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  1. bunny


    went there on sunday night and the food was very good. they have this thing called sunday supper they offer on sunday nights where the chef does a 5 course tasting menu and there was some good food. first course was a deconstructed ceaser salad with anchovies. they made a gelee out of the romaine lettuce and powdered some olive oil and one of the best ceaser dressings i have ever had. second course was a ocean trout that still had the skin on it that was crispy a tamarind sauce and a guava puree and green mango slaw and bibb lettuce. good dish . third course was a real good dish. lamb that was roasted and sliced thin with radishes that were glazed and brussel sprout leaves(never had just the leaves before) also was a black olive puree and a pickled cherry sauce. i liked this course the best. fourth course was a venosin loin with cranberry sauce a single roasted beet, some kind of mushroom and a coconut foam. i think there was more stuff on there but i was pretty drunk by now. fifth course was dessert and the least creative dish of the night. beet sorbet with a walnut cake. overall good meal little disapointed with dessert however. the food seemed very diffrent then the regular menu and in a good way. it seems that they are trying to make the food a little more modern and foucsed.
  2. has anyone been since scott conant took over the place as consulting chef. i hope i did not spell his name wrong. i went in when guillermo tellez was chef there and the food was sub par. i would say average at best. its a shame what has happened to that place over the last year and a half. from once being the hands down best restaurant in philly to now. just another starr restaurant.
  3. bunny

    Mercat -- Any reports?

    any updates on this place. anyone been recently its been open a few weeks now.
  4. just a random ? does anyone know what brand chef coats jose wears because i like there style and have never seen them before.
  5. bunny


    anyone been lately. thinking of going soon.
  6. bunny


    went the other night it was ok i thought but no more interesting then the food at public. it seems to me that they try to hard to be diffrent and it does not always work in there favor.
  7. bunny


    whats the monday room
  8. bunny


    its been almost 3 years since anyone wrote about this place has anyone been latly.
  9. bunny

    Striped Bass

    has anyone been since the new chef took over
  10. bunny


    has anyone been there recently and does anyone care about this restaurant
  11. bunny

    Porchetta in Brooklyn

    anyone know why he left cali to come back to nyc. i heard he had a great space out there.
  12. bunny

    Sam Mason's Tailor

    any updates on his new place.
  13. bunny


    so has anyone been since the reopening.
  14. any updates on what ludovic is planning
  15. bunny


    they re-opened on sept. 5 i belive.