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  1. I gathered from the instructions that you're supposed to gas up only full bottles (thus the "fill line").
  2. I was just thinking of that as a possibility (considering how well cornbread goes with chili)!
  3. Bought a bottle of Mellow Corn whiskey on a whim, and I'm curious if there are ideas out there about how to mix with it. My first impulse was to build off the sweet corn cereal flavors, by adding some (also recently acquired) Tempus Fugit creme de cacao, arriving at something like Chocolate Frosted Flakes. First tried throwing in some Angostura bitters, but then realized the cinnamon of Becherovka could make it a more fitting way to add some bitter gravitas. Thus the Short Sharp Choc. Quite sweet (that cdc is like drinking frosting) but I like it. What else can I do with the Mellow Corn? With its high ABV and unique but accessible flavor profile, it seems like a promising ingredient for cocktails.
  4. Craig E


    Hate to rain on your parade, but there I think there'd be real cyanide concerns.
  5. Craig E


    I'm in the middle of collecting pits for avocado pit orgeat. Have any of y'all tried that?
  6. They slip the bottles over the buds while still on the tree!
  7. Craig E


    That mold never stood a chance.
  8. Do you think it would work in a Beton?
  9. Craig E


    Are you assured that cyanide won't be an issue?
  10. Craig E


    If you're plowing through it at that pace I'd guess the bottle would be empty before incremental period gained through preservative even starts.
  11. Very cool! I'd be tempted to do some color-coding to speed my selection.
  12. Others around here know the field better than I do, but maybe Dubonnet Rouge would be close?
  13. Picked up Byrrh for the first time for this project, and really liked it. It's a shame if it's not available (though subbing other aperitif wines for the Byrrh and other amari for the Lucano Anniversario might be worthwhile to try).
  14. This might be a place to put my proud announcement that a signature cocktail I designed for the Society of Architectural Historians was released today. It's a drink inspired by the bottles found at an archaeological dig on the site of the 19th-c. Charnley-Persky house in Chicago, now headquarters of the Society. The video I made tells the story and directions in more detail, and the full recipe is on Kindred. I'm an amateur at both cocktail crafting and at video production and that probably shows. But think of the word "amateur" in its etymological roots--done for and with love! If you have 8 minutes to spare I invite you to watch!
  15. Was reminded of this by tonight's trial of Frederic Yarm's new Creole Poet, which adds Benedictine and Amer Picon (Amer Boudreau in my case) and orange bitters to a similar martini base. Recommended!
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