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  1. green: bi luo chun , green pearls aka "gunpowder" black: ceylon , pu'erh oolong: ti guan yin These are my 5 everyday teas.
  2. How about explosives, some food grade dynamite!
  3. What beverages would be served at an event like this? or perhaps I am just thinking like a foreigner.
  4. Hello- This may be OT but since you mentioned them...I have always wondered how one locates fish cheeks. I want to eat them, but I do not know how to locate them.
  5. Naftal

    4 Days in Guilin

    It may or may not come as a surprise, but I am curious about the oil tea. How is it made? You seemed to imply that this was a standard dish. Since I love everything that contains the word 'tea', I was curious about this.
  6. I recently tried the yin hao green. It was very good
  7. Naftal

    Food funnies

    Also- does it really say that one of its functions is to slice others?
  8. Hi Chris- My nephew and his wife (my niece) just moved to D.C. I plan to tell them to visit your place!
  9. I loved your post, as always. Is communal dumpling making a traditional way to celebrate the Chinese New Year season? I ask because my nephew and niece had the family over for the holiday, and we all made Jao Tze and Won Tons. Yes, my niece is Chinese and showed us how her father made them!
  10. Hello- This may be Very OT (and if so please let me know) I really want to cook my eggplant on a gas hob. Could tell me how its done?
  11. Hello- IMO, the description sounds more like that of a Darjeeling than a Russian Tea.
  12. Yes, I agree. IMO "Keemun (or Qimen) tastes closest to English teas
  13. Naftal

    Old or expired tea

    Yes! I agree. Tea must be stored in air-tight containers and must be kept dry. I would also add that they must be kept away from things that have strong scents/smells. If stored this way, teas should keep for a very long time.
  14. Hello- What are the characteristics of the original "Russian" tea? What did you like about it? was it "fruity"? "smokey"? "earthy"? or something else?
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