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  1. from a friend, a fellow Liuzhou person. https://www.rachelleslab.com/post/tao-gu-on-the-art-of-tea
  2. [Moderator note: The original What Tea Are You Drinking Today? topic became too large for our servers to handle efficiently, so we've divided it up; the preceding part of this discussion is here: What Tea Are You Drinking Today? (Part 2)] Morning started with the Yi Mei Ren Wulian Mountain Yunnan Blcak Tea from norbutea.com. Brewed in a 300 ml Yixing teapot reserved for Chinese black teas, and a wonderful improvement over brewing this already good tea in a gaiwan. Followed by the Zheng He Bai Mu Dan White Tea from jingteashop.com. Brewed in a different Yixing, this Bai Mu Dan is light and ephemeral. What teas are you all drinking today?
  3. I often have chamomille tea in the evening, a nice relaxing mug, but have not explored other herbal teas. What are your favorites? Can you describe them and your experience with their effects.
  4. China's favorite urinating “tea pet” is actually a thermometer.
  5. Hi all, I'm looking at starting a new coffee/tea bar and I could really do with your help! I want to focus on a large variety of high quality tea, instead of focussing on coffees, like most other places do. Having said that, I love coffee too and will also be serving the usual americano, cappuccino etc. Tea is the second most popular drink (after water) in terms of amount consumed per day, yet costa and starbucks etc serve much more coffee than tea. What I would like to know is what would make you buy a tea (or derivative of tea) drink, or what's wrong with tea? Thanks!
  6. I'm just wondering if I could add phosphoric acid to home brewed tea. Has anyone tried it? I am trying to cut sugar out but can't stand plain tea or tea with lemon. I am a soft drink junkie but think its the tartness I like about them.
  7. I think I am about to enter my tea/tisane nerd phase. Got some good suggestions from our herbal tea topic http://forums.egullet.org/topic/119376-herbal-teastisanes-what-are-your-favorites/?hl=%2Btisane I noticed the post on Serious Eats about Steven Smith the guy who started both Stash and Tazo and now has another tea company.- http://drinks.seriouseats.com/2013/08/steven-smith-interview-tea.html?ref=excerpt_readmore Some sound quite appealing. Has anyone tried them ad if you have tried Stash or Tazo or the new company and how would they compare?
  8. Come Winter and Masala Chai (Spiced tea) becomes popular in India. Most of the masala chai available in packets are a mix of mind boggling spices. But I make mine very simple. Here is the recipe for tea enthusiasts: Ingredients: CTC tea leaf (Assam Black) Milk Sugar (To taste) Cardamom (2/3 Pods) Shreded Ginger Clove Powder (1/10 teaspoon) Jaggrey (1/4 Teaspoon) Method Bring water to boil Add leaves and simmer for two minutes Strain Add the rest of the ingredients and simmer for another two minutes. This hot beverage proves to be good during winters for some cheers. It is alo good for people suffering from bad throat.
  9. Well, so now, you have one of the best qualities of tea from an of the best suppliers possible. Will you loosely store it in a cupboard full of spices or maybe the refrigerate (you think that is a great idea?). You may be wrong. Here are some tips for proper tea storage: · First and foremost, never buy tea in bulk unless you are the shopkeeper or a whole seller. If you are a family unit and want to buy tea for yourself or for your family, restrict yourselves to smaller quantities. This will ensure freshness and retainment of aroma · Many of us think that if we keep stuff in the refrigerator, it will be fresh and intact! But tea will prove you wrong. The last place you want to store your tea is in the fridge. This is because a typical fridge has many food items inside and tea can absorb all sorts of flavors and aroma. Also, the moisture inside the fridge is really bad for the freshness of the tea · If at all you are buying from a tea supplier in your area, make sure he/she has stirred the tea properly in an airtight container on a dark shelf. This is because light and air is bad things for the tea. It loses its aroma and freshness · At all times, keep it away from moisture other than actually brewing it. Tea leaves tend to absorb the moisture quickly and it will spoil the taste and the texture Just make sure you take good care of your tea so that you can enjoy it to the fullest!
  10. My friend sent me some Chinese tea called Songxiang tea. Has anybody drunk this kind of tea? It's the first time I've heard of this tea.
  11. Even though I would like to change the situation, the winter is coming. Sooner or later there will be sharp winds, frost and unpleasant moisture. I don't know how you like to warm up at home, but on the first cold day I dust off my home recipe for hot and yummy winter teas. You can use my recipe or come up with your own proposals for fiery mixtures. Only one thing should be the same: your favourite tea must be strong and hot. Ingredients (for 2 teas)Raspberry-orange 8 cloves a piece of cinnamon 2 grains of cardamom 4 slices of orange 2 teaspoons of honey your favourite tea 50ml of raspberry juice or 30ml of raspberry juice and 30ml of raspberry liqueur Add 4 of the cloves, cinnamon and cardamom to some water and boil for a while to release their flavour and aroma. Remove the seasoning and brew the tea with this water. Crush two slices of orange with honey. Add the raspberry juice or a mixture of juice and liqueur to the tea. Next add the honey with orange. Mix it in. Decorate the tea with the rest of the cloves and orange. Lemon-ginger 8 cloves 3 slices of fresh ginger 2 grains of cardamom 50ml of ginger syrup or 30ml of ginger syrup and 30ml of ginger-lemon liqueur 4 slices of lemon 2 teaspoons of honey Add 4 of the cloves, ginger and cardamom to some water and boil for a while to release their flavour and aroma. Remove the seasoning and brew the tea with this water. Crush two slices of lemon with honey. Add the ginger syrup or mixture of syrup and liqueur to the tea. Next add honey with lemon. Mix it in. Decorate the tea with the rest of the cloves and lemon. Enjoy your drink!
