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    Dinner 2019

    @Ann_T, dinner here is inspired by you. Chicken piccata, pasta and sautéed zucchini. John didn't make it home from Poughkeepsie yesterday so he has to eat what I want and I want chicken piccata. On the horizon are bison burgers, pasta and shrimp(for John) and some salads for me.
  2. suzilightning

    Joe Beef, and getting sober

    Read both of these and love, love, love the honesty in them. I have worked in restaurants and know quite a few restaurant professionals who deal with this issue.
  3. Host's note: this topic has grown too large for our servers to handle efficiently, so it's been divided into segments. The previous, first segment is here: What food-related book are you reading? (2004 - 2015). Somewhere .... here I think, though I can't find it ... someone asked me about books that I had read and enjoyed that dealt more with food history.....I promised to get back but can't find the link. Hopefully they will recognize my name and request or someone else will pick up on some of these titles/autho We are what we eat: Ethnic food and the making of America Gabaccia, Donna. Thank goodness I had this book on the cruise. Read well and was fascinating. A drizzle of history: The lives and recipes of Spain's secret Jews Gitlitz, David. One of my favorite books on the conversos and has some great recipes. Harris, Jessica. I read anything she writes and enjoy her writing and research skills. Climbing the Mango Tree Jaffrey, Madhur. Great memoir. Gran Cocina Latina: The food of Latin America Presilla, Maricel. Phenomenal research, writing and connecting the new and old worlds. Pomp and sustenance: Twenty-fie centuries of Sicilian food Simeti, Mary Taylor. Started reading at a friends house; not done with it yet but ties a lot of the history of Europe and the Mideast together.
  4. suzilightning

    Kid food

    Great responses from all...I can't add much as I do not have kids but I do remember my sister would never eat mashed potatoes as a kid - texture thing. Now...please don't get between her and a bowl of them!!! As a teen I would always make my grandfather his favorite liver every other month or so and try it....still can't eat it. While working in a kitchen I had to have my boss taste the country chicken liver as I could not choke it down. Tonight I am trying eggplant(again). I have never liked it but found a new recipe to try and maybe I will like it. If not - I have a vegetarian friend who will appreciate it . oh....and salmon. I have tried it canned, fresh in WA state, smoked. Uh, noooooooooo
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    Dinner 2019

    I gave John a choice of two recipes culled from the book 100 Days of Real Food: On a Budget a) Easy Chinese Chicken (would have been my choice) b) Braised Chicken and Carrots with Rosemary Gravy (the one he chose) After all this is a keeper. I did make a few adjustments. I didn't have any boneless, skinless chicken thighs (which has now gone on the grocery list) but did have breasts. We do not use heavy cream but I subbed in lactose free sour cream. I can't stand rosemary so a mix of tarragon and flat leaf parsley. Cook floured chicken in some butter. Add carrots then chicken broth and cook until chicken is cooked through and carrots are soft. Cook uncovered until the sauce thickens somewhat then add in the heavy cream, herbs, salt and pepper. He's gone the weekend. I'm making the Easy Chinese Chicken.
  6. On a whim, and desperate for something to read, I picked up Frances Mayes' book See you in the Piazza. Travelogue with recommendations for places to eat with a few recipes in out of the way places all over Italy. I don't want this to end.
  7. suzilightning

    Mother's Day

    @MetsFan5...you have just described why I do NOT let John go grocery shopping with me!!! The last time I did was just before he started Hep C treatment. He had the top part of the cart; I had the main part. His was over 75.00; mine about 40.00. Then he didn't eat most of it as the medications he was on changed his tastebuds...sometimes several times in one day. To all of you who are mothers I wish you great happiness with your families; for those of you who no longer have your moms with you I hope you will share stories with your loved ones. I still remember being about 4, standing in the kitchen of the house I grew up in confronting my mom and Nana who were standing opposite me. Mom at 5' nothing, Nana at 5'7" and me pointing first at my mom then at my grandmother and saying " Now, let me get this right. You're my mom and she's your mom?" She will be gone 29 years in September; mother-in-law #1 gone for 5, mother-in-law #2 gone for 21, now I'm going to go call mother-in-law #3.
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    The Soup Topic (2013–)

    John finished off the chicken noodle soup and didn't want me to make more of "that smelly stock since we can't open the windows" the other day(he is afraid the smell of any cooking will get onto his clothes and attract animals if he is in the woods - don't ask). Fine. Vegetable stock, star anise, cinnamon stick(half), smashed garlic clove, bay leaf, chopped lemongrass. Infuse for minutes or so, strain. Bring up to a high simmer. Add chopped shrimp and minced shallot. Turn off. Add precooked gluten free rice noodles, minced scallions, and a drizzle of sesame oil.
  9. suzilightning

    Vegetable Brushes

    It is so much bigger than our fingernail brush......that cost .99 at the local CVS.
  10. suzilightning

    Dinner 2019

    😛 @chromedome this is for you love ya buddy
  11. suzilightning

    Dinner 2019

    Small chef's salad for dinner for me... soft scrambled eggs, some pierogis from Quaker Creek market in NY, the last of the chicken noodle soup for John. Turns out he has had the flu and now has residual bronchitis and is being monitored for any other residuals. Thawed out some shrimp and will use the gluten free noodles, minced shrimp, vegetable stock and various bits and pieces from the veg drawer to make brothy noodle bowls. Thanks all for the messages... NO ONE commented on the pickle juice shooter!?! Are we becoming jaded?😂
  12. suzilightning

