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  1. The Bread Topic (2016-)

    Anna, I'm glad you enjoyed the bread. It's a simple recipe for when I don't have the time/strength to do anything too complicated. And hurray for the small loaf pans!
  2. Well, I am happy I brought all these memories back. For me it was un toasted bread, michetta, which has no crumb inside, don't think of it as a kaiser roll, with cold sweet butter and granulated sugar. Anna, I think the little loaf pans are great for bread, for brioche or small pound cakes! This recipe was very easy, a "milk" bread, pain au lait, if you want. 500 g flour, 274 g milk (but I used a tad more), 25 g fresh compressed yeast (1/3 if granulated but for me way too much), 6 g salt (I'd go to 10 g), 6 g honey, 50 g sugar. Double in bulk, then divide it into shapes for a second rise. I did what suggested and added a bowl of hot water in the oven for the second proof but then if you need to preheat your oven consider that too.
  3. @gfweb as I said, I've not used these molds that much for baking until now, mostly to freeze food in it. So I've not encountered this issue ye and only washed with soapy water. This morning I had 4 little slices of bread: 2 from the CSO bread and 2 from the Cadco bread. 2 slices got toasted in the CSO and 2 slices on my Le Creuset cast iron grill. Half of each slice cooled enough to keep the butter from melting (I like my butter cold on toast) and in one half agrimontana apricot preserve and the other half sprinkled with granulated sugar. Bread, butter and sugar is a typical northern italian snack for kids and after so many years not having this, I'm wondering why not, so delicious. I think my kids never had it! BTW, call me weird, but while I'm enjoying my little CSO oven for many tasks, toast in there is not my thing. I do prefer my super hot cast iron grill
  4. I made bread again tonight. I followed a recipe exactly but for my taste this bread has too much yeast and rise too rapidly. I'll adjust that another time. Also, this was not a fair comparison in terms of timing...after the first rise, I divided the dough in the two sets of molds (85 g per cavity, another time, I'll do 70 g). I brushed with egg wash and I put 1 set in the CSO, steam function at 100 F for just 5 minutes and turned off. I put a bowl with hot water in my Cadco oven and put in the second set. I took them out of the oven after about 20 minutes, it was a very quick rise. And I brushed again with egg wash. Maybe the bowl of water was more effective, the bread on the right was in the Cadco. The bread on the left went in the CSO bread function 375 for 18 minutes. Just out of the oven I put the little loaves on the rack to cool on their sides, now standing to take a better picture. The bread in the Cadco had to wait an additional 20 minutes for the oven to preheat (next time, I'll move the hot bowl and bread somewhere else to proof, so I can preheat the oven at the same time). Because of this the 2nd batch was a little over proofed. Of course, the kids couldn't wait to try even if the bread was too hot. I'll wait in the morning to really judge the difference. My Cadco has a manual steam injection function (and I pressed for steam 3 times the firsts minutes of baking) then cooked at convection at 375 F for 18 minutes. As you can see the bread in the Cadco, besides being over proofed, had that beautiful shine that was missing in the bread baked in the CSO. Also, my son, which tried far more bread than me and is my test taster found the bread in the CSO a little gummy. I'll try it again tomorrow morning and possible sacrifice myself with another trial in the next few days
  5. Here Honestly, I use silicone more for freezing stuff in it. Soups and pasta sauces a lot and semifreddi. These mini loaves are a nice size and fit well in the CSO. I've baked brioche also in it . It smells a little right out of the oven but doesn't leave a scent on food as some other nasty silicone molds I've tried. I've also a couple Pavoni professionals and those are much better!
