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  1. Thanks @ptw1953. Cutting board, bought cheaply in a restaurant supply store in Italy. I left for a weekend and my husband put it in the dishwasher...it is now much lighter in color than used to be!
  2. Sure, @ElsieD. Yea, all-purpose flour.
  3. @ElsieD roughly Flour 700gr (I used KA) water 550gr Fresh yeast 8gr (I used 3 g total of red star active dry) 2 tablespoon lard (I used extra virgin olive oil salt 15g (plus more coarse to sprinkle) 11am. For the poolish: mix 300 g flour and 300gr water, half of the yeast. Mix and let raise at 20C. 3pm: dissolve the remaining yeast in 30g water, add 30 g flour, mix and cover. Pour the remaining water 220g in the bowl of the mixer and slowly add the flour (370g), start mixing on low speed for about 2 minutes, cover and let rest 45 minutes. Turn the stand mixer back on add the yeast made in the afternoon and slowly add the poolish until incorporated, then add the salt. Switch from the hook to the paddle attachment, start on slow and increase a little bit until the dough holds together. Switch to the hook attachment again and add oil or lard mixing until incorporated. Let rise until about 6-6:30pm and then divide the dough in two on a heavily dusted table. Give some foldings to the doughs. Transfer them to two oiled pans, let them rest covered half an hour and then very gently stretch. You can leave them higher like a bread or make a focaccia with it. Let double in bulk, spray some oil and sprinkle with coarse salt and bake at 480 F 10 minutes on the lower shelf and then 10 more minutes in the middle. I baked slightly less. P.S.: You can simplify the second part of it. Starting at 3pm adding directly to the poolish the remaining flour, water and yeast and proceed with the recipe.
  4. I wanted to make some bread today but forgot to make the biga I needed yesterday night, so I was looking for something faster. I had a memory from my hometown of something called panfocaccia and was hoping that the “pane pizza” from Adriano’s blog would be similar. Different but good bread alternative for dinner.
  5. All good questions. For now we are renting, so something free standing and on the small size, as Mitch mentioned 4 cases max I would guess a good approximation. It’s going to go right where the wine cases are resting at the moment, right at the end of the kitchen island. Price? Mmmmhh, it’s the husband who is really interested, don’t know how much is willing to spend. I am going to collect all your suggestions and pass to him.
  6. Bringing this up. Any update on wine refrigerator, 12 years after this post? I need to buy one
  7. Happy birthday to your daughter @Kim Shook tomorrow is my daughter birthday as well and besides the usual cake that you have seen many times, we decided to make some panda sablès
  8. This fig and pear tatin! Love it. Yesterday we had guests and since I didn’t make galette des rois for Jan 6, I decided to make it yesterday.
  9. Dear @Shelby, miss you too!!! I am finally settled. 🤗
  10. @Toliver this is just passata with very little salt and olive oil, I don’t like garlic that much. If I have a choice, Mutti passata with basil it’s perfect for me on pizza. In Wholefoods in Brooklyn I was able to find it, here I’ve not nbeen able to locate it yet, the second best option I found it here it’s called Poma Rosa, it’s ok.
  11. @George_Bradley I hope not, for you, I am saying. Ah, ah, in the end a lot of effort for the result. Too bad because the product was good, very good potential. I just speak for myself, I was missing a good partner to do what I was not good at. Maybe if I can find that person in my new location I might think about it. Good luck!
  12. Thank you, guys! I also missed you very much. I am trying to make pizza once a week for the kids. I always use the Confraternita della pizza calculator for it. I normally use an higher % hydration but didn’t realize I put in the wrong number and well today it’s just a 65%
  13. Oh, wow, was missing @Ann_T beautiful bread! And wow, @JoNorvelleWalker huge, huge improvement to your baking! @kayb and @Anna N, @ElsieD 🤗
  14. Thanks Mitch. I already know we’ll be living in Coconut Grove. As for the business I will see what to do. I think I need to spend some time in Florida to decide.
  15. Business not sure will be open in April but I’ll be in Brooklyn until end of the school in June. I’ll be happy to grab a coffee
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