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  1. Sorry @quiet1 for the late response. Here is the nutritional info I hope I’ll be able to start selling online by the of November. But in case email and I’ll happy to arrange.
  2. @Kerry Beal the Thermomix was essential! Thanks so much @Anna N I hoping it does well! Timing is good. Not too far away from Thanksgiving.
  3. Thank you For now I put an expiration date of 6 weeks. I need to make a longer lab test analysis. But I personally had some that were 2 months old. Thanks Shelby For now I only delivered to Fleisher’s Craft Butchery in the UES in Manhattan, Dellapietras butcher in Brooklyn and Caputo’s Fine Foods in Brooklyn. But I think these salamis can be easily be shipped anywhere. I am going to start to contact places all over to see to place them.
  4. Hi guys. I’ve just started selling my new product this week, I’ve delivered the first 3 cases. I finally received the wrap from Italy. It is a patented paper, love the way it looks. And I am heat sealing it. And here is the new product. A classic Italian: chocolate salami. I thought it was a classic but still I get a lot of funny faces, people thinking of a salami with meat. The actual salami is the one on the right, with Valrhona cocoa powder (the salami on the left was made with a different cocoa for comparison) I was thinking for tying them like a real salami but it was suicide! I think it’s highly addictive and delicious. Hopefully I can start selling it online in November.
  5. Guys, it’s the dough that is very easy to stretch. Maybe next time, I’ll ask my son to take a video
  6. It was such a long long time and it takes so little effort that I found no excuses today and made apple strudel. I love walnut in the strudel but my son doesn’t (too bad). I almost put any sugar in it. Definitely a light dessert
  7. The Bread Topic (2016-)

    After making montanare yesterday (the fried little pizzas from Naples), too bad I didn’t take pictures...Tonight I made piadina. Flour, lard, salt. Punctured with a fork the bubbles. No “testo”, the piadina pan but debuyer iron pan.
  8. @Thanks for the Crepes thank you All great suggestions. If you have never tried the Amarene in syrup, try them! I brioche filled with pastry cream and Amarene is delish! Also on gelato. The Fabbri Amarene are very decent but already a second choice compared to the home version of Amarene « cooked in the sun ». My mom, when she still lived in the South, used to make them every year. This is in Italian but photos help. In the meantime, I’ve never tried the Trader Joe’s. I will and report back on the difference!
  9. @Anna N, with my broiler it’s easy to do the browning using the stand but if I had to use the oven, I’d just use a heat resistant plate. P.S.: the cake is on a cake board, using a spatula is also very easy to move it around.
  10. Thanks @Toliver ! The idea of skipping the cake browning was not mine I think it was just to save time on the video. On my Instagram page I posted a photo with the brown top: click , third photo. Unfortunately too late to change the video. And thanks a lot for spotting the mistake on the mispelled address and link! Going to correct right now.
  11. Here it is, new video is up
  12. @Kenneth thanks, although the field is different, I really appreciate your input . To have a good product is simply not enough...right? So many more aspect to consider. I am back on thinking what to do next.
  13. Update on what happened this month. The new person that I just hired in August resigned by email with no notice. A lot of my time is devoted to bake in the kitchen until I find a replacement. So grateful I still have one guy with me that is really great. I’ve also spent a lot of time on the new product. Thank to @Kerry Beal that helped me to acquire a used Thermomix, I feel my new product on the production is easily repeatable, which was not the case before the machine...I am just waiting for the wrap, which has been printing in Italy to introduce it to the market.I’ll tell you more about this in the next couple weeks. I am also having second thoughts on starting the ecommerce. I feel at this stage the appearance of the cakes will suffer too much and also it will require too much of my time on packaging and shipping. I want to try to get more wholesale business. But that’s also though. Maybe I will need a brainstorming session with you guys
  14. Hi. Sorry I disappeared but I had to take a break on posting the videos. I replaced my IT person and found someone else that is going to take care of my website/YouTube Channel and Instagram. I’ve also decided that I’ll post videos every 2nd Tuesday, it was getting way too expensive and time consuming to post every week. I also had to create a new YouTube Channel, I just updated all the links in this thread but two Channels are going to coexist only for tomorrow, I’ll have the first one deleted. For tomorrow Zuppa inglese is already scheduled. I’ll link to the recipe tomorrow
  15. Ah, ah, @Thanks for the Crepes right, baking powder! I should have mentioned it. I'll make a correction somewhere. Thanks for suggesting it. And oven will remain a joke between me the producer and the sound specialist. Didn't say hoven this time