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  1. I loved your post, as always. Is communal dumpling making a traditional way to celebrate the Chinese New Year season? I ask because my nephew and niece had the family over for the holiday, and we all made Jao Tze and Won Tons. Yes, my niece is Chinese and showed us how her father made them!
  2. Hello- This may be Very OT (and if so please let me know) I really want to cook my eggplant on a gas hob. Could tell me how its done?
  3. Hello- IMO, the description sounds more like that of a Darjeeling than a Russian Tea.
  4. Yes, I agree. IMO "Keemun (or Qimen) tastes closest to English teas
  5. Naftal

    Old or expired tea

    Yes! I agree. Tea must be stored in air-tight containers and must be kept dry. I would also add that they must be kept away from things that have strong scents/smells. If stored this way, teas should keep for a very long time.
  6. Hello- What are the characteristics of the original "Russian" tea? What did you like about it? was it "fruity"? "smokey"? "earthy"? or something else?
  7. I use my Calphalon Knock-off flat bottomed wok and wooden utensils almost every day. Do they count?
  8. Interesting article. I've had kuding and it is wonderful!
  9. In a perfect world, I would just drink Dragon Well, Pu'erh, and Ti Guan Yin (Chinese Teas) all day long. But, this is not a perfect world, so I include teas from India, Sri Lanka, Taiwan and Japan. I also like a Vanilla Rooibos on occasion. At home, I always keep an Orange Pekoe A (Sri Lanka) and a Green Pearl Tea (China) on hand. BTW, Green Pearl Tea goes back to the Tang Dynasty and is known in the west as Gunpowder.
  10. I am a freelance writer and educator by trade. I was interviewing a local chef for an article I am working on. At the end he asks me if I'd like to cook with him. Stupid? me says "yes".Soo, on Tuesday, after he is done for the day, we are going to use his kitchen and cook two dishes, one being my choice and the other being his. Question: Aside from the obvious,is there anything I should do or not do so I do not make a fool of myself or my editor?
  11. I've also been drinking the green pu'erh that my nephew brought me on returning from his last trip to China.BTW that trip was last year and the tea has been holding up very well, as you might expect with pu'erhs.
  12. I have lemon balm in my garden. Today I made my first batch of tea with it. Wonderful stuff!
  13. Question; Does the root of poison hemlock/queen ann's lace smell like wild carrot? I have no intention of trying to learn the difference if it does, The likely-hood of death, and all that.
  14. Naftal

    Breakfast! 2017 (Part 2)

    Din Tai Fung sounds like a perfect place for Dim Sum
  15. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, the taste of steamed mushrooms........! IMO it is pure umami, due to high levels of guanylate. http://www.foodfacts.com/ci/ingredientsdefinition/disodium-guanylate/601 This is purely subjective, but I think steaming preserves most of the guanylate present in 'shrooms. BTW, I eat them as a snack because I don't have the patience to wait and put them in something else.