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    • Fruit
      Tutti Frutti. Feeling fruity?

      (I have searched and, to my surprise, can find no dedicated fruit topic. I know the search here is deeply flawed, so I could be wrong. Also I couldn't actually find a suitable topic category to put this in. None of the topic descriptions match.)
      I'm just wondering what fresh fruit you have access to now. We all live in widely scattered places and climates, so I'll wager there are big differences.

      This is what I have right now.

      Bananas - available year round. Those are Cavendish bananas, but we get different varieties, too.
      Longan (龙眼 lóng yǎn; literally "dragon's eyes"). I'm surprised to see these now. They are usually midsummer fruits, but then the weather has been unusually warm (not that global warming exists, oh no! All a Chinese plot.)
      Loquat (枇杷 pí pa). Right time for them.
      Strawberries (草莓 cǎo méi; literally "grass berries"). It has always confused me, but Christmas onwards is strawberry season in China. Back in England always summer.

      I also have loads of apples.

      What you got?

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    • Post in What Are You Cooking Sous Vide Today? (Part 3)
      Rib eye roast, preseared and 8h @ 131F. Finished for 5 min in a hot convection oven at full blast ...
      I was very surprised by the little amount of osmazome produced. It made for a very nice pan sauce with a bit of Philadelphia added. The beef was quite tender; next iteration will see only 6h.
      Other than that, I liked it - will make my regular rotation for this cut.
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    • Post in Your Daily Sweets: What Are You Making and Baking? (2017 – )
      I’ve been on a bit of a jag the past two weeks. 
      Too many macarons (dark chocolate, pistachio and cherry, lime, spumoni, s’mores, and plain pistachio):

      Lemon cake with lemon buttercream, filled with lemon curd and topped with candied Meyer lemon slices for my 9-year old’s birthday:

      Pear frangipane tartlets from pears we grew:

      Homemade Oreos:
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    • Post in Dinner 2018 (Part 1)
      It's Friday and still waking up from the Thursday partiyng.
      It all started very tame with a special early dinner at a Palestinian restaurant serving the famous Palestinian Musakhan.
      1- Starters
      - Qudsieh (Hummos - Foul/Fava Beans - Chickpeas) Typical Palestinian dish with the name derived from Al Quds which is Jerusalem in English

      - Mutabal (Aubergine Tahineh dip) Levant Dish

      2- Main dish
      - Musakhan which is a typical Palestinian dish with roasted chicken with the main spice being Sumac which gives the dish it's sourness mixed with caramelized Onions to sweeten it and a sprinkling of either Pine Nuts or Almonds as in our dish. The whole chicken and mixture rests on a Taboon bread.
      You enjoy the chicken by tearing the Taboon bread and mixture and wrapping it around a tender and juicy chicken sliver while your taste buds explode in a burst of sweet and sour sparkles. The sweat pearls sliding gently on your forehead....... Forget about the makeup and aftershave......

      - and a close up

      3- Dessert
      No dinner is complete without a Dessert. I have a red line not to be crossed....... Ughh sometimes...



      And I chose these:
      - Kunafeh bel Jebn two ways: Fine crust on the left and coarse shredded crust on the right both filled with the Palestinian famous Nabulsi white cheese.

      - and I also had this small selection before getting the disapproving looks from my wife.
      All clotted cream or cheese filled

      and after some strong fresh mint teas. We needed some more substantial libations and went clubbing as usual


      and morning came quickly and in the morning you hit breakfast before hitting the sack as the beach is calling in the afternoon and then the whole saga starts again.....
      Weekends are hard work.......
      This time we had to make do with the Turkish Simit bread filled with cheese - ham....... etc

      Good night and Good Morning to all  😎
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    • Post in Favorite Food Quotes
      Once, during Prohibition, I was forced to live for a few days on nothing but food and water.
      -W.C. Fields
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