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  1. Rotuts thanks you just changed my life holy crap I have been wasting time thank you !!!! I tried the recipe the eggs just made the best boiled eggs of my life ..no photos because they look like eggs I did half duck half chicken a dozen of various sizes because if they didn't turn out they would go to the animals anyway ..well not one out of a dozen mismatched eggs wasn't used in a particularly yummy egg salad I just made with baby grape pickles ..I am in heaven and no way with the amount of eggs we get if I need hard boiled eggs I ail ever NOT make them in the IP ..everyone popped on out of t
  2. I can not find the spot where you guys boiled some eggs seriously I see them talked about and am I blind ? is there an easier way to navigate this thread so many good recipes but where are the eggs? I am so hungry and not thinking straight I guess LOL they are probably obvious
  3. Sylvialovegren slice them up after half cooking them and use Alex's combo of butter maple syrup and bourbon toss them together ..then put lots of butter salt and pepper …it all works bake until bubbly and beautiful bourbon maple and butter are the bomb with sweet potatoes I can not think of a better combo i Have added pineapple juice and it is even better
  4. It can only taste better Rotuts I can not imagine you would find anything off but you will find it different! and better probably … do it Rotuts yes! I do it I build my stocks change them rotate them and move them around into very many creations as I keep adding and adding when they are supersaturated they are my ramen base but no I have not had anything taste "off " just better
  5. Darienne thanks for the help I am fixing it and will post the link to the entire album once i am sure ok so here is the reason why (except waiting for my husband to clean his messes) …DIYs are not for the folks who can not stand to divert here and there ..see who the hell would put particle board under and sink? whomever did this sink to begin with ..OYYYYY I had it covered with crap for so long and kept all my cleaning stuff under hear so pardon the filth but …well you are looking under my sink during a full on remodel ….so you get what you see LOL ! fortunately this is the only board
  6. Hi Linda nice to see you as well …the light is better but the clouds never leave neither do the tears ..just have to keep pushing them aside and try to "participate" in the world joyfully..even if it is "forced joy" if you do it long enough …the joy comes back… go figure ! baking cakes in jars is very easy but we all know "easy" is relevant of the moment in time……until like my girlfriend who is an excellent, seasoned and very very smart …baker had a mega DUH moment and baked cakes in regular mouthed canning jars. There is NO WAY to get the cake out of that obviously ..and after the fact sh
  7. I forgot to add I have my flicker act to public so you should be able to see the whole album I only use it to post here and on another board? I wonder what is wrong ? anyone know? you should be able to just go look at the photos all of them I thought? I hate I can not edit …my mind doesnt work that fast and I edit too much and talk to much through my fingers here is the typing table how cool is this and it fits right into the pantry YAY! paint and tile the top with some left over tiles from another project and a coffee roasting cart it will be I love up cycling ..have done it all my l
  8. OH i wanted to add but cannot edit … this is the ONE meal a year I get back for my investment in my son's college education ….so I PUT A LOT OF PRESSURE on him (intentionally and fairly I think ) to preform his best and wow that boy can cook! So I really do look forward to this as a meal I do NOT prepare anymore but get to enjoy full on …and I do very little the enchiladas are in the freezer already waiting to be baked …. mother brag over ….I love that I can say I am going to my son's for the holiday ..it is hard to explain to anyone who does not know us how deeply amazing it is Hap
  9. omg I am always embarrassed to post under these stunning confections but that is the nice thing about this place "room for all" and on that note (if I already posted these forgive me I am really tried and not sleeping well at all lately ..excuses excuses) ..but I did make some cracker jack! / this has been my dinner I am ashamed to admit for a few nights now probably the reason I am so tired I am eating like crap lately has anyone used "mushroom popcorn" for caramel corn ? if so is it the same as the extra large ? I used Amish extra large for this and really like it nice big corns
  10. emmyeatsjapan on youtube she just tasted 10 flavors if you are interested and I almost lost my lunch thinking about the combinations she was trying and hot horrible they were ..then noticed this thread and yes it is a "thing" LOL wow ..then I went to the cookie isle and saw the explosion ..our local commissary on base has a full Isle of cookies and a full Isle of chips and I am so overwhelmed by snack foods that now that I am wanting to try some I can not even begin to begin so I havent …I will just watch you guys trying away …. and wow I had no clue Oreos had gone so far. I like my Oreos,
  11. traditional for us as a family are Santa Fe style "Christmas" enchiladas half red half green chile we have had them on our table with the turkey for 35 years and counting new I am making rainbow challah per my little grandson who thinks that having it just on Easter is not enough he wants to start making it on Thanksgiving and Easter so that is "new"
  12. wow i had a melt down over that didn't I ? sorry thanks for the great ideas I am going to repack the boxes this weekend it may have been my frame of mind …you think? they do look crappy but I think they looked crappier when I posted and I felt so distraught …
  13. thanks you guys sorry for the delay in getting back but the time spent doing all this ..well it takes time the penny tiles are legal you guys are so funny and yup I can crack open the tiles anytime and reclaim them because they are not at all damaged by the process ..lets just say I am holding them on the wall until needed LOL and I have lot's of Canadian pennies in there and other coins that look like pennies and some that don't for added interest I threw some giant Chinese coins in a few tiles … I am using a heavy duty glue glueing them to mats the templates are a waste pennies are all t
  14. I know I should start with photos of the kitchen but I can not find the "before " I promise I will post them when I do but the hole I am living with will be more profound with some before photos LOL…oh well this is the best I have for now ….and the best I have is what I was so excited and anxious about ..it is my brand new concrete countertops! wow they are done and I am so grateful and happy with the results my husband and his partner did a fantastic job! … as of now Both of the concrete countertops have been poured…. I could scream with joy! ..for a grand total of $200 I now have custom con
  15. we should delete this if there is one ? I am all over the mushrooms and had good luck …it has been fun harvesting but the rains are here now so it is not safe to go foraging right now
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