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  1. CantCookStillTry

    Dinner 2022

    Post Soccer training feed for the smallest one. Left over boiled pots smashed and roasted in duck fat, leaves with a ranch(ish) dressing, and a skinny ass steak. Whilst reviews were favourable, Lord 9 did comment that he reckoned he could eat a 1kg steak in future 😒.
  2. CantCookStillTry

    Lunch 2022

    I made the boys Sausage Rolls for lunch / day snacking.
  3. CantCookStillTry

    Dinner 2022

    There is a brand called "LuvaDuck" they sell all sorts of Duck products, available in most supermarkets. Fresh skin on breasts and legs (seperate packets) and whole ducks (mainly frozen in regional areas). They also do precooked "peking" duck breats, pancake kits etc. I'm sure the cities have much more access / options. I had a packet of skin on fresh duck breasts that I deskinned for this dinner 😊.
  4. CantCookStillTry

    Dinner 2022

    Duck Stir Fry for me, Oyster, Fish, Ginger, Sesame etc. The Boys had Pie Chips and Beans because there is no accounting for taste and apparently its 1986. 😒. As always all of your diets are my envy 😊.
  5. CantCookStillTry

    Dinner 2022

    Beautiful as always everyone. I'm over here, sometimes cooking, still happy the kids most requested is "cleanthefridge" Fried Rice. 😊.
  6. Sorry guys. I don't really know what Chokos are. But I assume @liuzhou is correct! Apparently they grow like weeds, and to be honest, where I work at least, noone was interested 😂😬. They found a tummy with my grandmother in law.
  7. Chokos and Cucumbers today from a customer! I will be unexpectedly gifting them on but they look beautiful!
  8. I think its just like a flour wrap. I'm not trying to be difficult, they're just called "wraps" here. Maybe they go by a different name in the states? Heres some I have in the freezer anyway. Like a flour tortilla maybe? He loves pasta, its me that heavily objects to things like pasta and potato being put in what is basically a sandwich. This pasta was weird because of the flavour apparently - he says it was "Tuscan Chicken Pasta" but can't (or won't) elaborate any further 😅. Sorry.
  9. Today you get dinner presented as it is to me and my feelings on it 😅. "Cheese,lamb,salami,beetroot, weird chicken pasta,rocket and caesar dressing". He is the Weirdo.
  10. I bought the absolute Sexiest Sausage Roll I have ever seen today. I knew it was risky because Australian sausage rolls just dont do it for me as we have discussed before. Unfortunately like some eye candy its beauty was all on the outside and the internals were yuk (to me - hub would probably have loved it). I thought I was getting a pillow of pastry. But when I was handed it, it weighed at least 500g 😬😳 and was filled with dense, weirdly orange, sausage and the pastry was an illusion 😪. Maybe Filo?? Or super thin puff? Win some. Loose More.
  11. I'm afraid I don't have any advice really 😬. I don't think I do anything special. The larger one in my pic is one of my Nans and would have to be a bare minimum of 35 years old. The smaller one is one I purchased maybe 5 years ago?? Neither have had any more love than dish soap and water. Nans is getting discoloured on the base, but I kinda like that, rustic / history type stuff - Sorry!! 0 help what so ever. Ps. Love the pans. How much is international freight these days ?! 😬
  12. I think (just my personal opinion) that the spiralized carrot and the lettuce bits ( add occasional beetroot) are the Aussie country equivalent of " Micro Greens " / Garnish. They know it's not getting eaten, why make chook food expensive 😂.
  13. I would assume rum and pepsi max from the photo. Can confirm tomorrow 🙂
  14. Yes! It was Potato wedges and pasta bake. Not eadible apparently. Now guys. Should I be worried? I'm usually not concerned about the "Gentlemans Club" Saturday Nights. But. There is only 2 of them left and.. well... this looks like a date right ?!? 🤔😂😂 Canteen Charcuterie Board.
  15. After a particularily hard few days (3 man crew doing job of 7) they can get shipped from camp to the local Hotel (pub to the English - there are no rooms to stay in. Bar for Americans yes??) Its not all bad. I am jealous!
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