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  1. Old cookbooks

    It seems to have accompanied the release of the first ovens that you could set the temperature automatically on. "Gas Mark #" etc... and the oven watched the temp for you - sort of! I think 'radiation' just referred to the heat aspect. There is a section on salads in there as well so they did try to branch out from just the oven! And I had a browse, there's a recipe in there for a Brit style curry too!
  2. Old cookbooks

    I think they were more aimed at the mothers, the 50's house wives in particular, trying to convert the masses away from Butter and to use Margarine - although I'm sure that path had been made easier with post war rationing. These were in a folder with 'Stork Wives Club' on the front.
  3. Old cookbooks

    I absolutely adore older cook books. I love learning and reading about history and culture changing through the medium of food. Some recent discoveries. Florence Greenbergs Cookery Book - 1947 Stork Cookery Service (margarine) Recipe Booklets -1950 onward Radiation "Regulo-Controlled" Cookery Book - 1927 While they are brilliantly informative, I tend not to follow many of the recipes in the older books, sometimes because times and tastes have changed (The "Regulo" would have me boil asparagus for 45 minutes before serving ) and sometimes because well.... It appears to be a recipe for hotdogs, wrapped in ham, baked alongside some cheesy mashed parsnip and served with hot tomato ketchup for dipping. I'm sorry 1960 'Stork Around The Shows', I don't think that would be too appealing then or now.
  4. Roast Brussels, Green Beans & Steak (all freezer) with mashed carrots. Not going to lie the steak was awful. Thin, chewy, fatty in the not good way - I have a pretty good feeling I was meant to label the bag 'stir fry only' or perhaps 'Dogs' but labelling and I, are not great mates. I am getting slightly frantic with my freezer busting mission. I have 6 ish weeks left, and 3 (!!!) freezers. And I keep putting things in them. I have a problem.
  5. Excuse the rumpled dress but my Hellman's seems to be the tiniest weeniest bit different to yours, with the mustard and paprika bit - perhaps they are identical but your label gets to use the more secretive 'natural flavors' ?
  6. Dinner tonight consisted of BS chicken breast (freezer), potato (pantry), chicken stock (freezer) & broad beans (freezer), with a few flavourings etc. Now I know how the majority of you feel about boneless and skinless so I did at least brine them for a little bit, ( a trick I learnt about on EG, and got obsessed with for a little while, but I don't know which specific person or post to thank, apologies).
  7. Lunch! What'd ya have? (2017)

    Thank you Liuzhou, you are too kind. It was pretty good, not 100% sure Maasdam is a brilliant quiche cheese, as it cools it rediscovers its somewhat rubbery texture.
  8. Lunch! What'd ya have? (2017)

    Cheese & Bacon Quiche for lunch today. Quiche is an absolute favourite in this house but I rarely find the time (effort) to make it. Not that it is in any way technically difficult, I just hate having to get up at the crack of dawn to beat the climate and make pastry. I most often make Quiche when I've ended up with cheese odds and ends as a way to 'clean the fridge'. Today I used some Maasdam we had bought to try and a double cream Brie that I had bought for a cheeseboard but... and I don't know what the technical terms are.. it just wasn't 'gooey' enough for me.
  9. Lunch! What'd ya have? (2017)

    My lunch, and the place setting I have most days. There is nothing I have done that makes my lunch postworthy, however the Ham snuggled inside my hasty Sammy is worthy of some kind of recognition. I live in a teeny tiny town, and the Butchers hams are exceptional. Up until November we can generally afford to buy a half leg ham every now and then, so much better than what our one shop offers in the Deli (ohgoshtheslime), and ham is a lunch box essential for the kid. When November hits, so do the Christmas prices, and demand, and we move on to Corn Meat (something I learnt was drastically different in Australia to the UK). Classy Lady hey
  10. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    I am loathe to post after so many photogenic meals, but I am determined to participate. Do you ever have those days when you open the fridge, stare at the crisper and realise you have a wealth of market produce you've just about let expire? I have those days more often than I'd like to admit and thus dinner becomes a mass of vegetables that have no apparent link to one another, an afterthought protein to keep the carnivore happy - meat and three (thousand) veg. The Roasties at least were very good and the lamb much nicer than my aged phone camera and hack carving skills would lead you to believe
  11. Mutant Snow Peas?

    Help please! Grabbed some 'snow peas' at the market, and it is my task to turn them into something tonight. I searched the web for inspiration as they're not something I have cooked before, including a search of EG... this has caused me to discover that what I have seem to be at least twice the size of the ones you guys all cook . Mine are all around 10/12 cm in size and not the cute little pods I found looking at pictures in the "dinner" threads of yesteryear. I'm assuming they'll still be good to stir fry? Or should I try another method... I don't want to end end up with pea bullets in green leather!
  12. Tonights polar evacuees was a twofer, Turkey 'steaks' and Sweet Potato Cakes, frozen circa I don't know. I marinaded the Turkey in a Jerk-ish style (as in I approximated from various online recipes and a Jerk spice rub I purchased some time ago, I wasn't particularly mean to the things). I served them with some purple Brussels sprouts and fresh corn from the farmers market, the corn was fresh enough that a giant caterpillar revived itself on escaping from the fridge and made a quick getaway - into a jar for the young ones show and tell tomorrow. Apologies for the unattractive picture, purple sprouts are not pretty! But it is what it is, and as I was gently rebuked by the hubster, was I really going to make him starve for a picture I wouldn't be happy with anyway?
  13. Oh good to know Re: The Rissoles. Your information lead me to do a little bit of research and I found a way to (happily) waste half an hour . I have never encountered Rissoles before coming here, my childhood was more just 'bubble and squeak' with the roast leftovers as us formerly veggie hating children devoured every last meat scrap the first go round. All of the recipes I've looked at over here use raw meat, but I'm definitely going to try it out next time I have roasted meat leftover. I have yet to make dinner tonight, the 'Chilli' I thawed over night in that thick opaque Tupperware with no label of any kind, yeah that turned out to be soup. Dinner will still be had, although I am slightly unsure as to when or what.
  14. ok, a little bit of my freezer files, no pictures because, well they weren't pretty, but they got the job done. I discovered some chicken mince that became baked chicken and Silverbeet Cannelloni, subbed about 8 of 10 ingredients but nobody died so that's a win in my book. Found some minced Beef that became 'Rissoles'. Rissoles are a thing I like to bicker about with Aussies, to me personally, they're just flavoured burger patties, but I'm told that's not the case.
  15. Tonight's freezer rummage produced steak (rump I think, I grew up with British named cuts, shop with Australian named cuts and learn about American cuts so, I'm pleased to just identify it as Cow). Served with Parmesan Hassleback, Broccoli and a dollop of baby p**p/cat sick (depending on the angle). The sauce is something I make only for those I cook for, in Aussie country pubs around where I am living its a staple on most menus labelled "Dianne Sauce" although its completely different to the sauce I associate with Steak Dianne so who knows. They likes it. I also think I made it too thick.