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  1. Ingredients via Internet

    To add to the list. I regularly shop at Supermarketitaly. I never tried the cheese, because it's so easy for me to buy locally. But I bulk buy coffee and repackaged caputo flour, 00 flour or durum flour.
  2. Capers

    I grew up with my grandfather capers. In his garden, on the rocks surrounding his house was full of capers plants, love the flowers! and prickly pears cactus. He used to cure them in salt and with time the salt will melt in a brine. My cousin, who inherited my grandfather's house, is keeping up with the capers production for the family. The store bought capers are a poor, poor comparison. There are some dishes that for me are missing without them, unfortunately, in my half chinese house are not too popular...I'm sure in a past thread on egullet on cucina from Puglia there are tons on my recipes: stuffed eggplants, lots of capers on top. The stuffed onion focaccia with capers and olives. On top of friselle with tomatoes. Anything "arracanato" = make a panure with breadcrumbs, oil, garlic, chopped parsley, grated pecorino, some capers, to sprinkle on top of potatoes/onion gratin. Anything eggplants. Anything cephalopod with wine and tomatoes. Peppers. So typical in stuffed vegetables. In tuna and tomato salads, onion.
  3. The Bread Topic (2016-)

    thank you @Ann_T it's your recipe! The one for hot dog buns! It has become my standard ;))) Your bread is always beautiful!
  4. I guess, it is ingrained in me...I just grab some coarse sea salt and pick the right amount for the water I have...I do adjust when the pasta is still very al dente, a couple minutes before I need to drain it. If I don't salt in advance, to me the salt doesn't absorb enough. And the condiment need just to have the right amount of salt for me. I just remember a Canadian friend of mine, when cooking for my kids, gave me one of those salt grinder...I was so puzzled, I need a couple handful of salt for a medium big pot, a grinder doesn't do... Also, if it ever happens to me that I under salt, I adjust at the end, but only if I'm sauteing with a sauce, so the salt can melt, I will never add it to a plate, as I see many people doing.
  5. Mmmhh, I am sharing my space at the moment. I need to ask to the other tenants if they are ok with having my grater glued on the table :))) but seems an option!
  6. With a long time problem of grating chocolate, finally I've decided I'm going to buy and electric chocolate shaver. Thinking of this. Kerry, are you there ? I've used for more than one year this little machine and has been wonderful. Best at making nuts flours as well. But after one year of intensive use, I had to replace it with 2 new machines in less than a month! Maybe I was lucky with the first one I got and less with the others... So, I'm going to go temporarily back to the hand grater that I was using at the beginning of my business, just until I don't get a real shaver. This one. It does an excellent job but it is very easy to loose the suction and the grater comes off the table easily. I know there are many Macgyvers on this forum. Any suggestion on how to clamp this thing to a table? Thanks!!!
  7. Anybody already talked about the Crispy Crunchy Mochi Rice Nuggets? My kids love them! Me too...
  8. I will report back and let you know. Thanks!
  9. I'll try swiss meringue with freeze dried fruit powder? Jeanne, thanks. I don't like very much the taste of margarine in general, maybe there are brands better than others? Any preference? Thanks
  10. I tried to avoid cupcakes as much as I could. But having a girl in kindergarten doesn't help I do not like the most of the cupcakes that are brought to school. My daughter and many kids just eat the frosting an don't even touch the cupcake. I have in mind some good tasting icings but one kid in class has a severe dairy allergy. Can you help out with a recipe for icing that doesn't involve dairy, which doesn't taste pure sugar (or shortening)? I have a recipe that I could use for the cupcakes that is made with oil and orange juice that is very moist and I like, not sure about the top. Maybe just a royal icing?
  11. The Bread Topic (2016-)

    Daughter's birthday is approaching and I am thinking about something not too complicated...I like the idea of very cute little rolls 10g of dough
  12. Shell of puff pastry, very thin layer of sponge soaked in simple syrup flavored with limoncello, pastry cream and cubed soaked sponge cake.
  13. Today is the first galette des rois of the season...I made some mini galettes and a bigger one. It's the recipe from Mercotte website including the puff pastry. I found my new favourite recipe