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  1. Actually I dont drink bourbon on other days. I prefer Single Malt Scotch.
  2. Derby Day is the one day of the year that I drink good bourbon. But I do love peaches so that bourbon pickled peach recipe sounds interesting.
  3. I also use it in pilafs.
  4. Just wondering...How is this different from the inside wrapper used on White Rabbit candies? I assume that even the recent reincarnations of this wonderful treat have kept the edible inside wrapper. Or am I wrong?
  5. Naftal


    IMO they are the same. And this dish is also one of my favorites! I would highly recommend that you try it at least once.
  6. The sixth Chief Justice of the United States was Salmon Portland Chase.
  7. Halleluya!!! I love the microwave! And it is a great joy to find that others here do too.I use my microwave for veggies and grains and lentils. I use it for fish too. can you tell I am excited?
  8. Is the "laoganma" brand of sauces really as popular as I am led to believe?
  9. It may be cultural. I prefer Nova, but then I love smoked Sable too
  10. Thank you. That makes a lot of sense!!!
  11. I love this topic! I noticed that garlic and ginger were not on your list. I assume that means they are not used as often as we/westerners imagine ?????????
  12. green: bi luo chun , green pearls aka "gunpowder" black: ceylon , pu'erh oolong: ti guan yin These are my 5 everyday teas.
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