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  1. Host's note: this topic has grown too large for our servers to handle efficiently, so it's been divided into segments. The previous, first segment is here: What food-related book are you reading? (2004 - 2015). Somewhere .... here I think, though I can't find it ... someone asked me about books that I had read and enjoyed that dealt more with food history.....I promised to get back but can't find the link. Hopefully they will recognize my name and request or someone else will pick up on some of these titles/autho We are what we eat: Ethnic food and the making of America Gabaccia, Donna. Thank goodness I had this book on the cruise. Read well and was fascinating. A drizzle of history: The lives and recipes of Spain's secret Jews Gitlitz, David. One of my favorite books on the conversos and has some great recipes. Harris, Jessica. I read anything she writes and enjoy her writing and research skills. Climbing the Mango Tree Jaffrey, Madhur. Great memoir. Gran Cocina Latina: The food of Latin America Presilla, Maricel. Phenomenal research, writing and connecting the new and old worlds. Pomp and sustenance: Twenty-fie centuries of Sicilian food Simeti, Mary Taylor. Started reading at a friends house; not done with it yet but ties a lot of the history of Europe and the Mideast together.
  2. suzilightning

    Gluten -free meatloaf

    I have used oven toasted oats that I wiz up in a food pro for my meatballs and have used them in meatloaf in the past(ignore my recent meatloaf disaster). I just saw someone at a farmers market demo using baked sweet potatoes or pumpkin with grated onions in their meatballs and it really worked. I may do that as Johnnybird does love him some sweet potatoes.
  3. I'd really love to see what you get at the local fish guys and any farmer's markets to cook at home mixed up with any time you can get out for a meal. Having grown up in a tourist area I KNOW how miserable that is....kinda like going out on holidays for the rest of the world but it is every day.
  4. suzilightning

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    can some of you come cook for me? and maybe help me find the freaking thread about losing your cooking mojo? - I tried about every iteration I could think of but couldn't find it. today I managed to freaking ruin a meatloaf!!!! MEATLOAF??!!! I can make that in my sleep but I managed to mess it up and had to dump the whole freaking thing.... It is times like this that I ALMOST wish I could drink again.....
  5. I was picturing @JoNorvelleWalker's problems and it just struck me as hilarious!
  6. GUYS.... I am laughing so hard I am crying. Thank you so much for the visuals that are funny and disturbing at the same time.
  7. suzilightning

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Oh, how beautiful!!!
  8. "Oooh that smell Can"t you smell that smell"* * I have been hanging around the Reeds waaayyy too long. They have lyrics for all occasions.
  9. suzilightning

    Lunch! What'd ya have? (2018)

    A tuna salad sandwich from a Panera sandwich box that a family friend brought yesterday. I was thinking about making some but this was one of the best tuna salads I have ever had. I had another for dinner.....
  10. suzilightning

    Gardening: (2016 – 2017)

    Yeah...we saw those all over Newfoundland too. Fascinating
  11. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the song reference. When we were going to Newfoundland a friend of mine whose family came from there kept urging me to have poutine. WHY? I live in the land of disco fries - fries, brown gravy and shredded mozzarella. I hate gloppy, soft fries and mozzarella or cheese curds with gloppy fries and gravy have no interest for me. Sorry all
  12. Oh, yeah..... juve osprey for sure. I remember the Hog Island incident and then there was the adult red tailed hawk that got too close to the eagle nest at Duke Farms here in NJ. He became lunch and a snack for the young eaglets. Actually the owls are almost worse that the eagles in predating young birds.....and that included an entire pen of pheasants on the Arsenal up here. I also, in 20 years of hawkgawking, twice had Bald Eagle pirate fish from osprey - including one that FINALLY caught the dropped fish about 30 above our head. The guy who had stopped to ask what was going on was swearing up a blue streak and couldn't believe WHAT he was seeing.
  13. It was skate wing. You can tell the difference by which way the muscle fibers run.
  14. WELL...….I guess that's one way to get rid of excess alcohol?!😞
  15. suzilightning

    Gardening: (2016 – 2017)

    NEVER EVER pick up any mouse droppings when dry. ALWAYS spritz with a bleach solution just for this reason. My brother-in-law is currently in the hospital with babesiosis, a type of lyme like disease spread by ticks. I suspect he has had it for a while and it is just now presenting as it isn't common in the Hudson valley but is where I came from and where he used to vacation(Fire Island).
  16. suzilightning

    Gardening: (2016 – 2017)

    heck, a young guy died where I came from(east end of long island - shelter island) that he had contracted at his dad's warehouse in queens, ny. unfortunately several of the rodents on the island had the virus as well....
  17. suzilightning

    Gardening: (2016 – 2017)

    Hey, dude... where are your moose enclosures like we saw up north of you? loved those small tended plots all along the highways..... me? I have a black thumb.....
  18. suzilightning

    How do you wash your fruits and vegetables?

    A friend of mine who had a double lung transplant has to wash all fruits and vegetables in acidulated water then rinse in distilled water. For me - I rinse everything including melons ….. they are my big bug a boo!
  19. Since John had his dental work … and traveling … I have had to change up his usual sandwich - chicken - by making chicken salad. I whiz up chopped chicken breast and shallots in my mini food processor. Into a bowl with some celery salt, a bit of mayo and a bit of cooked dressing. I have also been adding a few shakes of a product I had a coupon for: Marzetti's lemon vinaigrette. Since it is summer I've always got a bowl of Italian potato salad in the fridge. My friend, Joyce's mom showed me how to make it probably 40 years ago. Potatoes that are steamed until soft, green beans that are steamed as well, chopped olives and scallions in a vinaigrette that has oregano and basil in it. And who can forget that staple of funerals in the 1960's and 70's where I grew up - lime jello salad with cottage cheese and pineapple. @MetsFan5, I can always make this and give you a small dish to try. Meet ya at Wegman's😉.
  20. suzilightning

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    OK...that is a little freaky looking. At least the best part was left alone.
  21. suzilightning

    how to halve an egg for scaling

    all great suggestions I have used and Judith Jones in her book about cooking for one person said she put an egg in a small glass jar with a lid then shook the heck out of it and used half of it for what she needed.
  22. If she is any good she needs to come down to the orginal axe throwing bar: Stumpy's Hatchet House in Eatontown
  23. suzilightning

    Where to eat in Newfoundland

    John wanted to see icebergs as well and we did!!!! 3 that were 100 - 150M high...and remember that is only 1/8 of the whole you see. Saw them off St. Anthony's as well as bergy bits and salt ice that had built up. As we were heading back by St. Anthony's Bight the captain said "Look out there" and there were 6 or 7 all in a row being towed south by the winds and the tide. Also saw one off of Bonavista and close to there. NO moose but between Trepassay and St. Vincent's for whales we saw 80 caribou one day and about 90 the next. Going out with O'Brien's in Bay Bulls to Witless Bay we were surrounded by about 500,000 puffins and almost 1,000,000 common murre. Saw Northern fulmar(a rarity) and thick billed murre, black legged kittiwake, Northern gannett and razorbill. Birds were floating in rafts on the sea and swirling in kettles above us. It was so freaking amazing!
  24. suzilightning

    Where to eat in Newfoundland

    I don't freaking give a rat'ass. We were invited to the east coast so her husband and mine could climb I want to be back there like you guys don't guess...……..