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  1. So sorry for your loss Liuzhou. The best any of us can hope for is a peaceful transition. It’s lovely that you got to see her recently.
  2. Hey thanks for all the replies on my mystery wooden paddle thingies. The consensus on the FB page is that they’re used for rolling balls of wool from skeins. I can’t completely picture it, but that could just be a lack of imagination on my part.
  3. They’re not mine, were posted on a FB group. Sorry.
  4. I don’t know Jo. It was posted on an Aussie FB page I belong to.
  5. @KennethThere’s my ornamental ginger. Do you know the variety ? Here’s turmeric nearly ready to harvest.
  6. I have turmeric ready to harvest too. When it gets light I’ll take some photos of our ornamental ginger and maybe you can tell me what it is
  7. My first time growing ginger. Love that I can just harvest enough for a few days. It costs $45 per kilo here, so there’s that too.
  8. The leaves make a refreshing tea too.
  9. Ah, yes. I thought of Thai curry paste after I asked the question. I also just remembered I tried making lime pickle (the Indian style) with some once. It was very bitter and ended up in the compost.
  10. Thanks for sharing your interesting adventures. He who must be fed is angling for a road trip set up. We’re currently negotiating, he wants an off road caravan, I’m not so sure we’d get away that much.
  11. I’m curious as to what you use kaffir limes for. I have a tree but only use the leaves. The fruit falls off eventually
  12. My apologies for the assumption. Mines I knew back in the day were dirty places and very blokey.
  13. Clearly you have never worked in a mine. Painted toenails = death by a thousand ostracisms.
  14. Oh wow, I haven’t checked this forum for ages and look what I missed ! Well, I’ve caught up now over several hours and send my thanks 🙏 Safe onwards, and healing vibes to Mr Smithy.
  15. Thanks for that, it looks great. Still raining, fruit still on tree
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