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Dinner 2015 (part 4)


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These two cute little guys from the garden became eggplant parm for dinner last night.  I also made some sausage and spinach manicotti.  Neither were photogenic, but they tasted good.

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Thanks Smithy,

It has been almost too hot to bake bread.  But since I was just about out of bread, down to the last small round in the freezer,

I caved on Thursday and baked a double batch.  Left the second batch in  a little longer for a darker crust.   Unintentionally. :smile:



 Should get us through until next week when it is suppose to cool off a bit.




Since I was already going to have the oven on, I also baked a blueberry pie.


Thanks BonVivant.   Maybe I will try braising next time.  




Porterhouse steak - 1 3/4 pounds to share three ways.


Potatoes were cooked in cream with garlic and fresh thyme.   Starch from the russetts thickened the sauce.  Added fresh shelled peas at the end with a little parmesan cheese.




I blackened poblano peppers on the grill for chile rellenos.




Roasted tomatoes and jalapeño peppers also on the grill for the tomato chili sauce. And cooked a pot of pinto beans. 

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Liamsaunt, I am off in search of Fine Cooking for that corn and crab cake recipe, not that we can get really good crabmeat here in flyover country. 


Scubadoo, that burger makes my mouth water.


Been on the road for a week and not in the kitchen, but I did have a very interesting pizza the other night -- thin, crispy crust, topped with fresh corn, fresh mozzarella, bacon and truffle oil. Pretty exceptional. I've cooked the last couple of nights at my daughter's house, mostly summer produce I brought with me because I went on autopilot last weekend at the Farmers' Market and bought like I was going to be home all week. Today I am going to attempt to make a cake using a food processor, because the child doesn't have a mixer. Sigh.

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Don't ask. Eat it.


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Haven't posted for a while.

Needed to use up some lemons so thought I'd make hummus.

This led a Middle Eastern inspired dish -- hummus with spiced marinated lamb and pine nuts.

attachicon.giflamb and humms.jpg

Boy does that look good. I do this with beef. A dish from childhood that's just darn good comfort food. Yours looks wonderful

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I ordered king crab meat but it was sold out so I went for snow. The fishmonger has it on order again for 2 weeks from now as I have already put something down for next week.


This is a small portion of a big salad, with all kinds of leaves/greens, cubed avocado and cherry roma tomatoes. Tarragon on top because otherwise it'd look so bare. 





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HeidiH, yes indeed. It's common where I am (northern Europe). However, I have seen (farmed?) samphire from Israel and Mexico (wow!) when supply is low. Maybe you could check out some greengrocers that stock hard to find greens?  Good luck.

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It's been very hot, humid, and smoky (forest fires out west) here for the last 3 weeks...Dare not turn on the oven, so it's been the "smoker" and slow cooker (outside)


S-i-l is here and using the old BBQ as a smoker. I picked up lamb chops, and he rubbed them with pineapple sage, Thai basil, fresh green peppercorns ( all mushed in the pestle and mortor). The chops were smoked with applewood chips.
They were delicious!




Picked up new taters at farmer's market - boiled, smashed up a bit, and add loads of butter and fresh sage...




Today, we had an airshow here in the city. Hubby is a volunteer with the British Commonwealth Air Training Museum, and he was the MC for the show featuring the Commemorative Air Force from Mesa, Arizona. I was his water girl. :raz:

S-i-l loves lamb,as do we, so I cut up a lamb shoulder roast, threw in a bunch of vegetables, lemongrass, Kaffir lime leaves, red Thai curry, coconut milk, into the slow cooker to simmer away for the afternoon. Half hour before supper, I added Thai pea-eggplant, fresh mushrooms, and fresh green peppercorns. Had supper with Nasi Lemak and "salad" fixings.






I DID cave and turned the oven on a couple of nights ago. Had some Not-sweet-enough cherries to use up, so I made pie at 11 PM!



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Ann, you always make me crave pizza.


Dejah, your lamb chops look sooooooo good and I'm not even a lamb fan.


Gfweb, I LOVE that big burger.  


Turkey wraps, fries and garden veggies for dinner last night


photo 4.JPG


photo 5.JPG

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Grilled chicken salad with apples and gorgonzola.  I picked my nephew up from a week-long service trip yesterday and he requested vegetables for dinner as he had not eaten any all week.  This suited him just fine.


grilled chicken salad.jpg


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Roast chicken (via Food52), mashed potatoes, peas.


After more than a month of assaying retrograde potato starch, I call shenanigans.  My normal pressure steamed mashed potato, when it works, is far better.  Not to mention quicker and less trouble.  On the other hand the store bought baby frozen peas were informed by the recent unwrinkled thread on preparing peas.  There is promise here.


I splurged on a full three cylinder liter of MR.  Following nathenm on partially venting the pressure vessel to achieve maximum bubbles, yet hewing to Dave Arnold's amusing ratio of culinary vapors.


The burning question:  now is there room for ice cream?



Edit:  and, if so, for extra credit, why?

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Cooking is cool.  And kitchen gear is even cooler.  -- Chad Ward

Whatever you crave, there's a dumpling for you. -- Hsiao-Ching Chou

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Very late night/early morning meal.


Peanut oil, garlic, beef short ribs, shiro miso, water, simmer, bamboo shoots, ginger.  Bare simmer for ~6-7 hrs.  Seasoning adjusted. Allowed to stand 6-8 hrs to meld further, excess oil skimmed off, reheated.

White rice.



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Tonight surpassed itself. I had a reunion with 12 people I worked with 15 years ago. Most I hadn't seen since then. One I last saw about 10 years ago (She now lives in Australia, but came back for the event). Only one am I in regular, if infrequent, contact. 


Everyone being Chinese except me, it was banquet time.


As usual it began with some cold dishes.



Black Fungus



Lizard's Tail Cordata Houttuynia 鱼腥草




Then the serious stuff arrived


goose.jpgRoast Goose



Pork Ribs



Mushroom Soup



Char Siu



Stewed Fish Maw



Scallops with Vermicelli



Baked Egg



Butterflied Shrimp



Stewed Fish






Durian Rolls



Egg Wrapped Dumplings 蛋饺



Stewed Snails with Ducks' Feet


There was also a plate of stir fried greens and, of course, rice.

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...your dancing child with his Chinese suit.


"No amount of evidence will ever persuade an idiot"
Mark Twain


The Kitchen Scale Manifesto

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