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  1. Ah, ah, @Thanks for the Crepes right, baking powder! I should have mentioned it. I'll make a correction somewhere. Thanks for suggesting it. And oven will remain a joke between me the producer and the sound specialist. Didn't say hoven this time
  2. @Thanks for the Crepes Thanks you! So nice of you thinking this Very much appreciated!
  3. Thanks @Toliver glad you like it and find useful. To answer to your question next week I am going to upload a video on Zuppa inglese, so you'll see how it is done. All the crust is removed from the cake and then sliced in 3 parts, so each layer a little less than 1 cm, about 8 mm or so. Then each layer is brushed with the soaking liquid and cake get assembled. But you'll see it next week!
  4. Hi guys. So, the new video for today is going to be on Sponge cake If you have time to read the recipe on my website, I'd appreciate your feedback https://www.dolcidifranci.com/recipes/2017/8/29/pan-di-spagna-italian-sponge-cake Thanks!
  5. Here I am, back with a full list of tasks ahead of me! New employee started last week, she needs a little bit of time to get familiar with the recipes. On Friday I went around in Manhattan with samples of cakes and I was especially curious about the feedback on the new product. I brought it to a Italian friend of mine, he is a chef, working around the East village and he loved it. And I acquired one new customer on Friday. The videos are taking a lot of my time. My husband warned me. It's very slow to build followers and for now I've not had a great result also as traffic on the website. I feel all this requires either a big investment in terms of money or in terms of time. I also have a couple weeks time to write all I need for the ecommerce: product descriptions, shipping policy, terms and conditions...Ah,ah, the more I write down what need to be done, the more I am panicking but really if I don't write it down it will take me months!
  6. This week is gone at the speed of the light for me. Almost boarding on a flight back to NYC. Looking forward to go back to work! But this morning we managed to put up a new video . I have this week and next week to come up with a new round of recipes for October-November-Dicember...I'll think about it and come back. Always grateful for your feedback.
  7. @Thanks for the Crepes I am indeed very petite, 5 feet 1" Than you for all the advice, very appreciated! I'll talk to my IT person and see how to do that...I have no idea. I am learning so many things in the process.
  8. Thanks @Toliver do you think it would be better if I put the recipe also below the link to my video, just quantities and steps? Leaving the extra tips only for the website? I am making the extra effort of providing other info besides the recipes and maybe not everybody wants to get so in details. But being the person I am I would be happy to find more! This is because I personally find text on the video distracting. So, maybe just adding the recipe below. BTW, talking about accent. I should make a video of behind the scenes. We had a blast about my accent. One time my oven, came out I was from Northern Europe ahhh, ahh, hoven. We couldn't stop laughing.
  9. Hi guys. I am up with the 5th recipe: torta sbrisolona. https://youtu.be/44yR18onDLw Recipes for me are getting a little more interesting in the sense that once I've covered some basics: shortpastry, cream and in the next couple weeks sponge cake we can go into more regional specialties. I've done some mistakes here and there: not taking good pictures of the finished product as presentation in my website. So I am going crazy looking for a decent picture without having to make the particular pastry again. I am already working on recipes for the Fall...
  10. Drowning in Figs!

    Also you can look for vincotto di fichi. My grandfather used to dry figs in the sun: opened in half but still attached at the base. Fill with walnuts and pair with another half. Dry fig sandwich. He had some cane trellis where the figs were spread and covered with a fly net and let in the hot summer sun, brought in at night. But I don't remember how long it would take. I miss figs so much. I remember my father was particular found of some trees on the road, every time he would drive by, he would stop to eat the figs hanging on the side of the street. Too bad my parents moved to the North. Fig and prosciutto, figs and prosciutto. I could have as appetizer every day.
  11. Drowning in Figs!

    Do you guys remember the caramelized banana in the pressure cooker that many of us tried. Need to look for the link...I tried also with figs but I only have picture for the cream made with bananas...sorry. I only remember that it was a wonderful cream. That I used to spread in between some French Brioche, add some broken walnuts and grill on my cast iron grill. This is what I wrote on my notes: I wasn't sure it was necessary to add water to my pressure cooker (KR), after making the recipe I can say that no water was necessary or just a drop, because with water I had to let the liquid evaporate at the end. I also added a drizzle of good maple syrup, a squeeze of lemon and a touch of salt. I didn't write quantities but I must have followed a similar recipe. 70 g butter, 500 bananas, 1 teaspoon baking powder, a pinch of salt and a little bit of brown sugar (as I said I think I did maple syrup and some lemon juice) Shake a little bit the pressure cooker to avoid the bottom sticking until it goes into pressure, let it go a little higher than 2 level, cooked for about 28-30 minutes. Make a cream using the immersion blender.
  12. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    Long time I've not been posting here...but I was so proud of my 20 minutes and clean up the refrigerator meal crudite platter, bruschetta, roasted eggplants, carpaccio and had two bunches of scallions thet made a very tasty frittata
  13. @Toliver I'll be more mindful of this things in the future. Thanks for the comment, this is very appreciated. For now there is a cut slice of the tart on my website
  14. All true @dcarch I cannot believe the amount of email I received for this job. I think I found my person. I'll try to confirm with her today. I hope she is onboard because she has tons of experience, like the way she moves in the kitchen. I am almost done with the labels on the new product. I am waiting for the quote for transportation for the paper wrap I am buying from Italy. I doubt I'll get it by middle of September. Last Friday I went around in Manhattan with samples. I am not quite sure on what is the best strategy. I left in 2 very busy places that don't have a big dessert menu and another restaurant under a big hotel midtown. What I've started to do is to go on menu pages and picked restaurants that seem to be a good fit for me (in terms of image, price, clientele) and look at their dessert menu. If I see that they are weak on that aspect I add them to my list. As retails points, like supermarket, upscale groceries I feel I already went in many, many places... We are leaving for Miami on Saturday and for the next couple weeks, while my kids are swimming in the pool. I'll be working of a map of Manhattan and a list of possible recipes.
  15. Hi guys. Third video is up https://youtu.be/veDTBa_EvTc I also enable comments both on YouTube and on my website. I need to start thinking of new videos to cover: the death holiday (2nd of November) and various other holidays up to Christmas. Most likely need to shoot these videos by end of August to September before I get too busy.