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The Soup Topic (2013–)


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First meal in four days -- I've been in the grips of a nasty stomach virus. Home-canned tomato soup (actually left over from last summer), with a grilled cheese sandwich and pickles. So far, the stomach is accepting it moderately well. I may venture further into solid food tonight.




We had butternut squash and apple soup the other evening, first cool night of the fall. Very good.

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Don't ask. Eat it.


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Awesome but unrepeatable soup. In  an effort to avoid food waste I took the produce that I might have consigned to the garbage bin and produced this.  Although the carrots, parsnips and an apple had definitely seen better days they were still quite edible.  I roasted the carrots and parsnips until they took on a bit of color then threw them into the Instant Pot along with the peeled, cored and quartered apple, a thumb size piece of ginger peeled and cut into coins, a couple of smashed garlic cloves and some highly seasoned chicken broth that was taking up room in my freezer.   My inspiration came from a similar recipe on Food 52.  

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Anna Nielsen aka "Anna N"

...I just let people know about something I made for supper that they might enjoy, too. That's all it is. (Nigel Slater)

"Cooking is about doing the best with what you have . . . and succeeding." John Thorne

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Some time ago, jacques Pepin did a show with is daughter Claudine.


more o\r less this one :

Cooking With Claudine (Jacques Pepin's Kitchen)


there may have been two seasons


on one show, JP took the theoretical contents of a College Persons refrigerator, bound for the Dumpster


and showed how to trim the Mass up and indeed make a delicious soup.


when you first saw the stuff you thought  Yuk


then  JP showed you what to do


a unique PBS show 

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Along the same line, my mother (a child of the Depression, who abhorred food waste) used to keep a gallon ice cream bucket in the freezer. Dibs and dabs of leftover veggies from dinner always got scraped into the bucket. When it got full, it was time to make vegetable soup.


If I had any freezer room, I'd do that. One of my resolutions, if I made New Year's resolutions any more, should be to clean out the damn freezer. There's stuff in there old enough to vote.


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Don't ask. Eat it.


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Minestrone soup


Beans, tomatoes, cauliflower, carrot, parsley root, leeks, onion, mushrooms and a little cabbage. Spiced with rosemary, basil, a bit of oregano and enough black pepper to make it chili-hot :P

The one thing that truly "makes" this soup is a large amount of cheese rinds, collected all summer long and kept frozen just for this soup. I simmer the rinds and add the flavorful water to the soup, it gives so much savoriness and a sharp edge. Also some grated Parmesan on top just to glide the lily.


I also toast the pasta in the oven, which gives it a nutty flavor and prevents it from soaking too much water, so it can be left in the soup overnight.



This weekend I'm going to make French tourin soup, with garlic and eggs.

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~ Shai N.

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20151224_193911_HDR.jpgTourin blanchi - Soup made with sauteed onions, baked garlic, thyme, a little roux, black pepper, white wine vinegar and eggs. The soup base is an all purpose vegan stock, but chicken stock will probably work just as good, if not better. It has a wonderfully smooth and creamy, yet light texture and a mild garlicky custard flavor. Served with chives and mutli-grain bread croutons (not pictured - didn't wan't them to turn soggy while I take photos).

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~ Shai N.

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I posted in the dinner thread about an attempted Pho Bo where the stock was gelatinous but tasteless. 
Yesterday I defrosted the gbt stock, added a raw chicken carcass and some wing tips from the freezer, the cooked turkey carcass from Christmas lunch, a carrot, an onion, some celery stalks, slices of ginger and galangal. Simmered two hours, and voilà, tasty stock.


It became a simple Asian style chicken, egg and corn soup. 
Snipped garlic chives and sliced spring onions to garnish.



