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  1. ninagluck

    Dinner 2019

    No worries, I am fine and I kept on cooking 😉 lovage gnocchi, tomato sauce, prosciutto butter, grana. Umami on a plate
  2. ninagluck

    Dinner 2019

    May I come back after a very long absence?
  3. horseradish powder for the beets..........
  4. yes, I pre cooked the veggies. I would go for spices that complement the veggies. dried and ground orange peel for carrots e.g. do you have the flavor bible?
  5. yes, I also tried it with baby carotts and baby beets. The raw asparagus was slightly marinated in water, verjus, miso, salt, sugar and was not bitter at all, if well peeled
  6. today I did something called "lekvar", we guess it came to us from Hungary. I made it from white onions and cooked it until it became almost a jam. Sweet with a sour twist. Delicious with any cold cuts.
  7. ninagluck

    Dinner 2018

    I did not cook much lately due to visitors and eating out a lot. The big heat is gone, so I really enjoyed cooking again. Puree from yellos split peas, grilled octopus, pickled lily buds and mustard seeds.
  8. @Tuber magnatum, only the single stalk was coated, the shaved ones are raw. the recipe for the coating: 90g water, 60 g kaolin, 40g lactose, salt. mix everything together, rest for 12h in the fridge. I guess not much different from yours?
  9. ninagluck

    Dinner 2018

    with tropical temperatures for weeks, I just eat cold food which needs very little cooking. Tonight: cucumber panna cotta, gin cured salmon trout, fingerlimes, tapioca chip, invisible tonic gel. basically a GT with fish on a plate 😎
  10. @stephen129 I recommend these two: https://www.japancentre.com/en https://www.souschef.co.uk/
  11. me again! the next chilled soup, cooked last night when I had 5 degrees less in the kitchen. corn soup, pimenton de la vera oil, deep fried corn hair.
  12. the zillion degrees are going to stay over the next days! tonight I just made a crisp salad with kohlrabi, apples, toasted walnuts and scamorza. Dressing: meyer lemon juice and walnut oil
  13. I have a few on my list, the Mazi book, just arrived last week and I like what I read, though it is not revolutionary
  14. Before I start with Shelbys cucumber relish, I finished today my lacto fermented cucumbers. Fermenting time abt 2 weeks in the warm kitchen. Today I rinsed them, put the liquid through a fine sieve and the cucumbers in smaller jars. They now go into the fridge.
  15. cold soups are perfect in the summer heat! Today I made a kid of vichyssoise but due to tonights full moon with lots of young garlic in it. A poached egg was the perfect match.
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