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  1. Craig E


    Trying out this "oat-geat": 200 g oat milk 200 g sugar 1 oz amaretto 1 oz Amaro Nonino Blend the oat milk and sugar until the sugar has dissolved, 2 to 3 minutes. Add the amaretto and Amaro Nonino and blend for an additional 30 seconds. Easier than authentic, more "green" than some other shortcut recipes. May not become my permanent replacement, but taste:effort ratio is very high.
  2. Just brought a bottle of this back from Thessaloniki Duty Free: Skinos Mastiha. I found the nose interesting but not that appealing, the taste more yummy: cinnamon, resin, pine, sweet. I gather some of these have an ouzo-like anise aspect, but in this label that is very minimal. Pondering how to mix with it, I worried it'd be a rehash of my frustrations with Swedish punsch: that is, sweet enough on its own that additional sweet mixers would be too much, and subtle in flavor so that it might easily get lost when mixed with anything with a strong personality. But my first go turned out pretty good: equal parts pisco and mastiha, a little lemon juice, and some tiki bitters that drew out the clove and cinnamon. With a mint garnish. On the finish there's mint, pine, and even some bubblegum. I dubbed it the Contrapposto, named for the principle of asymmetrical balance credited as a breakthrough of ancient Classical Greek sculptors. For further experiments, I might think about successful drinks that use Yellow Chartreuse, since it has a similar herbal sweetness. Or perhaps some places it could complexify drinks that call for cinnamon syrup.
  3. Sounds good, though I confess I found the recipe intimidating even before mention of staph infection!
  4. Food for thought on the pricing.
  5. Count me among those taken aback by the price points here.
  6. Those are tasty flavors together. I'd think with the sweetness of the ginger ale, the simple syrup might not be needed.
  7. If you make a drink with egg white (or egg yolk I suppose!) you can apparently use the Hawthorne strainer to separate eggs too.
  8. I gathered from the instructions that you're supposed to gas up only full bottles (thus the "fill line").
  9. I was just thinking of that as a possibility (considering how well cornbread goes with chili)!
  10. Bought a bottle of Mellow Corn whiskey on a whim, and I'm curious if there are ideas out there about how to mix with it. My first impulse was to build off the sweet corn cereal flavors, by adding some (also recently acquired) Tempus Fugit creme de cacao, arriving at something like Chocolate Frosted Flakes. First tried throwing in some Angostura bitters, but then realized the cinnamon of Becherovka could make it a more fitting way to add some bitter gravitas. Thus the Short Sharp Choc. Quite sweet (that cdc is like drinking frosting) but I like it. What else can I do with the Mellow Corn? With its high ABV and unique but accessible flavor profile, it seems like a promising ingredient for cocktails.
  11. Craig E


    Hate to rain on your parade, but there I think there'd be real cyanide concerns.
  12. Craig E


    I'm in the middle of collecting pits for avocado pit orgeat. Have any of y'all tried that?
  13. They slip the bottles over the buds while still on the tree!
  14. Craig E


    That mold never stood a chance.
  15. Do you think it would work in a Beton?
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