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It is freezing here so crock pot soup in process. A very very loose Ash reshteh. The onion and garlic, and a box of button mushrooms were oiled (olive) and pre-browned in the oven and the tumeric and hint of cumin added at the end to not leave them raw in the liquid. I tucked in an ancho chile (dried pasilla) and a single star anise wing. For the legume I am using plain old brown lentils. Some pre-softened carrots for sweetness. I prefer it with just spinach adding fresh herbs when ready to eat in each bowl. My cooking tradition always cooks the noodles separately and with this quantity I definitely did not want wheat based pasta. I actually enjoy/crave the texture of shirataki so I added a packet of the tofu ones in a tubular shape. Smells great now, but I have several hours before it is ready and it is always better after sitting overnight. Oops and some tamarind water just cuz the huge bag of pods fell out of  the cupboard


In the crock:

photo (83).JPG

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2 hours ago, heidih said:

It is freezing here so crock pot soup in process. A very very loose Ash reshteh. The onion and garlic, and a box of button mushrooms were oiled (olive) and pre-browned in the oven and the tumeric and hint of cumin added at the end to not leave them raw in the liquid. I tucked in an ancho chile (dried pasilla) and a single star anise wing. For the legume I am using plain old brown lentils. Some pre-softened carrots for sweetness. I prefer it with just spinach adding fresh herbs when ready to eat in each bowl. My cooking tradition always cooks the noodles separately and with this quantity I definitely did not want wheat based pasta. I actually enjoy/crave the texture of shirataki so I added a packet of the tofu ones in a tubular shape. Smells great now, but I have several hours before it is ready and it is always better after sitting overnight. Oops and some tamarind water just cuz the huge bag of pods fell out of  the cupboard


In the crock:

photo (83).JPG

That looks and sounds delish. 

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Most of the soups since the last post.  Congees and stews excluded.








·       Choy Kon Tong. (菜乾)  (link)


·       Itek Tim – several permutations and variations.  (link) (link; scroll down) (link) (link) (link; scroll down) (link) (link) (link)


·       Chicken soup w/ carrots & celery.  (link) (link) (link) (link)


·       Pork, shrimp & XO sauce Hong Kong style wontons [Prime Food]; plus pork, shrimp & snow pea sprout shui kow dumplings [Wei Chuan].  With baby bok choy, fresh maitake mushrooms & chopped scallions in chicken stock/soup.  (link)


·       Winter melon soup.  With sautéed smashed garlic, pork spare ribs, Chinese mushrooms.  (link)


·       Harm Choy Tong (Pickled mustard soup):  1) w/ beef slices & preserved plums (link);  2) w/ pork spare ribs (link; scroll down);  3) w/ chicken & tofu (link) (link; scroll down)


·       Chicken stock, some water, red-orange carrot, yellow carrot, fresh maitake mushrooms, parsley.  (link)


·       Lotus root soup: 1) w/ Pork spare ribs (link) (link) (link); 2) w/ beef short ribs (link)


·       Herbal duck soup, double-steamed.  (link) (link) (link)


·       Herbal duck soup, simmered (non-steamed).  (link)


·       Taiwanese cabbage in chicken stock.  (link)


·       Pork, shrimp & snow pea sprout dumplings (shui kow) [Wei Chuan], mushroom caps and blanched baby kale in chicken stock (flavored further w/ dried Chinese mushrooms & stems, and “stock fish” (small dried anchovies). Mushroom caps added to the soup.)  (link; scroll down)


·       Big-leaf tong ho & straw mushrooms in gingery chicken & mushroom stock w/ garlic, ground white pepper, jozo mirin, fish sauce.  (link; scroll down)


·       Chicken stock w/ water, Hon-Dashi flakes, fresh wood-ear fungus, fish balls, soft tofu chunks, trimmed Thai basil, chopped scallions.  (link)


·       Beef balls w/ big-leaf tong ho, fresh wood-ear fungus, snow fungus, garlic, chicken stock.  (link; scroll down)


·       Short-cut pork spare ribs, some chicken stock (oil, garlic too), snow fungus, angled loofah, cellophane noodles.  (link)


·       Bak Kut Teh, Canto-Hoklo herbal style.  (link) (link)


·       Bak Kut Teh, Teochew style.  (link)


·       Savoy + green cabbage, chicken legs, garlic, ginger, galangal, chicken stock.  (link)


