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  1. I would be so happy if I never had to cook or eat. This is not a good place for me to be in at any time. Lately I cook for John .... shrimp and pasta, pasta and shrimp, what ? no shrimp? I don't want pork or bison or chicken and NO SANDWICHES!!!! I am living on Ensure .... The thought of eating anything makes me feel ill. I have reached out to my network to try to figure this out.....
  2. suzilightning

    Dinner 2020

    just cooking .... not sure if for dinner, lunch, a sandwich ........ whatever. bison meatballs baked in red sauce. I would really rather sip the sauce like a soup but tried a meatball and it was very light.
  3. Using up some roasted chicken breast .... chicken stock, bay leaf, carrot coins, minced onion and smashed garlic. Leftover chicken and ramen noodles. For John if/when he gets home. Hangover soup.
  4. suzilightning

    Lunch 2020

    Yesterday : slices of beefsteak tomato with blue cheese and Catalina dressing(ok...channeling my childhood) and an ear of local bi-color corn (meh) Today: two slices of leftover pizza and a salad
  5. anyone have any yellow squash and zucchini you can drop off on the porch?
  6. As the shepherd said to the sheep....."Let's get the flock out of here". Sorry.....my grandfather's favorite line.
  7. Local cantaloupe with some blackberries drizzled with some key lime yoghurt. This was one of a local farms last of the season sweet petite fruits. I let it sit out for a few days and the scent was intoxicating. Finally cut it up for breakfast the last two days. Getting chillier now - guess it's time for the oatmeal to come out.
  8. I'm going through my own cookbooks and many of them my in-laws give me for birthdays and Christmas that I really wouldn't buy for myself. Some of the ones in this batch also came from a woman who was cleaning our her brother's estate and wanted me to have them because she knew I was a cook. Others I do get as review books. If they are not marked in a particular was we librarians use I will offer them. After about 6 weeks I will give ones not requested to my local library.
  9. Well...this has been a "fun" almost year. Here is the list of what I have to get rid of. PM me with titles you want and I can ship up to 70 lbs in the states and 20 lbs to Canada so don't be shy. First come, first served .... Branch, Susan Autumn CLAIMED Capon, Robert F Capon on Cooking Food for Thought Clark, Jacqueline Mediterranean: food of the sun
  10. My copy of my great-grandmother's recipe is quite a bit older than that...early 1900s. Loving this .
  11. my vote: but I'm not prejudiced
  12. Geez....ours has 10 for $3.00 and plenty of them on the shelf.
  13. let me know when you are going.... maybe we can coordinate a trip we are planning to Charleston. I am so sorry I missed meeting you and Smithy during our hawk conference trips!!!
  14. I just figured we needed something to look forward to and celebrate. I sooooo want to go back
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