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Pastry & Baking Index

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Welcome to the Pastry & Baking Forum Index. This index has been created to assist you in finding common questions and topics. As you use this tool, please feel free to report any problems or suggestions to make it more efficient and usable. Likewise, if you feel a topic should be added, simply PM any of the forum hosts and we will review the topic for inclusion.

Within each sub-index you will find that general topics are listed first, followed by specific recipes or techniques, and finally recipes from RecipeGullet or relevant books.

Common Topics

Related Topics

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An index of books from which members are making recipes since 1/1/07 in P&B:

The Art of the Dessert, Ann Amernick

Cake Bible, Rose Levy Beranbaum

Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes Zoe Francois

Baking: From My Home to Yours, Dorie Greenspan

Chocolates and Confections, Peter Greweling

Chocolate Desserts, Pierre Herme

The Perfect Scoop, David Lebovitz

The Bread Baker’s Apprentice, Peter Reinhard

Kaffeehaus, Rick Rodger

Making Artisan Chocolates, Andrew Schotts

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Thanks to Kerry Beal, for several months now, a number of us have been having some fun with the eGullet Recipe Bake-Off. The Bake-Offs are intended to be open forums where all members are invited and encouraged to share their baking experiences in a non-competitive, collaborative manner.

There are a few guidelines:

  • All recipes must adhere to the Copyright Laws.
  • If you share a recipe, it should be posted in RecipeGullet.
  • Remember this is not a competition - simply a chance for everyone who chooses to bake the same thing, compare notes, perhaps make suggestions. Essentially just to have fun. Let's keep it friendly - there are no right or wrong recipes.
  • It's never to late to join in. Don't hesitate to contribute at any point, even if a topic hasn't had a new post in months (or years!).

We've created this index so that all of the Bake-Offs are easy to find and join in. We'll keep it updated.

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One of the best aspects of eGullet is that members gather here from around the world to learn and teach from each other. This happens in daily give-and-take posting in topics, and in a more instructional format in the Demo topics.

The Demo topics contain how-to information on a specific theme, including images to teach specific skills. As is the case in all of the P&B topics, members can ask questions of the person doing the demo.

If your interested in contributing a Demo topic, please send a PM to any P&B host. The only ground rules are that your images are uploaded into ImageGullet and that your recipes follow the copyright guidelines and get added to RecipeGullet.

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