rest) and yorkie with bisto for tea. Nothing fancy - just proving I feed him when dads away really 😁.
  14. Hi ho! Hi ho! And off to work he goes... We're not really going to start off strong. Dinner tonight is a Pepperoni Pasta and Veg. I really need to find out when they get supplies. It looks a little ehm. Dry. Quiche Apparently. Pastry on top. But he's not sure, will let you know tomorrow. He called this "weird salad" I think feta, beet and some kinda nut. Now. My husband has fairly big hands compared to me. But they're just average man sized hands as far as I know. He's not a giant. He wears just XL black gloves for BBQ. So..
  15. CantCookStillTry

    Dinner 2021

    I don't often play with pastry, climates just wrong. But the final battle in the epic war against Christmas Hams came down to leek and ham pies. Not going to lie, did not bother with sides. Filling. Ham, leek, onion, wholegrain mustard, creme freche or however you spell it. Pie. We went back up to 42c today as some kind of final (hopefully) f you guys from Summer. Not really pie weather 😂🥵.
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