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  1. Breakfast! 2017 (Part 2)

    I usually start the day with some form of fried rice. Most of the time it's nothing special. But...recently, I was given unlimited access to a neighbor's rhubarb patch. So, today we had fried rice with diced rhubarb.
  2. My neighbor inherited a huge rhubarb plant (plants?). She did not want it/them, so now I have permission to enter her yard whenever my supply of that plant is low!!! I am set for the summer, rhubarb-wise.
  3. I make fried rice daily. I add old tea leaves to it. Think Laphet Thoke, Burmese Tea Salad. Congee is good too. You can put anything in that!
  4. Breakfast! 2017 (Part 2)

    I love fried zucchini too! I do it middle eastern style with a garlic-yogurt sauce
  5. There are black spots on the lemon balm I planted last fall. Any idea what it might be? They are in a different area of the garden than my older stuff.
  6. Does this rating imply that they have the best chef in the world?
  7. Since tea is my passion, my lemon balm and mints will be used primarily in tisanes. I am particularly excited to see how my chocolate mint plants do in tisanes. I may even do them in a kombucha.
  8. My lemon balm is doing very well, too. It, and my onions, both came up early.
  9. Yes! My preference this time of year is Woodford Reserve
  10. I was curious about the Hot Brown, soooooooooooo
  11. For me, the triple-crown races are sacred days They are the only days of the year that I drink really good bourbon! And yes, I do really enjoy my bourbon So what do you eat/drink in honor of THE event?
  12. The rains have lessened-slightly-so now my mint has started to grow. I planted a creeping mint last year, and it ended up drowned in my yard.So, this year, I planted spearmint and chocolate mint, and the came up when it was safe.
  13. ahhh!!!! the glories of Inonotus obliquus..... Here is an interesting website; I have had chaga tea once. I do not remember the taste, but I know I enjoyed it.
  14. Have you ,or anyone else, been to Taqueria Lupita's or Evie's Tamales? These are two of my personal favorites.
  15. I got a copy of Land of Fish and Rice by Fuchsia Dunlop