·       Chicken stock, garlic, oil, fish balls (2 types) & soft tofu, trimmed rau húng quế ("Thai basil").  (link)


·       Enoki & bunapi-shimeji myshrooms, sliced wong nga pak (Napa cabbage), chopped scallions & coriander leaves - in chicken broth.  (link; scroll down)


·       Pollock fish balls (commercial) in chicken stock w/ trimmed Thai basil & scallions.  (link)


·       Miso soup. Water, hon-dashi granules, bunapi-shimeji, scallions, finely sliced negi (white part only), wakame, cubed soft tofu, Yamabuki miso.  (link)


·       Smashed garlic & oil, pork spare ribs, salt, water, (simmer), red-streaked edible amaranth (yin choy; 苋菜; jin6 coi3).  (link)


·       Oil, smashed garlic, fresh "far koo" Chinese mushrooms, semi-firm tofu, snow peas, chicken stock.  (link)


·       Pork wontons & asparagus in chicken stock (simmered w/ Chinese mushrooms & stock fish).  (link)


·       Pork spare ribs sautéed w/ smashed garlic & peanut oil, salted, water added, simmered; rehydrated snow fungus added, simmered; angled loofah added in.  (link)


·       Asparagus & maitake mushroom in chicken stock.  (link)


·       Miso soup. With katsuobushi stock augmented w/ hon-dashi granules; wakame, firm tofu, enoki mushrooms, negi (w/ flowers), scallions; mutenka shiro miso. Green parts of scallions.  (link; scroll down)


·       Red & red-streaked amaranth ("seng choy") in chicken stock simmered w/ sautéed smashed garlic & rehydrated dried shrimp ("har mai").  (link)


·       Baby kale in chicken broth.  (link)


·       Chicken poaching broth:  1) w/ savoy cabbage (link);  2) w/ baby kai-lan (link);  3) w/ watercress (link).


·       Shrimp wontons, Taiwan choy sum, fresh far koo Chinese mushrooms & fresh baby garlic heads in chicken broth (presimmered w/ oil, stock fish, mushroom stems, smashed garlic).  (link; scroll down)


·       Wolfberry leaves (枸杞菜) & pork spare ribs soup.  (link) (link)


·       Wolfberry leaves with fish balls, soft tofu chunks and sliced fresh garlic in chicken broth, with a beaten egg drizzled in at the end.  (link)


·       Fuzzy squash (skinned) & chicken breast slices in chicken broth plus scallions.  (link; scroll down)


·       Chinese Spinach & Pork wontons in chicken broth w/ blanched kai-lan, chopped scallions & deep-fried shallots.  (link; scroll down)


·       Sorrel soup, in the style of green Ukrainian borscht.  (link)


·       Dragon Tongue mustard greens in chicken broth w/ sour cream.  (link; scroll down)


·       Baby bok choy, baby portobella & shiitake mushrooms in chicken broth.  (link)


·       Finely sliced "small negi"/cebollitas verde & portobello mushrooms in chicken broth. Garnished w/ chopped Western chives & ground black pepper.  (link)


·       Chicken broth, bit of oil, smashed garlic, fish balls, trimmed fresh spinach, coriander leaves.  (link)


·       Savoy cabbage & purple asparagus in chicken broth.  (link)


·       Water, garlic, oil, fresh shiitake mushrooms, fresh wood-ear fungus, dried scallops, chicken stock, sliced de-ridged angled loofah, cellophane noodles.  (link)


·       Just-done chicken stock/broth, w/ purple & green pencil asparagus plus baby zucchini scattered into it and zapped briefly.  (link)


·       Chicken broth, pork meat balls [Venus], bit of extra oil, creminis (sliced up), tree-trunk asparagus (sliced up), angel hair pasta [De Cecco] cooked in the pot with everything else, trimmed spinach wilted in.  (link)


·       Chiffonade of trimmed young kale wilted into and briefly simmered in chicken broth with a little smashed garlic.  (link)


·       Chicken broth w/ with baby zucchini and Napa cabbage.  (link)


·       Chiffonaded young kale & small spinach leaves & heads (many flowering) in chicken broth w/ additional chicken fat.  (link; scroll down)


