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  1. jmacnaughtan

    Cheese I can’t do without

    I don't understand these awards. How can you have a world's best cheese? They're all so different.
  2. jmacnaughtan

    Cheese I can’t do without

    Mont d'Or. The only cheese (IMO) which is excellent hot or cold. Unfortunately, only available in winter.
  3. It looks like there'll be no more local fruit around this year, so I've looked a bit further afield. Bizarrely, this is the first ever dessert I've made with mango... Mango and lime tart Lime sablé breton Mango brunoise Lime and mint chantilly I've really gone off glazing cakes recently, possibly due to an Instagram overdose of glazing videos. Here's to visual texture! Eta: formatting
  4. Not at all - I spread some chantilly onto a sheet of acetate, put another sheet on top and crumpled it. Then I just pushed down a cake ring on top of that and froze it before putting the crumple layer on the cake. It would probably be easier to do it directly onto the cake as it was assembled though...
  5. I've been playing around with different finishes recently, and come to the conclusion that glazes are overrated. Go rough and crumpled! Apple, pear and molasses cake Speculoos base Apple genoise Pear tatin Apple butter Molasses and tonka chantilly Crushed speculoos Candied pear (Actually the second attempt. Fittingly, for Halloween, the first was a clear-glazed nightmare, in which each of my attempts to make it look better just made it more and more like foie gras in aspic. The horror. THE HORROR.)
  6. jmacnaughtan

    Le Chocdoc Goûte Paris

    @Kerry BealHave you seen this? Apparently he came second in the junior heats... That's one of the best chocolate and sugar pieces I've ever seen. And, if I'm not mistaken, there are three full-size cakes on it too.
  7. jmacnaughtan

    Le Chocdoc Goûte Paris

    Just ask. Most Parisian waiters would be more than happy to serve you a cheese, bacon and Chantilly galette
  8. @RWood Those dinosaur skeletons are awesome
  9. In an effort to get the cherries in kirsch out of the house, I'm running with the Black Forest Gâteau thing. All of the elements are the same as the bûche from last weekend, but it's tweaked to make it a bit lighter. I'll see if I've succeeded tonight 🤔
  10. That's the sweet spot. Also, if you want to boost the banana flavour a bit, add a splash of Jack Daniel's
  11. A big birthday party this weekend, so it had to be a bûche. Dark Forest Bûche Chocolate digestive and upmarket Lindt candy crunch Blackcurrant curd Dark chocolate sponge Cherries in brandy Mascarpone and vanilla chantilly Dark chocolate mousse Glaze Chocolate, cherries My first Black Forest, and many things learned: a) Buy the cherries at the last minute, or I will eat them all. b) Cling film leaves an unintentionally cool wood effect on the cake. c) I cannot cut straight to save my life. d) You can pipe glaze onto cakes. e) You don't notice how bad Paris streets are until you're trying to keep a cake away from your white shirt in the back of a taxi. But not bad Edited for coherence.
  12. So are these just caramels? According to Wikipedia, they're actually Jamaican. And now I'm down the Wiki-candy rabbit hole...
  13. It's squash season, so as usual I made a cake. I wanted to play around with milk chocolate a bit. I've come to realise that I much prefer it to dark, and it works better with more delicate flavours. Chocolate, orange and squash cake Milk chocolate orange biscuit base Génoise sponge soaked with orange juice and chacha Orange and butternut marmelade Orange and butternut curd Milk chocolate mousse Glaze More marmelade Candied clementine Really good, but the glaze went too thin and the mousse barely held together... I need to stop trusting Francisco Migoya's recipes. But still, one of my better cakes
  14. jmacnaughtan

    Potato Puree, Mashed Potatoes, Pommes

    Ah. You may need more butter then I find if you use cold butter, it lightens up well and doesn't go runny, even when you reach 50/50 levels.
  15. jmacnaughtan

    Potato Puree, Mashed Potatoes, Pommes

    Why don't you use a whisk? You could probably just chuck it in a Kitchenaid and leave it to whip. I've never had good results from a blender or food processor.