  6. I'm one of the newcomers but I would just roast some nugget potatoes in there... tonight for the first time I baked a bread for breakfast. With coconut flour and chocolate chips. I did the 2nd rise in the oven, steam function at 100F. For me it's way too much. After 10 minutes I turned it off and left there for a short time. Bake with bread function at 400f for 20 minutes but had to liwer it the last 5 minutes. Another time, i'll make a comparison wirh my convection oven with steamer
  7. Basically the answer I got is: I don't know. Use a damp cloth if it still stained maybe depends from what you cook in it
  8. Me too! Love chickpeas and lentils! And fava beans fresh and dried. @Anna N, have you ever tried deep fried dry favas? It's a snack where I grew up. As well as chickpeas cooked under ash. About beans, except for the giant corona beans, eaten in salad with good quality under oil tuna and red onions, I cannot care less. I tried only 1 time Rancho Gordo and the bells didn't sing for me. I always find fascinating how different we are from each other. Mors tua vita mea. I think I must be starving to eat pasta e fagioli, when was on the menu in my paternal house (and it's my sister specialty) I would find something else to eat
  9. Kerry, I was thinking to make little pots like those, using small canning jars and fingertip closed, like I did for sous vide. Need to try it! The recipes I tried sous vide were sooo good and I have so many yolk every week that I'm just tossing them. I've been using the CSO almost every day. So far, the things I've enjoyed most were actually eggplants and potatoes, made also a very good tomato sauce. I've not cooked beets yet, but I'm sure all the roots vegetables, celeriac and parsnips would come out great. And I've used the steam function for xiaolongbao and chinese steamed breads. I am incapable of using it for reheating bread, or it's just not my taste. I often have frozen bread and I've tried to bake steam at 225 to defrost and then toast light on 2 but it's not a texture I enjoy. Like tater tots, I suppose. I need to call the customer service to sort the staining of the roof of the oven...
  10. I have two Taylor digital scales, mine are up to 11 pounds but you have other options. No turn off and the plus for me is that I can plug them in, so no need for batteries but you can still use batteries if necessary.
  11. Thanks to @Soupcon and @chromedome for your inputs. I started with the best intentions (very easy when you are still on vacation) but I cannot bring myself to counting calories right now. To me it would equal to=stay at home with all the time in my hands or transform my diet into something very different than now: a very boring, limited variety diet.
  12. Steamer or microwave?

    I am a combination of methods (being an Italian married to a Chinese). Most often I stir-fry the Chinese way. Or if a want a lighter taste and a little healthier I cook in a wok, using just the water I estimate will be enough for that vegetable (I especially like green beans and broccoli and cauliflowers in this way). So I put the water required in a wok and bring to boil, add some salt, the vegetables (also I don't overfill) and cover about 3-4 minutes depending from the vegetable and the size, I keep it at fast boiling. Then I uncover and, at this point, only a couple tablespoon water should be left in the wok and the vegetables should be al dente. I stir the vegetable to make sure the sides don't scorch and add a little bit of oil (only extra virgin for me) to coat for flavour, adjust for salt if necessary. In the microwave the vegetable I like best are zucchini coins, cooked with no water and a touch of salt.
  13. I also grew up with it, maybe the most typical jam in my house. I can find them -when in season- at Whole Food and farmers markets. But in the past I found a website called "Vermont Quince" making all things with quinces maybe try to contact them to see it they sell a case.
  14. I went to read the recipe on Smitten Kitchen. Proportion a little different but very, very similar concept, in fact my friend use the same recipe and substitute other cooked fruits. Also replace some of the flour with cocoa and substitute jab with hazelnut/chocolate spread.
  15. This morning I wanted to surprise my son with something like a cake/tart, my daughter no, she is for savory things...but I didn't have much time. So came to mind this "crostata morbida" from Marina, a friend from an Italian cooking forum. This recipe has been popular for years on that forum and I've never tried before. It's not really a tart but it's not a cake. It takes 5 minutes to put together and while my son didn't like it, I found it really delicious. I creamed some butter and sugar (150 g+ 150/170 g depending on the jam used), added 2 egg and one yolk, 200 g flour sifted with 1 scant teaspoon baking powder and a pinch of salt. I spread it in a rectangular tart tin with remouvable bottom (8x12 inches), added some jam here and there (delicious marasque sour cherry from D'arbo) and baked in the convection oven until golden (325 F about 25 to 30 minutes).