·       Kale & spinach in chicken broth w/ chicken fat, with vermicelli added in. Dressed w/ sliced red-streaked fresh spring onions.  (link)


·       Water, "black" Chinese jujubes, dried Codonopsis pilosula root pieces (dong2 sam1; 党参), short-cut pork spare ribs, salt, simmer; wolfberries (goji berries), wolfberry leaves at the end.  (link)


·       Pork & shrimp wontons with chiffonaded savoy cabbage leaves & green garlic in chicken broth.  (link)


·       Chicken broth, criminis, baby spinach, parsley.  (link)


·       Beet greens (ribboned), spring onions/baby onions (white parts, trimmed) and green garlic (sliced) in chicken stock; plus crème fraîche on top.  (link; scroll down)


·       Beef & tendon meatballs [Venus], chopped baby kale, sliced green garlic, full-size garlic, baby portobello mushrooms, beef broth.  (link)


·       Garlic, oil, chicken broth, sliced fat-type bamboo shoots, fresh wood-ear fungus, sliced soft tofu, chopped scallions.  (link)


·       A riff on canh đậu hủ hẹ (tofu & chives soup) (link); and augmented w/ stuff (link).


·       Sliced quartered winter-type bamboo shoot simmered in chicken broth w/ a bit of oil & some smashed garlic; then trimmed hearts of red romaine, green romaine & butter lettuces barely wilted in.  (link)


·       Straw mushrooms, asparagus, enoki mushrooms in chicken broth. Fried shallots & scallions.  (link)


·       Kai Tom Khamin (ไก่ต้มขมิ้น) (Southern Thai Hot & Sour Chicken Turmeric Soup) (link); and with more stuff (link).


·       Peppermint Swiss chard in chicken stock.  (link; scroll down)


·       Okra, Thai Eggplants & Chicken Wings in Spicy Broth.  (link; scroll down)


·       The poaching liquid/stock for Yong Tau Foo with:  1) Wong Nga Pak (Napa cabbage) (link);  2) with Peppermint Swiss Chard (link; scroll down).


·       EV olive oil, thinly-sliced shallots & garlic, chopped scallions, sliced young portobello mushrooms, chicken stock + water, zucchini blossoms (stigmas removed), quartered baby zucchini, roasted vermicelli (this one).  Dressed w/ more chopped scallions & a couple of baby zucchini.  (link)


·       Tomato soup w/ basil.  (link) (link)


·       Chicken & Peppermint Swiss chard soup.  (link)


·       Hearty soup.  Water, chicken thighs, ginger, sea salt, yellow & red-skinned carrots, leafy celery, lumachine [Garofalo] cooked directly in the soup.  (link)


·       Cucumber soup – Parboiled short-cut pork spare ribs, water, dried Shanxi red jujubes, dried cuttlefish, dried Angular Solomon's Seal rhizome, Persian cucumbers sliced into sticks.  (link)


·       Broccoli & scallions in chicken broth; Oriental Spinach in chicken broth.  (link)


·       Pork meatballs (minced fatty pork, fish sauce, generous panko crumbs, chopped scallions, ground white pepper, splashes of this-and-that) in chicken stock w/ kai-lan, very fine min6 sin3 (a bundle softened directly in the hot broth/soup in the pot after turning the fire off), deep-fried shallots.  (link)


·       Sprouting broccoli & unpeeled straw mushrooms in chicken broth.  (link)


·       Simple chicken broth w/ mung bean sprouts, scallions & coriander leaves.  (link)


·       Beef & tendon meatballs, basil, squash, lumachine; in beef broth.  (link)


·       Pork Hocks in Black Vinegar with Ginger, a special kind of “soup”.  (link)


·       Edible amaranth in chicken broth w/ some garlic.  (link)


·       Cabbage & chicken soup.  (link)


·       Pork meatballs in soup:  1) w/ baby long bok choy ;  2) w/ basil, fusilli & deep-fried shallots.  (link);


