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Dinner 2015 (Part 1)

Paul Bacino

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I HATE this time change.  I vote to keep time the way it was.  Us farmers do NOT need the extra daylight....it all evens out.  SIGH.  My internal clock gets all messed up and it drives me craaaaaaazy.  


Anyway, sorry for the rant lol.



Veggie noodle soup and turkey sandwiches


photo 1.JPG


photo 2.JPG

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I went a way for a bit and came back on a red eye thursday morning.. Got to cook a bunch of meals for the family, which was nice.. I beat the storm by an hour and we were happy to be snowed in for a few days all together.. Also, sad to hear, they ordered in almost every night i was gone, or my wife cooked a quick dinner for our child and ended up eating more snacks than dinner. I leave and the place falls apart. i secretly may kind of somewhere, sort of like to hear that but, not to know it actually happens.

Scrapple egg and cheese, with arugula and whole grain mustard. scrapple in the house.


A simple defrosted chicken breast with a sherry sauce with capers and simple roasted brussle sprouts.. didn't have to leave the house.



Donuts and donut holes with a nutella icing, cinnamon sugar or powder sugar.


Made donuts the last few days..


Lamb marinated with chinese wine, fermented beans, some brown sugar, ginger, soy, sesame, cumin. Brushed with sichuan peppercorn oil, lemon juice and cumin, a red pepper mix. It was pretty outstanding.

Lamb from the freezer: No shopping fed a few people.


Cured and smoked fish frittata with dill, crema, pickled onions. smoked fish vacuumed sealed and sent from Sisster in Law from Alaska,.. homemade and caught by them.


Pepper and mozzarella fritatta. Peppers were 4 for 1.99 at the Vegetable Bodega.


These were pork kebab marinating for a day. I had purchased a pack of pork tenderloin.. marinated both in a brine of sorts. opened one and stuffed the one with kale and cheese, the other i cut into cubes and skewered. Skewers were grilled and brushed with lemon juice mixed with my dry rub


The other

Stuffed and tied":


Bacon wrapped and then cooked and broiled


Served with asparagus cooked with tarragon and also a whole grain mustard cream sauce.

My friend brought beans mixed with goat cheese.. This was for lunch today.


a few things missing but a good recap of a weekend snowed in. late night dinner tonight for the 14 year old was a cheeseburger on potato bread.

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This sounds really good!  I bet I could use venison for this.  Did you do this on low in the slow cooker?  Can you tell me about how long?  Would be a great meal for me to do in the morning to come home to after working at our rental house.



I had a nice  2"  cut of prime sirloin..I know you could do this with Venison!!


I prepped the meat in a fry pan, then every thing into a slow cooker..  I did 4 hr on high covered, 2 hrs on low covered and the last 2 hrs..lid off to reduce the braise.


I forgot to say..I threw into 3-4 whole cloves of garlic..  I like to eat red sauce .. BRAISED..  garlic 


But I was around to be with that method.. so I could watch it.  Off and on through out the day.


Our crock is a vintage 2 speed.. high and low     :)


I think you could really.. get by with about 8 hrs of covered and go. 


I broke the meat into 4 pc's the last two hrs to get  the maxim flavor in..  so  maybe.. portion out you venision into smaller pc's..





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Its good to have Morels

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BKE -- your pork tenderloin is calling to me!


Family dinner for the young'uns yesterday: Chicken and dressing, corn casserole (Kim, it was the standby creamed-corn-and-Jiffy, although I used some corn I'd frozen last summer), green beans with new potatoes, French bread. No photos because we were starving and tore into it.

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Don't ask. Eat it.


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just dying here


that lamb looks great and as Tony used to say  " Tastes Greeeeeeeeeeeeeat "


Im sure.


based on no real reason


Im looking at my Person Chef for Dinner :




made famous in "  Ratatouille  "


perhaps not.

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The simplest things often bring me the greatest joy, such as my dinner today.


There are actually 2 different kinds of 'farmer's breakfast' in the pan. Half has eggs and Sauerkraut, the other half not. Potatoes were thickly sliced, as well as cubed, however they were not mixed together. One can make it however one fancies. The idea is to use up leftovers. The smoked bacon provides most of the taste, the blood sausage is a nice bonus.



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No pics, but last night I had some of the season's first asparagus with my dinner. Delicious oven-roasted super thin pencil asparagus coated in some fat-free Italian dressing and some grated parmesan cheese added at the end to melt over the asparagus.

Normally I would have used olive oil for the roasting but I had to toss the last of my olive oil earlier this week as it smelled rancid. I usually keep it in the refrigerator since it takes me a while to use up that much oil but left it out on the counter for some strange reason. Happily there was very little left in the bottle when I tossed it.

One odd thing I did notice with the asparagus was that the fat-free salad dressing I had used seemed to have a lot of sugar in it. I know, of course, that fat-free doesn't mean calorie-free so I should have known there would have been some sugar in the salad dressing. Fortunately, I think the mild sweetness of the dressing added to the overall flavor of the asparagus. 

