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  1. I just called KitchenAid about my blender, model KSB5BU3. Found out that we bought this 20 years ago and that they no longer have parts for it. This blender, like most (?), has a jar and a blade assembly, and between the two is a gasket. When used, my blender leaks a little and I strongly suspect that a new gasket would solve the issue. Question: Can you please direct me to the proper part? Bonus question: Can you name any place in southeast Michigan that sells this part?
  2. Lisa - Thanks so much for sharing that video. I wonder why my searches didn't turn it up? Now that I understand what it is, lots of usage ideas come to mind. I am willing to bet that if one dried the onions in a smoker, as opposed to an oven, the resulting power would be even better...
  3. This past weekend, we visited a small spice shop in Dearborn that has a number of Yemeni spice blends and the like. One item I purchased, because it smelled good and sounded interesting, is black onion powder. However, I cannot find any information about this product on-line. Can you please point me to some recipes that use it? Or, did I mishear/misunderstand the sales clerk? Thanks.
  4. I've been to three of the top five (Pupusería y Restaurante Salvadoreño, El Barzon Restaurante, and Taqueria El Rey) and all are excellent, with El Barzon being much fancier than the other two. If you visit any of these, try to save room for desert at Ice Cream La Michuacana (Vernor, three doors west of the Mexicantown Bakery).
  5. Best China, Lilly Rd, Canton, is very good. I have been there three or four times and am usually the only non-Asian in the place.
  6. IMO, the only places to find good quality, reasonably-price, supermarket offerings is in local, ethnic markets. Here in southeast Michigan, we have quite a few. Most have fairly limited offerings, but what they have is usually quite good. For example, Dearborn Fresh (middle Eastern) has several entrees, salads, and baked goods. Their medium taboulli salad, for $5, weighs in at 1.5 lbs. Dos Hermanos Market, in Ypsilanti, has wonderful carnitas, barbacoa, and others (typically on the weekends only) for $5-7 per pound. Greenland Market (Dearborn, Middle Eastern), Honey Bee La Colmena (Detroit, Mexican), and Bozek (Hamtramck, Polish) are others that come to mind right away.
  7. Not sure if my replied will be considered 'fair', but a couple of months ago, we stopped in Nino Salvaggio International Market, see http://www.ninosalvaggio.com/. While there, we found a nine inch store made pot pie, that weighed on the order of two pounds, for around $10. It was really quite excellent - good crust, decent amount of chicken, not too salty, etc. Sadly, the closest store to our house is around 60 miles, so this is not a regular treat... p.s. Given the prices for most everything else in the store, this is a real steal.
  8. This may sound mundane, but we made pizza: Purchase roma tomatoes (none left in the freezer from the garden) and made sauce. Made the dough (we use whole wheat flour and some additional gluten). Slow braised some beef shanks for about 8 hours. The pizza were a riff on a Phili cheese-steak: tomato sauce, the shredded shank, sauted onions and mushrooms, spinach, and topped with white cheddar and parm. Cooked them on a hunk of granite on the out-door grill for just under three minutes, then topped them with some chopped fresh parsley and scallions. We enjoyed! (Especially since I had a Founder;s Breakfast Stout to accompany mine...)
  9. All, I will be visiting my father next month. He truly enjoys halva and I would like to bring him some. Given that we live in southeast Michigan, I figure there have to be some really good ones available here. Can you offer some suggestions? I know that he enjoys plain, chocolate, and pistachio halvas. Thank you.
  10. All, This is the first time I have done something cooking related that was worthy of being posted here! We have been making pizza at home for a while. Until today, every time we have cooked pizza, it was on a baking dish in the oven. Even though we used the freshest of ingredients (like tomatoes, herbs, onions, etc., from our garden), the crust was never 'perfect'. To address this issue, we set out to acquire a piece of granite, such as those used for kitchen counter tops, approximately 16" x 24". Yesterday, in Toledo, we found a granite shop that had a 16" x 25" piece just lying in a 'scrap' heap and they sold it to us for $10. We then splurged and got an IR thermometer from Harbor Freight (on sale for $35) and a 14" pizza pan from Meijer for $5. After cleaning the granite, I put it in my outdoor grill, a BBQ Galore Grand Turbo, a gas fired grill that claims to produce 60,000 BTU of heat. I then fired up the grill, and preheated it until the granite reached 650 F. With some cornmeal in the pizza pan, the pizza easily slid out of the pan onto the granite and with the lid closed, the pizza (about 12" diameter and very thin crust) cooked in under three minutes. And wow! was it good. The curst was as good as any I have ever had.
  11. Darienne, I am one of those people who si simply incapable of following a recipe - I have to experiment. Thanks for pointing out your favorite - I had consdiered adding hot peppers and will now certainly do so (though I will use jalapenos and serranos since our freezer is stocked with them - from last summer's garden).
  12. AlaMoi, Great suggestion, thank you. The pans are the right length (in terms of being able to fit in my oven), but are only ~13" wide. I would have preferred one just a bit wider - will keep looking.
  13. All, Thanks for the replies and my apolgies for beign so slow to thank you (I had forgotten to follow this thread).
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