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  1. Waxy potatoes

    This is my 2nd round in the US and this time I'm having more difficulties finding good potatoes. Farmers markets if are around give you more choices. I had better luck with TJ's small golden potatoes than Whole foods for potatoes for salads. Don't talk about looking for good potatoes for gnocchi or dumpling filling. Miss France or UK.
  2. I think I'll be joining you soon on the CSO. Just wondering if there will be a sale for labor day...
  3. The only time I managed to cook quick cooking vegetables in a pressure cooker I wasn't really following the rules. Old Lagostina pressure cooker, 3.5 L, those venting PCs... Using the booster function on induction to build pressure, and then maybe cook for 1 minute on the low setting. Bright crunchy vegetables.
  4. Sooooo true! Thanks everybody, if I find more interesting tools I'll add them here.
  5. I've never counted calories in my life, the whole process is new to me. But now I'd like to track my macros and calories. I tried to look on line on recommendation on different apps out there. For the first time ever, just to see how it works, I made a search using myfitnesspal. I took an easy item like chicken breast...I was amazed on the amount of results I got. In my mind chicken breast if just raw chicken. I would have thought that with skin and/or bones would have made a difference in the results but I didn't expect such a long list to show up. 1. Is it there a simpler program where you don't get such a long list and just simple chicken? Using my fitnesspal, very quickly I found another thing that bothers me. I'm annoyed by this fixed serving quantities. 2. Is there a program where you put the weight, let's say X amount in grams of a food and tells you how many calories (and macro nutrients) it corresponds? Or if I want 40 g of carbs or 40 g of protein how many grams of that food in grams it corresponds? Of course, other features important would be to be able to set your daily caloric target (or macros) and subtract what you've been eating during the day to calculate your net as you go on the day. And best one to store recipes for this purpose? Thanks for sharing your preferences.
  6. The Bread Topic (2015-)

    After many failures trying to make a decent pizza in bianca because we are leaving for Italy and didn't have any tomato left
  7. Kris, wonderful, your Concorde is perfect timing for me. I've been asked for a gateau concorde for 200 people in September. I have a couple recipes in my hands and not much time to try them all out. I saw Kisten Tibbal book is not released in the US until next month... Would you mind sharing the recipe in PM?
  8. For this morning I made schiacciata fiorentina, I clearly remember talking about this cake with Mjx. The interesting thing that is done with yeast instead of baking powder but the batter has the thickness of cake and not of brioche.
  9. For my kids birthdays this has become the cake, cannot make any other. 3 layers of sponge cake, soaked with a lemony strawberry syrup, filled with strawberry white chocolate ganache (which I lighten up with some whipped cream) fresh cut strawberries. The glaze is a white chocolate from Paco Torreblanca
  10. The Bread Topic (2015-)

    Really, they didn't have at Chelsea market? I remember them carrying Spadoni brand not sure if rimacinata! Cakewalk, if we ever manage to meet, I'll bring you a couple packages
  11. Cooking from "My Kitchen in Rome"

    In this case I'd wait for the bread to cool. The butter shouldn't melt on the bread .
  12. The Bread Topic (2015-)

    I have been refreshing my durum old dough, cannot call it mother really. I made a biga yesterday, added my old dough plus some yeast and salt, a little more flour and water, 80% hydration. I didn't have time to bake yesterday so left in the fridge to proof until today. Took out of the fridge, I gave the dough some folds, preformed, formed and final proof in the banneton. I decided to use only 750 g for a 1kg banneton and use 250 g of the dough to make a large pita with some crumb. I was thinking of making "pane cunzato" with it. I finally figured out how to use the steam in my Cadco oven ( it's a manual device), what a difference in oven spring! I should have baked at higher temperature to get a thicker crust (I also let the steam escape by opening the door oven a bit at the end of cooking).
  13. Oh, Anna, I wish you were there too! Had a great time with Kerry. Now I have to come up to Canada, so you two can convince my husband of the beauty of SV :)) P.S.: Kerry, the bread really deflated, tiny crumbs, but still good flavor!
  14. The Bread Topic (2015-)

    For my daughter school party the other day I was supposed to bring I decided to make panettone gastronomico. This is a typical buffet item in Italy, it's an enriched bread baked in a panettone mold. Then it gets sliced horizontally and filled then built back. It was really good, all parents (more than kids) liked it a lot. I didn't have a panettone mold so I made one myself. I used a not so sweet brioche recipe. It's better to make the bread one day in advance, so it's not so crumbly when slicing and if filled with some hours in advance tastes nicer. I wasn't particularly creative with the filling because was meant to be for kids, so I did: one layer of mayo and ham, another one with tapenade and ricotta, another with brie and speck, then butter and genoa salame. I realized later that I didn't take a photo of the dressed panettone...I made some skewers with tomatoes to stick on round top. These were 2 panettoni of 850 g each, weight before cooking. After cooking, I let it cool head down. Then when you build it back the second layer need to be staggered and so on.
  15. Oh, wow, I've not been at Rice to riches in a decade! Ah, ah, and also confess that I've never been to DA. Can I call myself local? But I've been to Despana in the last 6 months