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“Peter: Oh my god, Brian, there's a message in my Alphabits. It says, 'Oooooo.'

Brian: Peter, those are Cheerios.”

– From Fox TV’s “Family Guy”


Tim Oliver

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Kangkong belacan. 

Siew Yoke. (made w/ 五花肉; store bought). 

White rice.





Pork wontons.  Filling made w/ nicely fatty minced pork, finely chopped wood-ear fungus (rehydrated), chopped scallions, a bit of double-fermented soy sauce, splash of fish sauce, a shot of sesame oil, a very good grind of white pepper, and a dash of sea salt.  Thin Hong Kong style wonton wrappers.  Simply cooked in simmering water.

Soup was from chicken stock simmered w/ smashed garlic & small "stock fish" (a form of small dried anchovies), filtered.



Serving #1 – w/ blanched baby bok choy & a half portion of skinny wonton noodles.  Chopped scallions, coriander leaves.



Serving #2 – (later) w/ asparagus briefly blanched in the soup.  Chopped scallions, coriander leaves.



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If you are a Home Pizza Enthusiast , Its best you look away now.  





I call this my PepperoniBomb.  Its for emergency use only.  Ill stick to that for now


Its TJ's  ( Giotto's, from Italy ! ) Margherita Pizza.


" Hand Made - Cooked in Wood Burning Ovens - Ready in a Few Minutes "


that's what is says on the box.


I take the 'Pizza' out of the box, remove the plastic wrap, place it on a standard aluminium pizza pan


turned over ( so it slides right off, when cooked ) then on a gas burner.  pan lip is down.  I turn the gas of for a few seconds


several times.


this thaws the pizza.   I add a generous layer of Pepperoni, also TJ's but 'Ciao's'.


then place it in the BV-XL that has been preheated.  until brown and 'bubbly'  ie the fat from


the pepperoni makes little lakes of Deliciousness.


I then add hot pepper flakes, oregano, marjoram, Green tabasco , and a lot of EVOO.


and enjoy.


there used to be a nice family pizza parlor in my town, maybe for 60 + years, but they sold it and the


pizza at the new place is dreadful.  and expensive.


this 'Bomb' is for emergency use only, and is for when you need a pepperoni, etc blast.


its all about the pepperoni.


it works quite well.   Ice Cold Beer Slush is also required.


fortunately I dont have this very often.


but it does the trick quite well, considering.

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So, Mr. Shelb had a dinner meeting tonight.  Usually that means I take the night off of cooking and dishes etc.  It's a nice break....however I was overcome by hunger lol.


Sooooooo......I have these tiny artichokes.  Baby artichokes.  Ridiculously expensive.  They are in a jar with the most lovely olive oil.  The label on the jar says "carciofini selvatici torre saracena"  I have no idea what that means. But I know that the insides are delicious.  So, I diced up some pheasant breast and some of these artichokes and tossed them with the olive oil and pasta and parm cheese.  Oh and a little fresh dill.





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Pot-au-Phở 2.0 

Vegetable broth with lemongrass, warm spices and poached eggs.  Lime, sweet lime, cilantro and some obligatory fancy chopysticks.








And where does one acquire those type of chop sticks?

Its good to have Morels

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Last minute dinner tonight

Salmon smeared with gochujang and seared. Topping Japanese green tea noodles cooked in miso broth. The shellfish was cooked langostino tails found at Costco. Not a great product. These were seasoned with Momofuku roasted brussel sprout marinade to give them a little Asian flavor

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Hey Shelby,


Your pasta dish looks delicious and is very intriguing to me.


Your baby artichokes' name translates from Italian to English literally as "artichoke wild tower Saracen" (Muslim or Arab invader) in both Babylon and Google Translate. Perhaps some native Italian speaker can clarify, because we all know the phrase "hair of the dog" has nothing to do with hair nor dogs.  :biggrin:  


Apparently there are still standing defensive observation towers on the Amalfi and Sorrentine coasts called Saracen towers that were built starting in the 11th century. Perhaps these little artichokes grow wild in those areas.


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> ^ . . ^ <



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huiray – your wontons are just beautiful, like porcine origami!  And the crispy pork looks so delicious, too.


I don’t think I’ve ever eaten venison before and I KNOW I’ve never cooked it.  Mr. Kim’s co-worker gave some to us awhile back and it’s been sitting in the freezer while I got up my courage to cook it.  The first batch I decided to thaw was labeled “cube” and I got some advice from Shelby.  She suggested that I just make chicken fried steak since the meat was already tenderized.  I did the Roadfood method for chicken fried steak, green beans, whipped potatoes and freezer biscuits – without gravy:



And with:



This was delicious.  It had great texture and was stronger than beef, but in a flavorful (not gamey) way.  Good thing I liked it – we have enough leftovers for 2-3 more meals!

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