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  1. I use them instead of croutons on my salad...
  2. Thanks @chromedome. I grew up gathering dulse and Irish moss. We dried the dulse and used it as a salt substitute when crushed up. The Irish moss we used to make blanc mange(pudding). I wonder how many uses have been lost?
  3. Pretty much ANY island (spoken as one who grew up on one … and escaped).
  4. suzilightning

    Dinner 2019

    Sauteed flounder with roasted cherry tomatoes and black olives. Simple in this heat and humidity. Making some saffron rice. When cool I'll make some fried rice to use up some bits and pieces of veg from the fridge.
  5. suzilightning


    Or as the late Mrs. Hansen asked my late mother-in-law ... "Why would they arrest Andres for having a cockaroach?" use your imagination of what the cockaroach was really.....
  6. Thank you so much @Panaderia Canadiense. I loved all the empanadas... ceviche coming up?
  7. suzilightning

    Dinner 2019

    Right now Johnnybird's Toast Dope has no white sugar and has allspice, lemon zest and lime zest... and funnily enough some pink salt . Who knows what will show up in the next iteration?
  8. suzilightning

    Dinner 2019

    Local farm stand had their own strawberries, shelling peas, broccoli and asparagus. Using the shelling peas with carrots to make … peas and carrots. Bison meatloaf and baked sweet potatoes for dinner tonight. The asparagus will be steamed to go into pasta and shrimp. Half will be roasted. I want to steam the broccoli and top it with browned butter. The strawberries look gorgeous and I think I will share them with a friend. All I need is to slice them up, add some toast dope, serve with some sour cream and top with aged balsamic for a dessert. It reminds me of my mom as her birthday was 17 June and we picked quarts and quarts of strawberries as her "birthday cake" with the family was strawberry shortcake made with Bisquick biscuits...(we did have angel food cake for Aunt Honey...she didn't like the biscuits).
  9. suzilightning


    Mine is Mr. Ron's from Acme or Shoprite. The best I have ever found including my family's.
  10. suzilightning

    Lunch 2019

    Give me that horchata and put it wherever you would like to!!!!
  11. Well, that's another story.....🤣
  12. Happy anniversary....and many more!!!! Is there no fowl for our beloved nephew who is allergic to shellfish? Or does he prefer beef?
  13. Uh....who has leftover pickling liquid? I drink it......
  14. suzilightning

    Dinner 2019

    The other half of the sandwich from lunch (toasted marble rye, ham, cheese, mustard *, miracle whip and Mr. Ron's coleslaw) and a large salad of red leaf lettuce, red onion, minced cucumber, Cashel blue cheese and a salad dressing I have been using lately. It is equal parts of Cain's mayonnaise, Lactaid sour cream, white balsamic vinegar, tarragon vinegar and minced tarragon. Just didn't do it for me so added a tablespoon of Knorr Ogorkowa z grzankami soup mix(pickle soup). Ledgewood Farm - my local place provides sushi, fresh fish, deli and for some reason they have a whole eastern European section. I love the pickle soup mix though I don't make soup with it....also sautéed an almost over the top pear in butter and some toast dope then chopped half of it up and put them into the salad. Tossed some chopped walnuts into the leftover butter and toast dope then onto a piece of parchment paper to cool.... * full explanation of the specific ones I use and why is in the LUNCH forum
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