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Q: How often do you actually get to cook?

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#1 Rachel Perlow

Rachel Perlow
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Posted 03 May 2002 - 05:05 AM

After reading through your bio I wondered... With all your books and other restaurant duties, how often you actually get behind the stove in your restaurant these days? Which role do you prefer: cook or author?

#2 Shaun Hill

Shaun Hill
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Posted 09 May 2002 - 08:41 AM

It's interesting that you should think this - and perceptive - for most people in the restaurant trade think I have moved into semi-retirement. In fact I have never worked so long or hard. The numbers of people catered for may be small but the number of tasks needed to make it all come together is large - as large as a bigger restaurant.

My system is this. Tuesday to Saturday I work from am til late doing just the kitchen tasks - this Q and A is a rare exception and involves no specific time or travel. Sundays I clear the place a bit, do the books and answer correspondence. This doesn't take long and the rest of the day is free

Mondays I do all other things. Last monday I went to Heathrow to present dishes for Concorde. The monday before I did a photographic session for a book,.  It's easy enough if you turn down anything that will not fit into this pattern.

But living on top of the shop has drawbacks and I get calls at 7am on a sunday from people wanted to discuss possible bookings and I like being on holiday a couple of times a year to do none of these things