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  1. VacheRadioactif

    Starting an online tea shop

    Lisa, Deryn, again thank you for the feedback. Really excited to get this started!
  2. VacheRadioactif

    Starting an online tea shop

    Thank you all for the replies! @pastrygirl / @Deryn -- I think an exceptional experience involves a few things: - Responsive, respectful customer service - Timely shipping - Lovingly sourced product; likely fair trade and without chemical pesticides - Site owners that know your preferences (algorithms are great, however it's difficult to replace Amazon and likely less costly to hire and train CSRs) - Dedication to iterating design, usability Full disclosure: I'm a UX consultant that loves tea - hence the urge to put my expertise to good use with something that I have a passion for @Deryn what sort of content would you like in that blog?
  3. VacheRadioactif

    Starting an online tea shop

    Hello all, I'm starting an online tea store and would appreciate your input. What could we do to ensure you had an exceptional experience every time you shopped there? Thank you!