·       Edible amaranth (Tandaljo Bhaji) w/ fish balls & soft tofu chunks in chicken stock, plus garlic & pre-softened dried shrimp tossed in rice bran oil before quenching w/ the stock. Eaten w/ a bundle of Fookchow (Fuzhou) wheat thread noodles (福州綫麵) (Flour vermicelli) softened directly into the soup in the bowl.  The remainder of the soup left in the pot augmented w/ more soft tofu, diluted a bit, and trimmed basil (Italian-type) wilted in and the mixture briefly simmered; bowled w/ some of the (once-dried) shrimp.  (link)


·       Enoki, shimeji & shiitake mushrooms (all fresh) plus striped green zucchini in nicely gelatinous chicken broth. Generous chopped scallions.  (link)


·       Winter melon soup. Oil, garlic (Music), beef short ribs, salt, water, beef stock, pre-soaked dried Chinese mushrooms, winter melon.  (link; scroll down)


·       Turnip greens & straw mushrooms (canned) in chicken stock/broth.  (link)


·       Fuzzy squash (mo qua; chit qua) soup.  Rice bran oil, garlic, rehydrated dried shrimp (har mai), water, chicken stock, the soaking water for the har mai, rehydrated wood-ear fungus, simmer; cut-up de-skinned fuzzy squash, salt.  (link)


·       Broccoli florets barely cooked (still slightly crunchy) in high-gelatin-content chicken broth.  (link)


·       Chicken-cabbage soup;  1) w/ broccoli floretd, lumachine & parsley;  2) w/ toasted vermicelli & parsley.  (link)


·       Sautéed short-cut pork spare ribs simmered (water + chicken stock) w/ garlic, salt, thick-cap Chinese "flower pattern" mushrooms, black wood-ear fungus & young daikon.  (link)


·       Tender amaranth (see here) & unpeeled straw mushrooms in chicken broth w/ dried shrimp & garlic.  (link)


·       Simple freh chicken broth w/ scallions.  Multiple examples.  One example here – link.


·       Broccoli florets & thinly-sliced negi (Kanto-type) in fresh chicken broth.  (link)


·       Fish balls & wong nga pak (Napa cabbage) in fresh chicken broth.  (link; scroll down)


·       Watercress in chicken broth.  (link) (link)


·       Pork meatballs & daikon in peppery milky pork stock.  (link; scroll down)


·       Chicken broth w/ maitake & bunapi-shimeji mushrooms, plus coriander leaves and scallions.  (link; scroll down)


·       Chicken stock with small yellow & orange carrots, fresh maitake mushrooms, Taiwan bok choy heart leaves & scallions; plus some roasted vermicelli folded in at the end.  (link)


·       Fish osuimono, one version.  (link)


·       Asari Osuimono, one version.  (link)


·       Pork & beef+tendon balls, yellow & orange carrots, Chinese-type spinach, roasted vermicelli in fresh chicken stock/broth.  (link)


·       Hōrensō (spinach) & hakusai (Napa cabbage) in fresh chicken stock/broth.  (link; scroll down)


·       Firm tofu chunks & unpeeled straw mushrooms in chicken stock/broth. Chopped scallions.  (link)







Noodle Soups.




·       Oil, garlic, chicken stock, straw mushrooms [Golden Summit], pork meatballs [Venus], celery, sea salt, Tokyo negi, celery leaves.  Soba noodles.  (link)


·       "Singapore Laksa La Mian" [Prima Taste] with various additions.  (link) (link) (link; scroll down) (link)


·       "Wonton Soup Flavoured Instant Noodle King" [Sau Tao]; w/ fish ball with roe [Jane Jane], "seafood mushroom" [Xuerong] and chopped scallions.  (link)


·       "Sapporo Ichiban Japanese Style Noodles & Chicken Flavored Soup"; with Tuscan kale, Bauernschinken, and an egg.  (link)


·       Taiwanese cabbage & baby kale in chicken stock, Benton's Kentucky Farmers' Ham slices, min6 sin3 (Fuzhou type skinny wheat noodles) and cellophane noodles; a couple of hard-boiled eggs & chopped scallions.  (link)


·       "Stirfried Kimchi Noodles" [Paldo] augmented w/ more baechu kimchi; with 1) soft tofu chunks, scallions, eggs poached in situ (link; scroll down); with 2) corned beef & scallions (link).