  12. A friend just bought some kombu cha and can't find instructions on how to brew it. This is a solid tea, not powdered. Anyone know?
  13. via johnder, this thing appears to be on the market... The Pour Steady. via my hipster niece, "We are seriously two innovations away from circling back to Mr. Coffee."
  14. Well it happened again. I was at a local coffee roaster and asked for their darkest roast. I got a withering glare and was informed that they only roast light. Like I had asked for a well done steak or for a vodka martini at a different type of establishment. My main espresso stand uses a pretty light roast and shares the opinion on dark roasts, although they are less supercilious about it. Pretty much every cafe in Australia uses a light roast. I'm getting used to the lighter espresso, especially when brewed well, but I kind of miss being able to go to the dark side. And I find that light roasts are often higher caffeine than I want. Is this light roast fetish an Aussie thing or is it a coffee snob thing? Or just the way they like it, thank you, nothing wrong with that? Thoughts on different roasts. Are preferences regional - is French Roast really a French thing? What do you like and why? Does it vary with brewing method? Am I terminally un-hip?
  15. I love lapsang souchong tea. And I am always on the look-out for a better brew. I know Zhi Tea makes a nice one. Does anyone else know of a really good one?
  16. A lot of websites include, or are devoted to information about tea. I am not talking about sites that sell tea, just sites that deliver information about this wonderful subject. I like http://asiarecipe.com/china.html This site has a lot of info about chinese food and culture in general, but I love it for the tea stuff. So, what is your favorite site for tea info?
  17. Hi everyone, I wanted to ask - does everyone here use a timer for brewing? and if so, do you have any recommendations for good, convenient timers? I always seem to get my tea bitter...
  18. Now that my favorite local tea retailer has closed (RIP Cultured Cup in Preston Center), I need a new source for getting good tea. I know there are many good on-line sources, but I am wondering what the king of on-line retailers has available. Why Amazon? Well, I have Prime membership. And I am traveling every week. I can place my orders in such a way that ensures that they arrive on a specific day of the week when I'll be home (i.e. Friday). I may not be able to get that flexibility with other retailers. So, is Amazon selling any Prime eligible teas worth buying? I am looking for loose tea. Black. I pretty much drink it just in the mornings for breakfast.
  19. I am visiting North Jersey from South Florida for the Holidays. I viewed this show for the first time today on veria living- first show was on green tea and second on white- also included in each episode emonstration, history and recipes
  20. I've been a fan of the bancha and hojicha at Norbu for some time, but it appears that Greg isn't carrying them any more. Are there other options out there to recommend? I particularly like the roastier, woodsier varieties. Thanks!
  21. So, I took the plunge into "real" espresso machines and ordered a brand new Silvia V3. On the prodding of Sam Kinsey, I'm also going to buy a PID for it. However, the question is WHICH PID kit to get. The two cottage companies that offer them are PIDKits.com and PIDsilvia.com. Both of these are side mounts, but one uses the Watlow PID (more expensive, but supposedly higher quality devices) and the other uses Auber PIDs. Auber Instruments also offers its own PID kit now as well. However, the Auber PID kit is an undermount near the steamer wand and the espresso spout and I'm not crazy about that So far, I haven't gotten either of these cottage businesses to answer emails. I guess whoever eventually gets back to me will get my bussiness, but I would rather know about some other choices if I have any.
  22. I hear a lot of talk about the amount of caffeine in the second steeping of tea, and I thought it would be interesting to look at some of the hard research data on the subject. A number of sites deal with this issue and I will eventually list more. But this is a good place to start the discussion http://39steeps.blogspot.com/2009/07/tea-myth-busted-90-of-caffeine-comes.html
  23. Interesting discussion in The Guardian, here. There is also a huge amount of reader-contributed material here.
  24. Well, the polar vortex has returned and I am drinking teas that go well with cold weather : strong black tea and powdered green tea with butter ("Tibetan"-style). And, I was wondering: What do you drink- tea-wise- when cold weather hits?
  25. I love green tea powder or matcha but I've been reading along the web that white tea has alot more antioxidants that green tea does so I went into searching for white tea matcha but so far I've found any selling in my neighborhood so I was wondering what do they taste like and if anyone could compare them to matcha green tea for me
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