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  1. I poured in the sugar and the water and pressed start. Started at 26C. Now 20 minutes later is still at 46C...really??? if I hit the temperature icon it shows 100C temperature that the syrup should reach (but was not 121C for pate a bombe?). Worst come worst I'll call Italy on Tuesday.
  2. Ok, I picked another recipe from the folder "programs", Recipe #62 is for Pate a bombe (sorry, not going to look for the French accents) 5 steps in the recipe:
  3. Rotuts, I bought it for work. I want to make sure my eggs are fully pasteurized without having to worry or spend too much time on it but, since I have it, I'll experiment. It looks so more cool than the thermomix. BTW, I think I am wrong about the steps. I just don't know why it takes so long to go to high temperature. I'll try now caramelization of sugar to see if it reaches the temperature.
  4. So, here I am owning a Hotmix Pro Gastro. I started with the wrong foot already. I got a machine and after 20 seconds of use, I got a message of Code 007, already change the fuse??? Did it but blade where not working. I sent it back. I finally got a new machine. There is a whole book of recipes already saved in the machine. You just need to access to the right program and select your recipe and follow the ingredients in the order listed, then press start. I picked the recipe #12 in dessert, that is pastry cream. If you see in the top right corner of the screen 2 steps are listed. Step 1 is to drop all the ingredients and press start to go to the following step that is cooking the cream. That wait temperature function tells you that the cream is going to get to a certain temperature, in case of pastry cream it is 84 C and hold it there for the time you select. So, by pressing the temperature icon on the display that you see, it came out 84C that should be the cooking temperature of the cream. My problem is that I don't think I never went from step 1 to step 2 and the temperature never got warmer than 69 C and it actually reached 69C just because I played with it. I just think that the program never got to the next level and just pressing start after introducing the all ingredients, all it did was to start the blades and the paddle and the temperature increase was too slow. I got fed up and tried to increased manually but I got to 69C and that's it. Then I pour everything in a pot on the stove to thicken and only after it got thicker I poured the cream back in the hotmix to whip until got cooler and shinier. Now I'm ready to unlock all the secrets of this machine because, on paper it's all very cool but still need to figure things out.
  5. Fresh fruit tart with pastry cream completely decorated by the kids
  6. @DianaB thanks for taking the time to write this message. Beautiful Chestnuts and truffles! I will have to take the time to read more deeply but for what I've read briefly it's great. No worries, I am working on it. Right today I am meeting with my video producer to put down on paper the videos content. Videos are going to be 2-3 minutes long and very simple to start. Giving some basics. Fundamentals from where to develop many more recipes. I am going to start with Italian short pastry, we have many recipes and depending from the final use the recipe might vary. I'll keep you posted!
  7. Homemade Pesto

    Interesting a pesto of rucola from Aosta Let's say that some of this might have do you say in English? I seed of truth but others are questionable let's say that because friarielli are largely consumed in Campania doesn't mean there is such thing as a friarielli pesto commonly found in the houses in Campania...but they don't put in the list pesto trapanese.
  8. Homemade Pesto

    Don't think it as a same recipe as pesto genovese. This is not the same and not intended to be consumed as genovese pesto. But I am sure there are pestos with lardo in the regional cooking of emilia/toscana where you can use lardo as a soffritto and I don't think of it as vile at all. But there is also something called pesto modenese or "cunza" that is a pesto of lard, rosemary, garlic and salt that is usually spread on tigelle. Lardo used is very nice and sweet very hard to find the same quality in the US.
  9. Dinner 2017 (Part 4)

    Long time I've not been posting here guys. Nothing very interesting. But after being used buying this all the time in Europe we couldn't hold anymore and this time I do have something to share
  10. Eggs pasteurization

    Thanks, guys you had me thinking of a lot of aspects I didn't even take in consideration!
  11. Thanks @pastrygirl I already have a label with "best enjoyed by" and it has been fine until now. I am not planning into baking many different items, just the 4 cakes I'm baking at the moment, plus a new products. I'd like to be able to extend the shelf life, so I think might be useful coming with a more certain date for expiration. I'll keep you posted!
  12. thanks, again, Jeannecake. I will call for a quote. National not yet...I wish! But let's say that I want to start to see what I need to do to be able to sell online. As a first step I'd like to determine for sure the shelf life of my cakes, then look for solutions to extend it a little more!
  13. Eggs pasteurization

    Thanks JeanneCake. My dilemma is that I spend a lof of money to buy these organic eggs from pastured raised chickens...and I like the idea of using them!
  14. Eggs pasteurization

    Sorry guys to be a pain lately but trying to do things right...So, point is, I need to be sure my egg yolks and/or eggs are pasteurized to use in a product with no cooking. I want to be able to do it in the most consistent and easy way. A lot of people just keep telling me, go with the always used pate a bombe method. But many also say it's not the safest method. Is it really not? It's just a matter of volume? It would be actually the easiest method for me. I was thinking of pasteurizing the eggs sous vide but I think I need a special permit at I? The end product also, I don't think I can seal under vacuum without a special permit but I am positive I can seal the bags. I was thinking of getting a thermomix or a hot mix (hence the question Kerry!) but do I really need the investment at the beginning?
  15. Pasteurizing Eggs Sous Vide

    Thank you Rotuts. I have a lot of yolks left over at work from one of my cakes. Finally I am coming out with a new product where I can use yolks and in decent quantities, so to eliminate waist. I am looking for the less painful and economical way to pasteurize the yolk to use in a product that doesn't require cooking. So, my main objective is pasteurization. I am afraid though, for what I read on line, that I will need a permit to use sous vide, even if by just water displacement. I am going to ask on the pastry forum. Thanks!