·       Pork & shrimp wontons and wonton noodles (both commercial) in chicken broth w/ sliced negi.  (link; scroll down)


·       Beef short ribs braised w/ garlic, Korean radishes, shiro miso, fermented bean curd, dried Chinese mushrooms (small far koo type) w/ min6 sin3.  (link)


·       Ngap Tong Meen.  (Duck Soup Noodles)  (link)


·       Phở đặc biệt  (link) (link)


·       "Hot & Spicy Flavor Instant Vermicelli" [Guangyou brand] augmented w/ tau pok, kai-lan, scallions, coriander leaves.  (link)


·       Pork, shrimp, pea shoots dumplings [Wei Chuan] w/ shrimp noodles, fresh Chinese mushrooms, gai-lan, chopped scallions, in chicken stock simmered w/ smashed garlic.  (link)


·       Harm Choy Tong  with bánh phở tươi.  (link)


·       Fish balls [commercial], Taiwan bok choy, fresh fine rice vermicelli (bánh hỏi tươi) in leftover beef broth.  Chopped scallions.  (link)


·       Pork wontons w/ bok choy & wonton noodles in chicken stock (simmered w/ mushroom, stock fish).  (link)


·       Soup w/ fresh Vietnamese rice noodles (bánh phở tươi).  Leftover roast pork (commercial) sautéed w/ garlic & oil, water, rehydrated thick-cap "flower mushrooms", pork meatballs, tau pok, maitake mushrooms, baby bok choy & asparagus.  (link)


·       Noodle bowl.  Fish tofu, snow pea pods, baby kai-lan, bunapi-shimeji mushrooms, sliced negi and thin egg noodles; in a spicy sesame broth (taken from a Sun Noodles Tan Tan fresh ramen pack).  (link)


·       Ibumie "Penang White Curry Mee" (this one) augmented with tau pok, a poached egg & coriander leaves.  (link)


·       "Sapporo Ichiban Japanese Style Noodles & Chicken flavored-soup" with romaine lettuce, Dragon Tongue mustard greens, Dodge City salame, three farm-fresh eggs.  (link; scroll down)


·       "Sapporo Ichiban Japanese Style Noodles & Chicken Flavored-Soup" augmented with:  1) Andouille sausage, smashed garlic, cremini mushrooms, rainbow swiss chard, farm-fresh eggs poached in situ (link);  2) Leftover "Rosemary & Lemon Chicken (rotisserie-type)", sliced Savoy cabbage, cremini mushrooms, hard-boiled farm-fresh eggs, deep-fried sliced shallots (link).


·       Hot dogs [Hebrew National all beef], cooked w/ and topped (in the bowl) with instant ramen [sapporo Ichiban Chicken Flavor] (with the seasoning packet added in of course), trimmed leafy celery, sugar snap peas, halved crimini mushrooms, a couple farm-fresh eggs poached in situ.  (link)


·       "Kimchi Flavor Noodle Soup" [Nongshim], with two farm-fresh eggs poached in situ, trimmed spring onions/young onions, lots of extrabaechu kimchi.  (link)


·       Savoy cabbage & duck leg soup w/ smashed garlic in chicken broth w/ a couple good pours of Shaohsing hua tiao chiew. Eaten w/ Fookchow-type min6 sin3 (this one). Dressed w/ chopped scallions.  (link; scroll down)


·       Water, smashed garlic, oil, Hebrew National beef franks, simmer; seasoning packages from "Ho Fan Abalone Chicken Soup Flavored" [sau Tao], trimmed yard-long beans (Vigna unguiculata ssp. sesquipedalis), simmer, the ho fan noodle block, simmer, trimmed broccoli florets, simmer. Bowled. Dressed w/ deep-fried shallots.  (link)