    Dinner 2019

    Hadn't thought of the apple though I use it in my dressing. How do you incorporate it into the soup?
  13. suzilightning

    Dinner 2019

    So... Long day. Went to a visitation for my cousin's son who was killed Friday night in a horrific car crash then to my husband's aunt who slipped away at age 81 of a disease similar to ALS. At 30C and the cupboards are, as usual, fairly meager - did I mention that I am pretty much the only one who cooks in this family? McDonald's, DD, Burger King, local delis and pizza parlors are the go tos with them . Too tired, in my nightgown... what is around? Sweet gherkins, Thai spring onion rice noodle soup, udon noodles, chicken stock. Uh.....OK. Warm the chicken stock, add the flavor packets from the soup mix, when hot enough for me add all the noodles and a couple of minced sweet gherkins. When hot enough drizzle with a bit of sesame oil I found in the fridge and eat with a shooter of pickle juice. Should hold me over until I get home around mid morning tomorrow.
  14. suzilightning

    Dinner 2019

    John got back sick from England....and sick of scrambled eggs and chicken noodle soup tonight made him a bison burger with Ewe's Blue cheese and some thin sliced tomato and pickle relish on a soft white bun. He ate it all down. More chicken noodle soup for later along with some decaf green tea with lemon and honey.
  15. suzilightning

    FREE cookbooks

    i am in the process of minimizing and have some cookbooks that i can no longer use. if anyone would like them, please pm me with your snail mail address and i will drop them in the box. right now i have 4 available: Lancaster County Cookbook My Own Cook Book - Gladys Taber Peter Hunt's Cape Cod Cookbook The Luchow's Cookbook I would rather send them to a good home with one of you than drop them in the local library book sale.
  16. suzilightning

    The Soup Topic (2013–)

    Chicken stock going on the stove. John got back from England quite sick and ate the homemade chicken noodle soup that was stocked in the freezer in Poughkeepsie for breakfast. I figure : a) it's cool, damp and yucky here today and b) I figure I'm going to make more chicken noodle soup for him. Sounds like a good time to make stock.
  17. suzilightning

    Dinner 2019

    You can have my share of the shad roe and bluefish. Is the shad even running yet? Our shadbush isn't even close to blooming yet!
  18. suzilightning

    Best Seafood Cookbooks

    I grew up off the east end of Long Island and we really relied on local cookbooks like Seafood Recipes from Local Waters by Jacqueline Pell Tuttle and Catch 'em and Cook 'em and Hook 'em and Cook 'em by Bunny Day. No SV in there but just good basic cooking.
  19. suzilightning

    Camping, Princess Style

    Thank you as usual....I want to be you when I grow up(or John decides to not travel around the world). We have talked for years about roadtripping to Detroit then Duluth then down to Corpus Christi for the fall raptor migration; we have done half of The Lincoln Highway; I want to finish it and do Route 66 with some birding in SE Arizona...…..we have talked about renting one.
  20. suzilightning

    Confessions of a Novelty Confection Fiend

    John wanted to try them but high up on the ingredient list was lactose.....that's a no go for him.
  21. suzilightning

    Camping, Princess Style

    I understand totally.... we have to be down the shore a week from today and it is supposed to be in the mid to low 50's.
  22. suzilightning

    Camping, Princess Style

    Uh, Nancy, you might want to rethink that whole"3 days" thing?! While Duluth may not be getting it you will still have to go through a hefty snow / blizzard band. Didn't this happen last year as well? Maybe a gentler re-entry next year … like mid May?
  23. suzilightning

    New Lays Potato Chip Flavors

    So along with my paper this morning I was able to secure small bags of the Flamin Hot Dill Pickle remix and the Electric Lime Sea Salt chips. Brought them home and just opened each bag up. Spread them each out on their own tray. My thinking behind this, especially with the flamin hot dill pickle, was that I could try chips with different concentrations of seasoning. Electric lime and sea salt - could taste the pucker of the lime as well as a nice balance of the salt on all chips I tried. I would definitely buy these again as I am a sucker for a good pucker. I might also use a green goddess dip with these chips. Flamin hot fill pickle remix - SIGHHHHHHHH. Disappointment. Chips were unevenly coated with the seasoning. This was a GOOD THING as those that had less seasoning on them showed a bit more dill flavor while those that were coated were almost unbearingly, searing hot. I notice they include sour cream in some form in the seasoning but dang it I want dill and pickle!!!! Even worse is that though the expiration date for the bag is 21 May 2019, about half the chips I sampled seemed stale. Now to see if I can find the Beer Cheese ones......
  24. suzilightning

    New Lays Potato Chip Flavors

    Two out of the three I can find within a mile of my house...NOT in a supermarket but in convenience stores and markets attached to gas stations. Have to get out tomorrow morning for a paper so will investigate. I just hope the dill pickle part really is dill pickle like. So far the best dill pickle taste we have found is from Utz...none of the others have that pucker power - including Route 11, one of my favorite chip companies.
  25. suzilightning

    Two ladies who lunch do London

    Not in NJ yet... OK... did you at least roll down the car window and yelp at that wild turkey? (I know - I've spent waayyyy too much time outside dealing with wildlife over the last 30 years}. Any cuisines you can't find around the mother ship area that might be neat to check out? Party on.....