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  1. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Just baked some chicken breasts to make chicken salad with for John on his weekend trip to Poughkeepsie. Also baked a small piece of salmon I had marinated with some rice wine vinegar, sesame oil , garlic and tamari. I made some gluten free short pasta and will mix it with the flaked salmon, scallion and a sauce with some Marzetti Simply dressed lemon vinaigrette mixed with some mayonnaise.
  2. When my Weber died I disassembled it and buried the top and bottom in the garden then planted mint in the halves.
  3. Breakfast! 2018

    Mine has onion, red pepper and ham - no cheese.
  4. Oreo Cookies

    we tried the Pina Colada thins.....not bad at all and I totally dislike pina coladas. More pineapple - y than cocnuty if you know what I mean.
  5. Good Lord does THAT bring back memories!!
  6. Grocery Shopping

    It is but if there is a "separate" entrance it's allowed. Several of the Shoprites up here have a gated entrance once you get into the supermarket so it is separated from the store itself.
  7. Wooo...Hooooo.... love me some hunting blog.
  8. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    So......from beef stew weather over the weekend to almost 90 degrees today. I HATE cooking when it is too warm. Potato salad, coleslaw, macaroni salad and bison burgers for dinner. Making cold noodles with shrimp for John for tomorrow.
  9. eG Cook-Off #77: Asparagus, the Spear of Spring

    Where I grew up I haunted the creek looking for the trailing arbutus, wild violets and the first of the wild asparagus. The creek was a brackish one and the asparagus I found was half the size of the pencil ones you buy now. I would eat it RAW!!!! I was taught NOT to be greedy and take all but let some go to seed for the birds. Once the first asparagus were found it was off with my mom to look for others on public property.. As it is Mother's Day here I want to add a rememberance of my mom who I lost almost 38 years ago... though it could also go under the foraging topic as well. Once I found those first spears we would get in the car(a green Chevette) and roll along the local roads with me in the passengers seat and my head out the window looking for things that I told my head weren't supposed to be there - mainly at this time it was those tiny, thin spears of sweet asparagus. I would also begin to make note of blooming wild grapes and where the tangles of berries would be later in the summer - blackberries, wine berries, wild raspberries. Throughout the seasons we would cruise around with me looking like a deranged lab with my head out looking left and right. Love and miss you, Mom.
  10. A Hobbit in New Orleans

    Ohhhhh..... years ago this week John and I took our first trip to N.O. to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. We also ate at Arnaud's and had the Shrimp Arnaud, chicken and andouille gumbo and redfish(John); escargots en casserole, turtle soup and pompano(me). We also had the café brulot. Sunday we went to Brennan's for breakfast/brunch. John had the Eggs Hussard and the Bananas flambe. I had the Eggs Sardou and more café brulot. Loved all the menus and the food pictures and so glad you and B had a great food adventure.
  11. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    But you aren't enabling him...and he has to spend his own money. Perhaps he will outgrow this phase....I did. Cool and rainy today and tomorrow..... John suggested shrimp; I wanted beef. I will make him some gluten free rice noodles with shrimp, green onion tops and a sesame/nut butter sauce. I'm also making a small beef stew and/or stroganoff...haven't decided which way to go. Picked up some steam in the bag green beans as the new ones haven't started to some in yet so I'm leaning towards the stroganoff. Now off to do some more laundry and black cat cuddles.
  12. Lunch! What'd ya have? (2018)

    Still waiting for John's tooth appliances to come in so still soft-ish foods. The other day I had roasted off some chicken breasts. After stashing the bones in the freezer for future stock work, I made chicken salad in the mini processor with - for John - minced shallot and minced celery, a little celery salt and a mix of mayonnaise and some of my great grandmother's cooked dressing. For me the chicken, shallot and chopped pecans and dried cherries with the same dressing. His was mounded on some Ritz crackers; I rolled mine in a spinach wrap with some tomato concasse.
  13. Host's note: this topic has grown too large for our servers to handle efficiently, so it's been divided into segments. The previous, first segment is here: What food-related book are you reading? (2004 - 2015). Somewhere .... here I think, though I can't find it ... someone asked me about books that I had read and enjoyed that dealt more with food history.....I promised to get back but can't find the link. Hopefully they will recognize my name and request or someone else will pick up on some of these titles/autho We are what we eat: Ethnic food and the making of America Gabaccia, Donna. Thank goodness I had this book on the cruise. Read well and was fascinating. A drizzle of history: The lives and recipes of Spain's secret Jews Gitlitz, David. One of my favorite books on the conversos and has some great recipes. Harris, Jessica. I read anything she writes and enjoy her writing and research skills. Climbing the Mango Tree Jaffrey, Madhur. Great memoir. Gran Cocina Latina: The food of Latin America Presilla, Maricel. Phenomenal research, writing and connecting the new and old worlds. Pomp and sustenance: Twenty-fie centuries of Sicilian food Simeti, Mary Taylor. Started reading at a friends house; not done with it yet but ties a lot of the history of Europe and the Mideast together.
  14. A Hobbit in New Orleans

    If you are walking around the Vieux Carre look for the author Frances Parkinson Keyes which you can tour. If you like them the Audubon Zoo is a wonderful place to wander around. I took a boat up to the zoo, spent the day there then took the streetcar back to Café du Monde. We also toured the Mardi Gras museum and the mint, took a bayou tour and a history tour to Chalmette.
  15. A Hobbit in New Orleans

    I second the Eggs Sardou .... or the Eggs Hussar perhaps. Crawfish or any seafood.....oysters for sure if you like them. Fried okra.....be still my heart. Eat on Hobbit....
  16. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    John finished his a few days ago.....he's on to smooch and chicken noodle soup...and chicken salad...and meatloaf sandwiches. Though he has asked for salmon burgers or flounder for dinner tonight. We'll stop at the fish store after the dentist so he can decide. Also made some coleslaw with my great grandmother's cooked dressing recipe for me and some gluten free macaroni salad for John.
  17. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    At Picatinny Arsenal where John worked for many years we called it reveille or retreat. Working on soup for John for later today but I am craving meatloaf so that is what is for dinner tonight with mashed potatoes, some frozen zucchini shreds and onion and mushroom gravy.
  18. The Soup Topic (2013–)

    Got a batch of chicken stock going. Chicken noodle soup for John later.
  19. Breakfast! 2018

    half a BLT and 1/4 of a cappacola and provolone grinder.
  20. One book I have read that may meet your needs is Shojin Cooking: the Buddhist Vegetarian Cook Book by Keizo Kobayashi. I haven't looked at it lately but I'm wondering if there aren't some recipes in one of the Tassajara books that might suit your needs.
  21. Cooking with Six Seasons by Joshua McFadden

    He was the guest chef on CBS channel 2 in New York's The Dish. Food looked wonderful but would have liked him to talk a bit more about the shrub......course Anthony Mason's had gin in it.
  22. Breakfast! 2018

    small glass of spicy tomato juice, ham salad on marbled rye with a couple of sweet mini gherkins.
  23. Omnivores, what are your favorite vegan dishes?

    Nah....... how do we learn if we don't share info.......... and I DID laugh when I read it.