·       "Nong Shim Spicy Kimchi Flavor Bowl Noodle Soup" augmented w/ baechu kimchi, the chillied pickling/marinating liquid, eggs scrambled/marbled w/ chopped scallions sautéed in hot oil; plus some kkakdugi.  (link)


·       "Ibumie Penang Lad Mee 'Perisa Lada Pedas' " with Dietz & Watson beef franks, broccoli, Dragon Tongue beans, scallions, extra white pepper.  (link)


·       Shrimp wontons & noodles in soup (chicken stock simmered w/ ikan bilis (deheaded) & dried Chinese far koo mushrooms).  (link)


·       Winter melon soup, with slippery-smooth (after cooking) slim-width Fawm Xiengkhuang Bánh Phở.  (link)


·       Fresh Tan Tan Ramen [sun Noodles], with char-siu, fish tofu & chopped scallions.  (link)


·       Beef & tendon meatballs, and fish balls in freshly-made chicken broth/stock, with julienned Tuscan kale, small broccoli florets, sliced green zucchini. Eaten w/ thin fresh rice stick noodles (bánh phở tươi).  (link)


·       Pork & shrimp wontons, pork meatballs, skinny wonton noodles, kai-lan blanched in oiled simmering water, fresh chicken broth, scallions, deep-fried shallots.  (link; scroll down)


·       Pork meatballs & daikon in peppery milky pork stock with thin Fuzhou (Fookchow) type wheat noodles.  (link)


·       Pork wonton noodle soup.  (link)




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Kinda hard to make this look good, but the soup was superb !


French onion soup. It was just red and brown onions sweated in butter, a good beef stock, splash of brandy, splash of port and a bouquet garni. Sourdough bread with Swiss cheese on top.





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I have 16 oz of baby Bella mushrooms that need to be used ASAP or tossed (which makes me nuts to think about throwing out food). Anyone have a soup recipe they would recommend? I don't have heavy cream on hand although I suppose I could go out and get it. I have shallots, onions, a myriad of spices, 1% milk! sour cream, wine, etc. I'm just looking for something easy even if it means going to the supermarket. 


Thanks in advance! I might make mushroom Swiss burgers tomorrow if I can't find a way to make the mushrooms into a soup, but with this startlingly cold weather here, I'd love a soup. 

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My next door neighbor gives me bones! After Thanksgiving they dropped off a turkey carcass (with a lot of meat still on) and last week they offered me a large ham bone from xmas (also with a lot of extra meat). From the first I made turkey stock, and froze it. From the second I made ham stock. Yesterday with the ham stock I cooked up a pot of Yellow Eye beans. Then today I used the turkey stock to make a soup that was kind of a mash up of farro soup and Ribolita w/out the bread. I cooked the farro separately in diluted turkey stock, then made a soup with leeks, carrots, fennel, Italian tomatoes, turkey stock and Lacinato kale. Finally I added in the beans. The soup was served with the farro added as well and a dusting of pecorino. I gave my neighbors a couple of quarts of soup w/farro and a hunk of cheese to go with. My husband and I had soup for dinner and I still have plenty left for tomorrow. Very nice soup, and my first time cooking farro, of which I am now a fan. My neighbor was thrilled to hear that the beans were cooked with stock from his ham bone (true) and stock from his turkey (maybe true, since I had a second batch of frozen turkey stock from my own carcass and can't tell them apart) but no reason to ruin the story. S'all good, man.

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1 hour ago, Okanagancook said:

The mushroom soup recipe from Les Halles.



Thanks, that is easy and sounds delicious. I did use the shrooms for mushroom Swiss burgers tonight but will definitely try that ASAP. I could probably use a stick blender instead right?

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Snow is falling....hard to believe less than a week ago I was in the Caribbean...well actually going through the edge of that "rare January hurricane" in the Atlantic.

Assembling a mix of vegetables - onion, leek, carrots, garlic, butternut squash, vege stock, I also have red lentils , black, white or garbanzo beans, ditilini..........

some sort of minestrone in the future.



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Nothing is better than frying in lard.

Nothing.  Do not quote me on this.


Linda Ellerbee

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